November 15, 2005, - 6:55 pm

Resign: FBI’s Mueller Should Emulate Jordanian Counterpart

I’m no fan of Jordan. Its Hashemite leader, King Abdullah, is a minority dictator over a Palestinian majority who deserve their own state in Jordan, not Israel. Its people are among the most anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and most pro-Bin Laden in the world. One in four Jordanians support homicide bombings and more than half believe Bin Laden would make a great leader.
However, I now have cause for an iota of praise of the Kingdom of Jordan. Its head of security–the equivalent of our FBI–and ten other top law enforcement officials quit today, in the wake of the bombings of three Jordanian hotels by Al-Qaeda.
It’s been over four years since 9/11, but not a single person in the FBI or CIA has ever resigned or been fired over it–despite the fact that their has been a lot to blame on both agencies, especially the FBI. Instead, FBI Director Robert Mueller has cordially engaged the most radical element of American Islam, tried to bestow an award on a “former” terrorist who openly supports terrorism, and done a host of other things (like trying to fire a loyal FBI agent, Robert Wright, for daring to investigate Al-Qaeda and Hamas financing on our shores).
If Robert Mueller had any self-respect, he’d emulate his Jordanian counterpart, and resign. But he doesn’t, and he won’t. For once, a Muslim Jordanian official is doing the moral thing where an American Christian is not. It’s rare, but it happens. And in this case, we should all take note.

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Why are we kissing these peoples’ asses (the Practitioners of the Religion of Peace)? Have we all forgotten about 9/11? Are our collective memories THAT short? Does the president really believe his rhetoric about how Islam is a “Religion of Peace”? If not, then why isn’t he doing all that he can to protect us by reining-in those who are already here plotting against us?
The Islamists in this country and abroad exist for only one purpose; To annihilate Western culture and Western civilization, and to impose their barbaric ideology upon the rest of us (read the Qur’ an. Learn history – read about how the Crusades were the response to Islamic conquest, butchery, and tyranny) – it’s happening ALL OVER THE WORLD wherever these SAVAGES exist. Look at what is happening in France, the U.K., Holland, Spain, the Middle East, Indonesia, India, Africa, etc.
Wherever on Earth that Islam is the dominant ideology you will find poverty, intolerance, violence, strife, destruction, mayhem, misogyny, and murder – on a wholescale level.

Thee_Bruno on November 15, 2005 at 8:50 pm

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Tel-Chai Nation on December 7, 2005 at 1:00 am

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