February 19, 2015, - 3:32 pm

Obama: “Meet Gebril Washington, Talib Jefferson, Haym Salman & Other US Founders”; “No Muslim Terrorists”

By Debbie Schlussel

Yesterday, I thought my head would explode, as FOX broke into “Judge Judy” for a live broadcast of Barack Obama’s outrageous, insane speech bending over forward, backward, and every which way in contortions to deny that Muslim are terrorists and most terrorists are Muslim, in his speech at the Countering Violent Extremism Summit. It was like hearing Rosie O’Donnell tell us every which way that too much food has nothing to do with gaining weight at the Counter Fat Chicks Summit. Obama knows better, and so do we. But he won’t ever dare say it. President Bush also did this repeatedly during his Presidency, but never as bad as this. Not even close. The apologism and anti-American sentiment in the speech was absolutely disgusting, from his apologies to Muslims over police and federal law enforcement counterterorism efforts to his silly story about a Muslim girl who sent him a Valentine’s Day card (which is against Islam, by the way, but she gets a break for taqiyyah–deceiving the infidels to advance Islam). The entire speech was a stark example of living in denial. If Obama made this speech at an ISIS gathering, the masked men would laugh at him and then behead him . . . or burn him alive in a cage. But, as a “random deli goer,” what do I know, right?



I probably should have posted it first on this site (and next time I probably will since it’s a lotta work to cut and paste the tweets here), but I live-tweeted the speech on Twitter, which is why you should follow me on Twitter, if you aren’t already. Above and below are some of my tweets from yesterday (right now, still adding some to this piece, so come back or refresh), which dovetail with what I’ve noted above.

Among the outrageous, absurd things Barack Obama said:

* Obama: “We do have to address the grievances of Muslims who become terrorists.” We do? What are those grievances that Obama thinks we have to address? The existence of Christianity? Egyptian Christians’ working as the 21 beheaded men were doing in Libya? Muslims who don’t follow Islamic law to the letter, as prescribed by ISIS? Doctors who won’t perform organ removal on innocent, living human beings without anasthesia? The existence of America? The existence of Rome? All of these are ISIS grievances. Which of these does Barack Obama consider “address-worthy”? (By the way, ISIS is killing Shi’ite Muslims because ISIS is a Sunni organization–does Obama consider that a legitimate grievance, too?) Absolutely sickening that ANY so-called leader of America would say that these savage animals have any legitimate quality whatsoever worthy of addressing.

* “Islam has been woven into America from its founding.” It has? In what way? Were our founding fathers named Gebril Washington and Talib Jefferson? Was a guy named Haym Salman involved? Incidentally, Haym Solomon was an “evil Zionist.” Um, Judaism and Christianity have been woven into America from its founding. Islam was not. Not even close, unless you count Thomas Jefferson finally coming to terms with the fact that Muslims, then (as they are today), were behind all the troubles in the world. They were pirates who terrorized people and commerce on the high seas. Remember the Barbary pirates a/k/a the Berber Muslims? Um, they were also the ones who sold Blacks into slavery. Um, where does he think the lyrics, “to the shores of Tripoli [Libya]” come from in the U.S. Marine Corps Hymn? The First Barbary War, dummy. But “woven into America from its founding”? Um, NO. Never. Not even close.


* Aw, a Muslim chick sent Obama a Valentine’s Day card, telling him that people should treat Muslims with dignity and thanking him for making that happen or something. Um, Muslims are anti-Valentine’s Day. They forbid sending Valentines as unholy, immodest, and slutty behavior of infidels. I doubt that any Muslim girl sent Obama such a Valentine’s Day card and the lying Prez has yet to produce the evidence or the chica’s name. But even if she did send the silly missive, she gets a break in the name of taqiyyah–engaging in unIslamic, false behavior in order to fool the infidels and further the cause of Islam and its jihad.

* Just like Bush, Obama repeated the crock of dung that “we are not at war with Islam.” Um, that’s exactly the problem. Because Islam is at war with us, from without–over there–and within–on our shores and inside our borders. And we are losing both of those wars because while Islam is at war with us, America is at the mall at H & M or at CVS picking up the latest issue of Us and People.

* Obama repeated the National Prayer Breakfast idiocy of last week, repeating that horrible things have been done in the name of many other religions. He cited three terrorist attacks whose perpetrators were not Muslim (but never cited any religious stuff), and wouldn’t cite any of the many horrific attacks done specifically in the name of Islam on our shores and around the world on a daily–no, hourly–basis.


* Obama apologized to the Muslims in America for all legitimate counterterrorism surveillance and police arrests ever done. Memo to all police and feds in law enforcement: Muslims can do no wrong and are off limits now. Bob and Steve Johnson committed 9/11 and Jane Smith did Fort Hood. And don’t you ever forget it. And those ISIS terrorists on our shores in every state but for Alaska, well, they are just your average Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Wiccans, NOT Muslims. Only an imbecile says this crap. And we have one as President.

* Obama claimed that Muslims who were “temporarily radicalized” and became terrorists turned away from terrorism because they were upset they were asked to kill “fellow Muslims.” Um, they were? Is that why ISIS now has at least 180,000 jihadists, including Muslims from all over the world–America and elsewhere in the West? Oh, and by the way, they don’t seem too upset when they are asked to kill non-Muslims. But I guess that doesn’t bother Obama, either.

* Obama: “Let’s spend a ton more money to give Muslims opportunities so they won’t commit terrorism.” Reality: rich Muslims are terrorists, in ISIS, in HAMAS, in Al-Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden, billionaire. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, rich, educated medical doctor. Mohammed Atta, rich son of a lawyer. Many Palestinian terrorists: from rich families, highly educated, lawyers, doctors, etc.

What are your ideas for American-generated jobs for Muslim jihadists? Starting “Mohammed’s Burn-You-Up-In-a-Cage Hot Sauce Factory”?

* Oh, and did I mention that at the beginning of his speech, Obama said, “We must remain relentless in our counter-terrorism efforts” and then said, “Islam is not behind terrorism”? Frickin’ idiot or total liar–take your pick. Um, how the hell can you do that if you won’t look at Muslims? How many old ladies named Doris who go to church in Arkansas are terrorists? Yeah, let’s remain “relentless” and concentrate our efforts there. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


By the way, I noted that FOX was the only broadcast network to break into its afternoon programming to broadcast this absurd speech, with a smiling Shepard Smith (who is gay and would be immediately executed by many of these “moderate” Muslims Obama told us about). Um, why did the Prince Al-Waleed News Network think we had to hear this baloney about Islam?


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29 Responses

I thought it was quite frankly embarrassing and beneath his pay grade.

Then again his bimbo spokettes Jen Psaki and Marie Harf too believe this kind of nonsense.

I have to agree with Islamic State on one thing: women who are idiots like that should have no rights whatsoever and should neither be seen nor heard.

With this Prez on Islam, its like he’s living in an alternative universe. That’s not Islam. But he should keep telling himself they’re the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers.

I’m glad Islam and Sharia isn’t our Constitution – yet.

NormanF on February 19, 2015 at 3:47 pm

Yes, Islamic Terror will be combated by a 60’s style ghetto work program. Let’s resurrect an Islamic L.B.J. to set up a Muslim “Vista”. Maybe he could setup a “Halal Cities” program?

Worry01 on February 19, 2015 at 4:16 pm

“Gebril Washington” I laughed hard at this one. Good one.
Hey does Latifah B Anthony work?
Amir Lincoln?

lol, I don’t know where the pres got this nonsense from; that Islam is American. Nah bro, Islam was introduced on a large scale when Elijah Mo thought it would be good to re-wash Black minds with Islam. Even he didn’t know what Islam entailed, he thought he was giving the Black man a decent alternative to Christianity. Nope.

The one eyed man is King in the valley of the blind, sums up the whole Nation of Islam Fail

If Islam was alive in America before that, It would be news to me, Mr. pres

Got Jokes on February 19, 2015 at 4:16 pm

I’m not going to get into conspiracy-theories like about half the American-right wing of claiming that “Obama’s a Muslim”, I don’t think the man’s a Muslim at all, he’s a “pluralist”, and more likely his handlers are providing and brainwashing him with propaganda talking points and revisionism.

And I also think that Obama knows that this country’s founding’s weren’t Islamic, but “Common Law”, where it simply states in the 7th Amendment: “In suits at common law…the right of trial by jury shall be preserved; and no fact, tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of the common law.”

So more likely, his handlers are telling him to say such nonsensical bullocks of propaganda, where more likely, his handlers are getting information from shady sources from beyond (possibly Muslim front-groups in this country?)!

Sean R. on February 19, 2015 at 4:25 pm

I think the reason we are being subjected to this idiocy by not only Obama, but by the Democrats as a whole, is to divert attention from the Iranian negotiations and Netanyahu’s appearance before Congress.

I think Obama realizes that he will not be able to prevent Netanyahu from speaking to Congress, and that he has lost any moral high ground that he might have been able to claimn, especially since Elie Wiesel has agreed to attend the speech.

The issue of challenging Netanyahu directly was also beginning to eat (sorry for the pun)into his base.

So he has thrown up a decoy for the Right to attack. He, Kerry and the rest of them know that the Right will criticize them unmercifully for his ‘jobs against terrorism’ approach, and that the Democrats will be able to support him, since it is at no cost — they don’t really have to challenge anyone except a few Republicans who they think they will be able to dismiss.

Meantime, they are enabling Iran while all this Summit foolishness is going on, and they seem to be somewhat successful in shifting the emphasis away from Netanyahu and Iran.

Little Al on February 19, 2015 at 4:37 pm

Islam was an early part of our nation’s history. Google Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates. If only we had a President now who would deal with Islam as Thomas Jefferson dealt with the Barbary Pirates.

I_AM_ME on February 19, 2015 at 5:02 pm

And of course the me-too Republicans and the National Review (which has devolved into irrelevancy) can now criticize Obama without having to really go against him on a serious policy question.

Little Al on February 19, 2015 at 5:03 pm

I just re-read the article and saw that you did mention Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates.

That having been said, I still wish we had a President today who would deal with Islam the way Thomas Jefferson dealt with the Barbary Pirates.

I_AM_ME on February 19, 2015 at 5:07 pm

If we had used Obama’s reasoning (?) during WWII, we’d all be speaking German and saying Sieg, Heil.

JeffT on February 19, 2015 at 5:30 pm

The President’s speech was such an insult to my intelligence, I had to laugh just to keep from pounding my car radio as I drove home from work last evening. What exactly are these “legitimate grievances” that motivate otherwise gentle Muslims to kill the innocent? Is Obama a comedian?

Seek on February 19, 2015 at 5:59 pm

Look at the cover of today’s New York Post. A photo of Obama with a mask over his eyes and the caption: “Islamic terror. I just don’t see it”.

PaulaMalka on February 19, 2015 at 6:28 pm

Yeah, well this president is an anti-Semite. He supports them and he thinks like them.
Have no idea why Jews are determined to pretend it’s just business as usual but it always is until things go bang.
I wish he was just a schmuck but that’s just one of his accomplishments.

thatsallfolks on February 19, 2015 at 6:54 pm

TOTAL IDIOT!! We’re so screwed.

Hillel on February 19, 2015 at 7:56 pm

Muslims are NOT part of our American family.

Obama can embrace them all he wants but I’m not welcoming them.

NormanF on February 19, 2015 at 8:35 pm

Someone above asked if the president is a comedian,I believe so.
With Eric Holder and the US Justice suing the Ferguson police dpt over racist practices (i.e Michael Brown) and now the president denying that there is a problem with Islam, yeah he is a comedian. That’s why the Post goofed on him today. Its laughable but not funny.

This guy on February 19, 2015 at 10:50 pm

I blame the idiot millennials (redundant), hand-wringing, guilty white women and hippies for voting in the usurper…TWICE.

DS_ROCKS! on February 19, 2015 at 11:44 pm

Unfortunately, Obama is merely the latest figurehead in the USA’s long history of Islamopandering. Although his words take Islamopandering to stratospheric levels, and his administration is more actively pro-Islamic, the trend of Islamopandering has been in effect for scores of years. But most important, Obama isn’t the architect of this policy. The CIA was and is.

Originally, the CIA conceived of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and its other incarnations as a means of combating communism. Regardless of the lack of merit for that ill-founded concept, CIA continued to advance the cause of Islam. Today, CIA Director John Brennan has made statements completely consistent with Obama’s approach and the CIA maintains–with no evidence whatsoever–that by saying Islam isn’t the problem, that the number of recruits to Islamic terrorist organizations has dropped. In other words, CIA is telling us let’s not call Islam the enemy, so more Muslims won’t get angry at us and join up with their local IslamoNazi organization. But this is the CIA’s approach, not Obama’s. Obama does what the CIA tells him to do, not the other way around. Moreover, this rationale is merely pretext.

Obama is, in effect, just the spokesperson for the CIA’s pro-Islam policy, which pervades all aspects of Government operations. The CIA has now simply pushed the envelope even further, and Obama is their perfect tool to condition the American public to accept it. Polls demonstrate that only 52% of the American public disapprove of Obama’s performance, even with all the massive Islamopandering taken to its highest levels ever. That is an astonishingly low number, and tells us that the CIA will only further advance their pro-Islam agenda, regardless of who is the next president.

And the people planning the “choice” of president–brand Jeb Bush or brand Hillary Clinton–already have those people in their corner. (Most likely, the policy makers who really call these shots will arrange for Jeb Bush to be their man, especially given how well his father George H.W. Bush served the CIA for decades and decades.)

For anyone who doubts that the CIA is indeed behind the pro-Islam agenda being followed by the US Government, I’d suggest that you read the history of the CIA and its ties to Islam. Today, the CIA even uses such spokespersons as “former” CIA officers Ray McGovern and Michael Scheuer to promote a pro-Islam, anti-Israel agenda. Can anyone honestly believe that they are taking a viewpoint contrary to the CIA’s?

Ralph Adamo on February 20, 2015 at 2:32 am

    Sorry, here I have to part ways with you Ralph.
    John Brennan a well known Muslim “revert” malfunction was appointed by Obama so it’s no surprise his views are consistent.

    Admiral Lyons a 4 star general has said that “the transformation of America has been in full swing ever since 2008″ and that Muslim Brotherhood infiltration has penetrated every aspect of the administration. Not just the CIA.

    Obama himself said Turkey’s Erdogan is one of the few world leaders he relates to as a personal confidant.

    You have a president whose views towards Israel are almost certainly consistent with those of Turkey.

    And yet crazy Israelis welcome him to their country and pat him on the back.
    Of course they have to because he’s POTUS but get a grip on reality.
    Well now you have the fruit of that. Think Obama is grateful? No he despises chumps. Just as he despises the chumps that elected him. Just as he despises “chickenass” Netanyahu.

    Because America is now to all intents and purposes operating in an official capacity as a moderate Muslim country and not a fully sharia compliant country there are limits to what Obama can do.
    Just there are limits to what Erdogan can do in Turkey but the direction he’s plotted is clear.

    thatsallfolks on February 20, 2015 at 4:20 am

As a public service, I thought readers might want to know what the ultimate authoritative Islamic literature says Islam is all about:

“Believers, make war on the infidels …” (Quran 9: 123) “When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads (have we seen that recently?) and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly.” (Quran 47:4)

For anyone who leaves the faith (a hypocrite), the Quran prescribes: “Seize them and put them to death wherever you find them.” (Quran 4: 89)

And for a quick video covering the role of the CIA in Islamopandering, check out this YouTube clip:

Ralph Adamo on February 20, 2015 at 3:31 am

Yes, of course Obama is correct that Muslims are just like any other group of people. They just happen to belong to a different “religion” and they only want to practice their “religion” in “peace” and be left alone. The polls prove this is so:

81% of Detroit Muslims want Shari’ah in Muslim countries. 32% of British Muslim students support killing for Islam; 40% want Shari’ah Law. 1 out of 3 British Muslims aged 16 to 24 believe that Muslim apostates should be executed. More than 60 percent of British Muslims want Shari’ah law in the UK. More than a third—36%—would prefer Ireland to be ruled under Sharia law, while 37% would like Ireland to be governed as an Islamic state. It found 28% of young Muslims aged between 16 and 26 believe violence for political ends is sometimes justified. More than half of all young Muslims—57%—believe Ireland should become an Islamic State. The survey showed that of Muslims living in Germany 48 percent “strongly leaned toward separation” and clearly rejected German majority culture.

Ralph Adamo on February 20, 2015 at 4:36 am

    The President is as Muslim as a lot Muslims even if he is abeed. Don’t be so disrepectful Ralph.

    thatsallfolks on February 20, 2015 at 4:47 pm

The excellent conservative pastor at a nearby Catholic parish had some good things to say about this idiotic moral equivalency that dumb ass liberals and Muslims engage in. Some things: 1) Did Christ ever personally take up the sword to kill opponents? No. Did Mohammed? Yes. ISIS has the DIRECT EXAMPLE of Islam’s founder.

2) If any atrocities that were not justified DID occur several centuries ago by Christians, could they quote any verse or passage from the New Testament or Catholic Tradition to justify them? No. Can Muslims committing atrocities TODAY quote any verse or passage from the Koran or Muslim tradition to justify their actions? Yes, and very many.

John M. on February 20, 2015 at 6:43 am

Well, Islam was woven into our nation since its founding. Remember the Barbary pirates and how they captured and enslaved American sailors before Jefferson eventually waged war against them when he wouldn’t pay tribute? So yeah, we’ve been FIGHTING Islam since our founding so in that respect they were woven into our fabric. As long as that fabric is the blood red part.

Sean M on February 20, 2015 at 8:20 am

    Sorry Debbie, I meant to start with an “Amen” to your point about the Barbary states!

    Sean M on February 20, 2015 at 8:22 am

Great post. Debbie, do you know anything about Sheik Hussein I of Obama, the Jihadist, Islamist, Antisemite and Golfer in Chief having an illegitimate 21 year old son? The Onion did a satire on the subject, but some say its true. What is your take?

Susan on February 20, 2015 at 9:29 am

Why don’t we address the grievances of Charles Manson while we’re at? Then maybe he’ll come around too.

Hopewell on February 20, 2015 at 10:39 am

“Frickin’ idiot or total liar–take your pick.” – Debbie Schlussel

Total liar, Debbie. Everything’s going according to plan.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, . . .

The referee will soon count the United States out, and . . .

many dead, horribly, the rest enslaved, perhaps some taken away for slavery in other places. Coming to a neighborhood near you, . . . in;

“this once great republic.”

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on February 20, 2015 at 12:23 pm

Debbie, please enlighten me regarding the shot you took at FOX. If we can’t watch FOX, what can we watch?

And I’ve so simplified my life. Whenever I’m online and read any of the so well deserved criticisims of BO, I now just respond POSPOTUS.

Gary Sack on February 20, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Yep – it’s been interesting to see this new meme about “the REAL Muslims” rapidly sweeping the news cycle.

Basically, non-Muslims like Obama (who, self-identification issues notwithstanding, is not a Muslim or a Christian, but rather a hard-bitten atheist and Communist) are “excommunicating” Muslims from their own religion.

I haven’t kept up with the news lately – but did the Committee recently elect Mr. Obama as the Muslim “Pope”?

He sure seems to think so.

Jason H. on February 21, 2015 at 9:38 am

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