March 15, 2016, - 3:37 pm

VIDEO: “The View” Hags Said WHAT?! About “Caitlyn” Jenner’s Conservatism? Jenner’s Shameless 180 on Hillary

By Debbie Schlussel



The annoying, looks-challenged hags of ABC’s anti-male bitch-fest “The View” aren’t so “tolerant” and “liberal” about “Caitlyn” Jenner a/k/a Bruce Jender. These hippo(crite)s are unintendedly hilarious in their hypocrisy and double standards.

If a male decides to take hormones, get breast implants, and eventually cut off his penis, liberals like the uglies of “The View” lecture us to accept this warped, barbaric behavior. Tolerance! they demand from us (even though it’s still a man with male DNA, etc.). But when he/she/whatever is conservative and attacks Hillary Clinton, apparently he/she/whatever must NOT be tolerated.

“The View” hags, today, said that Bruce Jender a/k/a Caitlyn is afflicted by White male privilege. Um, didn’t constantly instruct me that Caitlyn is a woman and that I must recognize “her” as such. Now, they tell me it’s a “he” with “White male privilege” because they don’t like what he/she/whatever says about Hillary Clinton? Come on, now. I know you witches like to have your cake and eat (a lot of) it, too. But you can’t have it both ways. If you insist this is a woman, don’t insult “her” with the White male privilege BS (that you know is a lie–how many White males are on stage at “The View”–and how many are working on the crew, getting paid for less than you lowlife-ettes?). By the way, the chick who lectured about White male privilege is half-White Sunny Hostin, ABC’s new chief legal expert (who was previously CNN’s legal expert). You think she got that job because of the White half? PUH-LEEZE. She got it because of Black privilege a/k/a affirmative action. Where is the outrage over that racist privilege that has infested America since the ’60s?

It’s also hilarious that the queen of ugly-self-hating-White-liberal-chick privilege, Joy Behar, is lecturing Jenner to “read up” and “learn” about being transgender. Really? This guy got boobs implanted on his chest and mega-plastic surgery (and will probably cut his penis off), and you’re gonna tell him/her/whatever to “learn” about it. I mean, I can see why Behar–who looks more like a man than “Caitlyn” (and even Bruce)–would think she knows more about this sick condition she told viewers repeatedly to tolerate. But just . . . STFU.

Same goes for 6’2″ manlike “View” co-host, self-hating Jew (In Name Only) Michelle Collins. And for lesbionic Raven Symone, who has to be the dumbest human alive. She is a certified imbecile (who announced a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump arranged the murder of a California woman by an illegal alien, to bolster his immigration position). It’s amazing these utter morons are paid millions to eager fellow chick welfare queen morons watching around the country.

G-d, I hate these people (with apologies to people, for the comparison).


Don’t give Bruce Jender a/k/a Caitlyn Jenner any credit for this. Apparently, he/she/it had an operation to remove the backbone before the penis. He/she/whatever didn’t stand up for his/her/its beliefs and, after attacking Hillary Clinton, did a 180 with the dumb pro-Hillary tweet.

Then . . .

Now . . .

A desperate attempt to save a dying, boring “reality” show. Sad.

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Proof the ” view ” hags are leftist pigs.
All women MUST think alike.
All blacks MUST think alike.

There is only one correct way to think :
The way we think.

How does this show stay on TV ?
Make believe intellectuality at its pretentious worst.

Borum on March 15, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    “How does this show stay on TV ?”

    Daytime television has long been a wasteland. Eye candy for the unemployed, and those too poor for a DVR or Netflix. The network probably gets better ratings with the moronettes they have on the view than they would with intelligent commenters.

    Richard on March 18, 2016 at 4:42 pm

I guess Cait is Bruce again in the eyes of “The View”. Jenner is indeed pretty spineless and silly. I suspect that very few watch its reality show anymore, since it lost its novelty value.

Worry on March 15, 2016 at 4:40 pm

You can change the body but you can’t alter the mind. The nonsense of liberals cracks me up!

Adrianne on March 15, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Bruce is putrid!

MrBigBrain on March 15, 2016 at 5:32 pm

I love that DS pointed out fugly Joy Behar looks more like a man than Bruce does. It’s true and very funny. I am very tolerant and have more compassion than the average bear RE: transsexuals (I admit, I like the men to female and don’t like so much the female to male…just sayin’…) but Bruce here, has made the topic VERY confusing for me. If anything, he brings the issue more to where the truth lies regarding it…MENTAL ILLNESS! And it is no matter what anyone tells you.

I wanna bring up a very interesting angle RE: Transsexuals that y’all may not have thought about. It’s how FEMINISTS approach them. I love this very weird angle on the issue and as stated, it’s one not talked about much but it does have an impact. Feminists HATE trannies but like to hide it. They are very uncomfortable how the men approach being a female because they see it as cartoonish and hyperbolic in the worst sense. When I was a feminist I did notice this but for some reason it never bothered me that much…I think it was because I have an intrinsic like of trannies and I was not too offended but boy, Feminists really ARE offended by most transsexuals because they are offended by the uber glamour most of them embrace and when you think about how these “men” approach female-ness…it’s kinda superficial and silly. That makes ’em more angry than a Bernie Sanders “supporter” at a Trump rally. It really does. This has always amused me in a snarky way. Prolly because deep down I have always known Feminazis to be annoying. So whenever this transsexual issue comes up, approach it from this point of view. It makes it so much more interesting with caustic yet fun undertones!

I also like how DS pointed out that these Libtards ALWAYS want Libtardism on their terms. Brucie is a man when pissing them off but a chick when he ain’t. Love it! It shows them sans the mask. They are a disgusting lot and yes, Raven Simone is a true nutter. Lesbians are angry and it is my theory that their childhood of a lack of a dad, a bad dad or a crappy facsimile (step dads or shack-up-stud-baby-daddies for their mamas…) of one pushed their minds in a way where their sexuality was taken down a non-normalcy path. If you doubt me, look at all the Lesbians you know and calculate the ratio of Lezzers who had no dad, a bad dad or a bad facsimile and those who didn’t. And of course, the Lezzers are from the group that went down the weird road…some girls have that situation and are able to process their sexuality in a heterosexual way. I wish I had the money to scientifically study this…however I would be lynched before I could even get it started…

Skunky on March 15, 2016 at 5:56 pm

Looks like the only intolerant ones are the misandrist liberals on The View. After Elisabeth Hasselbeck left the show I guess there’s only been one view (the leftist view). The funny thing is that transgenders everywhere are offended by what these pigs have to say. They patronize the transgenders left and right and tell them that being a conservative when trans is practically supporting Hitler when your a Jew. If I were transgender I would be extremely insulted by these goblins for not allowing me to have my OWN opinion.

C: The moron Elisabeth Hasselbeck is NOT and WAS NOT a conservative, as documented on this site many times. Other than being pro-life, she took basically every single left-wing position possible and mostly agreed with the others on the panel. In fact, at times, Whoopi Goldberg was to the right of her. Yes, incredible, but true. Hasseldumb’s a phony and a fake. DS

Connor on March 15, 2016 at 10:18 pm

Bruce has been a weird MF even before he got with Kris. After that he went off the charts of WTF?! As for that Pack of Suet on The View, anyone who watches them, listens to them, takes their opinions to heart, is a booger eating Moron anyway! That show is geared to loser’s with that morning time slot. Who is home watching TV at that time? Oh yeah, welfare recipients (the Obama Base) and prisoners (former Obama Base). They could rend those four sows down and keep a small country in Afica fed for a month or two. That’s a damned good idea!

MuzzCrusher on March 16, 2016 at 9:29 am

Tell me what is the position of Jenner on Muslim immigration, Israel rights (re Arab possession of Jewish historical sites) and illegal immigration and I will tell you if I like him/her.

madman on March 16, 2016 at 12:37 pm

The (Leftwing) View has got to be the most useless show on TV today. It is nothing but a bunch of low watt liberal jerkettes talking dopey topics like Michelle Obama’s wardrobe(egad), “manly” Hollyweird/TV hunks like Neal Patrick Harris, George Clooney, Matt Lauer and Sasha Cohen. The show being hosted by said liberal hags means that you will never get a fair shake if you’re a republican or conservative. Remember how these “ladies” treated Michelle Obama and then Ann Romney? Those two shows should’ve given a clue even to the LoFo dodos who watch this dreck as to how this “women” think. These harpies are all in for the Hildabeast so you know they had to take out “Caitlyn” Jenner. He was for Trump touting his supposed conservatism and to those hags that was bad enough. The minute he/she started in on Killary it was over. Now to these screwballs Caitlyn/Bruce/Mr. Kardashian must be shamed. Even though to the left transgendered persons are one of their pet classes of people who must be protected from ridicule. Just like the rest of the LGBQ crowd, Muslim dirt bags, Gimme dat racist Blacks and Hispanics (aka The View fan base.) and all democrat politicians. If you don’t fall into any of these groups to Whoopee Goldberg and company you stink. Much like the show’s ratings. Jenner for his/her/its part should’ve stood firm on talking about Hillary. I guess when they put in his fake breasts they took his spine. Oblivion is a slippery slope and the Caitlyn Jenner freak show is slowly sliding down it. Talk shows like The View and it’s bastard children The Real and The Talk need to get on that slope too. The quicker the better.

Ken B on March 16, 2016 at 2:26 pm

There’s a reason it’s called ‘THE View’ and it’s not be cause people actually tune in. It’s absolutely ridiculous to pay 5 people for one opinion.

YCHtT on March 17, 2016 at 2:07 am

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