June 10, 2016, - 4:06 pm

Last Wknd’s Box Office: Weiner, Me Before You, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

By Debbie Schlussel



Here are my belated reviews of last weekend’s new movies. I did not see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Surprisingly, the only movie I found worthwhile is the documentary about former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

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* Weiner – R: I have mixed feelings in continuing to make former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner the punching bag. After all, in liberal New York City, where he ran for Mayor, Weiner is almost a right-winger compared to the scumbag Marxist America-hater, Warren Wilhelm Jr. a/k/a “Bill DeBlasio.” Even though he’s a perv, Weiner would have been preferable to the Communazi that occupies New York’s Mayor seat right now.

Weiner’s run for Mayor–a year after his Twitter sexting scandal was uncovered and he resigned from Congress–is the subject of this documentary. The movie follows Weiner through the ups and many downs of the campaign. At first, he is leading in the polls, as New Yorkers are willing to give him a second chance. But, then, as new sexting between Weiner and a woman named Sydney Leathers is uncovered, the movie shows Weiner’s hard fall. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put Humpty Dumpty Weiner back together again. Weiner, ever the optimist, seems naive for a seasoned politician (and that makes him seem kind of likable in the movie, which portrays him as a nice guy). He won’t face that there is no chance of winning the race, once the news has broken. It’s just “too soon,” as they say.

While there’s nothing exactly new in this documentary, it’s interesting nonetheless. We see how egomaniacal both he and his wife, Hillary Clinton’s Saudi-Arabian Muslim top aide Huma Abedin, are. And, though the movie goes overboard trying to portray Huma as a sympathetic victim, it doesn’t really work. She comes off as a phony who worries mostly not about what’s good for her marriage or family, but what’s good for her image and political career. In truth, Weiner–as out of touch and idiotic as he is–is far more sympathetic and likable than his scheming, calculating, ever-PR-ing wife. He is more of a putz than a schmuck. And she clearly wears the pants . . . and mans the puppet strings in that “marriage.”

Huma is worried only about Huma, even as she stays in the marriage and declares her continued love for Weiner. But a loving, supportive wife doesn’t deliberately refuse to appear in political ads with her husband. Huma refuses. And a loving, supportive wife doesn’t refuse to accompany him to vote at the polls on election day. Self-centered Huma, worried about the optics for herself, refuses. And she leaves Weiner to take their kid in the stroller to the polls to vote alone . . . and to come up with the less-than-believable excuse of “scheduling” as the reason she is not there.

I couldn’t help but notice a couple of things:

Huma is repeatedly–and only–shown all glammed-up and wearing a series of high-fashion dresses, reminiscent of a Stepford Wife’s stock wardrobe. I also noticed the Abedin-Weiners’ magnificent, fancy New York apartment, complete with expensive SubZero refrigerator (which typically costs several thousand dollars). The apartment looked like a multi-million dollar pad. And, yet, the documentary makers never asked how the couple can afford the place. He, after all, is unemployed and previously worked as a Congressman who made less than $200,000 per year. She was supposed to be living on a public servant’s salary, too. But, then, there is the fact–never ever mentioned in the movie–that Huma was somehow able to work as a high-paid “consultant” for the mysterious Teneo “advisory” firm at the same time that she was also collecting her State Department Clintonista salary, illegally double-dipping. If only the filmmakers bothered to mention this or, at least, inquire about the apartment’s cost and source of funding.

Like I said, nothing new here. But it is somewhat entertaining, especially if you’re a political junkie and want to see inside the heads of a selfish political couple who exemplify Mr. and Mrs. Uber-Narcissist.

In this flick, Anthony Weiner is an amiable dope who can’t help himself to save his life. But Huma is cold, calculating, and a flat-out selfish phony who is the queen of all selfish phonies. Real victims reside in the morgue, not the Abedin-Weiner household.


Watch the trailer . . .

* Me Before You – PG-13: The Feel-Good Euthansia Movie of the Year! I found this manipulative movie appalling because it sells death with a whole lot of phony glamour, comedy, luxe decor, and bright colors. In this, assisted suicide is rewarding and pretty. And, in this, assisted suicide is a chick flick filled with good-looking, happy-go-lucky people laughing and smiling. No dark Dr. Kevorkian and his battered old Volkswagen van dumping out the dead bodies in the alley. ‘Cuz that would be a turn-off. And closer to reality.

This movie takes place in Europe, but we in America are sadly, unduly trying to become the next Europe. And we’re well on our way. Unlimited Muslim immigration jihad, legalized pot and gay marriage, transgenderism as the new civil right, and legalized assisted suicide fast become more and more available across the formerly-fruited and now-jacked-up plane.

Taken from the “romance” novel of the same name by British writer Jojo Moyes, this movie follows happy-go-lucky working class girl Lou Clark, played by Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke (who has it easy answering throughout the movie to her nearly-identical real-life last name). Clarke is a great actress with huge charm and personality, who is excellent in this movie and will be a big star. The problem is that she’s excellent in a movie that glorifies and soft-pedals death.

The 20-something, cheery Lou, who lives in a village near London, is hired by a very wealthy couple (they own the town’s castle and a giant estate) to care for their quadriplegic 30-something son, Will. He lost most bodily function and movement, after a motorcycle hit him on a rainy day. Before that, he was an athletic, powerful buyer of distressed companies. Now, he is bitter and obnoxious about his current state. Soon, though, Will warms up to Lou and her unassuming charm. And the two of them fall in love.

But Lou discovers that Will plans to travel to Switzerland for an assisted suicide and has given his parents six months to try to stop him. Lou learns she was hired for that purpose. She tries to save him and begins taking Will on adventures and ultimately a romantic vacation. But at the end of the vacation, Will informs Lou that despite their love, he will go on with the suicide as planned. That’s because he’s a selfish, incredibly spoiled unlikable creep, no matter how much the movie tries to romanticize him.

Of course, as in most such movies, Hollywood provides us with the stock “ignorant, unsophisticated, working-class, pro-life Christian.” Lou’s mother–who is suddenly wearing her cross for the first time in the movie–tells her daughter not to travel to Switzerland because if she does, it’s the same as taking part in a murder (which, in fact, it is). “Oh, Mom . . . ” is the refrain. Lou’s sister tells their mother that “it’s not that simple. It’s more complicated than that.” Not really.

Of course, Lou ends up going to Switzerland to watch Will’s assisted suicide. And, of course, the setting is a glamorous white Victorian mansion. Instead of seeing Will being snuffed out, we are shown leaves softly fluttering in the air. Awwww . . . assisted suicide, it’s just like a Harlequin romance novel.

In the next and final scene, Lou is in Paris on an all-expenses-paid trip courtesy of the now-dead Will and she’s sitting at a romantic cafe, then going shopping to buy expensive perfume. Lou has just learned that Will left her a giant bank account to free her from her “irrelevant” working-class life with a simpleton pro-life Christian mom. See, going along with assisted suicide has its rewards. And the disabled are useless and to be snuffed out.

Those are the messages in this disgusting movie, which should have been called “Pimping Death.”

As I was watching this I was reminded of the movie “Million Dollar Baby,” one of the first movies I ever reviewed here more than a decade ago. In that bait-and-switch film, a successful female boxer is also assisted in suicide after she is disabled and no longer able to fight.

Excuse me if I value life and think disabled human beings are worthy of it. That’s not what Hollywood wants you to think. And funny how the Nazis felt the same way as the showbiz people. Now, on to the ObamaCare death panels for the little people . . . .


Watch the trailer . . .

* Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping – R: Though this movie had some funny moments and lines, I hated it. It’s absolute garbage. And just plain stupid. The only spot-on insight here was the statement by the main character–a popstar–that “there’s no such thing as selling out anymore.” No kidding. This movie is Exhibit A of that. It’s yet more cinematic trash eagerly mass-produced to make a buck.

Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg (who I never thought was all that funny) stars in this as a Justin-Beiber-esque White rapper/pop star. At first, Samberg is in a three-member pop group, The Style Boys, which is his real-life Lonely Island Boys act on SNL, co-starring his childhood friends Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. When Samberg’s character becomes “too big,” the group members feud and break up. One of them bitterly leaves and becomes a farmer in rural America. The other becomes the DJ for Samberg’s new solo act. Samberg’s raps stink, and are filthy and politically incorrect (but not in a good way). And Samberg is just an all-around schmuck who self-destructs.

The movie takes the form of a “documentary” a la VH1’s former documentary series, “Behind the Music.” It’s chock full of celebrity cameo appearances and other SNL alumni and current cast members. But it’s just not that funny . . . unless your idea of “funny” is a penis hanging over the window of a limo. Sorry, not funny. And most of the jokes are gratuitously raunchy like that.

The one thing this movie does well is its portrayal of bratty pop acts a la Bieber. It captures the excesses, whether it’s women, behavior, or spending. The guy is an egomaniac. Ultimately, Samberg gets upstaged by another rapper and must “suffer” the consequences of the same kind of behavior to which he’s treated everybody else. And the movie captures the crass commercialism of music acts these days. Samberg makes a ridiculous deal with a major appliance company to have all of its products play the songs from his dud album, as soon as somebody opens them. For example, a refrigerator or oven, when opened or in use, begins playing Samberg’s horrible raps (about how he supports gay marriage, but “I’m not gay” he repeatedly notes).

Although this movie is less than 1.5 hours, it seemed painfully longer. It was gross, went too far and was repetitive and just dumb, filled with dumb jokes that loudly thud if they don’t fall flat. Plus, it has the loathsome Sarah Silverman in it. Ugh.

Yes, I know I’m not the target of this movie. The scary thing is that the aimed-for demo–20-somethings and 30-somethings–are mindless sheep who eat this stuff up and think it’s a masterpiece.

We’re well into the summer movie season, and this is the best they got?!


Watch the trailer . . .

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8 Responses

In that review of “Weiner,” I noticed the part about Huma Abedin, and from the description Debbie offered, Ms. Abedin sounds very reminiscent of . . . the one whom she’s been advising, now-Democrat presidential candidate Hillary “Cankles.” In a way, that figures: Both are uber-narcissists who wear the pants in their respective families, plus conflicts of interest up the gazooka. All of which add up to “NFG” for America.

ConcernedPatriot on June 10, 2016 at 4:16 pm

I would disagree with you a little about Wiener Debbie only in that if you ever saw Wiener’s ridiculous rants against Republicans on the floor of the Senate I think he was a bit of a Nazi himself. But since I always refer to his party as the Nazi, babykilling, anti- Christian Democrat party, he was definitely a good fit.

Daniel Middleman on June 10, 2016 at 6:52 pm

I can’t be the only one who thinks the marriage of Huma and “Carlos Danger” is arranged. I don’t buy it, not for a second. He’s very ugly and Jewish (JINO) (or half-Jew) and she is a Moooooooslim, why would she marry a Jew if it wasn’t with an ulterior motive? We know she don’t give him any love…that’s why he was Tommin’ around. That’s what men in 2016 do when they marry women who wear the pants (and when the women wear the pants, they hate to give their hubbies love..). Plus, Wiener was always a big-mouth, arrogant blow hard. That’s why at first I loved his comeuppance and I sorta agree w/DS RE: him being a punching bag. I got angry when Breitbart released his nekkid pics. They didn’t have to do that.

I wanna see a doco on their REAL “marriage” and her “relationship” with Corrupt Hillary (“Cankles”). That would be so worth the viewing.

Why is Huma still with him after the scandal? She don’t love him, who the hell could? Now he doesn’t have the cush access her MB brethren loved. DS details all the nuances of how this is no love affair. We can see why he may have been interested in her but we can’t see what she gets out of the deal…especially since he threw it away like a stunned mullet! No way she is even giving that geek a peek these days. I want the REAL story!!!

Justin Bieber, the most lezzer-looking dork on the planet. The fact that he is still given any care further proves the point I am always making…it’s the Masses who are asses. Gosh, he’s a pathetic cliche. If Yanks had any brains they would make him the has-been he really is. He’s everything that is wrong with America, stupid, vain, skanky, dopey and narcissistic to the nth degree. He would be loved IF he didn’t hit every branch on the famous kid cliche tree…and he hits every branch…TWICE! What is cool about that? That’s easy…and shallow and base. Gosh, this country really is sucking these days. It’s so sad to see.

Skunky on June 10, 2016 at 7:25 pm

De Blasio is going nowhere but Weiner had aspirations for higher office(that’s my take anyway) so I was overjoyed when Weiner Weinered himself.
New Yorkers can blame themselves for De Blasio.

Mochizuki Koga on June 11, 2016 at 1:48 am

I saw “Weiner” last Tuesday. Anthony Weiner actually comes off as likeable, if somewhat delusional. But his wife, Huma, who appears in about half the scenes, comes off as a scheming narcissist. What did he see in this Muslim that motivated him to marry her? As the song goes, love is strange.

Primetime on June 11, 2016 at 11:13 am

Weiner might have been worse as mayor, though. If Huma dominates their marriage, she likely would become, in fact, the real mayor of NYC. Who knows what trouble she would create?

Little Al on June 12, 2016 at 7:42 am

My question about Wiener – he has to be a closeted Muslim. There is no way she would marry him, much less give him a baby, if he didn’t convert. This is one of those things that Muzzies ‘honor-kill’ for

In the FBI investigations, has she taken the fifth as yet?

Infidel on June 13, 2016 at 1:46 am

    All he has to do is say the words, mouth the shahada, in order to get married. He doesn’t have to mean it. He wouldn’t be the first to do so in order to marry a Muslim woman, I seem to remember Michael Caine writing he did it (as if it were a meaningless ritual) to marry his Muslim wife, the model Shakira. The other option is that Huma was allowed to marry an infidel as some sort of Muslim Brotherhood-Sisterhood approved strategy (given who her parents are).

    Though he wasn’t the hot dog she expected, look how far she has gotten…in bed, so to speak, with a potential next President.

    Jack Diamond on June 23, 2016 at 2:56 pm

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