July 22, 2016, - 1:00 pm

Ivanka Trump Speech Touts Hillary-Style Left-Wing Wage Laws – The “New” GOP?

By Debbie Schlussel


Ivanka Trump Pimp’s Bra-Burning Feminist NOW Wage Laws that Kill Jobs & Small Businesses

Last night, Ivanka Trump endorsed “wage equality” and “equal pay for equal work” laws in a speech that could have been made next week by Chelsea Clinton, Hillary, and the freaks. And yet thousands of Republicans cheered and gushed over this idiocy.

Color me unimpressed with Ivanka Trump’s left-wing political action speech in introducing her father last night at the Republican National Convention. In fact, not only was I unimpressed, I was sickened. For years, we’ve been lectured that the GOP should throw away social issues and stick with economic and foreign policy ones. But now, the Trumps have thrown them ALL away. Last night, Ivanka Trump threw away the free market principles that have been a bedrock of the Republican party at least since Ronald Reagan. She threw away basic principles that unite even vastly-differing libertarians and social conservatives.

After years of being lectured about how “smart” Ivanka Trump is and months of being told that the eldest Trump daughter is Donald Trump’s keenest adviser, her speech told us the exact opposite. I say this, again, as someone who voted for Trump in the primary and will vote for him in the general (but only because I have to–he hasn’t fooled me one iota and I don’t believe he’ll do a thing he’s promised).

Ivanka Trump told us that “my father” will make wage equality laws. But we already have a ton of those on the books. And they hurt the ability of working women to get jobs–you know, the same working women that Ivanka Trump claims her father will help. And they hurt small businesses. Wage equality laws won’t hurt the Starbucks and the Targets and the Fords of America, all of whom can and will pass on massive added costs in slight price increases to consumers. Wage equality laws hurt small businesses.

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And they don’t make wage equality. They cause small businesses and even large ones to come up with pretextual reasons to get away with not hiring and promoting women of childbearing age. That’s because there really is NO “wage inequality.” The statistics Ivanka Trump cited last night are lies. The real statistics are that women who stay in the workplace and don’t have children make as much–and, in fact, usually more–than men do.

What Ivanka Trump wants–in order for married women with kids to make as much as men–is to legislate that businesses must leave jobs open for women who go away for extended times to raise their children; that the businesses keep increasing the absentee mothers’ salaries while they are away so that they will be at the levels they’d be if the mothers had never left the workplace; that the businesses allow the mothers to work from home (try doing that with a cashier or a doctor); that the businesses retrain mothers who left a job five years ago to raise their kids and restore them to higher responsibilities, as if they’d remained on the job. All of these things would be necessary for wage equality for mothers, including married ones.

What business on Earth could survive by doing this? Only state-run “businesses” that don’t really operate like businesses and don’t make a profit. I promise you the many Trump operations could not and would not succeed on this business model. This is the business model of Europe. I don’t want America to be Europe. Do you? But, sadly, we’re fast becoming that. Excessive wage equality laws are why Europe’s economies suck. They cannot afford it, so taxes are high to sustain these government-mandated policies.

That’s why these policies, including and especially the Obama-pimped Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009–which allows lawsuits over “equal pay for equal work”–have been disastrous. Apparently Ivanka and her speechwriters don’t get that these laws are already on the books. They also don’t get that legislating the economy and small businesses to death, kills them. I wonder if the Chinese factories where Ivanka Trump’s dresses are made have “equal pay for equal work” and allow the women to take years off for raising kids, giving them giant raises and promotions upon their return to work. No, I don’t wonder. I know it doesn’t happen. Yet Ivanka Trump wants American-based businesses to have to do this. Um, this is exactly how American jobs leave America. So much for the Donald Trump claims he’s going to keep jobs here.

You don’t keep or bring back jobs to America by creating more frustrating, oppressive conditions under which they must survive. You do it by making it easier to open shop and stay open. Phony “equal pay for equal work” and “wage equality” laws don’t do that. They cause plants to move to China and, yes, the Muslim Mid-East.

Marriage is a choice. So are sex, pregnancy, and having children. If you have a kid, that is your responsibility. If you choose to leave the workplace to raise it–which should be valued, but clearly isn’t by Ms. Trump–it is not an employer’s responsibility to keep your wages competitive, years later, with the men who never left the workplace. That’s a statist philosophy held by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, NOT Republicans and not conservatives. As I noted, women who choose to be childless make the same wages as–or more than–men. More wage equality laws are the fantasy of the National Organization of (Ugly) Women and their fellow bra-burning jihadistas. Oh, and, now, Ivanka Trump, too. Even Ilyse Hogue, the President of feminist, “pro-choice” NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League), retweeted my tweets on this, noting that she was shocked to see Ivanka endorse her issues.


What Ivanka pimped on us, last night, is the same kind of stuff Michael Moore was pimpin’ in his latest fake-umentary, “Where to Invade Next” (read my review).

As I ranted about this, this morning on two of my radio gigs, The James Parker Show and The Mike Church Show, both hosts responded that they were bothered by something else in addition to this: that Ivanka Trump only focused on women’s worth through wages and material gain. She put no value on motherhood. And they are right. I noted that Ivanka Trump, a mother of three children, never mentioned them in her speech. She also never mentioned her husband. That was jarring to me. Apparently, they are mere accessories to her, and her workplace accomplishments (the biggest of which is emerging from a vaginal canal fertilized by Donald Trump’s sperm) are the only thing that matters. Women’s wages, especially if they are mothers (which is what she focused on), are the only thing that matters. Hey, how do you like the “new” social-issue-free GOP? Awesome, right?

The smartest thing Ivanka did last night was eschew high-priced designer fare that she usually wears in favor of a $138 dress from her clothing line. The dress has since sold out online. Yup, the speech wasn’t only a cheap commercial for more liberal wage laws, it was a shameles pimp-fest for Ivanka Trump dresses. And all the suckers followed through and bought what she was selling.

I heard from some of the suckers, last night, and lost more than 30 Twitter followers of mine who claim to be “conservatives,” “dedicated to G-d and country,” “Rush babes” and the like. They attacked me as a “liberal,” “a Democrat,” a “feminist,” and a “Hillary supporter,” for daring not to support Ivanka Trump’s Hillary-esque feminist left-wing push for more wage laws to further destroy the free market. (What next–that I’m a Muslim and member of ISIS?) Yeah, my opposition to this is “liberal” and “feminist” . . . only if you’re a complete dumbass. And, sadly, we have many morons on the Trump side. Anything that has a Trump label or endorsement slapped on it is the gospel, no matter how liberal and absurd. This is the same phenomenon we had with Obama eight years ago: a cult of personality. And personality and partisanship over principles.

Sadly, the Trumpbots are as imbecillic as the Obamabots. And just as dangerous. If you’re going to endorse anything the Trumps do, no matter how far-left, then why won’t you support Hillary for Prez? This is not about hurting the Trump campaign. It’s about speaking up when Donald Trump and his family are totally off their rockers and and completely off-base. If you don’t do it now, good luck when he’s in the White House.

Some dummy told me that Ivanka’s pro-wage-equality speech is just for the cameras and that it has now “erased” all Hillary ads and talking points that Trump hates women. Really? Did somebody send that memo to the Hillary campaign and its admakers? Did they instruct the media? I guarantee you that Ivanka Trump’s dumb “wage equality” power play did and will do no such thing. The “Trump’s war on women” mantra is election campaign gold for the Hillary campaign and Ivanka Trump’s snooty, out-of-touch-with-small-business speech will be forgotten by all who hear the continued attacks on Trumps. And if we must give lip service to all liberal positions to take those “talking points” off the table, then why doesn’t the GOP just adopt the Democrats’ platform. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Liberals vote for real liberals. Not fake ones (though I believe the Trumps actually are real liberals–you have to be to pimp this crap). Heck, Caitlyn Jenner is more of a genuine conservative than this chick, Ivanka, and her dad.

By the way, to all the so-called “conservative” Trump morons who called me a “liberal,” a “feminist,” and a “Hillary supporter” for opposing Ivanka Trump’s liberal, feminist, Hillary-esque “wage equality” BS, I don’t have anything to sell you.

But Ivanka has that $138 dress and a whole lot of other merchandise.



BTW, for those wondering, I was underwhelmed and bored by Donald Trump’s speech last night. Way too long. And he just has a horrible delivery because he’s so unused to reading a speech from a teleprompter. I felt like I was being robotically yelled at, the way Hillary Clinton delivers a speech.

And, as far as the speech itself, I also wasn’t impressed. It lacked magic, lacked great one-liners, etc.

Really, the best speech all week was the Donald Trump Jr. oration. He is the only Trump who impressed me. His speech was fantastic, and so was his delivery. I felt he meant every word. I wish he were the candidate. His dad, I felt, was reading something he was forced to, and I don’t know what he really wants and plans to do with America once he’s elected.

I sure hope it’s not more wage equality laws. But Ivanka says it will be, and she has her father’s ear like no other.

BTW, don’t look for Rush Limbaugh to denounce Ivanka the way he does NOW and other lefties when they pimp this crap. “My Trump Right or Wrong” is the never-ending soundtrack of his show, these days. Ditto for FOX News a/k/a PAWNN (the Prince Al-Waleed News Network).

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44 Responses

Republicans will fall in line with the candidate.

Its party over principle.

And that’s why we must check our right to disagree with everything Trump wants so he can win?

I still plan to vote for Trump but I’m not going to give him a blank check.

His only good personnel decision so far – and personnel is policy – is to name Mike Pence as his running mate.

The kind of President Trump wants to be depends on from whom he gets his advice.

Let’s hope its not from Ivanka and her moronic “wage equality” legislation project.

NormanF on July 22, 2016 at 1:24 pm

Well, Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, . . .

well Debbie, you’ve gone and done it again. You’ve hit a Grand Slam Home Run and touched all bases at least twice while you were making the circuit.

This is Biblical. And funny Debbie should do it on the day that the colorful and beloved, although at times acerbic former NFL Head Coach Dennis Green leaves us.

Debbie hit the nail on the head, drove it through the wall and in to the next county. Now, pay attention, because I’m quite imbued with the Blond(e) Ignition right now. And as Debbie and all the regulars know, I STILL don’t know if it’s chicken or fish.

In the immortal words of the now late Dennis Green, . . .

“They are who we thought they were.”

Read that again. The blurring of the lines between the two American political parties that I have been referring to as Demmicans and Republicrats for over 20 years is complete. Debbie gave you the final nail, because whether Trump wins the White House or not, the prophesied demise of the United States is now complete.

By throwing every last principle to the wind, which they began to do in a large way during the 60’s, the so-called Republican Party has just become part of the conglomerate elite. Yes, there’s an old adage about what happens when the people realize they can vote themselves money from the treasury.

Want to know what else happens? They perhaps unintentionally, but quite stupidly, like the cattle that liberals are, and that so many more gravitate toward being, entrench a group of people who will form a massive bureaucracy with regulations that ONLY the elite ruling class will escape the sting of.

Yes, humans, even when granted complete freedom, seem to gravitate toward slavish thought processes which buy us glee and good times in the short, but in the long run lead back to nothing but tyranny and hardship, except for a very, very few.

Instead of back to the future, we’re going forward to the past. Humanity will return to a state of total tyranny soon, and the Halalization of America will also be completed, no matter which of these characters, and I use that term instead of something harsher, is “elected.”

The last real election took place in November of 1984. Anyone who thinks Israel is going to be brought back in to America’s fold when The Golfer-In-Chief walks out the door, IF he in fact leaves next January 20th, is mistaken.

ZECHARIAH 11:14 (That will soon be completed, and they said it couldn’t happen)

“Then I cut asunder my other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.”

But when the United States, Great Britain and Co. go down, God Almighty will move to protect Jews worldwide, after the crush on Israel gets a little worse for the time being. Israel is in dire straits right now, more so every day. Under this “administration” the relationship has been dealt a death blow. Under a new “presidency” the funeral will be held.

But the joke will be on those who fail to protect the Jews, because God will do it, soon, and the world will stand in awe.

Debbie, there are movie stars, rappers, “singers,” TV stars, CEO’s, etc. that walk around with a 357 lb. guy, a 283 lb. guy, and a 197 lb. guy, all experienced martial artists, fighters, etc., and very heavily armed.

If I didn’t have my faith, I’d say I don’t know how you go shopping alone. The Spirit of God is on you. God bless you, and please keep doing what you do. Great, great, GREAT . . .


Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 22, 2016 at 1:47 pm

Debbie you hit this one out of the park. On my scenic commute to work I listen to the local talk radio host. He apparently is on vacation so his more liberal producer had to sub. After gushing over how pretty he thought Ivanka looked he said that this same speech could be plagiarized by Chelsea Clinton and used at the Democrat Convention next week. I said to myself that he’s right. It’s the same liberal gobbledygook that Hillary supporters and democrats in office have been harping on for years. It is startling that Ivanka also said that she will make sure that this crap happens if her dad becomes president. Hopefully he’ll take Mike Pence’s advice on this matter. I’ll vote for Trump in November as the Hildabeast is in my opinion far worse than the O’Clown. I will not however be bamboozled into thinking that he’s really a Republican let alone a Conservative.

Ken B on July 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    Trump is a populist. He reached out to conservatives in naming Pence.

    I’m not expecting him to be Reagan. That’s not a realistic hope to entertain.

    But if he can start reversing some of the mess Obama has inflicted upon the country, I’ll count myself happy.

    What I’m sure of is I don’t want a third Obama term. Two are more than enough.

    NormanF on July 22, 2016 at 2:30 pm

Remember what I said in the comment section of a recent article, . . .

if Trump wins, America has 24 more shopping days until nuclear missiles start to hit. Some choice.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 22, 2016 at 2:07 pm

I part company with Ivanka on the notion of public-funded childcare.

No, a woman can’t have it all. She can’t be working full time and also take care of her children.

Something has got to give. And we don’t need to weaken the family still further.

Just because liberals want it is no good reason for conservatives to sign on it.

That’s why we have two parties. DUH

NormanF on July 22, 2016 at 2:26 pm

Or, at least we HAD two parties. What are you NormanF, a Colonel in The War On Women? LOL!!!

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 22, 2016 at 2:27 pm

I know some leftists who refer to all Trump supporters as “stupid” – even if the more discerning ones’ support is along the lines of what Debbie has specified repeatedly. I presume what Debbie wrote about the “Trumpbots’ ” reactions to her analysis on Ivanka’s speech (the substance of which fits in to what Debbie had written over the years about most women, in general, being more liberal-left), would just play as much into the hands of the “Trump supporters are stupid” wing of the Left as Melania’s plagiarizing Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada’s 2008 DNC speech had into the Left’s hands earlier in the week.

A disclosure: I myself am no lawyer nor have I studied law, but had worked in a law office for 12 years, albeit a personal-injury one, yet it still rubbed off on me in terms of how I look at things, sociologically, politically and culturally. (As, also, apprenticing for a time for someone who specialized in investigating questionable documents.) I also have studied human nature from direct observation and can spot a sociopath a mile away – which is why I never voted for Obama and will never vote for Hillary, regardless of Trump’s numerous cartloads of baggage and that of a good deal of his supporters.

ConcernedPatriot on July 22, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Worked for law firms, various types, various capacities, for 15 years out of a fairly recent 21 year period of my life, from one horse to giant, biggest in the world law firms. Very interesting field, and can be quite enlightening and as you said, provide interesting general perspectives, and on different segments of society.

    Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 22, 2016 at 3:22 pm

There are Republicans afflicted with “Star Power”. As noted by Debbie, they buy into the “Cult of Personality” of a candidate without examining the positions taken by such a person. Donald Trump benefits greatly from that phenomenon.

Worry on July 22, 2016 at 3:00 pm

I’ll be voting for Mr. Trump in the general election (just as I voted for him where I live in the New York primaries in the spring), my antithesis with him is on his economic/monetary positions, he has sadly yes argued for in favor of the “minimum wage” increase, which isn’t untenable that’ll undermine and will be a detriment to small-business nationally, etc.

I know that the Regressive-Left’s are in a hysteric of Mr. Trump allegedly touched for a second and “jokingly” claimed that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, then he’ll engage in sexual activities with, where it’s a) not that important and also wrong on Trump’s behalf and b) a non-sequitir/irrelevant and no correlations to the elections. But the Regressive-Left FAILED to give their two-cents on Ivanka’s speech last night where I believe that she was wrong on about the wage gap.

There are also statistics that refutes Ivanka Trump’s claim about wage gap’s, that the market controls equal pay for the genders and not the government/state, and for the greater part, women aren’t necessarily paid as less as their male counterparts, but either the other way around, and/or the precise same pay as males in the workforce.

Sean R. on July 22, 2016 at 3:21 pm

Marriage is a choice. So is sex, pregnancy, and having children.-Beautiful. What a well written post. I too, was thinking Ivanka was up there just to connect with women, I thought, she is just making Donald more appealing to women, but maybe Ivanka will push this stuff??? Didn’t one of the speakers mention her clothing line last night, I could be wrong, but lol, it was commercial, good call

MrBigBrain on July 22, 2016 at 3:39 pm

I’m not voting for Trump. Sorry. If you wanna be a Libtard put a D after your name. I cannot vote for him. He has not earned it and he has NOT fooled me. The last chance to save USA was in 2012. I voted for Mitt Zombie and that was the last I will vote a hail Mary. Too late. Way too late. No Trump for me!

Skunky on July 22, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    I beg to differ.

    Hillary would be able to appoint a majority of Supreme Court justices if she’s elected.

    And you can kiss your 1st & 2nd Amendment rights good-bye.

    I hate voting for the lesser of two evils.

    But I don’t any other good option.

    NormanF on July 22, 2016 at 6:07 pm

I also didn’t like Ivanka’s equal pay for women BS. I’ve managed people before and the standards for salaries were the same for everybody. If anything, it was more favorable towards women b/c they get time off paid for having babies. Everyone else had to pick up the slack while they were out. Total BS. I won’t support that policy from anybody. I will be voting for Trump.

I also liked Jrs. speech a lot. He was great.

Hillel on July 22, 2016 at 4:47 pm

I am interested in what Trump will do for trade, I seen some old videos on him, its actually a good collage that someone made up, but he has been talking this inequity in trade since 88. So he is passionate about that, I think that is the one thing he will “go in” at. I don’t want Hillary to win, damn I don’t

MrBigBrain on July 22, 2016 at 5:20 pm

Economics can get awfully complicated, but many of the fundamental principles are not. Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman had these fundamentals down cold, such as this “equal pay for equal work” scheme. Friedman also had such a depth and breadth of knowledge of economics that he had been able to present them with a simplicity and clarity that only a genius in the field could do. Here’s a clip of him speaking on the same subject as this particular article:


Friedman was part of the Chicago School of Economics, a truly elite group consisting of some of the brightest minds in the field. In college, I had the honor to have studied economics under one of Friedman’s disciples.

You’ll note in the clip that Debbie’s closely follows the principles that Friedman articulated.

Ralph Adamo on July 22, 2016 at 7:35 pm

It was the only part of the convention I heard yesterday on my ride home, I could not believe the equal pay for equal work illogic was being stated at the RNC, and she went further stating that mom’s were the one’s being most discriminated against!

DaveC on July 22, 2016 at 8:04 pm

I totally agree with Debbie, let the marketplace decide one’s worth. And if someone is unhappy with their wages or benefits then it is their choice to accept it or move on.

Lars on July 22, 2016 at 8:16 pm

Trump is marginally better than Clinton, and that is it. I have no illusions about the man. With Clinton, Conservatives will see a SCOTUS utterly hostile to their views. That has not really sunk in with some. Abortion, Immigration, the Environment, and many other issues will be decided in ways that will make conservative viewpoints irrelevant, if not utterly antiquated. 2016 is almost certainly the last time that Republicans will have a chance at the Presidency. Demographic changes, with a huge assist from the Obama Administration, will make the Republican Party regional and nationally marginal. Talk Radio will become an echo chamber for the mad, rather than a way to mobilize for action. This is what the future will bring with Hillary.

Worry on July 22, 2016 at 10:45 pm

Future headlines we might see.

Putin Trumps The President, Puts Missiles in Cuba

Iran Plays Trump Card, Nukes Los Angeles, Chicago, Mullahs Claim NYC Next

Prez Trumped and Stumped By Lethargic Economy

China Trumps Commander-In-Chief, Boards and Seizes U.S. Aircraft Carrier

We would DEFINITELY see such headlines if Hitlary becomes President, but could well see them with The Comb Over in power, as well. After all, he’s about cutting deals, right? Doesn’t want to make other nations angry and mess in their affairs.

American People Trumped By President’s Rudderless Administration, Not What We Voted For

President Trumps Stumps To Gain Support For Failing Hoover-esque Economic Policies

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 23, 2016 at 12:53 am

I had no problem with her speech. She fund a good job and highlighted that women for equal work shoukd get equal pay. Plus she did mention her children but find not mention her husband. Oops.

Glen Benjamin on July 23, 2016 at 8:08 am

Debbie, you are so correct. First, NO law exists requiring males to be paid the same as other males who do the “same” work. Why hasn’t anyone screamed and hollered about that? That’s because people are unique; there’s no such thing as doing the exact same work unless machinery is doing the work. People bring unique personalities and unique skill sets to a job irrespective of a common educational background or even work experience. People aren’t robots. Only within the government is there a set payscale. In the private sector the sky’s the limit and it should be. If wage controls are imposed, all wages will plummet because employers won’t have the freedom to pay based on merit or skill and would break the bank trying to constantly match people up to each other. The only way to stay alive as a business would be to drop compensation tremendously in order to abide by oppressive government controls. Leave the private sector alone and allow individuals and employers to negotiate pay. We still live in a free country with a free market and competition, or don’t we? Or, is Ivanka wanting to move us to a communist, equal-pay economy?

DinaK on July 23, 2016 at 9:18 am

As was said before, Debbie is spot on. What a lot of people do not understand are NY Liberals. The Trumps are liberals, which in NYC means Democrat, even though they say they’re Republicans. The far left now call themselves “progressive” which Hillary calls herself. There are only a relatively few conservatives and they live in the rural areas of NY State. I will use as an example Rudy Guilliani (a man for whom I have great respect), by NY standards, law & order, and foreign policy he is conservative, but on social issues, he is a liberal. Unfortunately the Republican Party has become Democrats of the 60’s. I escaped from Northern NJ and am very familiar with NYers and their politics. Look whom they elected, a communist as mayor, who incidentally destroyed all the good Guilliani did for law and order in the city.

With the above said and including Trump’s flip flops, I will still vote for him. Why? Because of the 3-5 Supreme Court appointments. I don’t know what type of justice he will appoint (see flip flops and NY Liberal), but I DO KNOW the “thinking” of Hillary’s appointments who serve forever. They will totally destroy the Constitution.

unholyone on July 23, 2016 at 9:59 am

As the more astute posters on here have noted, if you need motivation to back The Donald, look no further than the 4-5 Supreme Court appointees the next President will have… Rolling the dice on Trump is easily preferable to conceding 30-40 years of far-left rule on the highest court.

Add in Hillary’s sycophantic embrace of the monster that is Islam, and I don’t see how any RATIONAL person has any options beyond Trump…

Jay on July 23, 2016 at 10:33 am

Debbie, another article from you giving support to Hillary.. Debbie it is obvious you are a liberal wet masquerading as a republican

P: No, but it is obvious that you are a complete moron, who doesn’t get that I’m advocating for conservatism and that Ivanka is the liberal, that “wage equality” laws she advocates are liberal, which are the points of this post that you re too dumb to get. Thanks for letting us know, especially since you now support Hillary and her whacked out far left policies so long as they are advocated by the Trumps. Moron. Yeah, my opposition to “wage equality” laws is “liberal” and supportive of Hillary. Keep tellin’ yourself that, imbecile. I’d recommend a brain transplant for you, but they don’t do those. So you’re outta luck with a lotta empty real estate between your ears. Next, you’ll be telling us that my opposition to gun control laws is liberal and supporting Hillary. I’ve never ever given support to Hillary. But you’ve given support to euthanizing the brainless (by your very presence). I’m pro-life, but I’d happily make an exception for you. DS

Peter on July 23, 2016 at 12:17 pm

Peter, unfortunately you are the type of person that gives rise to the notion that Trump supporters are a lot like him, unable to speak substantively, constantly changing the tune, and behaving like nothing but rabid attack dogs.

IT’S THE CONSTITUTION, GENIUS, THE CONSTITUTION AND THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES!!! Trump NEVER talks about the constitution, or a concrete set of values.

Which plays RIGHT IN TO HILLARY’S HANDS!!! If you’re looking for the biggest Hillary enablers Peter, it’s you Trump supporters, and . . .

the candidate himself.

It has been surmised that the Trump candidacy is really a mask for the PURPOSE OF GETTING HILLARY ELECTED!!!

We know all about deals getting cut behind closed doors. The Clintonistas are the masters of the clandestine. It’s QUITE plausible, that a man who has given large sums of money to the Clintonistas and their associates, . . .

wouldn’t mind using the gullible American people to usher her right in to the White House.

While he goes on raking in the dough re mi from all the favorable treatment he’s bound to get from a Hillary “presidency.”

So, take your accusations about Debbie right off the web site, pick up a copy of her bio and a free Snickers bar on your way out. You might be able to come here and POST those accusations, but you can’t SELL that smelly fish here.


Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 23, 2016 at 12:38 pm

Maybe the one I put up in the wee hours will go up. One or two folks might find their funny bone tickled, especially since it deals with Trump.

In Trump’s case, about being Scottish I mean, he doesn’t have to be piss drunk, as in the case of the old Saturday Night Live skit with Patrick Stewart. The Scottish are real masters of the humorous bombast, usually without realizing they’re being funny.

Thankfully, the good folks around here haven’t forgotten that, . . .

(i) Trump is a dyed in the wool New Yorker, imbued with New York (liberal) values;
(ii) He became a Republican about 15 minutes ago, a REPUBLICAN, NOT a Constitutional Conservative;
(iii) He IS a lounge act, always has been, always will be.

NOW, how he will govern, remains to be seen. Except it won’t be, because the fix is in for Hitlary, and I’m starting to believe more and more each day, what was postulated a while back, that the Trump candidacy was nothing but a smoke screen, designed and guaranteed to ensure her “presidency.”

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 23, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    Agreed!!!! Really believe that is the plan — on STEROIDS!!!!

    songbird on July 24, 2016 at 12:27 pm

The problem with libbys is there is no end to their Wants. They have no limits. Elliot Spitzer was whining about Blacks being incarcerated and how we need to stop locking them up. Huh? Huh? and people clapped. HUh? Wait huh? If you commit a crime/get caught, you do time. Its simple. The guy said, No more locking up Blacks. Oh S.C Coup, lol, she is a liberal, how can she call herself a conservative, she just loves her some Bill Mahr. I see now, people call themselves conservative if they happen to disagree with a democratic view point. I don’t think that makes you conservative at all. She is very liberal. Funny.

That New York Mayor undid all the good Guilian did with stop and frisk. Crime/Violence went down ridiculously quick. Why would you undue that. These liberal hurt Blacks so much with their b.s. People don’t realize they won’t be prisoners in their own homes, or have to sleep on the floor to avoid stray bullets. They need Stop and Frisk in Chicago.

Now when you give police that type of power their neeeds to be strict oversight, but there isn’t anything wrong with that law. Yes its going to affect Blacks yes, but that is where the crime is happening. Why is that fact racist? Its reality. But the Blacks who aren’t doing crime will be free to walk their neighborhoods again and the little girls will be able to do Double Dutch in the streets.

Now the media is saying Trump is using Racists code words, to secretly connect with his supporters. Huh? Then they spend time trying to break them down, lol, so now you are controlling how we are suppose to think. Ah I get it. Next their going to produce a picture of Trump in Doc Martins with White Shoelaces. You mean they have put the 14 words up on his website yet? lol. These people.

Even though one lady who spoke, did utter something very close to the 14 words, I fell out laughing, and no I don’t think she was trying to, it was similar though.

The best reason to not vote Hillary. To prevent her for bringing over 500,000 Syrians? What the hell is wrong with that woman. Why would you do that? Why? My extreme libby friends don’t even want that. That is just spitting in the face of America.

If she does, you all better ride on her like you did on Barack. Tell her she’s a traitor, a secret Mooooslim, she hates America, and everything. Better not hold back people.

MrBigBrain on July 23, 2016 at 7:41 pm

Ivanka has no ass.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on July 24, 2016 at 12:59 am

“The last chance to save USA was in 2012. I voted for Mitt Zombie and that was the last I will vote a hail Mary. Too late. Way too late. No Trump for me!

Skunky on July 22, 2016 at 4:24 pm”

The last chance for USA was H Ross Perot in 1992.
He would have been against illegal immigration unlike Reagan who passed amnesty.
He probably had no use for Muslim after dealing with “civilized” Muslim in the Shah Iran.
This why he probably did not support 1st Gulf war.
Is Saudi Arabia any better than Hussein Iraq.
He supported Bush II instead of Pat Buchanan in 2000 lesser of 2 evils.
He may have banned all Muslim immigration and visitors after 1st World Trade center attack.
Clinton and Bush sure did not do that.

madman on July 24, 2016 at 10:07 am

Wow! The Democrats are openly pandering to anti-semitism. First, the aptly named Sen. Cain, panderer to Islam is the Vice-Presidential candidate. Then, Bernie Sanders gets the shaft, virtually completely. Then, Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets the shaft completely, with the diverse members of the Democratic coalition complaining that she isn’t being bounced for several days. Obviously she did not act alone, but she will take the fall. Of course, HRC just smiles, and with her deep, earthy voice, moves along on.

Certainly I understand that BS and DWS hold their noses whenever any remotely Jewish cause surfaces, but still, how easy it is for the Democrats to make the Jews, i.e. those of Jewish ancestry, the scapegoats for everything, in the face of nominating Cain for VP.

It reminds me of the Weimar Republic. Jews were in prominent positions, but they became just window dressing, symbolized by Rathenau’s assassination, and the degrading of Jews, whatever their history or accomplishments as the 20s turned into the 30s.

I am not saying that BS and DWS are comparable to Rathenau, but the analogies are striking. A harbinger of the future of this country unless things change very fast. Jewish groups identifying with governmental authorities and power, in the hopes that the attacks on the Jews won’t be too, too, severe.

Little Al on July 24, 2016 at 5:43 pm

Come to think of it, a Rabbi was bounced, in effect, from the Republican Convention as well. Of course various reasons were advanced, and as in the case of DWS and BS, I do not necessarily associate myself with Rabbi Lookstein or his beliefs.

But what an amazing coincidence. Jews bounced from both conventions. If anyone other than Jews were bounced from the conventions, I am not aware of it.

And virtually every major candidate in this election, Republican and Democrat has pandered in one way or another, to anti-semitism.

LA: Huh? Rabbi Lookstein was NOT bounced– “in effect” or otherwise. He “bounced” himself. He was invited to speak, accepted the invitation, and was put on the speaker’s list with a prime time slot. But he’s a weak, liberal fraud who buckled and withdrew merely because some people from the school he founded signed a petition. You have your facts wrong on this. He’s the most spineless so-called rabbi I’ve ever seen. DS

Little Al on July 24, 2016 at 5:51 pm

    Yes, Lookstein was all set to go but caved to leftist interests. Here’s a little sample of the kind of nonsense that they used to “persuade” Lookstein to cancel his RNC slot:

    “Donald Trump openly spouts racist, misogynistic rhetoric; he advocates torture, the expulsion of millions of families, some long settled in America, and insinuates that some citizens of this great country are somehow less than others.
    To embrace Trump and Trumpism goes against all we’ve been taught. As graduates of Ramaz, and as current or former members of the Modern Orthodox community, this is a shanda beyond the pale.” [Note: Shanda is Yiddish for shame or scandal.]

    In fact, you can bet the house that at the DNC, charges of racism, anti-Semitism, islamophobia, anti-Hispanic, xenophobia, misogyny (have I missed anything?) against Trump will be the centerpiece of their attempt at branding the opposition. If the London bookmakers had odds available on this, the over-and-under for individual mentions at the DNC of Trump being against people on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, or national origin would be some number in the neighborhood of 1,200. And if I could bet on this, I’d still take the over.

    And anybody who has been paying attention already knew that the DNC and most of the mainstream media favored Clinton, and didn’t need to see or hear about any emails to recognize what was happening.

    But if you want to look a little bit deeper, just follow the money. Who are among the biggest financial backers of Clinton? Here are some of the top backers: George Soros, Haim and Cheryl Saban, Herbert Sandler, S. Daniel Abraham, Irwin M. Jacobs, Daniel Sussman, Steven Speilberg, and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Notice something, besides the fact that all of them are rich? Yes, all of them are Jews or have Jewish lineage. Yet, contrary to what the Judeophobes/Israel haters say, they are not pro-Israel or Zionists. On the contrary, all of them profess to be in favor of the so-called “two-state solution.” (Here’s an Orwellian hint for you: Beware of any proposal that has the name “solution” in it; as in “final solution.”)

    And, of course, there are also many billionaires who are not Jewish that also back Clinton. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find wealthy individuals, Jewish or otherwise, that oppose the so-called “two-state solution.” The only one that comes to mind is Sheldon Adelson.

    Although Sanders is unquestionably of the same mindset as Clinton’s rich backers on the subject of Israel, including the individuals I named above, the Clinton backers also have many other agendas besides carving up Israel. Hence, their preference for Clinton.

    What’s Trump’s real position on Israel? I don’t know, as he’s waffled. However, he hasn’t verbally waffled on the Iran deal. His selection of Mike Pence as VP suggests that he’s not for the “two-state solution,” but that could be just a convenient cover. We just don’t know. I’d say the clues to look for in Trump, not just on Israel but the many other issues as well, are who he selects as policy advisers.

    Ralph Adamo on July 24, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    All of this outrage against Debbie Wasserman Schultz is total nonsense. She is just the “fall person.” (I’d say “fall guy,” but I don’t want to be accused of being sexist by the leftist politically correct crowd.)

    Of course the DNC was 100% behind Clinton. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know this without reading or hearing about any emails. It’s obvious.

    And, of course, just follow the money. The money behind the DNC is Clinton money. You do know that money talks, don’t you? And when money talks, people listen, and follow accordingly. That’s the way the system is rigged. Always has been. Always will be.

    But the real story of the leaked emails is not discussed here or anywhere else. And the REAL story is that the MEDIA is 100% behind Clinton too. That is obvious as well to anyone with common sense. If there’s some anti-Trump angle to pursue in the media, it will be front-page news, no matter how trivial or absurd. And any anti-Clinton items will be swept under the rug or spun in the most positive manner conceivable. So even this website doesn’t want to talk about this more important reality. The media and Clinton are joined at the hip because Clinton is the puppet of the global elite. The media writers are merely Presstitutes serving their global corporate masters.

    Free speech? — Get it, while supplies last. (This great line, alas, is not my own. I’ve modified it from the Second City troupe’s new show.

    Ralph Adamo on July 24, 2016 at 11:55 pm

      Yes, Ralph, absolutely. DWS is taking the fall for Hillary. The dishonesty of those going after Schultz and giving Hillary a pass is striking.

      Little Al on July 25, 2016 at 7:23 am

The other thing that keeps coming to my mind in this race of Trump v. “Cankles” (it’s obvious those who support her have extremely short memories and/or have that much virulent hatred for this country), has been Debbie’s points raised over the years that no matriarchy at any point in history has ever survived.* If, G-d forbid, she gets in, we will be the next to fall for sure. In other words, it isn’t simply the matter of Supreme Court appointments or her Islamophilia or her other issues, legally and otherwise. That plus her egotistical, narcissistic slogan, “I’m With Her” – nothing about this country whatsoever, it’s all about Hillary and nothing else.

As for her VP pick Tim Kaine, it has also been noted that, besides his aforementioned anti-Semitism, he is of the same religious persuasion that leftist Pope Francis was originally.

And as for ‘DinaK’s’ question as to whether Ivanka “[wants] us to move to a communist, equal-pay economy” – keep in mind she’s The Donald’s daughter by his first marriage to Ivana who, like his current wife Melania, came from a Communist (or ex-Communist) country. Wonder if all this rubbed off. Reminds me of the old saying, “You can take [A] out of [B], but you can’t take [B] out of [A].”

*No homocentric society in history has ever survived either – and the mad rush by Democrats and the far Left to further homosexualize and even transgenderize this country will likewise further ensure we will end up in the same bad way as ancient Greece and Rome.

ConcernedPatriot on July 24, 2016 at 7:00 pm

I have been impressed by both Don Jr and Eric. I’m not remotely impressed by Ivanka. I would hope that if Trump gets elected, she is completely swamped by work at the Trump org, and has no time to weigh into politics.

I find Eric particularly impressive: if one filters out his ‘I love my dad to death’ as an expression of filial loyalty, the other things he says make a whole lot of sense. His speech, unlike the others, was completely written by him. And he (and his elder brother) doesn’t seem to have his Dad’s baggage of being Liberal for the bulk of their life: even if they were, they were at best private citizens not bribing Dems the way their dad previously did.

As for Ivanka, I really hope her time gets sucked up in raising her new baby, whenever she’s not running things in the Trump org. Particularly since Katrina Pierson mentioned that she was her dad’s choice for a successor as the head of the company, over both Don & Eric.

Infidel on July 24, 2016 at 7:42 pm

“As for her VP pick Tim Kaine, it has also been noted that, besides his aforementioned anti-Semitism, he is of the same religious persuasion that leftist Pope Francis was originally.
ConcernedPatriot on July 24, 2016 at 7:00 pm”

Do tell more, please.
I’m Catholic but have a strong dislike for Francis, maybe because his homeland was a haven for post-war NAZI’s.
His penchant for pointing out the sliver in my eye while ignoring the log in his, understandably, rubs me the wrong way.

theShadow on July 24, 2016 at 10:52 pm

Francis’ background was Jesuit – and Tim Kaine was “educated” by Jesuit priests in his younger days. Wonder to what extent anti-Semitism is rampant in that faith, to say nothing of liberal-leftism (that could be taken as a rhetorical query).

Although Debbie is correct in calling out plagiarism from all sides, both (D) and (R), how much is one to bet that any plagiarism by Democrat speakers won’t be subjected to as much scrutiny by the media as Melania’s speech had been this last week?

ConcernedPatriot on July 25, 2016 at 1:05 am

I respect all people’s political views….but I cannot vote for Hillary R. Clinton….For my children’s future and my medical needs since I am over 60, Trump is my only hope.

Dr. Miguel A. Contreras on July 26, 2016 at 10:56 am

And it should also be noted – and as much a concern to those with a brain as what Debbie wrote of Melania Trump being an admirer of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada, in the context of the former’s plagiarizing parts of the latter’s 2008 DNC speech – that Ivanka Trump is good friends with Chelsea Clinton, as I read in passing in one of the NY newspapers. The article said The Donald wished she weren’t, but it may also explain part of why Ivanka supports left-wing wage laws – and why Debbie predicted Chelsea would’ve lifted at least part of Ivanka’s speech.

ConcernedPatriot on July 31, 2016 at 11:41 am

Is that a Republican or Democrat? Yes. Same leopard, different spot. It’s all political theater now. I doubt there’s a decent one in the lot of ’em.

just a thought on August 7, 2016 at 8:40 pm

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