November 11, 2014, - 8:55 am

Veterans Day: Thank Them (& G-d) for Freedom & Country

By Debbie Schlussel

As I always say on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, the service and sacrifices of those brave men who served on the battlefield and in other capacities should be remembered every single day and not just on these two holidays. And as I also always say, on this day, let’s remember those who are still serving America and bring them home safely so that they, too, will be veterans and not casualties. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, and we certainly wouldn’t be free. But their lives and limbs should be sacrificed sparingly . . . for things that matter, for wars that matter. Sadly, because they’ve been sent to a losing war to hand over a Muslim country from one sect of Muslims who hate us to another group of Muslims who hate us and created a vacuum, we are now sending some of our soldiers back to that hellhole to risk it all again as “advisers.”

Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Graunke, Jr., Iraq War Vet, Hugs Pearl Harbor Survivor/WWII Vet Houston James (Graunke Lost a Leg, Hand, and Eye Defusing a Bomb in Iraq)


Wounded American Marine Salutes President Reagan’s Casket

Today, as we celebrate Veterans Day and remember the service and sacrifices of those who served and survived, let’s remember that while they may have survived, many of our former troops came home with arms and legs missing, with eyes gone and whole faces and body parts disfigured, making life difficult for them forever. And let’s ask ourselves why we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, and why more than a decade later, we still have troops on the ground in Afghanistan, giving their limbs and lives on a regular basis, and why we must now send troops back to Iraq, which would never have been necessary had we not invaded in the first place for no apparent valid reason (and wouldn’t have happened had we installed a pro-American, brutal Sunni dictator–the only thing Muslims understand–instead of insisting on “democracy” for Islamocrazies).

We went to “war” in Iraq and Afghanistan without actually going to war, and now our military is being sent back to Iraq to go to war again because the first one was so mishandled and not thought out. While our military men were handing out candy and building roads to nowhere, Muslims surrounding them were always at war, constantly blowing our boys to bits. We went to war in Iraq to essentially hand over the country from Sunni Muslims who hate us (but maintained a sort of stability and bulwark against Iran) to Shi’ite Muslims who hate us and take orders from the Iranian Ayatollahs.

On this Veterans Day, I remember those who served in World War II, a war which America actually had the guts to fight and where there was CLEAR good and evil. We were the good guys, no matter what Brad Pitt and Hollywood told me in “Fury” (read my review). We weren’t there handing out candy and building roads while bombs fell upon us. We were prosecuting a war. And that’s why we won. I wonder what most of those World War II heroes–almost all of them now dead–would think of the appeasement of the new (and old) Nazis, the Muslims, that has been going on in this country for years and became appeasement on steroids after 9/11 and ever since. Would we have appeased the Japanese because they bombed us at Pearl Harbor? No way. And the Japanese were far less a threat than Islam is today. Would we have allowed the German-American Bund to impose its will across our great country while our men fought their patrons over and gave their lives for it? Nope, but we did that with Islam, with the number of Muslims in America and the number of their mosques more than doubling (mostly through immigration) in the decade and a few years since 9/11. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 10, 2014, - 6:13 pm

Rasmieh Odeh GUILTY! Palestinian Terrorist Murderer Committed Immigration Fraud

By Debbie Schlussel

Well, the American jury system still works in some cases. And so it goes with the case of Rasmieh Yousef Odeh (also spelled Rasmea and a number of other ways; that’s how Muslims scam the system and terrorists get away with it). The Palestinian Islamic terrorist was found guilty today in federal court in Detroit of committing immigration fraud, when she lied on multiple documents to get into, stay, and obtain a green card and citizenship in the United States.


Sexy: Convicted Palestinian Terrorist/Murderer Rasmieh Odeh

I first told you about Odeh over a year ago. A Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist, she perpetrated several bombings in Israel, including that of the British Consulate and an Israeli supermarket, murdering two people. Odeh was released in an Israeli trade of terrorists for Israeli soldiers (usually their dead, tortured, disfigured bodies), and eventually, she made her way to the United States, where she lied every step of the way about her conviction for murder and her association with PFLP, which also kidnapped and murdered Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi. Predictably, Homeland Security, which used the same firm to vet her as it used to vet Edward Snowden and will use to vet beneficiaries of Obama/GOP immigration amnesty, missed Odeh’s terrorist murderer status for years, even though a documentary about her violent Islamic terrorist exploits came out in the many years before she was granted U.S. citizenship and was easily Googled. This is Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services version of “vetting” immigrants seeking to enter and stay here. Wonderful.

Odeh became a Muslim Palestinian leader here in America, agitating for the terrorist-supporting community via the Arab American Action Network, the stomping ground of Obama buddy Rashid Khalidi. She also became an ObamaCare “Navigator.” And, soon, she will navigate federal prison. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 7, 2014, - 12:58 pm

Wknd Box Office: Interstellar, Camp X-Ray (Gitmo Terrorist BS), Big Hero 6, Whiplash, Elsa & Fred, Laggies

By Debbie Schlussel

It’s an unusual weekend at movie theaters, with several terrific movies (three FOUR REAGAN flicks), and only one bad choice among the new releases.




* “Interstellar“: As I noted in my full review column, I very much enjoyed this movie, with a few reservations. A fabulous unfolding of several stories, including a sci-fi thriller, a love story between a father and his daughter, and so much more. A smart person’s “Gravity,” but better. Read my complete review.

FOUR REAGANS (with slight reservations, as noted above)

* “Camp X-Ray“: This is Kristen Stewart’s attempt to show she’s something beyond the constantly sullen vampire’s girlfriend of the “Twilight” movies. And it’s also Hollywood’s attempt to show what fabulous, great guys the Islamic terrorist inmates at Guantanamo Bay are. And in that, it’s simply laughable. Oh, and did I mention that the commanding officers are portrayed as sex-crazed, anti-Islamic meanies? Read the rest of this entry »

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November 6, 2014, - 4:54 pm

Midweek Box Office: Interstellar

By Debbie Schlussel


Interstellar” debuted Wednesday at the few movie theaters which still show film, and it will debut tomorrow (Friday) at most theaters (with some offering early screenings tonight), which are digital. I am, therefore, a day late or a day early, depending upon where you live, with this review. Either way, I enjoyed the movie with a few reservations. I saw it in crystal clear IMAX, and as I always say, “Once you go IMAX, you never go BAX.”


I loved the movie, until the hokey parts toward the end. While it was a thriller full of action and suspense, it also touched on so many issues and was about so many things beyond that. It shows a loving, dedicated father–something you see very little of in Hollywood films–and depicts a love story between the father and his daughter. It slaps down those who question America’s lunar landings, mocking them, and it questions Communist-style job selection for kids at a young age (something that is apparently a feature of Common Core on some fronts). It raises questions of science and family and whether one would risk possibly never seeing family again in order to save the earth. It’s a smart movie for those of us interested in science, and those of us disappointed that America is very obsessed with Kardashians, but turns out a bunch of morons who are way behind in science, math, engineering, etc. It’s also a tribute to cowboys of the space variety. And it’s far better, in my view, than the vastly overrated “Gravity” (read my review)–I liked it, but didn’t worship it like the rest of the movie world). Plus, true to real life, a truly evil guy is played by a truly evil guy in real life: Matt Damon. Some say his appearance in this movie is a “surprise,” but he’s listed online in the credits, so how much of a surprise is it, really?

Here’s what I didn’t like: Read the rest of this entry »

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November 5, 2014, - 2:40 pm

Huge Victory for GOP is NO Victory for Conservatives: The Islamo-Pandering Amnesty GOP Candidates on My Ballot

By Debbie Schlussel

I used to be so excited to go vote. But yesterday, I was more unexcited and less enthused than in any election I’ve ever voted in. It was depressing. And I was more dismayed by the absurd, baseless cheers of so many people who think they are conservatives over a Pyrrhic victory they think means something. I felt the same way the night Obama announced the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. I told people then to stop cheering because it doesn’t mean much. The same goes for yesterday’s election tally.


Artwork, Concept & Design by Debbie Schlussel

Follow Me on Twitter . . .

Make no mistake. While yesterday’s elections were a huge victory for the Republican Party, they were no victory at all for conservatives. No victory for secure borders advocates. No victory for those of us who see the tide of Islamic extremism growing like a cancer in America. And I saw that starkly on my ballot as I voted yesterday. I had “choices” of far-left liberal Democrats and Islamo-pandering, immigration amnesty Republicans In Name Only. It was a choice I refused to make. I threw away my votes largely to Libertarian candidates. And the choices I had yesterday–with Republicans willing to do anything for Muslim votes–is an experience you will have ultimately. It’s an experience that will spread throughout America and has already spread to places like New Jersey, where Chris ChrispieCreme blocked Homeland Security’s deportation of an admitted HAMAS terrorist and picked the HAMAS terrorist’s HAMASnik Muslim lawyer for a judgeship.

The only Republican I was proud to vote for on my Michigan ballot was Ruth Johnson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, who was thankfully re-elected. She is the only Republican officeholder in Michigan with any balls and any sense of conservatism. Whereas the two previous Republican Secretaries of State willingly gave out driver’s licenses to illegal aliens (to the point that illegal aliens drove here from all over the country to get them), Johnson put her foot down and said no. Then, when Muslim illegal aliens sued her and the Obama Justice Department warned her it would get involved and she would lose, she backed down. But only then. And she put up a fight. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 3, 2014, - 3:34 pm

If You Think a GOP Senate Will Change Anything, You’re on Crack . . . & Here’s Why

By Debbie Schlussel

Don’t get too excited about the impending likely takeover of the U.S. Senate by Republicans. If you think anything will change . . . or get better, you’re on crack.


For the last two or three months, we’ve been treated to endless non-stop stories about the favorable chances of the GOP taking the Senate. Those stories and the predictions and ever-rising percentage likelihoods of a Senate GOP-opcracy have reached a fevered pitch, with gleeful Repubs and pseudo-conservative hacks all over the broadcast and cable news shows predicting the party of the elephants storming the Senate Majority leader position.

But here’s a tip: nothing will change. The likely Senate Majority leader will be Mitch McConnell. He’s no conservative. He stands on a foundation of pork and corporate welfare and amnesty for illegal aliens. While he wasn’t one of the “Gang of Eight” Senators who proposed amnesty for illegal aliens, he was their pimp, praising them and their bill and supporting it to the hilt. And guess what? That won’t change when he becomes Senate Majority Leader. It will only get worse. Ya think they’ll make our borders safer or tighter? Ha. Dream on, fantasists. Several of the likely GOP winners tomorrow, such as Colorado’s Cory Gardner have undergone extremist makeovers, repackaging themselves as supporters of “comprehensive immigration reform.” Ditto for Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn, long pretending to be a secure borders guy (but I told you he was a fraud, and now I’m borne out). Don’t mess with Texas? PUH-LEEZE. The guy Texas elected is messing with it so much that ultimately there won’t be a Texas, just Mexas. Yeah, ‘cuz amnesty is really what we need in the age of ISIS, which is the remade Al-Qaeda we never defeated. Doesn’t matter, as the GOP is committed to give us that (and maybe ensure they will never control the U.S. Senate again).

Do you really believe Senate Republicans will do a thing to stop ObamaCare, to repeal it? Really? What do you predict they’ll do? Do you think they’ll just end it? Do you think they’ll repeal even parts of it? Here’s a tip: they won’t do anything. They didn’t do much before. They’ll do even less now. And because of that, ObamaCare and the destruction of the American healthcare system is here to stay. Ya know those clinics for impoverished inner city crackheads where they wait all day to see a doctor and months for MRIs and surgeries? Well, now, you, too, will ultimately have this fabulous experience. Mitchy and the gang won’t stop it from happening. It’s already happening, and they will go along, just as they always have. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 31, 2014, - 6:03 pm

Wknd Box Office: Nightcrawler, Before I Go to Sleep, Horns, Men Women & Children

By Debbie Schlussel

They used to give us good thrillers and scary horrors at the movies for Halloween. No longer. There’s only one new movie at theaters today that I recommend. The rest are absolute dreck.



* “Nightcrawler“: I mostly liked this very creepy, true to life movie, which gives us a fantastic inside look at the agenda and lack of ethics in TV news. In this movie, it’s local TV news, but it definitely translates to the national level, including to FOX News, not just the others. My one reservation is that the movie goes out of its way to make the creepy anti-hero of the movie a Jew–his name is “Lou Bloom,” with an obviously Jewish surname (and he is played by a Jew). Was that really necessary? And on top of that, his loyal, decent, honest sidekick., “Rick”–whom he treats like crap, betrays, and sends to his end–is played by Riz Ahmed, a Pakistani Muslim who looks every bit of it (and who has played “wrongfully accused” Muslim terrorists in several movies, including “The Road to Guantanamo”). Hmmm . . .

The story: Jake Gyllenhaal is Bloom, a creepy, greasy, nerdy, low-rent liar and thief who resorts to scrapping and stealing to survive. One night, as he is driving down the freeway, he comes across police rescuing a woman from a burning car on the shoulder of the road. He sees a cameraman shooting footage, and learns that the cameraman finds out about the accidents from listening to a police scanner. So, he pawns a stolen bike in exchange for camera equipment, and thus, his career of “nightcrawling”–trolling for the “if it bleeds, it leads” footage to make a buck. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 31, 2014, - 2:42 pm

Halloween ABSURD: Do You Know What a Teal Pumpkin Means?

By Debbie Schlussel

Happy Halloween. Do you know what a teal pumpkin means? Here’s a hint: it doesn’t mean you’re gay. But it does mean you are politically correct . . . as far as the food police and peanutzis are concerned. Apparently, teal is the new black. And the new color signifying we’re even more of a nation of wusses than we were last Halloween. Congrats, America.


This Halloween, Food Allergy Research & Education, a national nonprofit group, is encouraging communities to put teal-painted pumpkins or free printable signs in their front yards to alert trick-or-treaters they have nonfood offerings in addition to candy. “We’re hoping this becomes a tradition for years to come,” said Veronica LaFemina, FARE’s campaign spokeswoman. The Teal Pumpkin Project is not an effort to scrub Halloween of its traditional candy treats but instead an effort to help kids with food allergies, including those at risk of life-threatening anaphylaxis. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 30, 2014, - 6:05 pm

New Politically Correct “Rocky” Sequel to Feature Lesbian Islamic Terrorist?

By Debbie Schlussel

Never missing an opportunity to beat a dead horse, Hollywood is bringing you yet another “Rocky” sequel, and, yes, it will feature Sylvester Stallone . . . along with every politically correct minority on the planet. No word on whether or not it will feature a lesbian Islamic terrorist as a fighting opponent, but if not, that’s the only thing missing. Leave it to the far-left Weinstein Brothers, who are putting out this latest Rocky disaster.


When the sixth installment of the Rocky movie series, 2006’s “Rocky Balboa” (read my review), came out, star Stallone promised it would be the last. But he lied. In January, “Creed,” the latest in the Rocky movies, will begin shooting. And the storyline is stupid, featuring almost every politically correct storyline imaginable. The story is that the grandson of Rocky frenemy Apollo Creed (from “Rocky II”), Adonis Creed, is now a fighter. And who is his trainer? Rocky Balboa.

But that isn’t all:

Some of the characters include Adonis’s deaf half-sister, age 10, as well as a potential lady friend for Adonis who is a doctor of Indian descent; a guy named Joe who co-owns Mickey’s gym with Rocky; a former boxer named Pete, and a “Mickey-like” guy named Marcel, who’s Latino and assists with Adonis’s training. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 30, 2014, - 12:02 pm

Malala Yousafzai, Jihadist & Phony Saint, Gives $50,000 to HAMAS; Longtime HAMAS Supporter

By Debbie Schlussel

Malala Yousafzai (also spelled Yousufzai), appointed a saint by the mainstream media and the left–all because she’s Muslim–donated $50,000 from her Nobel Peace Prize to HAMAS in Gaza. The money will be used to rebuild HAMAS-run schools where Palestinian Muslims are taught to hate Jews, Christians, and America. The money will be distributed via UNRWA, the UN agency devoted to Palestinian “refugees,” many of the employees of which double as HAMAS terrorists and all of whose schools feature anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American hate-filled textbooks. Yeah, that’s peace!


I’ve never ever fallen for the baloney surrounding Yousafzai, the Pakistani Muslim girl who’s been using her story to promote Islam around the world non-stop. She’s used her alleged story–that she was trying to get girls to go to school when Taliban terrorists shot her in the head and she survived–to say that, “this is not Islam,” when in fact that’s affirmatively, definitively Islam. And she’s used her story to promote Islam. I’m not surprised at all that she’s giving the money to HAMAS, as she and her extremist Muslim father, Ziauddin Yousafzai (who runs the show), are not new to their anti-Israel, pro-HAMAS views. The October issue of Glamour Magazine (which honored Malala as one of its 2013 Women of the Year) gushed over her and had this quote:

And no part of the world intimidates Malala. While prepping for her speech in Nigeria, she struggled with how to discuss recent fighting in the Middle East. At one point she looked up at her dad and said, “Father, I think we need to go to Gaza.” Read the rest of this entry »

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