February 14, 2006, - 11:51 am

Supersized Hypocrisy: Muslims Silent on Morgan Spurlock’s Mohammed Cartoons

Why aren’t Muslims rioting–or at least, denouncing–lefty showbiz figure Morgan Spurlock and the F/X Network?
As you’ll recall, this past summer, I wrote in the Wall Street Journal about my experience with “filmmaker” Morgan Spurlock (of anti-McDonald’s “Super Size Me” fame). Spurlock produced and appeared on a show, “30 Days” on the F/X Network, a poor take-off on the crappy show, “Wife Swap.”
Spurlock’s people tried to enlist me for one episode of this agenda-laden show, in which he commanded his airhead childhood buddy, David Stacy, to live for 30 days as a Muslim–with Detroit-area Muslims hand-picked by HAMAS front-group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was closely consulted by Spurlock in producing the show.

Hypocrisy: Muslims Won’t Boycott–Or Even Whimper–

About Mohammed Cartooners Morgan Spurlock, F/X Network

As I’m reminded by Mike, research director of Anti-CAIR, that episode of “30 Days” (click on “episode guide” at bottom of page, then “Muslims in America”) featured 2-3 cartoons of Mohammed. In the episode, which was first broadcast in July, Mohammed is even disrespectfully referred to as “Big Mo'”.
The episode also featured a lot of BS, like how Muslims are so oppressed by the rest of us Americans, since 9/11. Much of this was uttered by Michigan CAIR board member Haaris Ahmad (it’s former executive director), who called my Detroit radio show to defend Islamic Jihad terrorist founder and chief, Sami Al-Arian, and his bus-bombings of innocent people as “free speech.”
So maybe that’s why you don’t–and won’t–see Muslims condemning, rioting, or even touching a hair on the head of Spurlock, F/X, or Oprah (who heavily promoted the show on her daytime talk show). Don’t hold your breath for Muslims to be waiting with signs and burning posters of “Supersize Me” outside Comedy Central (where Spurlock will soon have a new “Politically Correct” style show), either. (Don’t look for CAIR’s Haaris Ahmad to condemn himself for appearing on and helping to make a show that features Mohammed and “Big Mo'” cartoons.)

Hypocrites: Mohammed Cartoon Purveyor Morgan Spurlock

Gets Award From Muslim Group MPAC

Nope. Muslims not only didn’t condemn Spurlock for the use of “Big Mo'” Mohammed cartoons, THEY HONORED HIM! In fact, Morgan Spurlock was honored, hailed, high-fived, and even given awards by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), CAIR of Los Angeles (more on this here), and CAIR of Michigan at their annual dinners. MPAC and CAIR, by the way, are the same groups condemning the Danish Mohammed cartoons.
How do you spell hypocrisy? M-P-A-C, C-A-I-R, and even, frequently, I-S-L-A-M.

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5 Responses

Tons of “freedom of speech”, not a gram of tact and decency

InplainviewMonitor on February 17, 2006 at 9:33 pm

An interesting article. I didn’t know about this movie. Muslims overseas are rioting about the Dutch depictions of Mohammed, not the ones living in Dearborn. It’s a different group of people who have different views on this issue. That doesn’t make Islam hypocritical.

Atul Patel on February 20, 2006 at 8:18 pm

A Letter of Explanation

9:50 a.m. Me …. paranoid? Nah, you must be joking. Telling me I see a jihadi under every rock, pebble, and stone. Puhleeze.

Anechoic Room on March 28, 2006 at 12:53 pm

Given the fact that you work for the mainstream media and obviously have very little to no REAL knowledge of the TRUE Islam I give very little merit to anything you have to say in your so called writing. I would instead refer to you as a puppet of propaganda

Robert on August 26, 2011 at 6:49 am

Thank you for this article. We see the real Islam each and every day. Muslims here in the US busy themselves with a never ending corus of Islam is peace and the media is filled with lies….. Really, Each and every Islamic State on earth discriminates, imprisons and subjugates people of other faiths. Muslims gloss over this stating that the actions of Islamic Governments are not Islamic….. Sorry I see nothing but an Ideology dressed up as a Religion. Islam is a construct of a 6th century pedophile that wanted to take over a city. He knew that the only way to unite the tribes would be to create a religion that could incorporate all of the religous groups surrounding Mecca. Pagans, Jews and Christians would only follow him if “Allah” (the moon God of the Kabaa) was in direct communication with Mohammed. He wanted Mecca and used his lies to get what he wanted. Now our world is cursed with this false prophet’s lies.

RossTrex on October 6, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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