February 20, 2006, - 12:47 pm

OUTRAGE: U.S. “Women’s” Mag Celebrates Iraqi Insurgents

On this site, we’ve been so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest outrage in what your wives, girlfriends, and daughters might be reading: Marie Claire‘s March issue.
On its cover, the magazine–with Mariah Carey as its cover girl–advertises “Heroes & Hardship: Women’s Stories from Iraq,” along with the obligatory, “5 Ultimate Sex Tips.” But, inside, along with stories about America’s female soldiers fighting in Iraq, Marie Claire found it necessary to glorify “the other side.” That’s right, Iraqi insurgents. And the magazine makes great efforts to knock America and its soldiers while it’s at it.

3 Ultimate Anti-Sex Tips:
1) Hating Americans, 2) Killing Americans, 3) Wearing that Outfit

Check out the female Iraqi insurgent portrayed by Marie Claire as a feminist, above. Does Marie Claire really believe she’s doing anything “her way”? Hello? . . . More like her FATHER’s or HUSBAND’s way (along with his three other wives, er . . . baby factories/slaves). It’s interesting that Marie Claire finds a way to transform any enemy of America who kills our soldiers to be a “feminist,” so long as she has female plumbing. Look at her outfit. Does she look like a bra-burner to you?
Especially outrageous is Marie Claire’s attempt to portray this terrorist as “peaceful” and Americans as the opposite. To wit:

Faiza, 31, assists . . . during battles with American forces. “I had training from my neighbor . . . he taught me how to shoot a Kalshnikov.” Faiza . . . shows no fear of putting herself in harm’s way. “We are back up for the men. If they need anything, we will be there to help.”
Most of Faiza’s time, however, is spent bonding in more peaceful ways. They attend weekly mosque and religion classes together, as well as making pilgrimages and elaborate meals on the calendar days that honor the martyrs. . . . According to Faiza and the other women, little good has come from the American presence in Iraq. “The Americans have not come to bring us freedom, they have come to occupy our country,” says one. “Freedom is handcuffs, and democracy is prisoner hoods,” says another.

These women, by the way, are Shia–not Sunni–insurgents, follow terrorist Imam Muqtada Al-Sadr, now in the new Iraqi government. Guess they forgot about the handcuffs, hoods, decapitations, mutilations, amputations, and mass murders of Saddam Hussein.
And so did Marie Claire. Which is supposed to be in America–its English language headquarters are in New York (but also comes in French).

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7 Responses

Debbie, is there some kind of fund for your mental health to which we can contribute? I worry about anyone who reads this crap… you’re in danger!
As for Sergeant Faiza, she says ‘freedom is handcuffs, democracy is prisoner hoods.’ So then Islam is a black blanket, chafing, sweat rashes and yeast infections? Umkay, Faiza. Thanks for the clarification.
Also, looks like Mariah lost about 40 lbs., had breast reduction, cheek implants & teeth whitened… all since New Year’s Eve when she appeared in New York.
What a crock of brain-mangling horse poop.

SallyVee on February 20, 2006 at 2:24 pm

I can’t picture them going any lower, and I have a vivid imagination.

KnightoftheImpaler on February 20, 2006 at 3:06 pm

HMM, I wonder if any woman who was freed from the Taliban would think like this so-called “Freedom Fighter”, shame on you Marie Claire

hairymon on February 20, 2006 at 9:20 pm

More useful idiots. As soon as the Islamo nuts take over, this silly women’s rag would be shut down. I bet this rag isn’t sold anywhere in a Muslim country.
It constantly amazes me, the left should be one of the biggest boosters of this war since the Muslim fanatics treat women horribly and are very anti free speech.
As for Mariah’s pic, can you say “major airbrushing”? What a loon! I loved her first few records until she started singing that hip hop junk. I still think she looks pretty hot even with the added heft.

The_Man on February 20, 2006 at 10:34 pm

If Debbie has a mental problem I hope it is really contagious and the stuck on stupid crew all catch it!. The mag is just typical of most all of the media, I stopped my sub to time for the same reason, there is vast censorship going on, the third reich would be evious to say the least, at least Stalin had to murder a few million to achieve his censorship, this comes for free (to the media, we will pay dearly soon). There is a war coming , to a town near us all, soon! I think Europe has little time left to go back, Im selling my home and buying property in north America, I will follow when the stepkids are old enough, this will get real ugly before it gets better.

english hostage on February 22, 2006 at 10:30 am

What would the WWII equivalent of this article have been? I’m picturing a glowing portrait of a German girl who was a member of the League of German Girls (female equivalent of the Hitler Youth) and is now working is an armament factory, making shells to kill American soldiers. Her dream is to join an antiaircraft battery so that she can kill American and British pilots in a more direct manner. She is, of course, a regular churchgoer, and enjoys outdoor sports with her friends, and avidly participates in charity drives.
Had something like this been published in 1944, the magazine would have instantly lost all of its advertisers and most of its subscribers. The editors would likely have found themselves in serious legal trouble, given FDR’s policies on similar matters. Fortunately for the people at Marie Claire, GWB is more liberal on civil liberties than FDR was, so they are unlikely to find themselves in prison like Tokyo Rose or in a mental institution like Ezra Pound.
I am beginning to fear that we actually may lose this way–not only the war in Iraq, but the larger war for civilization.

photoncourier.blogspot.com on February 22, 2006 at 12:52 pm

Last sentence of previous comment was supposed to include phrase ‘lose this war’ not ‘lose this way’…though that works, too.

photoncourier.blogspot.com on February 22, 2006 at 12:54 pm

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