June 2, 2005, - 9:23 pm

You’re so Vain; U Probably Think Watergate’s About U

By Debbie Schlussel
So Mark Felt and/or his family have: a) no loyalty to this country, b) are whores for money and want to milk it b/f the 91-year-old gets called in from G-d’s waiting room, or c) are just a bunch of delusional liberals who want to feel their father’s betrayal of a President and tearing down this country was somehow “heroic.” Getting revenge for not getting to run the FBI is hardly heroic. Besides empowering the domestic hate-America crowd for decades, from which we are still recovering, he created the profession of journo-terrorism. You know, guys like Woodward, Bernstein, Rather, Palestine Pete Jennings (Hanan Ashrawi’s lover), Christiane “The Bitch” Amanpour–who love to tear America down, no matter what it takes.
I give a lot of credit to Carly Simon. At least she has the class not to reveal who her song is about. “I wrote that song in the days when people kept confidences to themselves, whereas now, people expose them so easily and readily for the benefit of their next movie sale,” Simon told USA Today. Hmmm . . . Could she be referring to Tom Cruise? And by the way, Mark Felt, it’s not about you. But you’re so vain, you probably think . . . .

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