October 21, 2009, - 2:54 pm

Faux “Moderate” Muslim Zuhdi Jasser Attacks Flying Imams Pilot for “Bad Decision”

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve long been on to the phony “moderate” Muslim M. Zuhdi Jasser (who even disguises his first name, Mohammed).  As I’ve noted, Jasser–the star of “The Third Jihad”–talks out of both sides of his mouth and publicly praised and excused the extremist Minnesota imam who was recruiting Somali Minneapolis area teens to become homicide bombers and terrorists for Al-Qaeda’s Al Shabaab.  Then, when I called him on it, Jasser denied and obfuscated, even though his comments were on a broadcast radio show.  In an interview with Pamela Geller, he also exposed himself by slipping and calling Israel, “occupied territory.”  Since he’s not sincere, he slips up, and we’ve caught him in lies several times now.


Jasser & Flying Imams Both Say Pilot Made “Bad Decision”

Today, Jasser  exposed himself, yet again.  While this sweaty snake oil salesman previously denounced the Flying Imams lawsuit and went all over TV to do so and make a name for himself, he had a different tone upon learning, yesterday, of the settlement of the lawsuit, with a US Airways pay out to CAIRs whining imams who acted very suspiciously on a plane and frightened multiple passengers and flight crew.

“People are going to wonder: Am I going to be another captain who will end up costing my employer X dollars because I made a bad decision that was a bit quick,” Jasser said.

Ah, so now the pilot made a “bad decision” that “was a bit quick”? Ridiculous. These men were disobeying and deliberately blocking the flight crew, asking for seatbelt extenders they didn’t need (which could be used to block Federal Air Marshals or strangle or tie up passengers).  They put the seatbelt extenders on the floor of the cabin and didn’t use them.  They refused to sit in their assigned seats, instead sitting in pairs near exit areas.  They also fanned out in the cabins.  They all had one-way tickets and no baggage.  The Federal Air Marshal said their behavior was so suspicious it merited their removal from the plane.

This was no “bad decision” or one that “was a bit quick.”  If anything, it was slow.  And it was definitely the right action to remove these Islamic clowns from the plane.

Anyone with any decency or common sense knows these men did NOT belong on that plane and deserved to be removed. Anyone who describes it as Jasser now does is not a “moderate” Muslim.


Jasser’s lies and lack of sincerity remind me of another phony, Hanan Tudor, who goes by the porn name “Brigitte Gabriel” (unlike Jasser, she isn’t a radical or a Muslim, just a fraud, a complete ignoramus, and a liar).  Tudor/”Gabriel” also slips up, talking out of both sides of her mouth.

In speaking to a Black Detroit-area church, she gushingly praised Barack Obama and said how glad she is that he’s President.  On FOX News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” she praised Obama’s Muslim outreach (she repeated this on “Real Time” on HBO) and said he’s “doing a better job than Bush” did at it.  This was just after Obama pandered in several speeches and comments to Muslims in Turkey and called America a “Muslim nation.”  Then, Tudor/”Gabriel” sent a mass e-mail featuring an article someone ghostwrote for her (as they did her books), denouncing Obama on Islamic outreach.  (Yup, this woman isn’t just two-faced, she’s got several of them.)  But she’s a fraud, and, like Jasser, because she’s not a very good fraud, she slips up.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on her.  Stay tuned.

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Someone who really wanted to fight the Third Jihad would have demanded to know why the Imams were allowed on the plane in the first place and why the courts didn’t put the passengers’ safety first. Zuhdi Jasser would have done just that if he was truly a “moderate” Muslim. Siding with a CAIR is an obvious “tell.” The only question left is if people will catch on.

NormanF on October 21, 2009 at 3:29 pm

Well this was bound to happen, liberal judge bent over backward for these muzzy bastards, my Fed Brothers are completely shocked but not surprised by these craven traitors in our midst.

Drakken on October 21, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Another good get, Debbie. Thanks.

sk on October 21, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Too bad. really too bad, I acutally believed him but you can’t believe any of them. Should have known better.

Anna on September 13, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Woow,I actually have a book by B Gabriel of when I left my critical thinking behind,too bad I can t get my money back,a lot of things are making more sense now,thanks Debbie.

Juan on February 6, 2012 at 11:49 pm

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