June 3, 2005, - 2:23 am

Pro-Hezbollah Congressman Spends Your $ on Me

By Debbie Schlussel
Why is millionaire Republican Congressman Darrell Issa spending your tax money to do research and compile a “book” attacking me and defending his record of praising and helping various terrorist groups? Yup, your tax money is funding Issa’s staff to spend time, not to help secure the borders in his San Diego district, but to compile a silly set of small binders, in which Issa makes a failing effort to defend his record of praising Yasser Arafat, Hezbollah (which murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians), Syria (on State Dept. Terrorist list), etc. How many staffers and how much money of yours is he spending to compile and disseminate this silly “book,” which actually further proves my case? Who knows, but this is in preparation for his planned run for higher office in California. Somebody stop him. It’s yet another step in Issa’s career of lying–about criminal activity, his military record, and everything else. Let’s just hope he doesn’t cry profusely, this time.

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