March 10, 2006, - 11:57 am

Son of Neil, American Gigolo: Pierce Bush, Who’s Your (Sugar)Daddy?

Can someone please tell us why it’s news that the spoiled, snot-nosed nephew of the President–whose loser father makes all his millions in cash off the Dubaians–is mad that we Americans prevailed in cancelling the ?
As , his daddy, Neil Bush (whose savings and loan, Silverado, we taxpayers bailed out to the tune of millions), who has failed in every business imaginable is bought and paid for by the Dubaians, who pay him gazillions for dumb speeches and invest in his boondoggle “educational” software company.
So his son is upset that his daddy’s sugardaddy was harmed by us lousy Americans. Big deal. In general, when someone takes money to do something like this, it’s called prostitution. Time to call the Neil Bush wing of the family what they truly are.
By the way, what was that blogger Bryan Preston was saying about us and our reporting on Neil Bush’s huge Dubaian largesse? Time to eat some crow, Bryan.

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I dont know why people find it hard to see why neil bush is being the benificiary of the dubai govt. Its obv its the influence he is selling/pimping/whatever…
The same goes for ol clinton… nothing new here. Its the oldest way to influence opinions, influence those who matter.
Have a nice day Debbie,
Nice work as always

g on March 10, 2006 at 2:34 pm

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