June 7, 2005, - 10:36 am

Brad Pitt’s Ideas Subsidize Terror

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s just splendid that Brad Pitt has jumped on the Bono bandwagon, espousing more $ to Africa and releasing its countries from debt to U.S. taxpayers. But the fact is that the money goes straight to terrorists, in many cases, such as , which is on the State Department terrorist list. I used to say, “Rock stars, stay out of policy,” but now that Angelina Jolie’s new boyfriend, Pitt, has joined hands with Bono, the same applies to movie stars. Ditto for his girlfriend, Jolie, who espouses the same stuff and at anti-Semitic, anti-American hatefests. Don’t hold your breath for Diane Sawyer or Matt Lauer to ask Brad or Angelina any tough questions about it. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, PLEASE DON’T GO TO WASHINGTON! Stay tuned for more, in a column, later this week.

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