March 24, 2006, - 1:54 am

Spike Lee’s Bigotry @ a Theater Near You

Ronald Reagan feting David Duke in the Oval Office. Abraham Lincoln running around in Black face. Jews being governed by a government department for Semitic affairs.
Spike Lee’s obsessions with race and ethnicity never go away. Nor does his smug arrogance at the expense of those who are not members of his own race and ethnicity.
Today, Lee has two movies debuting in theaters, “Inside Man” and “CSA: The Confederate States of America.”
The first is an exciting action thriller . . . if you don’t mind that Whites and Jews are weak, idiotic, evil, and/or calculating, while the Black police detectives are the exact opposite of all these and save the day. Probably to quell criticism of his past films’ rampant anti-Semitism, there is even a Holocaust theme in “Inside Man.”
After all, you can’t be anti-Semitic or bigoted, if you glom on to the Holocaust, right?

But the hypocritical Lee doesn’t really abhor the Holocaust too much. When his “4 Little Girls” documentary–about White racists bombing a Black church in 1963–lost out to “The Long Way Home” for an Academy Award, Lee whined that it was a “Holocaust movie” (and also about the establishment of Israel) and accused the Academy of failing to give Blacks due recognition. We learned his true feelings about Jews when, in 1998, Lee complained to AP that Michael Jackson had to change blatantly anti-Semitic lyrics to a song and apologize to Jews. He “was crucified!” Lee snorted.
(In a weird coincidence, “Inside Man” co-stars the smarmy , who will star as Nazi filmmaker and propagandist –and has defended her as “libeled.”)
Then, there is “Confederate States of America,” which is labeled “Spike Lee Presents,” rather than his usual “A Spike Lee Joint,” accompanying “Inside Man.” This means Lee is an Executive Producer of the film, originally made in 2004 (perhaps to affect the 2004 elections by turning out more of the Black vote), but not released in theaters until now.
Nonetheless, Lee is very connected with this racist film, which plays like a PBS documentary, only even more boring. While our tax-funded Palestinian Broadcasting System probably would show something this absurd, Spike Lee tactics and machinations are written all over it. The movie is an outrage.
The movie takes place in present day, with a twist. The Confederacy, not the Union, won the Civil War . . . oops, I mean, “The War of Northern Aggression,” as it is now called in the Confederate States of America.
The country is the same, except Blacks–and Hispanics–are slaves. Jews are not full citizens either. The movie goes out of its way, on more than one occasion, to remind us that Judah P. Benjamin, a Jew, was a high-ranking Confederate official, and that it was because of him–his ability to gain European support for the Confederacy–that the Confederates won the war and now run America.
But here’s a reality check: Benjamin, the Confederacy’s Secretary of State (and Secretary of War and Attorney General), failed to get foreign support. And yes, he was a Jew (lest you forget it, that point is mentioned conspicuously–twice–in this film), as were many who fought the Confederacy as Union soldiers. Some of them are buried at the Battlefield at Antietam and other Civil War battlefields, where they gave their lives for the Union. That’s not mentioned in “Spike Lee Presents the Confederate States of America.” Neither is the fact that there were many Jews who were against slavery or at the forefront of the civil rights movement, with some giving their lives.

Got Bigotry?

No, mentioning that would get in the way of Spike Lee’s agenda. It’s an agenda with which we are all too familiar:
* 1990’s “Mo’ Better Blues,” in which Jews are evil, unsympathetic, racist stereotypes.
* 2002’s “Bamboozled”–Ditto.
* 1996’s “Get on the Bus”–Ditto, again. It celebrates Lee’s hero, racist loon Louis Farrakhan and his Million–or is that 300,000–Man March. A Jewish bus driver, who refuses to continue to drive because of Farrakhan’s blatant anti-Semitism, is the movie’s villain for doing so.
* And don’t forget “Malcolm X” (1992), which justifies the Black Islamic leader’s hatred of Whites and Jews.
About the only Lee film that isn’t “political” is his big 1999 dud, “Summer of Sam.” But even that is about Lee’s favorite kind of serial killer, a Jewish one.
Whites are frequent targets of Spike Lee, and this film is no exception. They are all racist wannabe slave owners and would own slaves, today, if allowed.
But the fact is that, even at the time of the Civil War, Southerners were readying to give up slavery. Even if not for the morally correct reasons, the South’s agricultural industries were changing, and it was no longer economically feasible to keep slaves. Author Rodney Stark, in his book, “For the Glory of God,” documents that religious Christians led the way in ending slavery, not something that would have changed regardless of which side won the Civil War.
It’s very unlikely that, even had the Confederacy won, there would be slavery in America, today. For that and the other obvious reasons, it’s outrageous that Ronald Reagan is pictured on the cover of USA . . . er, CSA Today, with a mustachioed, White supremacist, David Duke-esque character who is a leading candidate for President. In real life, Ronald Reagan made campaign commercials against David Duke when Duke ran for Congress in Louisiana.
Where is there slavery today? All over Africa and, even more significant, all over the Islamic world. The Arab Muslim government of Sudan enslaved its Black Christians, raped, tortured, and murdered them. Where is arrogant Spike Lee’s movie about that?
Then there is the defaming of Abraham Lincoln throughout the movie. Sorry, but it’s NOT funny seeing one of the country’s great Presidents in Black-face, chased around the country by Confederate soldiers, and forced to move to Canada in disgrace. Between accusations of being gay by authors and Lee’s attacks, hasn’t the long ago deceased Lincoln been dragged through the mud enough?
Aside from the utter stupidity and anti-entertainment of this movie, for some reason it idolizes Canada and JFK. In this Confederacy, John F. Kennedy supported ending slavery in his debate with President Nixon. Huh? Kennedy opposed the Civil Rights Act. Someone didn’t do his homework.
Then, there’s Canada, the moral high ground where Blacks, and even Abraham Lincoln, can live free. Boy, this really is a Spike Lee Joint, because someone’s been smoking too many of them.
Thankfully, we’re spared something in both “Inside Man” and “Confederate States of America” that used to be a Spike Lee staple: Spike Lee, himself. Previously, he starred, or at least made a cameo appearance, in his movies.
But no more cameos or starring roles in movies for Lee. Instead, he’s gunning for the Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Race-Card Player.
Do the Right Thing, Spike. Go to sensitivity training.
More by me on Spike Lee, here and .

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36 Responses

Love your columns! Sorry it can’t be forwarded since the headline is “” and turns off all Independents, Liberals and the like to make sure that all columns are soley to “preach to the choir”

alexjnx on March 23, 2006 at 10:32 pm

Sorry Debbie,
I can’t call Spike Lee a bigot without being called a racist bigot in return. And calling Jodie Foster a closet neo-Nazi? Yikes!
Sorry about that … I wanted to roll in the hypocricy of the Left for a moment to see how it feels … wow … no wonder they all need therapy.
Yep … Spike Lee is a BIGOT, a fiercely anti-semetic BIGOT, who specializes in making money by selling HATE to BIGOT anti-semitics. Look who facilitates him … golly, big surprise there, it’s Commie-wood!!! Anything for a buck, huh guys … and you pick on capitalists ??? whoa … shame on you naughty little money grubbing hypocrits … too much in-breeding from all that Hollywood nepotism, huh guys.
As to Jodie Foster … she really can’t be that bright if she’s been duped into a sympathetic empathy with a woman who really got her jollies off on swastikas and guys in black leather …
… I mean ‘ober-munchkin syndrome’ isn’t usual fare for Hollywood, unless they’re devotees of the whip and leather wear circles.

Athling on March 23, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Lee, Duke, Farrakhan and the like have made their livings by feeding the flames of bigotry and racial tension from all angles whenever they deemed the heat was easing off and people were starting to get along. How dare they!! Let me go make a rousing, hate filled movie or speech and agitate the “folk” up where I think they should be.
Mighty sick way to make a mighty good living.

g.preb on March 24, 2006 at 3:03 am

I bet he’s (Lee) a slow blinker.

Swamp Rabbit on March 24, 2006 at 9:11 am

A possible reason for Spike Lee’s Jew hatred may derive from the fact that his father’s (Bill Lee) second wife is Jewish. I have read that Spike was estranged from his father for that reason.
AS for the Civil War many in the North were quite prepared to live with slavery but wanted to preserve the Union. There were heros and villians on both sides.

Ripper on March 24, 2006 at 9:31 am

There are many books, especially out of England, that deal with the idea of the Confederacy winning the Civil War or some type of truce that kept the CSA intact. Itís an interesting hypothetical situation. I canít comment on this movie because I havenít seen it but it looks interesting. As for Spike Lee, I donít think heís a bigot. I think he likes to throw harsh images and stereotypes in peopleís faces. Much like Debbie does in her work. I did see Malcolm X and it didnít justify Malcolmís hatred of whites and Jews. Just the opposite occurred when Malcolmís post Hajj letters were being read by his wife. In them he states categorically how wrong he had been in his way of thinking specifically about whites. The end of the movie paints the Nation of Islam as bad guys involved in profiteering, sex scandals and murder. Spike Leeís acting? Well, itís not that good, but like many art school graduates, he worships the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Wells so he loves to put himself in his movies. Whites are frequent targets in Spikeís movies, but so are blacks. I donít think his intentions are to entertain as much as they are to make you think. The only odd thing is his infatuation with Italians, but you know what they say.

MikeR on March 24, 2006 at 10:16 am

Spike Lee is a Racist. I cannot understand how the Hollywood moguls continue to distribute his trash.
BTW-His movies are designed to inflame and encourage hatred based on race period.

ScottyDog on March 24, 2006 at 10:40 am

Spike, Spike , Spike if nothing else his movies are thought provoking. I’ve seen a few of them. In “Do the Right Thing” There is an Italian guy who keeps his Pizza place open despite the fact that the neighborhood has turned black. The Pizza guy likes the people and employs a lazy black teen (Spike) despite his poor work habits. Spike is off inpregnating his girlfriend instead of working. One day a few early 20’s patrons insist that the store put up pictures of MLK and Malcom X. Feeling bullied, the pizza guy refuses having already decorated the wall with pictures of Sinatra. Tensions escalate. A patron refuses to turn down his boom box. Pizza guy smashes it. The natives (including Spikes character)riot and burn down the store.
Now what the hell is the message behind that movie? It seemed to me that blacks burned the store despite the pizza guy’s love of the neighborhood because he was white and that blacks can’t control themselves, are lazy and biased.
I’ll bet blacks who saw the movie, saw pent up righteous black rage being vented at the pizza guy because he was not sensitive enough or guilty of some other perceived slight.
Spike is all over the map and has presented negative black stereotypes in his films too. I haven’t seen a consistent anti Jewish message in his movies.
Jews are also targets because they are high achievers, generally smarter, wealthier and a bit elitist IMO. Blacks are the polar opposite. Envy and anger is the easy response whereas hard work and personal responsibility is the difficult answer and the reponse that many Asians practice. That is why they are generally successful and most black Americans remain mired in poverty, insisting that racism is responsible for all or most of their problems.
I kind of liked the movie “Crash” The message I got was that every group is biased and generally fits the stereotype to some extent. I think that’s harsh but accurate.

Samoyed on March 24, 2006 at 12:38 pm

The only thoughts Spike Lee’s provoke in me is to stay away.
Puhleeeeze, this guy is an untalented hack. Just because he has a career doesn’t mean he’s good at it. He’s always capitalized on white liberal guilt to carve out a career. He can’t make anything but poorly made racial films for shock value and to give white folks a chance to feel superior.
If you’ve seen one Spike Lee film you’ve seen them all. Same plot, same stereotypes.

Jeff_W on March 24, 2006 at 1:08 pm

Hi Deb,
Great article..I linked to it on my site.
Funny thing is, there were only 1300 Jews in the entire Confederacy during the Civil war, only about a third of them owned property at all and the only one in government, as you mention, was Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of the Treasury. (I have a CSA bill with his signature on it).
Yet, the Jews had all this POWER to run the slave trade and influence the South, according to Lee!
Lee IS a talented film maker and I’ll give him that. He is also a racist and a bigot, and that’s also obvious to anyone who knows anything about him.
Proof indeed that artistic ability in and of itself does not make someone a decent human being.

Freedom Fighter on March 24, 2006 at 1:50 pm

Funny…i always though of you as the Leni Riefenstahl of internet columnists and THIS your own *triumph of the will*
Since i KNOW you listen to Stern, then i’m SURE you’re aware that WE don’t watch Spike Lee movies…so y’all white folk can fight it out amonst yourselves…LOL

EminemsRevenge on March 24, 2006 at 2:03 pm

EminemsRevenge …. LOLOLOLOL … too true.
I don’t watch the guy … I watch the flak that falls out in the aftermath. That’s why I know that he’s in it for two reasons: (1) He’s a BIGOT, and (2) BIGOTRY makes big money for minorities playing the GUILT card in Lib circles.
I’m not a Lib … I don’t do guilt.
As to ‘Triumph of Will’ … yeah, I like being a Marine. People who try to contest that always live just long enough to regret it.
Like the Good Book says, “Don’t judge them by what they say, know them for what they do.”
As to all the hugs and kisses for Malcolm X above … get real, his plans for the White Man were typical of Islamic Jihad … convert or be enslaved. He gave up racism and could accept a White Muslim. But, for those who don’t bow down … death. It’s written in the Quoran.
As to bowing down to Islam … I’ll quote my Crusader ancestor, “What’s wrong with killing Infidels?”
Jews, by the way, are NOT infidels … our argument is about ‘WHO’ Messiah is. Muslims are most definitely infidels … they have called God a liar when it comes to the eternal nature of the literal nation of Israel.
And please don’r give me that rhetoric of a ‘spiritual Israel’ only. Are the prophecies in spirit only without empiricial evidence as proof?
For those slack jawed sunday school drop outs, the Sacred Scriptures are written on three separate but wholly interactive levels of comprehension:
1)Empirical, (2) Allegorical, and (3) Mystical.
When, and only when all three combine do we see the hand and will of GOd revealed.
This age ends with a LITERAL restoration of ISRAEL and TEMPLE, and a return to LAW. But not before the guys with guts do battle with EVIL at Meggido …. I mean, who do ya think was fighting?

Athling on March 25, 2006 at 2:23 am

Spike Lee is definitely a professional demagogue, and an overrated one at that. Thankfully, he is a passing fad. The market for people like him has declined, and he is no longer a leading name in it anyway. I would actually agree with MikeR about “Malcolm X.” I actually saw that one again recently (don’t ask how or why) and it was unusually tempered and fair for a Spike Lee “joint” although I still have a lot of problems with it. That one, though, was the exception and not the rule.
(And while Eminem’s Revenge is as obnoxious and mean-spirited as ever, I still think he’s onto something when he says Spike Lee means more to us Whities than he does to his supposed constituency)

KnightoftheImpaler on March 25, 2006 at 2:33 am

“The first is an exciting action thriller . . . if you don’t mind that Whites and Jews are weak, idiotic, evil, and/or calculating, while the Black police detectives are the exact opposite of all these and save the day.”
Thank god for Debbie. I saw Inside Man tonight and after I exited the theater, I never considered its racial scorecard. I merely saw a diverse bunch of New Yorkers as characters in the film. So thank you Debbie, for setting me straight. Little white boys and girls need more role models and they won’t find it in this film, as they would in most bank heist flicks (like Dog Day Afternoon, for example).
But I think the projectionist screwed around with my print. In the version I saw, Denzel’s character was quite impotent when it came to quelling the crisis and his only real achievement in the film was in service to himself through blackmail. He sold out for a promotion. I wish I had seen your version where he saved the day.

brickabrat on March 25, 2006 at 2:34 am

Athling brings up a point that I have been wanting to state as well. Who do you think we are fighting? The attack is against God, Jesus and Israel. We are here to support Israel and act on God’s Word. The jihadis are the tool of satan. Plain and simple! Don’t believe it? Then you are not a Christian! Read the back of the book! We Win! God is our leader and our strength against the evil one satan.
People should not give so much credit to the work of evil. Evil was placed on Jesus when he was condemned to death by Pilot. Pilot told Jesus, paraphrased…”Do you not know that I have the power to spare your life or sentence you to death?” Jesus told him ” You have no power but only that which was given to you by my Father in Heaven”. IT IS GOD’S PLAN! READ THE END OF THE STORY. HE WINS ON HIS TERMS BUT THESE THINGS MUST TAKE PLACE BEFORE THE END COMES!
Our position is to save as many souls as possible and spread God’s word and Love to all. Those who accept will be on board. Those who don’t, will fall into the same pit as muhammed. Even the well to do suburbanite who is doing nothing for the world but gaining comfort and wealth, if he does not accept Jesus, he will be in the same playground of fire as ben laden and all terrorists. Sound frightening? Then get Jesus and start helping God with His plan.

Deep Throat on March 25, 2006 at 1:09 pm

I’ve always wondered about those who are so cowardly in their faith that they are depending on the ‘Rapture’ to get them out of this unscathed.
To have strength and not defend the weak and helpless … that’s cowardice.
To have strength and then tolerate the liars, thieves, and murderes … that’s cowardice.
To have strength and not crush tyranny … that’s cowardice.
To have strength and not stand with your friend in a time of need … that’s worse than cowardice.
If your faith has no strength … you have no faith.

Athling on March 26, 2006 at 2:31 am

Do you mean that if I don’t worship God the way you say I should, I will suffer the same fate as a mass murderer like Bin Laden? I was kind of hoping for “time off for good behavior”. But think what a drag it is for all those billions of Hindus and Buddhists. Well, at least we won’t have to share heaven with the poor deluded fools.

MikeR on March 27, 2006 at 9:41 am

“And don’t forget “Malcolm X” (1992), which justifies the Black Islamic leader’s hatred of Whites and Jews.”
This production followed very close to the autobiography of Malcolm X as facilitated by Alex Haley. Both depict the conclusion of Malcolm X, after his break with the Nation of Islam, that all people are equal under God.
Anyone who knows about the life of Malcolm X will conclude, from the quoted statement, that your site is being dishonest, and then the discussion ends.

braamer on March 27, 2006 at 4:25 pm

Please don’t get me wrong on the pacifism issue. I do believe that some people are ‘called’ to it, and tested through it. I just don’t believe such people are charged with being married and raising kids.
It takes two committed Adults to ‘raise and protect’ kids properly in a society where civility and civic pride is no longer taught in public schools … thanks to the socialist teachers union … and your kids are at risk of being sodomized by good loyal Democrats.
I don’t think everyone should take up the sword and start wacking on Muslims … I just don’t think that ‘mindless pacifists’ should be controling foreign policy or Homeland Security.
The military will protect every peace loving loyal American of the Muslim faith … why not? They’re the good guys … how can we abondon them if we protect all of those god hating atheists and socialist pervs?
Live by the sword … die by the sword.
I’d rather die by the sword defending this country than sell it out to cowards and traitors.
I’d rather die by the sword standing with Israel than selling out to cowards and traitors.
But remember this … Islam preaches the sword … it is they who have signed up to live by the sword and die by the sword. And I, one among many, am only to happy to help them die.
Why not? It’s what they want.

Athling on March 27, 2006 at 10:23 pm

braamer …
Are you illiterate?
I don’t care what the PR on Malcolm X says … in a Muslim world there is NO equality except among Muslims, and not even there. The Sunni and Shia have been killing one another over a succession right … based on the line of Mohammed. Even the Moors are ruled by Arabs from that lineage, and they persicute the Berbers at every opportunity … and, yes, the Berbers were the rightful owners of the land before they were invaded and driven off.
The Quoran states that Christians and Jews are NOT to be treated as equals … Dhimmi is the status of the conquered peoples who do not convert. Dhimmi is a word that DOES NOT mean equal.
Pagans are to be slain. Atheists are to be slain.
How can anyone who knows Islam state that a Muslim, any Muslim, including Malcolm X, teaches unconditional equality? He taught equality among Muslims of all colors … end of story.
But accept to rest of us as equal? Yeah, sure … nice try … maybe you missed the fact that Islam is at war with Christians and Jews of all colors.
How can you even say something that stupid on a site like this???
What were you thinking???

Athling on March 27, 2006 at 10:41 pm

Braamer was not being illiterate. He was being just the opposite. The quote from Debbieís article says, ì* And don’t forget “Malcolm X” (1992), which justifies the Black Islamic leader’s hatred of Whites and Jews. ì That statement is patently incorrect. Whether the statement was made in error or for its inflammatory affect is debatable; but that has no baring on braamerís post. In a similar way, Athlingís statements about the general attitudes of Islam, however accurate, were not raised in braamerís post or Debbieís for that matter.

MikeR on March 28, 2006 at 10:14 am

Good point MikeR … If it was correct.
My objection is relevant in that misdirection and disinformation are the key elements of hate propaganda.
Anyone who tries to play the apologist for Malcolm X, no matter how obliquely, is feeding the beast … justifying it … and I have no respect for anyone who resorts to revisionist BS, especially Haley.
Malcolm X was a blatant racist before Mecca called. Afterward, he conceded that White Muslims are legit. But that’s the extent of it … not one inch further … the line in the sand was drawn … inch allah (pun intended) … and from that moment on his war was againt Israel and Christandom … against ME and mine.
Or did you not get the wording “equal under god” … for Muslims only Muslims are ‘equal’ under god. Non Muslim males are not even accounted as Men … or didn’t you know that?
Nice try though MikeR …
Black America wastes very little time playing the guilt card until it’s useful … or amusing.
Hollywood will play any card that garners big bucks … and then lecture the rest of us on ethics and morality.
And, if I’m not mistaken, that ‘IS’ what this article is about.

Athling on March 28, 2006 at 8:58 pm

Great comments, folks.
As for me, I have not seen any of Spike’s flicks. I remember that the moron said that black athletes were not getting paid as much as white athletes immediately after Ken Griffey, Jr. or Barry Bonds (cannot remember which) had just signed a contract to be the highest paid player in the Major Leagues. Spike is a total imbecile…and that’s being nice. It is completely believable that he is a racist. I hope that somebody publicly humiliates him over his racist views.
I really enjoyed the discussion on religion above. For the record, I have not studied Islam. All I needed to know about Islam I learned on September 11, 2001. (Okay, it’s cliche.) I do have a Master of Divinity….earned.
MikeR, I don’t know you so I don’t know if you are expressing your views or if you are being facetious. Seriously, it’s now HOW you worship, but WHOM you worship that matters. Buddhists and Hindus, like Muslims, do not worship the G-d of Israel. The G-d of Israel is the only True and Living G-d. Jesus is the Messiah, declared to be the Son of G-d in Tenach, the Jewish Bible (in Psalm 2). Jesus will return in the end of time in order to save His people, the Jews, from total destruction by the rest of the nations of the world. Until then, we Christians must share the Gospel with others, most of whom will reject it. Not our problem. Nevertheless, many will hate us because we dare to tell them. Too bad. We don’t kill them, we don’t have the power to condemn them, or anything else. They will hate us anyway. So, MikeR, if you were trying to defend the ignorance of or their freedom to be different, you failed. They have the freedom to differ from us, but we do not have to, in fact, we cannot change our faith in order to be politically correct. G-d will condemn them in the end because they reject Him. We try to tell them so that they can repent of their sins and be saved. Warning them is concern; accepting their sins is condemning them to Hell.

Loser on March 28, 2006 at 10:29 pm

Loser … correct me if I’m wrong:
“Hate the sin but not the man (person).”
“Judge them not by what they say, but by what they do.”
I most certainly can judge every human being’s ‘actions’ and hold them accountable. And, yes, we can condemn their actions. We can do this in criminal courts, civil courts, and in our daily behavior.
What I cannot do is judge that person’s heart … I am not allowed to ever give up on that person’s heart … God would hate me beyond measure if I ever gave up on any person’s heart.
I can battle their arguments … things of the mind … I can fight them on the battlefields … flesh battling flesh … but I cannot ever make war upon their hearts.
The heart is mightier than the flesh and the mind.
The heart holds secrets beyond body and mind.
God judges the heart and not the mind.
For what we love is who we are.

Athling on March 29, 2006 at 12:21 am

You are just as bigoted as Mr. Lee. “sodomized by good loyal Democrats”? I’m sorry that you feel that way. No wait- I’m not! “God hating athiests”? That doesn’t make sense. They don’t hate God, they just don’t believe He exists. It’s not our business if they don’t; we can’t force belief on them. And as for “socialists pervs”… well, let me let you in on something. It’s called Democratic Socialism. It’s like capitalism, except it’s more oriented toward HUMAN RIGHTS and PREVENTING POVERTY, something I’m sure Jesus would have loved. Which, you apparently being of the Christian religion, would support. And back to the point of “sodomized by democrats”. I don’t like the democratic party very much (Louis Farrakhan in particular- he hates me, as I am Jewish and proud of it), and I equally abhor the Republicans (Bush is a total puppet and Dick Cheney is satan incarnated). I felt I should say that so you don’t think I am biased for the Democratic party. My point is, using a sexual orientation/act reference is crude, lewd and grossly inappropriate. Also… it that sort of comment shows what is wrong about some members of the Far Rightists a/k/a “I HEART PAT ROBERTSON”-ers. Like you. Athling, YOU need to understand something. This nation was founded on the idea that we could have religious freedoms and tolerances. That includes freedom OF RELIGION. Just saying.
Finally, you are totally uneducated on moderate, normal Islam. You seem to think everyone is an extremist! You couldn’t be more wrong! What you need to understand is that the concept of killing non-Muslims is much more complicated then you make it out to be. They are from the controversial “Sword Verses” of the Qu’ran (that’s how you write it, by the way), which don’t really outright say that. Maybe you should read them, you might be less of a bigot after words.
Got anything else to say? And by the way- I’M A DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST!!!!!!!!
-ETD (End The Dogma)

End Dogma on March 29, 2006 at 10:22 pm

I love you guys.

Trooper on March 30, 2006 at 7:17 pm

End Dogma,
Pick a direction please.
You don’t believe in God … fine. I really don’t have a problem with atheists … I used to be one. My solution for anyone is ‘persuasion’ in matters of faith. But in th epublic and political forum … I don’t need to take this socialist crap.
As to sodomy … it’s you socialists who seem to champion this as a social norm. It’s part of your militant political platform. I can only wonder why. But, again, what you do in your own privacy is your business.
What I don’t like is the ‘hate speech’ angle whan anyone disagrees with you on this. There are numerous attempts to vote that ‘hate speech’ law into my own state … continuous. And for what? Having my own opinion? When I can’t voice my own opinion, then this is NOT a democracy.
If DEMOCRACY is too tough for you … if FREE speech frightens you … then move to some socialist cess pit where everyone has surrendered their adult status and rights.
As to poverty issues … It was LBJ who raped the SSN fund to pay for creating those Welfare Ghettos. America went from Ozzie and Harriet to Gangsta Rap in one generation because those welfare ghettos destroyed the FAMILY … and the FAMILY is something Jesus was FOR by the way … not against … and Jesus was NOT for sodomy … so quit trying to insinuate that you have any degree of knowledge about Jesus … When did the Temple approve sodomy???
Socialist Democracy??? Which one? Russia, China, Korea, Cuba, Viet Nam … yeah, I can see how they are so capitalistic … the guys on top have all of those slaves working for them … I believe that’s called the ‘Dictatorship of the Prolitariat’.
You don’t believe in Heaven or Hell … but you really believe you can trust a dictator to get you to Utopia?
Wow … can anyone be that gullible? Gosh, sign me up for socialist slavery right now Boss 🙂
As to undsrstanding who founded this nation … golly, my family did. We’ve been here for three and one half centuries. We brought in Prots, Catholics, Jews … and even made available the land that went for Synagogues … and insisted on total equality for the Jews.
Do you know how that happened??? We went to the Jews in the Caribbean and asked them to ‘please’ join our economic enterprise.
During the American Revoluion gunpowder was a serious problem … until our Jewish citizens used their Carribean connections … something that had to stay very quiet to prevent Jewish persecution back in England.
This history got swept away by the marxists who call themselves Jews when they arrived after Stalin kicked them out of Russia.
I’m not a Pat Robinson fan. I’m a fed up Catholic who’s had it with what socialist impersonators have tried to do to my church … to all churches that are Nicene Orthodox … and to Judaism.
You say you’re not for the Dems … why? They’re not radical enough for you?
Christopher Hitchens feels the same way. But Mr. Hitchens is coherent.
The problem here is not MY tolerance.
I’ve always had a live and let live attitude until people like you tried to slip in censorship playing the ‘reasonable’ card.
YOU are not the majority … even when a Dem gets elected, most of that base is MODERATE and PO’d to see their party held captive by a radical fringe that is toooooo well financed by foreign money.
As to Republican politicians .. when they irk me, I take it out on them.
So what do I need to realize??? Nothing you can tell me. You’re beyond detox.

Athling on March 31, 2006 at 5:02 am

Alright. I’m not angry about this- it’s a common confusion. Democratic socialism is just that- democratic. Israel, Spain and Denmark are all forms of it. (note: I don’t support some of Spain’s actions, but they are socialist.) It just means that the government is more involved in the economy. I understand the confusion… we’re not communists. We’re not really marxists either. And again- we’re democratic. And the socialism of Democratic socialism is actually pretty light. If you want, I can send you info. Whatever. Just saying. I don’t want that confusion. Also, I didn’t say anything about hate speech. Don’t know where you got that, honestly. I’m for free speech- full heartedly. And uh… no, I don’t believe in hell. It’s true. That’s because I’m Jewish. And proud. Jew’s don’t believe in a Christian-type hell, only different levels of quality of afterlife. If you want more info/clarification on that, I can give that to you, if you would like. I think you accused me of being Athiest- I’m actually a practicing Jew. I do have knowledge of Jesus; I took a course on World Religion. And I’m not for Dems or Republicans- I like people and dislike people in both. John McCain is a great guy; so is Joe Lieberman. Note their both moderates. I have no issues with moderacy. I just have my opinions. Also, as a DEMOCRATIC socialist, I haven’t tried to attack your church. I’m actually quite fond of how the Catholic church has evolved in the past century. I would be delighted if other sects and religions followed suit. Honestly, not quite sure where you’re going with this… and you’re really a bit uninformed. And “Ozzie and Harriet to Gangsta rap”. Yeah, I know. I understand. It’s not good. But at the same time… “Ozzie and Harriet” to “Desperate Housewives”. It’s true. Society always gets more and more liberal in that sense (not politically, I mean in what’s acceptable and practiced). It’s not necessarily the end of the world.
Ii’m still irritated that you ignored everything I said- I called myself a DEMOCRATIC socialist, and you accused me of being a Communist (I’m very against Communism, by the way) by implying I wanted a dictator… you sorta made it sound like I wanted a “1984” (if you haven’t read it, do. It’s a wonderful book) scenario to occur. If you had read what I said about HUMAN RIGHTS being a key part of DEMOCRATIC socialism, you would have known that was not true. I’m sorry if I didn’t make my political stance clear enough in it’s doctrine and ideas. And, I’m not militant, as you accused me of being. I’m actually really offended by that allegation.
Again, I would like to point out I am Jewish, and you accused me of being Athiest. You completely ignored that I wrote that I was “jewish- and proud of it”. Please, pay great attention to this response.
And that detox comment? If that’s an accusation of me supporting legalized narcotics, I’m offended. I hate drugs.

End Dogma on March 31, 2006 at 11:15 pm

end dogma,
You’re offended at Me because YOU didn’t clarify your ideology?
I’ll let that pass. The remark stands on its own merit.
As to my church ‘evolving’ over the past few centuries … that’s socialist code talk for attacking my DOGMA through sophistry, and supporting the heretics, infidels, and apostates, among us.
I assure you, all Nicene Orthodox denominations remain very stubborn on the core issues even to this day … thus deliberately chosing the term ‘evolving’ was premeditated on your part.
That’s right up there with saying that Judaism had to evolve above and beyond what God intrusted to the Sons of Abram (Abraham) as ‘sacred truth’ passed down from Seth to Enoch to Noah (Noach) to Shem to Abram.
If you do not regard it as actually sacred, then I cannot imagine that there is an actual religion involved anywhere in your actual thinking process.
What you learned in World Religion classes was what? Comparative religion? It’s helpful, but to get a real understanding of the deeper issues, you actually have to sign up for a few years of deeper understanding.
What passes for Christianity among most of the liberal bubble brains has no depth in scripture. It’s ‘feel good fuzzy’ theology in a bubble gum wrapper for the spiritually dysfunctional crowd who view religion as a social engineering forum.
Most of the same people support baby sacrifice (convenient abortion on demand with MY tax dollars) … a pagan practice the God of Abrahm does NOT endorse.
Democratic socialism is … let me guess … totally unproven anywhere in reality, yet lives on in the drug hallucinations of socialist Academia.
You call Holland a success??? That tells me exactly where our head is stuffed.
Stalin had people like that shot, or chased out of Russia to infest other nations with that nonsense. Stalin was a monster, but it was people like that who caused the famine by forcing farmers to give up wisdom and knowledge for untested ‘theory’, and it was after the fact that Stalin became an absolute dictator.
So this is the same old utopian tap dance, just different music.
I say this because you ‘rationalize’ every step into social degeneration and chaos as an, oh well, desperate housewives logic.
Me .. I call it for what it is.
But, yes, savage capitalism is right up there with savage socialism.
My Pontiff’s words shook up the Left … that’s why you distance yourself from those ‘other’ socialists 🙂
You’re the good guy .. the reasonable guy … right?
Language has structure.
Review what you said, and how you approched it. I gave you the ‘hot button’ words that could only evoke one response pattern from a person with a specific set of beliefs.
You either already know this, and chose the deliberately confrontational path, or you actually do not understand this.
I’m awaiting your response.
And remember … the moment you used the term ‘evolving’, you threw the gauntlet down.
Language has structure. My structure is confrontational … backed by all sorts of interesting facts.

Athling on April 1, 2006 at 6:33 pm

You call Holland a success??? That tells me exactly where our head is stuffed.
should have been ‘our collective social’ head is stuffed.
The fact that we have to treat Holland like a rational nation for ‘political purposes’, viz NATO and the EU, shows how far gone our own political process really is.

Athling on April 1, 2006 at 6:41 pm

I wasn’t offended about the confusion over the meaning of democratic socialism. I was offended by your accusations of me being a “militant” and insinuating that I was in fact, a supporter of the usage narcotics, hallucinogenics and other drugs. Which you insinuated of me again, claiming my political beliefs to be the result of the influence of drugs. Which it isn’t. Finally, I was offended by your suggesting I supported Maoism/Stalinism and Dictator-run Communism. I don’t. I am absolutely appalled by Communism. Moving on.
Look. All of Scandinavia is some form of Democratic Socialism. Iceland is. Iceland is a very nice place. Denmark is too. Low crime rates and high employment rates characterize Scandinavia- and if that isn’t an example of SUCCESS, I don’t honestly know what is. You accuse my political beliefs to be unproven and tried; which they are not, as I have just shown you. But even if they were- jeeze… Democracy was all but unproven during the American Revolution. So the argument that it’s unproven isn’t just wrong; it’s invalid. I could be wrong about this; but it appears to me that you think I used the word “evolve” to offend you/ your Creationist beliefs. I wasn’t. It was just a word. I in no way want to offend you. Really. Also, I was confused when you said “My Pontiff’s words shook up the Left … that’s why you distance yourself from those ‘other’ socialists :)”. Not really understanding it. Finally, the progression of the Catholic Church I was referring (and respect so much) to is the Vatican II council and Pope John Paul II (easily one of the greatest men of the past century).
I agree, Stalin was a monster. He was a monstrosity among monsters, for that matter. He was a psychotic, murderous dictator who lied, butchered and deceived his way to the top. Please understand that he did not care about political doctrine; he was only manipulating Communism (WHICH I ABHOR) for his own gain (my opinion).
Finally, please do not mock my understanding of religion. You act like I don’t know what the Council of Nicea is. And again, please understand I DID NOT use the word “evolving” to provoke a reaction from you; I am not looking for a religious debate.
Finally, DO NOT BELITTLE MY PEOPLE BY SAYING THINGS LIKE “WHEN DID THE TEMPLE APPROVE SODOMY?” I am Jewish, and I find it offensive you would use my religious beliefs to act as a toold for your own agenda.

End Dogma on April 1, 2006 at 8:19 pm

Nice try end dogma,
You took a course in World religions and then have the nerve to say I’m a bigot against ALL Jews beacause I disagree with you?
Do not belittle your people? … you hypocrit … hiding behind YOUR PEOPLE???
My JESUS was a TEMPLE JEW you idiot. ALL of the first Christians were JEWS. My religious heritage is JEWISH … not Muslim, not Hindu, not Buddhist.
Trying the bigotry trick is a typical Marxist tactic … divide and conquer public opinion … playing the wounded duck.
And calling my opinion about sexuality crude … that tells me your orientation right there.
You’ve called me a Fascist from the first … why?
Simple … you are a marxist with a strong support of abberent sexuality claiming to be a religious Jew …
Religious Jew could mean anything … even Muslim.
The term you avoided was OBSERVANT JEW.
An OBSERVANT Jew would condemn homosexuality as an abomination.
Or is it my imagination that NAMBLA thrives in those socialist utopias that you are so fond of visiting?

Athling on April 6, 2006 at 4:17 am

End Dogma …
Why did I go off like this?
After you had the ‘nerve’ to start this conversation with how pleased you are that Christianity is ‘evolving’ to your socialist satisfaction Ö did you, or did you not just go TRIBAL on me ???
Your words: “MY PEOPLE” … whoooowheeee … You went TRIBAL !!!!!
Huh? Huh? Huh? … come on, come on, spit it out … ya did, didn’t ya?
Oh my God … a snotty anti-Christian Socialist played the ëpersecuted Jewí right in front of God and everybody !!!!
So much for your intellectual ‘evolution’. So you aren’t so very far from your ‘unevolved’ tribal roots after all, are you? Well guess what Ö Tribalism is Fascism Ö. Oh you naughty fascist.
NOW you know how “MY PEOPLE” feel when some smarmy mouthed, armchair, bourgeoisie socialist starts pretending to a ‘higher’ intellectual order and calling us all Red State Fascists. Guess how many Jews are Red Staters???? Just lots, thank you.
You donít like being accused and labeled, do you?
Maybe you damned Libs might want to think about that before you start the trash talk on Moderates and Conservatives, or calling us Fascist if we wonít change to suite you. And, after treated my religion so casually, and contemptuously, I got to watch you go ballistic when it was your turn Ö LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
I scratched the surface, and we all got to see what was really under there.
Bottom line, you are no different, certainly no better than the rest of us Ö so come down off that socialist apple-crate.
The reason Conservatives wonít talk to Libs is because every word out of your mouths is revisionist propaganda. You just canít help it. Itís a terminal puberty thing. Verbal Grafiti in lieu of adult conversation following the established adult norms for civility.
No civil adult would start out antagonizing an entire system of faith by suggesting that we need to evolve to your specifications Ö that was incredibly arrogant.
Do you even listen to yourself talk? Thatís cultural chauvinism, socialist style Ö hypocrisy in action.
How would you like for me to casually walk into your synagogue and inform everyone, including your parents, that they might be evolving at an acceptable pace Ö sort of.
I couldnít do that. Iíve got too much respect for Judaism to even think about saying something like that in a synagogue, much less publicly.
You are a bigot Ö the real thing.

Athling on April 7, 2006 at 9:33 pm

Honestly, I’m not sure where you are going with this. And quite frankly, I was trying to show that I respect the Catholic Church and hold it in esteem. The idea that I’m happy it’s conforming to “my socialist standards” is just silly. I really just respect it. That’s all. And you are accusing me with generalizations. I don’t really appreciate that. Also, that NAMBLA line was… certainly innappropriate. You accuse me of losing control of my speech- au contraire. You accuse me of being immature and unreasonable- I feel you are. Also, you managed to only selectively read. I said specifically I was not a marxist, then you accused me of being one. I don’t understand that. In addition, you contradict yourself. Just read what you said- you’ll certainly find it. This seems to be more of you taking your anti-left aggression out on one convenient target (who, apparently, has been stupid enough to walk into a more conservative zone). And you accuse me of being unwilling to deal with conservatives and moderates; again, blatant ignorance of what I have said. I’m not going to talk to you if you’re just going to ignore me, it’s not worth my time.
Again- I have no inherent issues with moderates or conservatives. Quite frankly, I admire moderates for their independence. I almost worship the ground that President McCain, I’m sorry, Senator McCain (wishful thinking) walks on.
And again, you accuse me of being uncivil and immature. You are writing “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL” after making the accusation that I went “ballistic” (which I didn’t- I am being quite calm). If that is mature… I don’t want to be mature. That is blatant hypocrisy. See? I didn’t need to end that sentence with either a) A reference to sexuality and/or NAMBLA or b)”LOLOLOLOLOL”.
I don’t mind people who disagree with me, as long as they are civil, mature and informed.
You are not civil, mature or informed.
At all.
Actually, don’t even post a reply. I’m done. I’ve been reasonable; you’ve been ridiculous.
And by the way- revisionism is what spawned America. Don’t trash it.
-End the Dogma, over and out.

End Dogma on April 8, 2006 at 10:53 pm

It doesn’t really matter if slavery was going to be abolished even if the Civil War had not taken place African Americans were still seen as second class citizens far after that and in some places today here in America. I believe that race will always be a world issue simply because it is hard to form an un-biased opinion on racial issues. I don’t condone Lee’s anti-semetic actions but it is what it is. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

glJ on May 22, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Uhm, the screenplay for this movie was written by a New York Jew, Russell Gewirtz. There were references to the Mossad, the Mossad’s handling of the Munich Olympics hostage siege, the rabbi was one of the bank robbers (in fact, were all the robbers Jews?), Clive Owen’s character was named after Gewirtz, and the thrust of the story was that this was about revenge for collaborating with the Nazis during the Holocaust. The goose chase where they have the cops thinking they were from eastern Europe was probably another reference to Israelis, most of whom are from there of course.

So, how exactly was this move ANTI-Semitic? To me, Inside Man played like one big ‘shout-out’ to the Sayanim.

Niall on November 4, 2012 at 6:14 pm

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