November 3, 2009, - 12:15 pm

The Honor Killing Is Complete: Why Are We Importing More of This to US Shores?

By Debbie Schlussel

A couple of weeks ago, I noted the Phoenix-area attempted honor-killing of Noor Faleh Almaleki by her father, Faleh Hassan Almaleki, because she had become “too Westernized.”  The elder Almaleki hit and ran over his daughter with his car because she refused to enter an arranged marraige with a selected Muslim man, instead preferring another Muslim man of her choice, with whom she was living.  The family was comprised of Iraqi immigrants who became U.S. citizens.


So, What Else is New?: Yet another Islamic Honor Killer on U.S. Soil

Well, now, sadly, the honor-killing is complete.  Ms. Almaleki died yesterday at the age of 20.  Surprising kudos to ABC News for making the connection between this and the plight of Fathima Rifqa Bary, the 17-year-old Sri Lankan runaway from Ohio, who fears the same fate form her Muslim parents after she converted to Christianity.

Mr. Almaleki made it all the way to Mexico City and London, England, where fortunately the UK turned him back to Atlanta, in his attempt to escape.  But this whole situation should be yet the latest handwriting on the wall for America, which sadly continues to ignore it.

As I noted previously , we can expect more and more of this, as long as we continue to allow Islamic immigrants into our country and allow them to trample the system with their Third Wold beliefs and value systems instead of absorbing into American culture.

And, as I’ve repeatedly asked, to those of you who think Bush’s Iraq War was such a great thing:  if things are so great there, why are we accepting onto our shores loads and loads of Iraqi immigrants, like the Almalekis?  If things are so great there, why can’t they stay in their own country and partake in the gazillions of American tax money that continue to pour into Iraq for sundry purposes, like starting businesses, encouraging Sunni-Shi’ite mixed marriages, etc.?

And why do we continue to import them and their problems to American soil?

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17 Responses

I actually think dad was tired of supporting his child and is using this phony excuse to justify the killing. These muzzies are shrewd and conniving. They don’t think as we do. I NEVER believe anything they say because they always have a hidden agenda and pin it on this phony religion of theirs that is actually fascism.

goldenmike4393 on November 3, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    No, that poor woman was not even living with that guy anymore, but with her boyfriend’s family. Also,her being 20, he no longer had any legal obligation to support her. Finally, if only Islam were a phony religion, the world would be much safer.

    Worry01 on November 3, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Under the new hate crime legislation, is this a hate crime?

Jarhead on November 3, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Its just sad people are murdered for choosing to live in a way their parents object to. Debbie’s right we’re importing their problems here. If we’re going to allow Muslim immigrants in this country it should be with the understanding the old ways no longer apply here. They can either love America or stay home and hate it. “Honor killings” should have no place in American culture.

NormanF on November 3, 2009 at 1:42 pm

Jarhead, I think talking about it is a hate crime – but murdering his daughter or blowing yourself up in a shopping mall isn’t. Yeah, what a world.

Ruby on November 3, 2009 at 4:18 pm

So Mr. Almaleki cleanses his family’s dishonor of Noor Faleh’s rejection of an arranged marriage by murdering her. But murder of the daughter doesn’t tarnish his family’s honor? What a religion, if you can call it a religion.

Duck in Denver on November 3, 2009 at 6:09 pm

What really annoys me is that the media keep referring to him as an “Iraqi man”, not a Muslim. The term “Honor killing” is rarely mentioned either. Another example of the left wing media protecting our enemies.

White Rook on November 3, 2009 at 6:39 pm

The very least we have to do is curtail muslim immigration in Canada and the U.S…they will not come to here and blend into our way of life – they hate us!!! we are the “great satan|”…if islam is so F####N great, peaceful, tolerant (bla-blah-blah) they can and should stay in the rathholes they slither from…

BIG IRISH on November 3, 2009 at 6:41 pm

I always find it interesting that the fathers, and occasionally the mothers who perform these “honor killings”…after the act, then turn around and run.

If they are so convinced that they are right and that the killing is “honorable”…why run?

If they are so right and sure in their personal convictions – they should be sticking around to answer any and all questions brought against them.

Clearly its about something else…jealousy, power, etc.


mrrabbit on November 3, 2009 at 11:50 pm

Seems to me a parent should love his/her children above and beyond himself/herself. These “honor” killings or acts to “cleanse” the family of moral impurities smack of nothing more than narcissism hidden within false reasons, beliefs and other stupid statements.

Then again, look at how many people clap when listening to that great prophet, the right Rev. Jeremiah Wright! Perhaps it all comes down to which end of the sword one finds himself, perhaps.

I always like those religions which condition its believers right from the very beginning to be obedient, like getting down on your hand and knees four times a day…every day…or is it five times? I don’t really care the number, just know that that young and pretty girl lost her life to the one person she should have counted on to do whatever to save her life. Dad is sadistic.

RJ on November 4, 2009 at 7:36 am

If this was a Christian father, it would be a hate-crime, because don’t you know that it’s Christianity that is the big, bad evil religion, while Islam is the “Religion of Peace”? Or at least that’s how the libtards like to spin it. They basically promote other cultures (even the sick, twisted ones) and religions over our own, and try and make us ashamed of our values. Because we’re “racist, imperialistic AmeriKKKan pigs” when we don’t want this type of garbage imported to the U.S., so that’s why it’s allowed to continue. Well, that and the fact that we have a Muslim President (I don’t care what anyone says, he is at the LEAST, a Muslim sympathizer).

I truly worry about the fate of this country if this is the caliber of the immigrants nowadays. But it’s really all a ploy by the left to divide us all by ethnic/racial/religious/etc. lines so they can win votes by cultivating a culture of victimhood perpetuated by “the white man”. It’s so transparent and pitiful that you’d think people would see through it, but alas it seems to work still. I say stop ALL immigration for at least 10 years until these immigrants assimilate, and if they refuse, KICK THEM THE F*CK OUT! Problem solved.

Ali-gater on November 4, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Ali-Gater…I agree with you a 100percent – I dont want these slime bags in Canada either…I would suggest however, lets not stop ALL immigration for 10 years but STOP all immigration from islamic countries and concentrate on those countries which do not hate us and derive great pleasure in flying OUR planes into OUR buildings…if they want to go see allah and mo (piss-be-on-him) let them do it in their own lovely countries…we dont want them here!…God Bless America – Canada.

BIG IRISH on November 4, 2009 at 12:15 pm

I just have a question. He didn’t slit her throat, only used a car. Is he one of those “moderate muslims” Obumbo keeps talking about? Just asking.

Bob A. on November 5, 2009 at 6:48 pm

Honor killings are but a very small part of the overall Muslim problem. I highly recommend that everyone read Gabriel’s book, “They Must Be Stopped”. You will come away frightened but well informed and better prepared to deal with what I consider to be the most important problem facing our country today(next to Obama, which I also believe is “one and the same”. In today’s computer world of Google, Wikipedia(sic), On Line, etc., there is little excuse for not knowing what is going on in today’s world. I continue to be amazed at how naive most Americans are concerning the Muslim religion, and how the Islamic people distort their own “good book”–Their God, as they perceive him, is not “loving and forgiving”.

Donald D. DeHoff(Major-USAF-Ret) on May 21, 2010 at 10:50 am

This is total BS. Come on if a father can kill his own child then he is no longer human. He becomes a knuckle walker. what a joke of a “people” and “religion” they digust me and they should stay in their own country if they can’t live like civil people. Respect above all things, they think that if people respect them that is more important than keeping their kids alive. What idiots. I thank G-d I was not born into that killing cult.

Anna on September 13, 2010 at 3:29 pm

I’m very shocked at some of these replies. Surely, everyone understands that Islam doesn’t sanction this sort of action? It has more to do with where they’re from rather than their religion. Honor killings also take place in Christian communities throughout the Middle East and in Northern India. Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Pakistan are among the worst. Although, Jordan is making strives against honor killings. In Germany, a Muslim woman was killed by her brother for not staying with her arranged husband and “living like a German.” A Turkish immigrant was killed for having a relationship outside of her family’s plan. In Sweden, a 26 year old Kurdish woman was killed by her father. In London, Heshu Yones was stabbed to death by her Kurdish father when her family heard a love song dedicated to her and thought she had boyfriend. Ahmet Yildiz, 26, was shot outside a cafe in Istanbul after he represented his country at an international gay conference. In Lebanon, they make it look like a “accident” or “suicide” so there are no exact numbers. In Pakistan, honor killings are known locally as “karo-kari”. Three teenage girls were murdered because they refused to marry their arranged husbands. In India, Punjab, I think, a couple was murdered because they had married out of caste. Another incident in India, a 16 year-old girl was set on fire by her father for chatting to boys.

Honor killings generally don’t have anything to do with religion. In most of the countries where honor killings occur, women have little to no say in anything. It’s mostly due to the sociological restraints placed upon them.

I’m also sick at my stomach to see what some of you have said. I’m neither liberal, nor conservative. If someone makes a logical argument, I’m forced to concede… But what you’re spouting is schmutz. It’s worse than yellow jounalism. The United States and Canada were founded by immigrants. My fore-fathers and -mothers were Irish, Cherokee, Apache, Russian, German, and my grandfather’s great grandmother was born a slave but died a free woman. Where’s your family from? What’s your heritage? What if you had to go back in time and live in Ireland during the early 1800s when the Brittish were taxing the crap out of them? When they were starving, really starving? What about when the Nazi regime came to power and you just happened to be Jewish? Your relgion marked you for death? What if you were taken to a country and forced into bondage, forced to work your life away just because your skin was different color?

If want Americans “real” Americans to live in America, then about 3 percent of our actual population gets to stay and the other 97% needs to gtfo.

VeryConcerned on March 1, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Very Concerned—Sir or Madam, you are either brainwashed or very ignorant of the Muslim/Islamic issues or, you have Muslim “leanings”. Yes, unequivocally, Islam does support all of those extremely barbaric issues. When you say, Islam, you are talking about their Qur’an, and its “trainload”(literally) of other supporting directives and interpretatios. Those documents,as a whole, make our federal tax code look like a first grade primer. Of significat note is Islam’s position on “abrogation”, wherein later “revelations” or conflicting edicts take precident over any previous ones. These later changes(basically Surahs 5 and 9) have, in essence, changed most all(hundreds?)of those loveing, peaceful, understanding and forgiving original revelations. To further confuse the lay person(and many PhDs) the Qur’an state in effect that “one may not change any word, sentence, or meaning”–yet the book itself, makes hundreds of such prohibited changes, and does not remove any of the changed entries. Talk about confusion! What is left is an extremely chaotic and barbaric 7th Century cultural, social, legal, medical and economic “hodgepodge”, thinly cloaked in a veil of a pseudo religion. Without taking “religious sides”, the Islamic religion makes the Christian and Jewish Holy Books, with their many acknowledged errors and forged documents look like a scientific research effort. As I previously stated, there is little excuse for not knowing, at least, the basic facts about this very critical issue. In researching this Muslim/Islamic problem, one is faced with a huge task; the more doors you open, the greater the flood of conflicting informaion. If “Very Conserned” wishes, I will send him(or her)a list of at least a dozen books on the subject—the 200 or so hours with “Google” will have to be at his(or her)expense. NPR(Not Proof Read).

    Donald D. DeHoff on April 8, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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