March 28, 2006, - 4:39 pm

Immigration “Blue Card”: Don’t Leave Home Without it

Got a “Blue Card”?
If you’re one of 1.5 million illegal farm workers in the U.S., liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein and her colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee apparently think it should be given out to you as easily as a Blue Light Special.
Someone tell them this ain’t K-mart.

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I a mso tired of hearing the President say there are jobs Americans won’t do. What jobs are these? It looks like he is just enforcing this policy to give big business another break. This iisue neds to be resolved, and resolved correctly.
Raymond B on March 28, 2006 at 7:42 pm

Amazing how may people are coming out of their sheets on this one—
First they got the Mexicans…

EminemsRevenge on March 28, 2006 at 8:09 pm

What we’re really battling here is the same thing that is being battled in Western Europe and Israel — a mindset. A mindset that says all people are the “same.” That men and women are “equal.” That one religion is just like any other. That all cultures are inherently equivalent.
A mindset that once embraced and absorbed causes its believers to willingly dispossess themselves in favor of others. Even when those others have openly expressed their hostility and sinister intentions towards those who show them charity.
The non-believers in this uniquely Western mindset are very aware of it and know how to manipulate the believers into a sense of false guilt. Support them with your tax dollars, give them the West Bank and California, favor them in employment law and College admissions, give them all manner of special treatment your own people must not expect. Support their organizations which are overtly race-based, but don’t you dare have such an organization yourself. Guard your speech oh so carefully lest you offend their sensibilities, but, of course, don’t expect the same favor in return. Do all this willingly mind you, lest you be labeled with a bad name and made an example for others of your kind to see.
I used to call these Statist planners liberals but even that term really doesn’t quite fit them. I prefer the term Utopians. They have thoroughly infiltrated Academia, the MSM, Government, and the legal system. All their misguided schemes may look impressive on paper but they just don’t seem to work in the real world. A world teeming with those who seek our destruction from within and without our borders.
I’ve seen the gang-rapes in Australia and Europe, the homicide-bombers in Israel, and people jump from burning buildings in New York. I’ve seen babies mutilated, the old and infirm robbed, unsuspecting college girls brutalized and murdered. I’ve seen enough… I’m wide awake now. No doubt many others are too.
We must keep the pressure on our political leaders and each of us do whatever we can to protect ourselves and our lands. We must make sure we are all wide awake.

DeBodine on March 29, 2006 at 6:16 am

I do not think people how serious this issue is to the average American. When did it become acceptable for leaders in Congress to sell your job out to the lowest bidder. Maybe if news editors or journalists started to see their jobs being taken by the Illegals that are invading our country they would take this issue more seriously.
If they continue to allow unlimited H1B visas or all the other schemes they are passing there will no longer be any middle class. We already have outsourced and shipped our manufacturing jobs overseas and most industries continue to export our jobs.
Just why would anyone go to college when the senate keeps giving out H1B visas out. There will be no jobs to get after spending 50k plus to get an education.
My next door neighbor, Dave, just trained an Indian about his job. He thought he was training an assistant. Microsoft just fired him and the Indian took his job, an H1B visa holder. Dave made
150k a year and the Indian is going to make 38K. Oh yeah Dave was a computer programmer.
Thank You Dianne Feinstein for getting my good friend fired. Who elected you anyway.

ScottyDog on March 29, 2006 at 10:11 am

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