April 11, 2007, - 1:32 pm

FBI Raids Islamic Charity; State Dept. Sends Its Exec on Tax-Funded Luxe World Tour

The FBI raids an Islamic charity–long known for openly funding HAMAS and believed to be funding Al-Qaeda insurgents in Iraq. So, what does the State Department do?
It sends the Islamic charity’s lawyer–one of its most prominent employees–on a luxury world tour, courtesy of you, the American taxpayer.
That’s what happened with Ihsan Al-Khatib, general counsel of , which the (and the Iraqi headquarters of which the U.S. Army raided well before that). And–even worse–the numbskulls at Foggy Bottom (that means the State Department employees, for those of you from the Frank Beckmann show and The Detroit Newsistan) picked Al-Khatib to be a representative to Muslims in the Gulf states of Muslims in the United States.

Ihsan Al-Khatib: Terrorist Charity Employee on Tax-Paid World Tour

Here are the details from the deceptively named American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee/Michigan’s (of which Al-Khatib is President) “News and Views” newsletter:

By invitation of the US Department of State, ADC Detroit Chapter President Ihsan Alkhatib visited the countries of Qatar and Kuwait , in an effort to create a greater awareness of the Arab and Muslim American communities in the United States. During his visit to Kuwait, Attorney Alkhatib met with the Kuwait Bar Association and spoke at Kuwait University and the American University of Kuwait . He was also interviewed by the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). In Qatar, Attorney Alkhatib spoke at Qatar University’s College of Law and addressed an audience of future leaders at Qemam, a leadership training group affiliated with Qatar Charities. Attorney Alkhatib’s visit through the State Department program was covered in the local media in both Qatar and Kuwait . “I am glad that, as Arab Americans, we can help our government reach out and educate the Arab world about the lives of Arabs and Muslims in the US,” states Attorney Alkhatib.

I guess the “reach out and educate the Muslim masses” message must have been: Hi, I’m a terrorist supporter and a lawyer for a charity on U.S. soil that openly funded Islamic terrorists. And we get away with that every day, thanks to the stupid Americans who let us run the asylum.
And Al-Khatib is kind of a dumb choice, aside from his terror-funding connections. He’s repeatedly stated and written in various sources, things like this about Muslims in America:

It has been going downhill since 911.

So, either he lied over there. Or he’s lying over here.
Remember, you paid for this employee and lawyer of a terrorist-funding charity to travel in style all over the Arabian Gulf.
United Dhimmi States of America.
(Full disclosure: Al-Khatib once wrote a silly, fraudulent article about me in the Arab American News, calling me a “verbal terrorist,” whatever that means. Since he works for a charity that openly and knowingly funds terrorists, I figure he must know. The article was designed to incite Muslim violence against me, and with several death threats from readers of the paper, I guess it was successful.)

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If this is true, which I believe it is, why does the DOS hire so many PhDs to work in their Office of Counter-Terrorism??
What are they (PhDs) doing then? Debating the merits of al Takeyah (or however one spells it)?

SickBoy on April 12, 2007 at 11:11 am

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