June 12, 2005, - 11:48 am

Detroit: New Fallujah Practices Palestinian Attacks for All Star Game, Super Bowl

By Debbie Schlussel
Palestinians stoning buses of Jews and Americans? Just in time for this summer’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game and next year’s Super Bowl, Detroit a/k/a “New Fallujah” (Rush Limbaugh’s moniker for the Motown) shows it is up to the task. Last week, a bus carrying 40 senior citizens from a Detroit suburb was ambushed and stoned with rocks and asphalt as the bus was leaving the city after a Detroit Tigers game. While the Detroit Free Press claims that “The bus drove away and nobody was injured,” it then contradicts itself, stating that “a woman was treated for a minor injury.” And get this: When the bus driver called the Detroit police, she “was told there were 52 calls ahead of hers,” and after waiting in a nearby parking lot for 45 MINUTES for the Detroit Police to arrive, the bus left New Fallujah. If you come to town for either of the “big games,” bring your protective battle gear–and come at your own risk. Detroit: Where the weak are killed and eaten.

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Here’s an example where you go too far and I can understand some of your detractors. Were the people who stoned the buses Arabs, Muslims, or Palestinians? Does the article say that and/or you know it for a fact? It’s one thing to express your outrage at the action itself and the apparent pathetic police response to it, but please leave the hate and insuniations to legitimate grievances as most of your other blog entries are. Noting the facts of this incident as you mostly did without insuniating it was an “on our shores” version of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict would’ve been fine and what you did on makes the few in the Arab-Muslim American community who do not support/agree with the terrorists believe the propaganda that we hate them no matter what. It also denigrates the mostly excellent exposes you uncover on the subject of the war on terrorism.

hairymon on June 26, 2005 at 9:37 am

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