April 26, 2007, - 11:49 am

“The Condemned”: Time for a Divorce from GOP’s Version of Pimp & Ho Rap

Sometimes a Republican pot needs to do its own introspection. And get its own house in order, while it keeps the heat on the kettle.
In the wake of Imus-gate, we’ve been hearing about Democratic Presidential candidates–like Hillary Rodham Cankles and Hussein Obama–hangin’ with the worst purveyors of hip-hop trash.
They should be ashamed. Hip-hop is among the worst cultural influences, and it has helped speed up the decline of American civilization. By standing side-by-side with–and accepting campaign contributions from–vile rappers, prominent Dems have legitimized their beat-laden spewing.
But the GOP has its own version of Hip-Hop. In fact, the Party of Lincoln and Reagan has also embraced a violent pimp-and-ho culture all of its own: WWE–World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon, Exec Producer of “The Condemned”

I was reminded of this, Tuesday Night, when I screened the thoroughly sickening new movie, “The Condemned.” Starring convicted wife-beater and WWE star “Stone Cold Steve Austin” a/k/a Steven James Anderson, this horrifying snuff film is produced by WWE and its CEO, Vince McMahon. Normally, I’d have skipped this killing-and-torture fest. But because I will be reviewing movies on a national cable news network on Friday Morning, I was obligated to see it.
Two hours later, I’d viewed a two hour series of non-stop torture, slashing, hacking, shooting, beating, raping, dismemberment, exploding humans (with bombs strapped on), and other assorted killings.
The “plot”–if you can call it that–is that 10 men and women condemned to death and sitting in prisons around the world are acquired by an egomaniac American (of course) millionaire and dropped on an island for 30 hours. The millionaire is shooting a sadistic online reality game show, “The Condemned.” At the end of 30 hours, only one of the condemned can survive. He/she must kill the other nine or be killed by virtue of an exploding ankle bracelet. At any time, one participant can try to blow up another by tugging on the other’s exploding ankle bracelet.
The tagline for this horrid blood-fest on film:

10 People Will Fight. 9 People Will Die. You Get to Watch.

And, sorry, this is no “.” It’s not art. And there isn’t any brave or important message about freedom. Though the movie pretends to have a moral message, uttered by a Diane Sawyer knock-off named Donna Sereno, that’s really just a phony attempt to give the kosher seal of approval to this celluloid horror.
Yet, despite movies like this and other products like its regular TV shows filled with the pimp-and-ho mentality, the Republican Party continues its long-term relationship with WWE and the McMahon family that owns, runs and stars in it.
At the 2000 Republican National Convention, then-WWE wrestler Dwayne Johnson a/k/a “The Rock” addressed delegates. Vince McMahon and his wife had a luncheon reception attended by George W. Bush and wife Laura. At the 2004 Convention, the GOP again invited WWE personalities as the GOP’s special guests and invited McMahon to include the GOP in his effort at having WWE consumers and fans influence elections.
That, despite the disgusting pimp-and-ho story lines on WWE shows. And there is no sign the GOP will change course in 2008, especially when the party is desperately fighting to beat Hillary in a very uphill battle.
It’s time for the GOP to finally divorce itself from WWE–not because its fan base is waning, but because it’s the right thing to do. If the GOP cannot do that, Republican activists and conservatives are in no position to attack Hillary and B. Hussein Obama for their alliances with disgusting rappers.
“The Condemned” is just the latest in a long line of disgusting trash coming out of WWE. If conservatives and Republicans are truly offended by the trash coming out of hip-hop, why are they so silent about the trash coming out of WWE?

GOP’s Fave Pimp & Ho Purveyor:

Kid Rock (& Drug Kingpin White Boy Rick, right)

And finally, there are “conservatives” like Bill O’Reilly, who are upset about Obama’s friend, rapper Ludacris. His raps are obscene and disgusting. But the pimp-and-ho and drug-pushing phenomena he is glorifying is the same stuff “Kid Rock” a/k/a Bob Ritchie is gushing over.
Yet, O’Reilly has praised Kid Rock because “he’s a friend of ‘The Factor,'” while O’Reilly rips on Luda. And the GOP initially invited Kid Rock to perform at Bush’s 2004 inaugural festivities (he was disinvited after some family-values conservatives protested).
But here’s the scoop on Kid Rock, from my on this sleazebag:

Rock/Ritchie has repeatedly told the world that he modeled himself after convicted, imprisoned Detroit drug kingpin “White Boy Rick” a/k/a Richard Wershe, Jr., with his fur coats and pimp hats.
Wershe ran one of the most notorious drug rings in America in the 1980s. He ordered the murder of countless people. Kid Rock glorifies Wershe in his lyrics and wrote a letter on his behalf to authorities in an attempt to get Wershe paroled. Thankfully, Wershe was not paroled, and soon after, he was discovered to have been running a national auto theft ring from his prison cell, for which he’s since been convicted.
Kid Rock is an admitted former drug dealer, but he still speaks glowingly of doing drugs. He gleefully raps about his life as a drug dealer, doing crack, and having sex in a school bathroom with the fellow drug dealer who had his out-of-wedlock kid. (It’s not like he had to be this way. He comes from a wealthy family. His father sold his lucrative Ford dealership for millions. The whole trailer park thing is an act.) He had to go to court to stop the circulation of a video of him and another rock star getting oral sex from groupies on tour.
Glorifying hard drugs and misogyny are themes in a lot of his most popular “songs.” He used to “date” porn stars, and they and strippers are a constant accessory on his tours. Don’t forget what he told Rolling Stone:

Bill Clinton … a [expletive] pimp. … The guy’s my hero.

(He told the mag he was stoned on drugs when he met Clinton at the White House.)
Ritchie–the self-proclaimed “Pimp of the Nation”–likes to give the one-finger salute in every publicity shot and toured the country in his “White Trash on Dope Tour.” He used the Michigan chapter of crime-prone “Outlaw Biker Gang” as security at a video shoot. . . .
A sampling of Kid Rock’s lyrics:

I’m a pimp. You can check my stats . . . . Smack all the hos.
Because I do so much pimpin’, one day I’ll probably walk with a limp . . . one day, watch, I’ll be the pimp of the nation.
I be the early-mornin’ stoned pimp, straight-limpin’, Boone’s Farm-drinkin’, at the party big-booty pinchin’.

There really is no difference between Kid Rock and the most perverted Black rap “artists.”
If Kid Rock were Black, we’d call him Snoop Dogg.

The GOP must end its relationships with WWE and Kid Rock. Or shut up about the Dems and Hip-Hop.
You can’t be a family-values, moralizing pot. . . when you’re as black as the kettle.

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13 Responses

I would say O’Reilly is more of a “liberal” than a “conservative”. But there’s no question you can’t be conservative and in a public position for very long. As it is, “conservative” is as good as it gets, and that’s the problem. Conservatives just keep disappearing before they can do anything.

spottswoode on April 26, 2007 at 1:56 pm

Hey, Deb…
I can’t believe the GOP invited Jim McMahon to their convention. Did he wear another one of his white headbands with a message on it?

Yiddish Steel on April 26, 2007 at 2:57 pm

How can it shock conservatives that the GOP is perfectly willing to accept money and support from McMahon? Do you really believe that if Hollywood were to change sides and begin throwing elaborate fundraisers for conservative candidates, and rappers began throwing money at Republicans; that republicans would send the money back with a message to clean up thier act? You can’t be serious. The primary motivation for republican commentators complaints about Hollywood and music industry support for democrats is…ready for this…envy!
Are you so naive that you actually believe that Republicans represent the moral and ethical component of our society? Two specific recent examples to consider. First, when GOP took Congress in 94 they could have cleaned up government and demanded that the people once again have a voice. What we actually got from Gingerich and DeLay was the K Street project designed only to assure that the GOP got the money, jobs at PAC’s and more influence in DC.
In the midst of leading the GOP during Clinton’s Monica-gate perjury scandel; Gingrich…”the moral one” who was clearly the architect of the impeachment plan was himself involved in an illicit affair. Gingrich didn’t see the need to come clean about his own indiscretions until he stuck his finger in the air to see if he might be able to run in 2008; most laughable was his announcement on James Dobson’s radio program Focus on the Family. (There you go conservative Christians…used again by the republicans that give lip service to your your cause and beliefs).
I am very proud to say that I am a conservative….but I no longer EVER say that I am a republican. The GOP has sold out this country on campaign finance, on border protection, on limited government, on ethics in government, and many, many other issues.
The only defense for the republicans remains that they are better than the other devil…thats all! Don’t kid yourself, if WWF keeps the greenbacks coming, the GOP won’t do shit to influence their values…they don’t care.

chucker on April 26, 2007 at 3:48 pm

The GOP courts ‘wrasslin’ & NASCAR’. Cool. That’s at least better than any girly $400.000 haircut weeny sensitivity trained PC noobs with no sense of self.
Y’know, it’s all money and clout and tryin’ to get noticed. The wrasslin’ is maybe a few shades more palatable than the rap wads.
Folks will be folks and these ostensible allies of the GOP are really the “great unwashed”, the “proletariat”, & the “salt of the earth” types. Maybe they’re a ‘few bricks short the load’ on social scene, but are Cheryl Crow or Rosie & their ilk made anymore whole because they have their bluejeans trashed and then pay double for them?

P. Aaron on April 26, 2007 at 4:12 pm

Remember… Elvis Presley and the Beatles were also credited with immorality, corrupting America’s youth and the end of decency.

LoveAManInAUniform on April 26, 2007 at 6:03 pm

AMERICAN CULTURE has always been an oxymoron…but it’s inteeresting to note that Nat Hentoff did an essay years ago in which he demonstrated how ALL “American culture” was adopted from copying Black people, and more white kids buy rap music than Black kids!
It’s also interesting to note that comic books, rock n’ roll, and books like “A Clockwork Orange” and “Catcher in the Rye” were suposed to have destroyed Amerikkka fifty years ago…it’s still here.
As the Roman Empire showed, when they tried to legislate morality and made Christianity the state religion, the empire collapsed.
As for wrestling—whenever wrestling was popular Republicans were in the White House.

EminemsRevenge on April 26, 2007 at 6:20 pm

M n M,
You are so far gone your mind is distorted with phony facts and fantasies. I’m surprised Debbie even lets you post on the site!

LAMadDog on April 27, 2007 at 8:20 am

Yeah..it would be nice…but,at least McMahon & Co. aren’t Republican Presidential candidates;I expect anything from the Democrat Global Warming quack party,which explains “candidate”(fo’ what)Barack Obama(yeah I’m singlin’ the muhfuh out).To paraphrase what the late great sportwriter Jimmy Cannon said about the late great champ,Joe Louis,”Obama & Co.
are (not)credits to their race,the human race.”

jaywilton on April 27, 2007 at 8:31 am

“Amerikkka”…oh, how cute. EnemasRevenge wants to be controversial. Whatever, lame role playing as always.

Jeff_W on April 27, 2007 at 10:21 am

I love Debbie, but she is dead wrong on this one. First, it is not Jim, it’s Vince. But on to more important things…
I will start with Kid Rock. The person that is described in this article is not the Kid Rock of today. It is the Rock of the early 1990s. The grown up Kid Rock is friends with Hank Williams Jr (another Republican who did some crazy things in his early days). Rock lives in a small town in Michigan, lives a simple life, and takes his kid to school and serves on the PTA!
But aside from that, he is a MAJOR supporter of the US armed forces. He puts his money where his mouth is. And he decided to spend this last Christmas in Iraq hanging with the troops. Yeah, he did it at Christmas–that’s right.
He has also appeared on MTV and stood his ground about this war, about gun rights, among other issues..when there is nobody else on that channel willing to do so. And he was taking a major risk of harming his reputation in the business.
Rock also wrote a song called Abortion. The National Review scored it as one of the top conservative songs of all time.
The WWE also supports the war and the troops. And I recall right after 9-11, when everyone was afraid to do anything, THEY are the ones who held the first major event in the US. The whole show was dedicated to getting back up on our feet, helping the families, and then finding the people responsible and kicking some butt.
Look, the WWE and Kid Rock are not angels. But bashing people who are on our side is not the way to create a big tent.

willstew on April 27, 2007 at 10:40 am

I’m not going to defend this movie or any other the WWE has made, but Vince McMahon is far from all bad. Most of the “pimp” and “ho” stuff is from ten years ago, and the WWE has generally lightened up since then. Not to mention the fact that WWE has put on free shows for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq at Christmastime for the past six years, which costs them hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars from revenue they would have received from running shows in the US. Not to mention the fact that McMahon and Donald Trump recently donated their $5 million share of the Wrestlemania revenue entirely to charity.

mjg283 on April 27, 2007 at 11:32 am

I think you are to hard on wwe Debbie. Im going to see the movie just to see Austin. I dont care how bad it is. I agree with willstew about them performing for the troops that is very cool.

ECW on April 27, 2007 at 11:52 am

It looks like Condemned is a cheap rip-off of the rather imaginative (but certainly violent) Japanese movie Battle Royale complete with exploding ankle bracelets instead of exploding necklaces.

ak47pundit on April 27, 2007 at 2:00 pm

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