April 27, 2007, - 1:39 pm

Border Agents’ Unanimous No-Confidence Vote: Will ICE Agents Vote?; Peppermint Patty Update

This week, leaders of the National Border Patrol Council–the union of 11,000 of 13,000 Border Patrol agents–unveiled a unanimous vote of no-confidence in Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar.
More from the Houston Chronicle:

Local union representatives, rather than their national leaders, pressed for the vote at their recent convention in Corpus Christi, council Executive Vice President Richard Pierce said. More than 100 of the local leaders, most of them senior agents, participated.
“There is so much going on in this outfit. The morale is so shot because of all the policies the administration has instituted,” said Pierce, a retired agent.

ICE’s Marcy Forman-Friedman, Julie L. Myers & John Torres

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is standing by his deputy, Aguilar, saying he is doing an excellent job.

We’ve heard that before: “Brownie, er . . . David, You’re Doin’ a Heckuva Job!”

Within the ranks, many believe the only way to reduce illegal immigration is to crack down on employers.
[Union President T.J.] Bonner, Pierce and others blame Aguilar for promoting legalization and guest worker programs. Also, they also accuse him of insufficiently defending his agents.
Agents are quitting at an increased clip, Bonner said, with attrition at 12 percent this year, up from 4 percent a year ago.
“I’ve been an agent for 29 years now, and I’ve never seen morale lower,” he said.

A career Senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent writes that ICE agents would give the same vote of no confidence for ICE Chieftess and her top minions:

I am a Special Agent of ICE (Customs) with [more than two decades] on the job and I feel their [Border Patrol agents’] frustration and anger with the Bush Aministration and the folks who ran the last Congress for pushing the amnesty agenda. We passed the 1986 amnesty bill for illegals and what have we gotten? Yet another tidal wave of illegals coming to this country in search of low wage jobs, free education, free medical care, free public asssitance and freedom to demand that they not be prosecuted for their illegal entry.
The Govt. wont even enforce laws on the books to prosecute employers of illegals. We can use the past to determine how any new laws will be enforced.
I wonder how ICE employees would vote on their mangement and the administration policies if we were given the opportunity. If the recent survey of federal employees is any indication (222 of 222), succession may be the result.

Meanwhile, ICE Director of Investigations a/k/a “” recently participated in an online chat with The Washington Post. (Hilarious–Even the far-left site which linked to the Post chat adopted my “Peppermint Patty” moniker for her.) She gave the usual BS answers filled with glittering generalities about how all is well in the imaginary land of immigration enforcement. But she couldn’t seem to come up with a satisfactory answer as to why ICE removed its own press release from its own site announcing recent raids on illegal alien employers in Baltimore. How can ICE agents confidently and diligently do their jobs when their own agency is embarrassed that they actually enforced some immigration laws? (The question appears to have been posed by one of Peppermint Patty’s own agents involved in the raids and upset by this.):

Baltimore: Marcy, why was the news release about the ICE raid in Baltimore removed from the ICE Web site about 30 hours after it was posted? No other article ever has been removed after being posted. Was it removed because some local political figure complained? The ICE news release has been captured and is still available on some non-ICE sites. Why don’t you restore it to the ICE site?
Marcy Forman: I wasn’t aware that it was, but I’ll check on it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Check back at the Web site.

And she couldn’t really answer this exasperated American:

Rosslyn, Va.: As a citizens who abides by the laws of this country, I am disheartened that others do not. I reported a known illegal alien to the department of homeland security and they have done nothing about it. I reported this two years ago. Why do we even refer to immigrants as illegal when the government does nothing to them for breaking the law?

Meanwhile, a number of New York ICE agents have reportedly been removed from duty and are under investigation for filing false voucher reports for undercover funds meant to investigate document and marriage fraud. Incredibly, their supervisor, Peppermint Patty’s twin sister, Mona Forman, who oversaw the funds, remains untouched. As “punishment,” Peppermint Patty appointed her sister as the acting Deputy Special Agent in Charge at JFK Airport.
ICE Agents who’ve worked for Peppermint Patty or are her friends have gotten high promotions elsewhere around the country, despite involvement in scandals bordering on criminal and/or lack of qualifications. (I am looking into all of this. Stay tuned.)
And they wonder why agents–involved in all areas of enforcing tighter borders and immigration laws–are thoroughly demoralized?! It’s a bastion of cronyism and incompetence at the highest levels.
So, when do the ICE agents get to vote on The ICE Princess, Peppermint Patty, and (the man who wasted tens of thousands of immigration enforcement money on Tommy LaSorda, but can’t find 600,000 illegal aliens he had in custody)?
If they ever get the chance, I predict the same unanimous vote of no confidence as the Border Patrol agents gave their “leader.”

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Hells Bells. You could deputize the illegals as they cross the border to be Border Patrol Agents. They could and would apprehend the next bunch of illegals, shooting if/as necessary and would certainly be immune from prosecution. They would be doing the job Americans (the pres and his cronies) are not willing to do.

Happiness Pursuer on April 27, 2007 at 2:43 pm

citizenship is a wealth that was created by taking wealth from these exploited peoples and we owe it to them for all the years of exploitation we have inflicted on their peoples. or at least this is what is rolling around in the heads of all these communists in the government. they can’t verbalize what they are pushing but its essentially that simple.
rich white liberal women are so guilt ridden and ashamed of what their men have done that they want to save the world from us by killing the republic in a gigantic sacrifice.
and who is going to counter them?
first you create a monopoly over solving a problem, then you create a problem. works like a charm.

playertwo on April 27, 2007 at 4:01 pm

We have to remember that when Chertoff and Gonzalez and anyone else in the Administration say that their minions are doing an “excellent job,” they are telling the Truth: These people are doing exactly what the Big Bosses and W want — our laws and country be damned.

Sioux on April 27, 2007 at 4:11 pm

Dear Debbie;
All I have to say at this time is, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
This was very interesting reading. Thank you.

EJO on April 27, 2007 at 8:57 pm

As an ICE agent, I would like to share with you the current state of “fear” we as agents are currently working under. First, since we don’t have a clear mission, agents are going for the quick stat and foregoing the complex investigation. Big cases big problems. Your average agent spends 20-25 years becoming a great investigator, your supreme commander “does” the right person or is in the right family and is appointed. Agents have been through this before, its just politics, again!

yakuza on April 29, 2007 at 11:12 am

Re: “Pepprmint Patty” appointing her TWIN SISTER to a senior supervisory job…
When I was in the IRS, it was illegal, immoral and fattening for relatives to supervise other relatives. My wife(another agent) had to transfer out of the group we were in, because I, being a senior agent, COULD be named ACTING SUPERVISOR, maybe, in the future, sometime (or not)and have supervisory authority over her (ie: give her special treatment) Have the Federal nepotism rules changes since I was in?

Codekeyguy on April 29, 2007 at 6:18 pm

Dear Debbie,
Your story was informative and eye opening. Continue to expose the endless nonsense!
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” — Thomas Jefferson

CaliSun57 on April 29, 2007 at 9:23 pm

With a background of over thirty years at USINS, USCS (Some may recall the US Customs Service) the need for some type of DHS after 9/11 was required.
However, the question what to do was with DOJ’s INS was answered. Letís dump the failure into this new super mega agency. Please for the record the men and women who serve at the former USINS, Agents, BPA ,II DPO etc were and STILL are ALL HARD WORKING with a sense of duty , however the system , laws has FAILED .
The issues that face us today back in the days when I completed IOBTC 25 ( ICE management can figure how far I go back ) are the SAME that faced the ICE / SACNY office. I felt I was in a movie with Michael J. Fox ” Back to the Future”
WE who were at 6 World Trade Center ( USCS Office NYC) recall all too well the events of 9/11 . Many have asked why was the USCS, an agency that worked, destroyed. We who worked did not have any answers..
The answer is , from my point of view, CBP will conduct Customs enforcement , in which they are excellent at the POE , but have no background in investigations. Wait till they post positions for Crim Inv. !!
IcE ( Please note the SMALL “c” that is c for CUSTOMS ) will become the NEW INS INVESTIGATIONS with the same old enforcement , management and failed mission
Management may attempt to state that ICE is in the front lines of post 9/11 investigations they lie . For those that are in management at ICE with over twenty -five years recall Area Control or Employer Sanctions after the 1986 Immigration law ask what are you doing that is MUCH different than in 1986 ???????
YES, I agree with investigations of criminal aliens, organizations, Human bondage /sex trade BRAVO you have 100% support. Where are your investigations with the FBI on internal issues. Yes, I forgot while at USCS when we became ICE OPERATION GREENQUEST was taken by the FBI
However, CBP had Bonner who did we have as the Assist Dir. of ICE ….you know where he is today .
In conclusion the fine criminal/financial investigations that were conducted by USCS are a thing of the past. The majority of investigations that USCS conducted you will find the AAA crossing guards at primary schools conducting .AS an agency that was in the REAL FRONT lines of the war on drugs, money laundering it is nothing more than shell of what it was or small “c” .
For my Immigration brother and sister agents what a major loss . Men and women who worked under a failed law, agency and for the most part management, still did their duty. What a super agency criminal enforcement of immigration and customs laws would be!! Sorry there are those that are living in a 9/10 world that will not allow it . Forgot we had to delete the “B ” from BICE before we became ICE
I don’t know what will take place in DHS years from now but this is my view . The DHS for a large part is a failure, maybe in time that will change. The department is something of a “Honey Potî for local and state officials. ICE will NOT be a major player in post 9/11 investigations. It will do its “illegal alien investigations and when called it will sit on the lap of major agency players.
The real loss is our country and the American public. When at WAR, which we are, you use ALL THE ASSETS that you can put your hands on!
I will leave you with a comment that was stated in class many years ago while an ungrad .
Prof Wallis of the London School of Economics
ìDonít think that the people that have the finger on the button are any brighter than youî
My dear Prof., I now understand your lesson!

Lawmaster1 on April 30, 2007 at 8:51 am

I can definitely state that when the vote comes down for three losers, mine will be thumbs, hammer, and axe DOWN! I have 25 years in between Border Patrol, legacy INS, and ICE and have seen the respective agencies be raped, pillaged, and plundered into non-functioning shells of useless entity. “Two-Bagger” Forman’s big talk about worksite enforcement is a joke. I can get the House and Senate to pass the war funding bill quicker and easier than getting the papal blessing to do a WSE investigation; more hoops to jump through than a circus dog. The beltway brain surgeons were never serious about Employer Sanctions in the ’80’s so what makes me believe they’re any more serious about it now? When I was in the Border Patrol, I always thought I would serve my entire career proudly in the Green but seeing what happened to it with “Hold the Line”, I saw the writing on the wall and watched sadly as morale in that agency tanked. The premise of the Patrol since its beginning is to PATROL the border. You can’t do that sitting on an “X” and being ordered not to move when you see groups of illegals running past you. Thank you Silvestre Reyes…that cluster bought you your seat in Congress (he’s a liberal lapdog to boot). Now they want another amnesty; they haven’t finished cleaning up the mess from the last one.
On top of all this crap, we spend more time filling out statistical reports and analytical BS than doing the job. Being that HQ is top-heavy with buttsnorklers and golden boys whose mission is to secure their existence by thinking up these redundant reporting procedures, it’s a formidable task to get anything done. The majority of these little twits have little or no field experience to begin with yet they make the policy. It’s no wonder why the immigration problem is in the state it finds itself.
God help this outfit when the old hands like me are gone!

1shot1kill on April 30, 2007 at 9:46 am

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anonymous on May 27, 2011 at 6:48 am

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