May 2, 2007, - 1:39 pm

The May Day Photos They DIDN’T Show You

Mainstream media coverage of yesterday’s illegal alien May Day protests were filled with sob stories about families split up and people living in fear. So sad, too bad–these are lawbreakers.
But what the media didn’t focus on was the original and main reason the country is ostensibly cracking down (though, not really cracking down) on illegal aliens–national security. We don’t want Islamic terrorists and other criminals sneaking in and staying in. And though the media forgot about that, the Muslims sure haven’t. They were out in full force yesterday . . . even if the media didn’t show it to you. But I will.
This is a photo by AP’s Charles Rex Arbogast, from yesterday’s rally in Chicago. Looking at the photo, it looks like a lot of American flags, people, and signs. . .

But look more closely . . . and read the signs at the bottom of the photo:

Muslims for American Dream . . . a bad moniker for two reasons:
1) It’s not grammatically correct. If you want to be a citizen, at least try to pretend you speak the language. It’s Muslims for THE American Dream. But, then, maybe that’s a hint that their “American Dream” is not “THE” American Dream. And certainly doesn’t mirror our dream for America’s future.
2) Uh, not a good idea for your propaganda purposes to call yourselves “MAD.” But at least it’s truth in advertising.
And from reader Abraham, there’s this photo from yesterday’s illegal alien rally in New York:

The bottom line is this: The agenda of Muslims in protesting and pushing for the relaxation of already lax immigration enforcement is not our agenda. It is the agenda of those in the Palestinian Authority who voted in HAMAS. It is the agenda of those who want more Muslims entering the country.
If 9/11 taught us anything, it should have taught us that is is not only NOT our agenda. It is diametrically opposed to our agenda. They want more lax immigration enforcement. We should, therefore, want it to be far tougher.
The pictures speak 1,000 words. Too bad the Mainstream Media hid those pics from us.

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Praytell, what is possibly ment by the muslim american dream? One may think it could mean assimilating into the melting pot while retaining their religious traditions and beliefs like most immigrants do? Or suppose their agenda is to convert America into a Caliphate State? It cannot be much different from the criminals who tresspass into our borders from the crapholes they came from. I could only exspect the worst.

Jew Chick on May 2, 2007 at 2:26 pm

The outlines of the deal, I have heard, include a vast increase in the number of legal aliens allowed in (in addition to amnesty with some sort of token “punishment”).
Since the way our system works (or, more appropriately, dosen’t work) is that the software engineer from India or biologist from the Netherlands will have a very tough time entering. Meanwhile, relatives of current citizens are welcome.
The first guy enters as a student and is sponsored for residency by some employer. He then brings his “wife” (who may or may not have been such before). Kids come also, as do parents. Then brothers and sisters, and all their spouses and families, etc. That’s how pretty much every “Palestianian,” Lebanese, and soon Iraqi winds up as an “American”

sonomaca on May 2, 2007 at 3:35 pm

Canada had it’s own wake-up moment last year when Israel was fighting Hezbullah in Lebanon. That’s when we learned that 50,000 “Canadians” were in Lebanon in need of FREE and INSTANT evacuation to Canada.
Turns out of course that these “Canadians” were all Lebanese who had done the bare minimum to be given Canadian citizenship, and then moved back home to Lebanon. So now we’re expected to drop everything and come to their rescue whenever it suits their purposes to be Canadian again.
Doncha just LOVE political correctness????

stevecanuck on May 2, 2007 at 6:09 pm

I’m sorry, but this is grasping at straws, at best. I suppose that it is now the duty of the grammar police to patrol the streets? I shall chalk this up in the category of blind xenophobia.

jkbramer on May 2, 2007 at 9:31 pm

What a Country!

MadMom on May 2, 2007 at 11:49 pm

The 9/11 response – the little black cocktail dress of conservative politics. It works for all occasions!

jkbramer on May 3, 2007 at 6:40 am

What else would one expect from the Drive-by Media? PC amounts to their liberal, socialist agenda; not what’s in the best interests of our country.

1shot1kill on May 3, 2007 at 8:17 am

Debbie, I see that you’ve been made the “Media Matters For Arabs” poster girl for the day, taking note of your comments on the “ping pong ball bombers” and, as always, dragging out stuff from weeks ago.
They’re rating you right up there with Ann Coulter, so you must be making some real progress, if you’re climbing to the forefront of their carpet-chewing anti-american fantasies. 🙂
Keep up the good work.

Mistress_Dee on May 3, 2007 at 9:07 am

Hi all,
first off, Muslims are just a sect- of the trio of religions birthed in the middle east- in FACT MUSLIMS and JEWS have the same FATHER- they are half brothers-(ABRAHAM)
That being said- many muslims are kind, just like many jews are. This blatant racist article by this woman is very offensive- -debbie’ has real bigot like problems- she is coaching ‘arab hate’ and thats UN AMERICAN-
I believe I once read an article by this woman ,debbie shussel-that called ANGLEINA JOLIE an “ANTI SEMITE_ terrorists lover” because she VISITED A WAR refugee camp in Palestine- after reading that article- I knew this woman ‘shussel’ had very racist issues.
GOD BLESS ALL_ PEACE- and KEEP that nasty dark racist hate out of your hearts- dont be like this woman here!!!

meyvar on May 3, 2007 at 11:13 am

Wait… lets get this straight first. YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT, Or at least a second generation IMMIGRANT. So quit being hypocritical and post some real news.

gamer on May 3, 2007 at 10:52 pm

MEYVAR, TAKE YOUR “GOD BLESS ALL” AND “PEACE” AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR PHONEY ASS. The main purveyors of “hate” and “anti-Americanism” in THIS country are the stinking muslims. Nobody wants their third-world, backward brand of slavery and hate in this beautiful, NON-MUSLIM country.

davidlanham on May 4, 2007 at 6:05 am

MEYVAR, ALSO, I’VE READ YOUR MUSLIM TRAINING MANUALS, WHERE YOU LEARN TO TRICK PEOPLE BY USING PHRASES SUCH AS “UN-AMERICAN”. The problem is, you don’t know our language well enough to fool a REAL American like me, you muslim puke. Did I mention that Mohammed was squeezed out of a pig’s ass? Have a nice day, muslim.

davidlanham on May 4, 2007 at 6:11 am

i first want to add that everyone has their right to an long as it does not cause hate or hurt..
i see those people here who have no life so they sit comfortably behind their computers and act all tough but probably still live with their mommies..
You have many comments here that are not inteligence based and i am surprised you’d post them, only our of mere low self esteem and intimidation for things you and your viewers dont understand.
As far as davidlanham, i am a native american, so feel free to leave back to your own country anytime…
also i’d like to add that the natives believe in ONE CREATOR, and the white supremis groups killed them because they lack the education and morals to deal kindly, and now attacking muslims because they too believe in ONE GOD…
wow…you proudly call this a ‘christain country’ how hypocritical…you say in God we trust and backbite, lie, steal, rape.
If Christians dont believe in ONE GOD, then who do they believe in…
one of my closest friends is a PRACTICING Catholic, so i know what a REAL Christain believes. and she is busy raising her children, being a good wife, and teaching tolerance…meaning, actually out in the real world making it a better place..
So as a NATIVE AMERICAN MUSLIM i ask you that if you dont have any religion, at least have common courtesy for mankind.
I bet you are one of those who believe we evolved from apes…well, you probably did…

rederth on May 5, 2007 at 2:04 am

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