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Absurd: Lawyers for the Right to Babble A La Babel

has an interesting article about all of the lawsuits employers face for requiring English-only (though the article is written by , so keep that in mind).
According to the piece, employers can only legally adopt an English-only speaking rule if they can show it’s a business necessity. HUH?! What about how it’s a necessity because we’re here in America and that’s the language we’re supposed to speak?
Whines Ronna Timpa, owner of Workplace ESL Solutions (who would go out of business if all job candidates knew they needed to speak English to get a job):

Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t speak your own language in the bathroom.

I’d feel just fine. I speak fluent Hebrew, but I find no necessity–at any time, unless I’m in Israel–to speak it in the bathroom. Is there something I’m not aware of about toilets, #1, and #2 that requires a foreign language?
Timpa is also upset with employers who prevent co-workers from speaking in their “native” language during lunch. Uh, if they’re here other than as tourists, they’re supposed to be natives of THIS country. And therefore, their “native” language should be English.
It’s just plain bad for morale for the workplace to become the Tower of Babel. It’s amazing to me that the burden is on any employer in the United States of America to prove that it’s a business necessity to require English only.
Then, there is the problem of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), which is funded by your taxes. It’s spending your tax money–that was meant to prevent workplace discrimination against, say, Blacks or Jews–to prosecute employers who ban foreign languages.
Also alarming are the figures from the 2000 Census (which have probably increased exponentially) of the percentages of people in some states who don’t speak English. Here are the states with the highest percentage of residents ages 5 and older that speak English less than “very well”:

New York–12.7%

So one in five Californians can’t speak English, and more than one in ten in at least four other states. That’s incredible. Incredibly unacceptable. .

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ìIt’s just plain bad for morale for the workplace to become the Tower of Babel. It’s amazing to me that the burden is on any employer in the United States of America to prove that it’s a business necessity to require English only.î
DebbieÖfor years, American packaging and instruction guides have OFTEN come with Spanish written on and in them (Likely to prevent workplace injury etc.). You are describing a concern, which is a result of a process that is already MIDñSTRIDE in being completed.
This Tower of Babel is being laidÖand really it is the LATINIZATION of America that you are witnessing.
Buckle up.
Either the immigrant MUSLIMS or the immigrant LATINOS will ìfill-upî America in the futureÖbecause the old guard, the WASPs, are obviously ìshooting blanksî.
THIS PROCESS is even affecting the piety style of the Catholic Church in America:
A few years ago, a Jewish woman that was a specialist provided services for some of our clients. She remarked to me that she was quite busy in night school learning SpanishÖwhich struck me as odd, since most people learn French in Canada that way.
She furthered that her Jewish fiancÈe was Latin American, and that she wanted stronger family ties and thought it best to get around the language barrier right away.
That was ONLY a couple of years agoÖand already they have 2 kids ~

The Canadien on May 7, 2007 at 5:06 pm

i worked in the garment district doing pick-ups and deliveries twenty-odd years ago, and not only did i meet bosses whose parents spoke only Yiddish, but there were many shops i went into that they only spoke Chinese and Spanish…but almost all of them had the Daily News or the New York Post and a Spanish [or Chinese]-English dictionary next to their newspaper!!!
i also worked at Toys R’ Us as a kid, and for Xmas all the Orientals got their kids globes and BOOKS…so this blanket statement that immigrants are unwilling to assimilate is absurd…since you like movies, rent “Born In East L.A.”
MAINTAINING your cultural identity is not a crime, at least not yet.

EminemsRevenge on May 7, 2007 at 6:33 pm

So now we have proof…..illegal aliens are too stupid to go to the bathroom by themselves….
And these are the people that John “lettuce McStain” McCain admires so much? Remember, he said Americans wouldn’t go do the jobs scumbag illegals would do, even if paid $50 per hour.
At least an American knows how to take a whiz by himself!

DDB on May 7, 2007 at 9:35 pm

I live in California, and I think the numbers presented are probably low- simply because I doubt that the illegals are representative in the statistics. Experientially alone, I’d say it’s low. It isn’t all immigrants that “contribute” to the non-english-speaking numbers. Asian immigrants learn and adapt to English very quickly, even while keeping their cultural identity- it’s one of the reasons that the University of California system is constantly tearing out its hair. In the “Berkeley” view of the world of equality through quotas, they are constantly stymied by the fact that Asians represent over 40 percent of enrollment in the system, while their “desired” targets of African American and Hispanic matriculates is sometimes in the single digits as a percentage.
I really get sick of the bleeding heart notion that the mainstream has to conform to the vocal whining minority. My Dad came to the US as a “displaced person” after the second world war. Back then it was the norm for immigrants to be helped along by people of their own heritage in learning English, learning how to adapt and cope with the culture change. Back then so-called “Polish Schools” (and any other ethnically based parochial school- I chose Polish because that’s just the most familiar example) were not solely geared to preserving the culture as they were to educating the immigrant’s children in the “American way”. They were far more difficult an educational environment than most any we see today. Why did this concept pass into oblivion?
English is the declared national language of this country. To all the bleeding hearts out there- how much would you below and whine if we tried to make the Afghani’s and Iraqi’s adopt English by decree just because WE’RE there in force? I see little difference with the silent invasion we’re experiencing here in the US.

Mistress_Dee on May 8, 2007 at 10:16 am

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