June 17, 2005, - 12:41 pm

SCARY: Customs Admits This Man & His Bloody Saw into U.S.

By Debbie Schlussel
So much for profiling. With Arabs and Muslims screaming about profiling, it appears Customs has thrown all profiling to the wind. Would you let a man who looked like this–AND WAS CARRYING A BLOODY CHAIN SAW–into the U.S.?

Well, you might be different than Customs officials at the Calais, Maine U.S. border crossing from Canada. Last week, they let him–Gregory Despres, who was supposed to be sentenced that day for assault and death threats to his neighbor’s son-in-law–into the U.S. The next day his neighbors were found stabbed to death and decapitated. At the border, Customs also found a sword, braceknuckles, and handcuffs on Despres. Yet, they still let him in. I suppose they thought the blood on the chain saw was ketchup. All of this should be no surprise, when Customs supervisors like are “watching” our borders.

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