May 16, 2007, - 3:24 pm

America’s Future: French Jewish Woman Attacked, Carved w/ Swastika By Muslims

Last year, I told you about the kidnapping and in France.
They burned cigarettes on him, they cut off his fingers, and did assorted other barbaric acts on him, until he finally died. Muslim neighbors of the murderers heard his last screams of extreme agony, but did nothing.
Unfortunately, the same continues in France, from which Jews are leaving in record numbers. At the end of April, a French Jewish woman was beaten, brutalized, and carved by Muslims. They originally wanted to steal her cellphone, but saw a Jewish ornament on her neck and proceeded to attack her, including carving swastikas into her chest.
Here’s the account from Arutz Sheva/Israel National News:

French Muslim Sign by David Lunde/Lundesigns

A young Jewish woman was brutalized by two Muslim Arabs in France Thursday.
Audrey Brachelle, 22, was attacked in the French city of Marseilles Thursday evening. The attack began as she walked back from her job as an accountant at a textile factory toward the metro station in the La Rose neighborhood of the city, which is home to many Jews.
Two Arab men followed her and attempted to steal her cell phone. After they grabbed it, the attackers noticed the Jewish ornament on the woman’s necklace, at which point she says they realized she was Jewish and began focusing on brutalizing her rather than stealing her phone.
The men then punched her in the face, sliced her dress with a knife and carved at least one Nazi swastika into her chest. They also cut off a clump of her hair.
Despite the swastikas and epithets expressed by the attackers, the French government is hesitating to admit that the attack was an anti-Jewish one. . . .
France is home to a huge community of Muslim Arabs, who have enjoyed the nation’s liberal immigration policies but brought with them the anti-Semitism of their nations of origin. . . .
The Jews of France are still reeling from the events of last year. In February, 2006, the murder of Ilan Halimi shocked the French Jewish community. Halimi was kidnapped by French Muslims and brutally tortured to death.
Just last week, Rabbi Elie Dahan, rabbi of Nord-Pas-de-Calais in northern France, was violently attacked by a man who yelled “dirty Jew” at him while pummeling him in the face at the Paris North train station.
In a step reminiscent of pre-Holocaust times, the Chief Rabbis of France and Norway have called on Jews in those countries not to go outside with obvious Jewish symbols.

I typically hide my Jewish jewelry when I wear it outside, because there are so many Muslims in the greater Detroitistan area who would maim or kill me if they got the chance. And the Bush/Gonzales Department of “Justice” moves, inexcusably, very slowly on the very serious death and torture threats I’ve received from local Muslims.
If you don’t think what happened to Audrey Brachelle and Ilan Halimi will ever happen in America, think again. We’ve already had previews with various Muslim shooters and attackers around the country–from the UNC Muslim who drove into students with his jeep to the Muslim who murdered people at the Jewish Community Center of Seattle to the Trolley Square Muslim terrorist who shot and killed several people execution style. And, fortunately, the Muslims who plotted against Fort Dix were caught. Well, six of them. The other four involved will not be charged because of the claim that there isn’t enough evidence. That’s right–there really isn’t a “Fort Dix Six.” It’s the “Fort Dix Ten.”
Coming to America? Nope. It’s already here. Because our immigration policies are now worse and more lenient than France’s. And this is what is in store for our future because of it.
As for France, not only would I not want to live there, it’s not even a nice place to visit.
“Religion of Peace”? More like Religion of Pieces . . . as in, Cut You to Pieces.

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18 Responses

The barbarians have climbed out of the Islamic Trojan Horse and are waging war on the Western world. The Islamic enemy within is asking for it. Hopefully, they will get it.

FreethinkerNY on May 16, 2007 at 4:17 pm

This is old news but now that Sarkozy took the presidential seat, hopefully things should be different in France. I think its about time jews and gentiles alike take a stance to arm and defend themselves from the middle-easturd sewer rats who are infesting the West with their violence and atrocities against their non-muslim natives. I wear my star of david necklace in public with pride ( and at my own risk,lol). Its my religious freedom and I won’t let these 7th century primitives impede on it while trying to impose shariah law on me. Stop being afraid of these muslim gansters and show them who is in charge.

Jew Chick on May 16, 2007 at 4:48 pm

I find these comments interesting.
Certainly, I have no basis for argument. I am not Jewish. I have a common German last name, I speak German (and several other European languages), I have strikingly Nordic features (as do many Jews I know) and many people with whom I deal in Europe know I attend Mass regularly. I spend a great deal of time traveling for business purposes and on twice yearly vacations. I am out of the US at least 1 week each month and most often in the Benelux (Amsterdam, Brussels) France (Paris, Toulouse, Avignon), Germany (Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt), the Irish Republic and the UK (London, Luton, Manchester). On a few occassions, when anti-Americanism is ripe, I let service people just assume I am German. I have yet to feel at all endangered even in some heavily Muslim company. I am careful in some neighborhoods in Brussels, particularly the Midi Station area, and in Luton. I seldom wander into the outer Paris rings. But, there are parts of many US cities I avoid even more strenuously. People with whom I work often tend to know that I am not a supporter of GWB nor the Iraq occupation. Never any fear, nor any problems.
My wife speaks (in fact, teaches university) German, but is far less Nordic in appearance than I, and she has a last name which is German and is fairly common with Jews of German origin. She travels more extensively and frequently in Germany than I do and somewhat less elsewhere. In our trips together, I have never noticed any problems or fears, and she has never told me of any circumstances or surroundings in which she was uncomfortable.
I wonder why this is? Do Americans exude some sort of Americanism even if they don’t trace themselves back to the Mayflower, or even the Titanic? Are some people victims because they exude discomfort or fear? Are Americans less able (I know they are less inclined) to recognize and to distinguish between Gentiles and Jews? Are we just completely ignorant about Muslims.
Some of the business people with whom I deal in Europe are Muslim, and we enjoy friendly, if not close, relationships. I know their families, visit in their homes. Certainly, my conduct is different. I am respectful of customs and traditions, to the point of being a bit nervous at time (so as not to offend).
I don’t want to appear politically incorrect. I believe what you have said to be true. In fact, I have heard it from others. I just wonder why, even after having read and heard about the types of attitudes and treatment you have described, all of this seems so remote to me.
I very much enjoy European values and tolerance and the European life-style. In fact, my wife and I intend to retire in France and Germany at the beginning of the next decade, and this seems so relevant to me. But, also so puzzling.

On The Mark on May 16, 2007 at 5:04 pm

I recently sent an email to the airport administration in Phoenix beccause of their dhimmitude when they installed footwashing basins for myslim cabbies. Here is their response:
Thank you for your email about the sink in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport taxicab lot.
In 2004, Sky Harbor installed a sink/wash basin attached to the restroom
in response to strong demand by many of the 400 taxicab drivers who use
the area for extended hours each day and do not have easy access to the
terminal buildings. Many of the drivers use this basin for washing
hands and feet prior to conducting Muslim prayer, but the sink is
available to all of the drivers regardless of their faith. The two
water spigots are on timers so that they shut off automatically to avoid
water waste.
We also have an all-faiths, interdenominational chapel in Terminal 4 for
use by airport workers and travelers.
There is no religious symbol at the wash basin and it is not considered
a “Muslim prayer station.” It is just two water spigots provided for
their convenience.
Thank You,
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

TheOmegaMan on May 16, 2007 at 6:04 pm

APPARENTLY France is all about toleranceƖhopefully Canada will remain intolerant:

The Canadien on May 16, 2007 at 7:38 pm

Sorry OmegaMan, but you take is typical is typical germanic egocentric male, receptive to how ‘you’ are treated and not congnizant of their treatment and expressions/attitudes toward women. Typical, they are enomored with your wife/girlfriend, humour your as a fellow male. But, you’re not listening to anything outside of the fraternal dialog, just another passing party “dude'”.
Probably talked you into smoking opium, didn’t they. Wake up, they will cut your big goofy northern arrogant bleeding heart right out of your chest and rape your wife/girlfriend.

code7 on May 16, 2007 at 8:13 pm

Earth to to code7. Are you insane or just dumb?

TheOmegaMan on May 16, 2007 at 8:38 pm

I am sorry to say that “ON THE MARK” is off the mark. He may know several languages and a variety of customs, but he does not know reality.
Europe is falling apart. They are unable to defend themselves and it will not be too long until their way of life is gone. They will be bathing Muslim feet.
The U.S. will not send troops to rescue any one except maybe England. And as soon as we find the exit door, the U.S. will be out of Iraq.
The next time we have a 9/11 equivalent, the only thing we will send is the B-52s or missiles. Bush has taught us well.

Happiness Pursuer on May 16, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Why wait? Do us a favor – retire tomorrow and move to your beloved Germany!
No doubt you have been protected from anti-Americanism by your incredible arrogance and excessive verbosity – people assume you are French!
I suggest re-reading Debbie’s post on the off chance that doing so will help you understand that the woman attacked by muslims was French, not American. Also, perhaps you can comprehend after re-reading the post that she was savagely attacked not because she was exuding fear, but because she was wearing jewelry that identified her as Jewish.
As an experiment, next time you are wandering around Europe try wearing something that identifies you as Jewish and let us know how it turns out.

CarpeDiem on May 17, 2007 at 1:10 am

I think this could do with some follow-up:
Jerusalem – The U.S. Congress is looking into the issue of “the other Middle East refugees” — Jews in Arab countries who were forced through violence or discriminatory decrees to flee when the State of Israel was established 59 years ago.
The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee’s subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia held a hearing on the subject last week, and “sense of Congress” resolutions are being considered in the House and Senate.
In 1948, 856,000 Jews lived in 10 Arab countries. Today, there are some 8,000.

hutchrun on May 17, 2007 at 3:14 am

I understand Far Right Wing American intolerance, and it doesn’t bother me in the least. I rather pity intolerant people. They make their own worlds incredibly small, ugly places and desparately try to draw others in.
Want I don’t understand is a comment like, “Europe is falling apart.” I see no evidence of that. Just last week I was in London and the suburban areas to the north and west, even Luton and Wimbley, and I saw a busy, vibrant place full of productive people going about their lives and allowing other people to go about their lives. I never once felt endangered or threatened, as I sometimes do in Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles or some other US cities.
I had pub dinners at which I was attended by Londoners with thick City accents, Australians, Poles and even a woman in Islamic scarves. In the Tube stations I saw males from former African colonies running alongside women in Burqas to catch the next train. I know I am being anecdotal, but the horror stories I hear, which I know to be true, are also anecdotal. More depth, more substance, please!
When I checked in at Stansted to return home, my counter was next to an El Al counter. We had armed law enforcement personnel in the area, not because it was an El Al counter but because that is the norm. When I went through security, I started to remove my laptop and my shoes and was told that wasn’t necessary, that it served no purpose. Yet, I felt safe and secure because of the guards and because of the profiling I knew was going on. By contrast, when I went through security at JFK, I took out my laptop and my plastic bag, took off my shoes and my belt (although neither were metallic) and had to go back through to run my passport portfolio through. The window dressing and the TSA/recently ex-hamburger flipping personnel made me feel less secure.
What I am saying is I think it is possible to be both secure and tolerant, to protect ourselves without doing violence to those great principles which make us American and which make the USA the nation which other nations aspire to be. We haven’t found the mix, which is fine, but I don’t think we are trying to do so in a meaningful way, which is troubling. As a consequence, we are less secure and less free.
If, as you suggest, we are in a period during which Muslims will be establishing their presence in the national lives of the Western democracies, maybe we ought to be searching for ways to insure that what they offer enriches us, but does not fundamentally change us. I don’t for a moment believe the European experience is a paradigm for us, but it may offer us some glimmers of a distinctly American, working route. Similarly, we can learn much from the Israelis and the Indonesians who, despite their problems, have found value in the struggle.
On some level and to some degree, we are endangering ourselves and our culture. I do believe that on our current track we are in for a very bleak time. Maybe, we ought to be devoting our attention and our energies to the end of protecting our lives and our culture instead of just clothing ourselves in a too tightly woven synthetic fabric of security. A more tolerant cloth might make a durable garment.

On The Mark on May 17, 2007 at 8:40 am

On the Mark
I would suggest you walk around Whitechapel Road, Brick Lane, Finsbury Park, Euston Road – in London or anywhere in say Bradford – wearing a prominent Star of David and then get back to us.

Ripper on May 17, 2007 at 8:47 am

Thank you for your reponse, Ripper. I have been to all of those places. Finsbury and Euston on this last trip ….
In my lifetime, I have never worn, and I have never seen anyone wear a prominent Star of David except in film and theatre. From time-to-time I will see a man or a woman wearing a Star of David as jewelry or a man in a yarmulka or Talis, even in Europe.
I was truly trying to understand something which confuses me. I am constantly being told by Far Right Wingers that Europe is disintegrating, and I have just not seen any evidence of that. Rather obviously, nothing posted herein is going to further that understanding, so I now move on.

On The Mark on May 17, 2007 at 9:57 am

On The Mark is living proof that Liberals are infested with Mad Cow disease.

FreethinkerNY on May 17, 2007 at 4:57 pm

Sorry OmegaMan, thanks Debbie…
On the Mark, I partially grew-up in Europe, don’t even tell me it is even close to the harmonious, sanctuary of tolerant muslims you claim. I saw the way you treated the Turks in your country, too, so tolerant as long as they didn’t plan on staying.
You have had peace for so long for one reason alone, the U.S. soldier to the tune of 450,000 in the seventies and 300,000 when I was there keeping you and your best friends the “frogs” from blowing up the world a third time.

code7 on May 17, 2007 at 7:00 pm

Londonistan Calling
They say that the past is another country, but let me tell you that it’s much more unsettling to find that the present has become another country, too. In my lost youth I lived in Finsbury Park, a shabby area of North London, roughly between the old Arsenal football ground and the Seven Sisters Road. It was a working-class neighborhood, with a good number of Irish and Cypriot immigrants. Your food choices were the inevitable fish-and-chips, plus the curry joint, plus a strong pitch from the Greek and Turkish kebab sellers. There was never much “bother,” as the British say, in Finsbury Park. Greeks and Turks might be fighting in Cyprus, but they never lifted a hand to one another in London. Many of the Irish had republican allegiances, but they didn’t take that out on the local Protestants. And, even though both Cyprus and Ireland had all the grievances of partitioned former British colonies, it would have seemed inconceivableĆ³unimaginableĆ³that any of their sons would put a bomb on the bus their neighbors used.

hutchrun on May 17, 2007 at 11:38 pm

On The Mark seems to forget-or refuses to acknowledge: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
OTM, go visit Toulon…just outside the French Naval Barracks, past the tiny square, and sit in the park for a bit. Spout your “tolerance” there. Or try Pudejecvo Kosovo… then visit old Nurenberg, and tell us why there the walls are and high and thick. Visit Southern California-although not a Muzzie strong-hold-and walk through Chula Vista or San Ysidro with an All-American flag of the United States. I wonder if Infidels can have a friendly lunch in Hamtramick (sp?) Michigan, while wearing a Israeli flag pin.
As far as the “far right wing” label goes, well was it far right wingers who removed the pump handles in / around when the Cholera epidemic was killing thousands? Or, as you suggest, should they tried to better “understand” the germs that were sickening and killing the Londoners? (To include “tolerating” the bacteria?) Look at it from a infectious medicine perspective, and you’ll see…wait…never mind…Salk, Pasteur, Pauling are all right wingers…
Islamic Militants-and their supporters-are a retrovirus that must be quarantined, contained, segregated period.
I do not agree with you, but us “far right wingers” will accept your thanks when we defend to our death your right to be wrong.

Nuggler on May 18, 2007 at 10:32 am

I have a list of nominees for Jewish Idiot Of The Year,but since last night I caught a story of some grafitti put on a mosque,right now my leading contenders would be the Jewish idiots from “the Jewish community” who were pictured in front of a mosque the last time “this outrage” happened-a short time ago.One of ’ems a “family friend”;her response:”You have to start somewhere”(naturally she’s a public school teacher).

jaywilton on May 18, 2007 at 1:04 pm

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