May 18, 2007, - 1:12 pm

EXCLUSIVE/OUTRAGE: DHS Officials Say Welcome to the End of America

Aside from the basic absurdities of the Ted Kennedy-George W. Bush Illegal Alien Amnesty agreement reached today, there are these absurdities that I’ve learned from disgusted high-ranking Homeland Security officials in the know (whose alarming, MUST-READ e-mails are posted below):
1) Temporary Worker Program (TWP) aliens will NOT be checked against the most basic databases–so we have no way of knowing who these aliens are (they can give whatever name they want to give and it must be accepted at face value) and whether they are terrorists or criminals. DHS officials at Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) say the TWP applicants will NOT be checked against the TECS (The Enforcement Communication System) or IBIS (InterAgency Border Inspection System) databases (IBIS is part of TECS). Therefore, it is a certainty that many Islamic terrorists and hardened criminals will have a golden ticket into America.

2) Currently, CIS officials are “encouraging” all immigration and citizenship application adjudicators to approve 10 applicants per hour. That means no more than 6 minutes per applicant is spent checking who they are, CURRENTLY. Imagine what will happen under this new Amnesty Bill when over 100,000 people per day must be processed (and their applications are being farmed out to private companies like the one that approved the 9/11 hijackers’ visas, after 9/11). Yup, CIS chief –who is –is forcing employees to rubber-stamp through citizenship applications.
Think that’ll change when 30 million new applications (when all family members end up here) come into the mix? Think again.
3) All applicants to the TWP and citizenship parts of the bill have at least a 24-hour until their fingerprints and info go online all over the country. That means they have a 24-hour window to apply at multiple CIS offices to get multiple citizenship documents under various names and identities. There is no check on this.
4) Even where backgrounds are checked and/or applicants are caught with terrorist or criminal problems or inconsistencies, ICE(Immigration & Customs Enforcement)–which investigates and enforces against them–turns down 79% of the referrals it gets from CIS, and those people get to become citizens, anyway. Wonderful.
5) The increased border presence and toughness? Don’t hold your breath–this quid for the quo of giving citizenship to millions who don’t deserve it–is really not a quid at all. This bill doesn’t guarantee that, unlike the Mainstream Media’s false reports. All it guarantees is that 6 months or so from now Michael Chertoff promises to give President Bush a plan for what he’ll do 18 months beyond . . . when all of them are out of office and heading for shuffleboard and the Early Bird Special in retirement in Miami or Boca or whereever. OH, and by the way, the “increased border security” in the air will be a scant two drones each for thousands of miles of unmanned territory on our northern and southern borders. What a joke.
6) Don Crocetti, Director of CIS’ Fraud Detection National Security Unit, is responsible for all the national security background checks at CIS, benefit fraud analysis, etc. He was investigated and censured by congress for his role in the Citizenship USA scandal at INS. Guh-reat!

Homeland Security’s Emilio T. Gonzalez & Michael Chertoff:

The Bozos in Charge of Giving Away American Citizenship

READ THESE E-MAILS from high-ranking DHS officials who want me to get the word out to you that the Great American Sell-out is about to begin. They’ve been sending me these since well before the Club Ted (Kennedy)-Bush America Sell-out on immigration was reached:

The Treasury Enforcement Communication System/Integrated Border Inspection System (TECS/IBIS). TECS/IBIS contains historical and enforcement data on travelers, and provides a gateway to other sources of data. These other sources include the Terrorist
Screening Database (TSDB), FBI criminal history and National Crime Information Center (NCIC, outstanding wants/warrants, vehicle and driver’s license-related data contained in National Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (NLETS), and Department of State alien records, lookouts, and status indicators.
In order to expedite processing applicants of the TWP, USCIS will not use IBIS or TECS because the temporary processing stations will not have connectivity to the databases. USCIS plans to process 100,000 TWP applicants per day during TWP.


USCIS will not conduct an INTERAGENCY BORDER INSPECTION SYSTEM (IBIS) CHECKS on applicants as part of the TWP. This will increase the number of applicants processed each day (and decrease our safety).


CIS will NOT use IBIS/TECS Background Checks during the process of applicants at the Temporary ASC locations [DS: ASCs are Application Support Centers, where they will process Temporary Worker applicants]. CIS plans to open 100 Temporary ASC locations WITHOUT connectivity to IBIS/TECS.
Will Congress be interested to hear the news that they are funding a part of the Guest Worker Program that DOES NOT CHECK BACKGROUNDS OF ALIENS????!!!!


ICE, CIS, Immigrations, Broken Borders, and Why We Can’t Catch Them
The Citizenship Immigration Service (CIS) is currently churning out
approvals of aliens as fast as they can get them. Adjudicators are told “verbally” that they must process at least 10 approvals an hour to be successful. Officially everyone is told “there is no quota”, but reality is the real issue. The real crux of this problem is that each adjudicator has 6 minutes or less to determine each filing, which entails looking it up in Claims database, a quick scan for criminal records and criminal history, a quick scan whether the petitioner exists, whether the beneficiary exists, and an eyeball of the original documents for completeness. If fraud is not blatant or apparent then it is stamped approved and off it goes to have notices sent out and filing.
Some of the really good adjudicators can do 20 cases an hour and that
doesn’t include coffee breaks or lunch. Of course the head of CIS
Emilio Gonzalez, stated to Congress that there is no quota.
Referrals are made to one of the fraud units (FDU) when the fraud is so blatant that it cannot be easily ignored, or it came across the desk of an employee who actually tries to do their job, in spite of the penalties that occur when a case (Petition or benefit) is referred to the fraud unit.
Don’t be confused, but there are several fraud units all located at
basically the same service centers, and it is not clear exactly which
unit does what. A memorandum of understanding is pending to determine exactly what cases go to the Fraud Detection Unit (FDU) at the Service Center, or the Background Check Unit (BCU), or the Center Fraud Unit (CFU), or the Fraud Detection National Security (FDNS) entity.
The Washington controlled FDNS is located at each main service center. Each service center runs a CFU and now has a BCU, whereas the former FDU has had its personnel shifted to FDNS and to CFU and to BCU.
The CFU, BCU, or FDNS can send cases to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for investigation. ICE is floundering for reasons of personnel, lack of leadership, lack of guidance, lack of ability, lack of resources, and lack of morale. ICE is the only authorized agency that CIS entities can refer investigative cases to. Don Crocetti, head of FDNS, has FDNS personnel collecting data on all the cases referred to ICE, to include how long it takes ICE to open a case, how many forwarded investigations that ICE rejects, and how long ICE takes on an investigation. ICE is rejecting about 79% of all forwarded immigration fraud cases. These rejected cases are then handled administratively. A senior FDNS intelligence research specialist stated “if there aren’t 300+ petitions & beneficiaries involved in the fraud case, then ICE will not work it, and it will take ICE between 6 months to a year to tell us (FDNS) that they reject it.”
During this process, once the decision is made to handle the petitions
“administratively” a notice is usually sent out, an “intent to deny”
notice. This is not so great an idea, so even though fraud was found
(but we can’t say that) and ICE won’t investigate it further because it won’t be a name grabber in the press, we send out a notice to the
petitioner, lawyer, and beneficiary, to the address that is many times
itself, fraudulent. We give them 30 days to reply. Even if they were at the address, does anyone think for a common sense moment, that an
illegal (EWI – entry without inspection) attempting to obtain status is going to depart, just because he/she has been told to, when they are already here illegally?
ICE will not be looking for them, because Ice has already declined to
investigate. FDNS will process and send it back to the adjudicator, who will issue a notice and later the petition gets stamped denied. Oh how fearful.
How much fraud and where? FDNS has conducted benefit fraud assessments (BFA) since CIS’s last testimony in Congress. Congress asked the question, “How much fraud?” CIS leaders did not know how much and even with the current system, not all cases/petitions are examined, merely a random sampling. The average types of employment petitions have a standard fraud rate of about 25%. This means that nearly 1 out of every 4 employment petitions are fraudulent, and it means that a large part of them are approved, allowing beneficiaries involved in fraud to receive benefits and status in the USA.
But that’s not all…Religious worker fraud is probably the worst. In an ongoing BFA on religious workers the overall assessment found around 36% fraud of petitions from all religious workers (Methodists, Catholics, Buddhists, etc, etc). Even worse is the breakdown of percentages by religious group (which CIS was told specifically by leadership NOT to address). Islamic religious groups’ average fraud reached 77-78%. This will not be released since it, as explained in Apr 2007 telephonic conference, “lends itself to be misconstrued, and in itself may not be politically correct.”
Moral issues, morale issues, and “war on terror” issues, or even plain
honesty are not even a thought or consideration to CIS leadership as
they examine facts, figures, and realities, and mold them to say what
they want to, even to the US Congress. Somewhat like the CIS informal report about ICE and the fraud rejection rate that is in preparation and will be dropped on DHS leaders soon. And ICE thought they were in sad shape now.
But that is not all, remember FDNS, Fraud Detection and National
Security which translates to terrorism cases. FDNS is prohibited from
working with FBI or JTTFs until/unless ICE allows it (MOU). A number of interesting individuals are allowed to go on about their way, since FBI does not share why they want certain individuals paperwork held, and CIS doesn’t care unless they are given a reason. Once again lack of coordination between federal agencies has created yet another mass method for terrorists to easily enter and operate in the US, completely unknown.
A local FDNS supervisor has stated “we don’t work national security
issues. We will only work fraud.” FDNS headquarters is still “in
formation” for its national security unit. It received a lot of
government money to conduct this mission, which still remains unrealized at every level.

HaHa Funny: The Joke’s on You, America

When Michael Maxwell, former Director of Security at CIS testified before Congress, he spoke about the 6 minute rule and the failure of ICE to investigate and Don Crocetti–Director of CIS’ Fraud Detection National Security Unit–keeping statistics on ICE investigations. At the time, the failure rate of ICE to investigate referrals was about 70-72%. So it has increased (to 79% refusal to investigate immigration fraud)! Thanks, Julie Myers. Neither agency has changed–they’ve gotten worse. And with Amnesty, the nadir we thought was the nadir will sink even lower.
Welcome to the GREAT AMERICAN SELL-OUT. Say Buh-Bye to America as you know it. And Buh-Bye to the “9/11 President.” With this legislation, President George W. Bush shows us he’s every bit 9/10 as the ACLU. And a lot more naive.
The Great American Abyss just got more Abyss-ant. To our detriment and ultimate destruction.

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32 Responses

And no internal affairs group to investigate the “non-existent” quota pushed by management. This was supposed to be created with the Sensenbrenner bill, but I have not seen any of that in this current appeasement bill.

rivfedup on May 18, 2007 at 2:07 pm

You are a great American, Debbie!
Call Carl Lenin and Debbie Stabbingmenow and tell them they are destroying the country – again!

Hank Dagny on May 18, 2007 at 2:27 pm

America is our home. If someone breaks into your home and demands to live there, do you accept them as new residents or do you throw them out? What right do criminals have to demand that society tolerate their crimes? If we allow this wave of illegal invaders to violate the law with impunity, the next wave will demand the same “amnesty.” Our so-called leaders are leading us to Hell and will leave us there.

FreethinkerNY on May 18, 2007 at 2:41 pm

All it would take to prevent this tragedy from happening is one presidential veto.
Now,,, where is that president?????
Be careful who you vote for. Unfortunately, “None of the Above” has been the most intelligent choice for the past four elections. Too bad he wasn’t running.
Looks like we take it up the old …. again.
Bring the troops home. Build a 50 foot high, 25 foot wide stone wall on the border from the ocean at CA through to TX at the Gulf of Mexico. Put the troops on the wall. And give them a bounty for each scalp. Inhumane plan. No more horrific than this Amnesty legislation; it just dispenses in the opposite direction.

Happiness Pursuer on May 18, 2007 at 3:32 pm

Before I knew Amnesty’s name
And heard it’s wail and whininÔø?
I had a country and it had me
And the sun was always shininÔø?
But then one day Bush betrayed me
And left me far behind him
And now I’m lost, so gone and lost
Not even God can find me

feralcat9 on May 18, 2007 at 4:59 pm

I have a solution for the problem at DHS/ICE.
Fire them all for being incompetent traitors and re-hire people from the bottom that are interested in protecting America.
All the upper management should be prosecuted for fraud and thrown in prison with stiff sentences.
The signal that would send would be all that is needed to get people to do the job the were hired to do.
What a pathetic mess.

ScottyDog on May 18, 2007 at 5:16 pm

I don’t know anybody who isn’t saying this is the end of the United States. I want chaos so we can all make our move without the masters being able to stop us. I just hope enough people are on the same page to make a change for the better.

steve ventry on May 18, 2007 at 5:39 pm

Dear Debbie:
If this is the end of America, do you have any recommendation as to where we should emmigrate?

There is NO Santa Claus on May 18, 2007 at 6:38 pm

Please keep up the pressure . . you are making a difference . . with all the posted comments from ICE, the no confidence vote by your brothers in the Border Patrol with Aguilar, and now seeing CIS folks stepping into the mix . . it’s like a house of cards . . my fear is . . the country is to far gone . early on in my INS career, I realized that both, the Republicans and the Dems, are one and the same . they sold this country out a long time ago . . the only salvation and hope is for a third party candiate with intregity. .
NOTE: We at DRO are having our gravel speech by the ICE Princess sometime in the first week of June . . it should be good for some entertainment value . .
Keep up the good work Debbie . my Dad had this saying (career military) . “Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country”, if not NOW . . then ask yourself WHEN . . when will we comitt oursleves to make that change?
Strength & Honor To Those Who Serve

fiveo on May 18, 2007 at 7:02 pm


poetcomic1 on May 18, 2007 at 7:05 pm

If this amnesty flies, the great debacle know as the INS will rise from the ashes of DHS/ICE and all of you will be re-flagged as Immigration Officers (not SA’s) and drafted to work on the new amnesty program. Don’t believe me? ask any legacy INS 1811 that was around during IRCA’86 and /or the Clinton CUSA program.
You are all doomed.

LocalLawman on May 18, 2007 at 8:32 pm

Rage against the dying of the light.

Nuggler on May 18, 2007 at 9:54 pm

Posted by: poetcomic1 [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 18, 2007 07:05 PM
Because it’s called the New World Order. Debbie and I part company here but she treats me well, but thi was in the planning a long time ago and it’s coming to fruition. Poetcomic, want to see more? Go to:
It’ll explain what’s going on.

KOAJaps on May 19, 2007 at 12:29 am

“I have a solution for the problem at DHS/ICE.
Fire them all for being incompetent traitors and re-hire people from the bottom that are interested in protecting America …”
Posted by: ScottyDog at May 18, 2007 05:16 PM
“If this amnesty flies, the great debacle know as the INS will rise from the ashes of DHS/ICE and all of you will be re-flagged as Immigration Officers (not SA’s) and drafted to work on the new amnesty program. Don’t believe me? ask any legacy INS 1811 that was around during IRCA’86 and /or the Clinton CUSA program.
You are all doomed.”
Posted by: LocalLawman at May 18, 2007 08:32 PM
Bags are packed and I’m ready to bail, brothers and sisters – Lord willing, NO MORE IMMIGRATION WORK FOR ME (WOO- HOO !!!).

4EVERCUSTOMS on May 19, 2007 at 12:20 pm

Word is that Secret Service isnt getting anything from our financial investigations. They may get help with getting theirs run better, but not receiving more investigative power/jurisdiction. I cant wait till they ring the bell and hand my ass over to CBP. Enough of this dual threat Agent crap and get us back to doing what we should be doing. The jobs we were hired and trained to do.

kcrat on May 19, 2007 at 1:17 pm

Hey 4evercustoms and kcrat,
I’ll hold the door open for you two a**holes so you don’t bang your overinflated egos on the way out…you two guys are so caught up in your own little delusional world to know that some of your beloved customs agents don’t have college degrees…even some in upper management positions…how hard is it to process a dope load caught by a CBP inspector or seize some fake Oakleys boys…….how long does it take you to process an alien? 4 hours or do you need to have one of the uneducated legacy INS agents that speaks spanish help you…keep in mind knuckleheads that it wasn’t a dope smuggler that flew those planes into the was a freakin alien overstay…I hope you both wind up with Secret Service watching trash cans during the next elections…BTW Cualquier Tiempo, Cualquier Lugar! Oh I forgot you are legacy customs…anytime, anyplace…I think you get my meaning. Hasta La Vista y Vaya Bien Pendejos

Viva La Migra on May 20, 2007 at 6:25 pm

La Migra,
You must be kidding me!! Dont let the facts get in the way of your INS glasses. We (Customs) were the top law enforcement agency in the federal government. We consistently graded out at the top of the class while you turds were chasing Paco. INS is the biggest failure in the history of law enforcement…. Guess what shithead,,, you were a contributing factor to the fictious law enforcement agency. They thought so highly of your skills that you were only given 12’s. Shit,,, I thought that was at least three grades to high. Like my coworker (L INS) said, you won the lottery and we caught cancer. Go back to chasing Paco and his cousins and we will go back to conducting real investigations. Maybe your ass can go over to DRO and get back to doing INS work. Because its obvious most of you INS turds cant do much more.

kcrat on May 20, 2007 at 6:46 pm

La Migra,
Seriously, are we in the cast of “West Side”? Grow up! Anytime anyplace? Are you threatening to fight someone? Please. As someone who’s worked both legacy agencies and left INS to actually DO SOMETHING (USCS), you’d be hard-pressed to find a Legacy USCS Agent who doesn’t think that your legacy job–locking up or deporting every illegal within sight–is the best thing ever. The job is well justified. The problem most of us have is that that the government/politicians/the public WON’T LET US enforce the laws. It is frustrating to come from an agency where we actually make cases (Customs) and put people in jail to be in charge of DOING NOTHING! You are totally kidding yourself if you think that being able to speak Spanish makes you an investigator–the two are completey uncorrelated (that means unrelated). I speak 4 different languages and that has nothing to do with my core responsibilities. And, people who say a college degree makes an investigator are wrong, too. But, there does have to be some kind of standard; and, being able to stick to college for 4-5 years shows that you can commit to something. That is why a degree is a big deal–as is militiary experience–because it shows commitment. It does take many Legacy USCS Agents quite awhile to process an illegal alien because they don’t have the advantage of speaking more than one language (USCS hiring practices went beyond “Do you speak Spanish?”).
Coming from both sides of the fence–so to speak–you are wrong. There is no denying that historically, whatever it is that Legacy INS did was messed up. Your/my old agency was a failure. If you can’t admit that, you are blind. That being said, it doesn’t mean that every INS employee was inferior or hired in error. Get some self-respect and stop blaming frustrated Gov’t. employees for YOUR inferiority complex.
Also, you get extra points with me if you learned Spanish as a second language. But, if you had the luxory of learning Spanish from your family–my three extra languages, Spanish included, were learned by hard work and determination–you have NO RIGHT, NONE, to think you’re something special over the average United States Government Special Agent. In fact, you should be ashamed of yourself. You can go right back to processing and thinking you’re great for speaking the only language your mom and dad could teach you–Woo hoo! You’ve really stretched your brain, haven’t you?

Legacy USCS/INS on May 21, 2007 at 1:49 am

La Migra, kcrat, 4EVRCUSTOMS, and Legacy USCS/INS,
Can’t we all just get along? Working together we can get ourselves promoted into management and replace those moronic drones on both sides of the fence that are currently making illogical management decisions. We can make a new tomorrow for all our brother and sister agents.

rivfedup on May 21, 2007 at 1:55 am

Of course we should be able to get along! I, personally, have had no problems since crossing over from one agency to the other before the big merge. If you work, you rarely have any gripes. I just had to write when La Migra chimed in about his/her ‘special’ ability to speak one of the easiest/most beautiful and common languages on earth. That was my point. Saying a college degree is the end all/be all or saying, wow, I can speak Spanish is hardly the quintessential feather in the cap. And, if you think that all of us ‘getting along’ will get any of us promoted to mangagemnet, good luck with that. I wish I had that faith.

Legacy USCS/INS on May 21, 2007 at 2:41 am

Of course we should be able to get along! I, personally, have had no problems since crossing over from one agency to the other before the big merge. If you work, you rarely have any gripes. I just had to write when La Migra chimed in about his/her ‘special’ ability to speak one of the easiest/most beautiful and common languages on earth. That was my point. Saying a college degree is the end all/be all or saying, wow, I can speak Spanish is hardly the quintessential feather in the cap. And, if you think that all of us ‘getting along’ will get any of us promoted to mangagemnet, good luck with that. I wish I had that faith.

Legacy USCS/INS on May 21, 2007 at 2:42 am

Lest we forget our educated finest law enforcement agents in the federal government, former USCS personnel.. SAC Frank Figueroa (exposing himself to a minor in a mall), SAC Jesus Torres (traveling around the world on cases when he should have been managing his office) hence the ASAC also in bed with Hollywood and several other FL management types sent packing, the former SAC and ASAC Dallas(legacy customs)using a G car to drink in a strip bar, former Tucson SAC domestic violence it goes on and on..BTW it also touches all agencies.
I guess you missed my point…it doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or’s doing the right thing and carrying out your Mission..whatever the assignment may be..
4ever…you keep referring to your time in both agencies as some type of bona fides, then you should understand…who wouldn’t agree that the INS was screwed up, but that doesn’t mean that the agents didn’t do their jobs and didn’t sacrifice for this about commitment, get real..I’ve also served in the military, BP, INS and ICE and I’ve met men and women, regardless of their eduactional level (oh yes I also have a degree)or agency that did their jobs without whining…but hands down I learned more from working than I learned in school…
kcrap…you are hopeless and besides aren’t you need to grow up a little and realize that all LEAs do a job and contribute to the security of this nation and the communities.
Vaya Con Dios

Viva La Migra on May 21, 2007 at 5:51 am

Word is (from a well-connected buddy of mine at HQ) USSS will not take ICE agents (L USCS guys with experience conducting financial investigations) into the fold should ICE lose all of its non-immigration work. Also, to get hired on with the Bureau you have to go through Quantico. DEA should be coming out of their hiring freeze soon, though. That also comes from their HQ. I do think ICE will lose some of its legacy Customs work, given all the fraud that will occur with this amnesty bill. That’s the general consensus in DC anyway.

FormerICE on May 21, 2007 at 12:29 pm

La Migra,
Do you look as dumb as you speak?? The reason why you can’t understand the frustration of L Customs Agents is become you were used to being on the bottom. It has been very painful for us to go from where we were, down to your level. You didnt have to adjust to anything, you were used to being shit canned.

kcrat on May 21, 2007 at 1:57 pm

Hey Legacy USCS/INS,
I think you may be the one with the complex…I never said that the INS was a good agency, what I said was, there were good people doing a thankless job and sacrificing while doing it.
The Border Patrol taught me spanish, how to shoot and take control of large groups miles from anywhere without backup. If you spent any time working on the border in Anti-Smuggling then you would have worked some complex criminal investigations using spanish as a UC or worked VGTF (Violent Gang Task Force) cases.
Honestly, most agencies that I worked with, over 20 years, really didn’t give a damn about USCS, they thought most of the agents were arogant pricks that expected everyone else to do their work.
As we say on the frontera, Y La Tuya Pendejo, Sabes Que!!!!!

Viva La Migra on May 21, 2007 at 9:27 pm

Buenos Noches, Viva La Migra …
Tio 4EVERCUSTOMS aqui, como se siente?
Es incredible que palabras muy feo use ud. contra tu hermanos ! Soy casado a latina for veinte anos, y puedo usar la lingua espanol por los propositos bien. Ahora …
Yo se hay agentes aduanas que no tiene papeles de colegio, pero, ellos fueron a un curso formal en un escuela formal; no recibieron los credentiales por bebieron cervezas y tequila con el supervisor un dia, y recibie una pistola y credentiales el proximo.
Sin embargo, piensalo bien ante dice algo; somos mas inteligente de lo que uds. se imagen.
This translation brought to you by Uncle 4EVERCUSTOMS, since we have so obviously become the northern occupied Third World that even our own agents are now talking on this fourm in Spanish.
I have some other choice words that I could post here in Spanish, as well, but nothing I would dare say out of respect for Ms. Schussel as a female, and out of respect for my Latino brothers and sisters who think more than themselves to bastardize their culture and their language by posting the vitreol you have here.

4EVERCUSTOMS on May 21, 2007 at 11:20 pm

Bueno 4Ever,
I guess you learned well and I too am married to a latina and your point is? Hey you L Customs agents continue to attack L INS agents, as being chimps and chumps for enforcing immigration law and not the agency! As for the vitreol, read your own posting, what the BP Academy isn’t formal training (one of the most physically and acdemically demanding that the feds have to offer), CITP (the same you attended)isn’t formal training, your college was better than mine? BTW, I don’t drink TeKillya..
The point of this whole exercise was to show you that we are not different, we just took different paths to get to this point. Bedsides, I believe all the people that are running OI are L Customs, if that is case why is this thing so screwed up, or is it?
You have a job and you took an oath.. if you can’t ( I don’t mean you individually) or don’t want to do it, then’s that simple, this is not the military…it’s not like you signed a contract and don’t have a choice!
So shut up, quit complaining and do your job and be thankful that you have one that has perks.
PS…don’t forget that men and women are being killed almost every day for this country and some of us are upset we have to enforce immigration law because we think it is beneath us!!!!Reality Check… it’s called service to your country.

Viva La Migra on May 22, 2007 at 4:42 am

La Migra:
Now that we have some common understanding, allow me to state the following …
I have a great deal of respect for BP and its history; I stand in great awe (and I mean that sincerely) of what you and others have accomplished and, sometimes sadly, sacrified, over the years.
The issue here is this: legacy Immigration and legacy Customs are TWO DISTINCT, BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT MISSIONS; each should be equally well staffed and funded, and, even within those disciplines, there should be division of labor.
For example, legacy Customs dealt with THINGS (drugs, $$$, weapons, etc.), and legacy INS dealt with people. Even within those separate disciplines, there was a division of labor – import specialists to classify goods, inspectors at the POEs and criminal investigators to investigate crimes (legacy customs); same with legacy INS (examiners/adjudicators, inspectors and agents). What I, and many of my colleagues, have said is not that we are below investigating a good doc fraud or alien smuggling case, but why are we doing it at the expense of drugs, $$$, guns and othet equally important evils – why don’t we have the STAFFING and FUNDING to do BOTH? Furthermore, why is DRO still sitting on their duffs and refusing to respond to single status ADMINISTRATIVE arrests (this happens QUITE often in my AOR); it forces criminal investigators to stop complex, long-term inquiries (that’s what we are paid GS-13 pay to do, right?)to handle matters that others are being TRAINED AND PAID to do.
In conclusion, my friend, I think I have said it before and I will again that I will ALWAYS do my job with honor, integrity and dignity – whatever is asked of me and whenever it is asked of me. However, there are many who believe that some of us should just lay down, shut up and “die”, even if it goes against something we truly beleive is wrong, and harmful to our country and its security. I hope you can respect that, in many of the posts I have made on this fourm, that I have presented many facts that demonstrate why this whole merger (many of us feel) was a HUGE mistake, one that harmed our nation and its security.

4EVERCUSTOMS on May 22, 2007 at 8:04 am

Say No To Amnesty For Illegals

TonyDee on May 22, 2007 at 2:54 pm

I just wanna thank you Customs guys for taking over the INS. Because of you I’m now a 13 and make more money (and no college degree either, I barely made it through high school). Furthermore, I do less work and get to hang out in my cube all day.
In the INS we didn’t have as many forms to fill out when we went to arrest an alien. We just did it and worried about the forms later!
Now I don’t think we should get down on the Customs guys just because after three years of ICE they still can’t process an alien (but we always have plenty of Customs guys to fingerprint, and I hate doing that). Processing an alien is extremely technical work that requires the agent to interact with the alien, even though the alien might be dirty and smelly and you can’t call up DEA on the cell phone while you’re processing.
We shouldn’t get mad at Customs, ENFORCE is hard (there’s all these slots to fill out with biographical information and the immigration charges).
I’m still learning the Customs computer system, although for some reason the management here is less patient with INS guys not learning Customs stuff than Customs not learning ENFORCE.
You guys should stop crying. You have a government job with a goverment car and you none of us have to work all that hard.
Just remember: The more they try and make ICE a premier law enforcemnt agency, the less work we have to do.

ACAPturd on May 22, 2007 at 7:03 pm

The background investigation proposal is disengenuous at best. Investigators today don’t have enough time to screen LAPD applicants, and when the felon is the right race or gender, they get in anyway with a political nod. So it’s hard to imagine federal employees digging deeper than their bowl of ice cream.

exLibHollywood on May 25, 2007 at 4:39 pm

I thougth that I would weigh in with my thoughts for the day.
If you want to solve the illegal immigration problem, try standing on the border and handing out directions (names, addresses, and phone numbers of this bill’s supporters to all the illegals crossing the border. Tell them that there is free living space and other amenities at these places. Imagine, the Kennedy compound being overrun with illegals. Instead of the “Senator’s” native slurred speech, you hear Spanish being spoken instead.
Might solve the problem. At least it gives us a laugh to think about it.

Loser on May 25, 2007 at 4:44 pm

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