June 4, 2007, - 10:20 am

More on JFK Plot: What About the Caribbean Muslim Who Threatened My Life?

Of all the information coming out of the JFK Islamic terrorist plot, one of the things people seem most shocked about is that the plotters were Muslims from Guyana and that they had ties to Muslim terrorist groups, like Jamaat al Muslimeen (JAM) in Trinidad and Tobago.
Don’t be surprised. The fact is that both Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago have Muslim populations between 10% and 15% and growing. And they are anything but moderate. Guyana, in South America, may not have been the same since Jim Jones, but the larger threat there is the growing influence of the “Religion of Peace.” The large Muslim populations throughout the Caribbean and South America are perhaps even more dangerous than Communist beachheads on our hemisphere ever were (though the Communists, like Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, work with and enable Islamic terrorists and extremism).

That brings me to the question of . In September 2003, after I wrote about a planned FBI award (later revoked) to in (and spoke about it on the Howard Stern radio show), I received a death threat from Robert Mustaq John, a Muslim whom I’m now told is from the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. He sent me photos of Daniel Pearl in mid-beheading and wrote that I–he called me, “Jewgirl”–would be next. “KILL ALL KIKES,” he also wrote–in blood red capital letters.
Despite my immediate complaint to the FBI, the FBI simply didn’t care. Neither did the Department of Justice and its local bloated sachem, (a Bush Court of Appeals nominee)–who refused to touch the case, lest he anger his Islamist cronies (which include “former” Islamic terrorist Hamad). Although the FBI “investigation” of Robert Mustaq John first uncovered that he was a woman (that’s Famous But Incompetent, for ya), they soon discovered that John was an illegal alien living with his sister in Brooklyn. They told me that John is a Muslim from Jamaica. I’ve since learned he’s from Trinidad and Tobago.
But neither the FBI or the Justice Department has cared enough to look into this man. How did he get here illegally (I’m told he’s now applied for citizenship–a great model for “Z” Visa candidacy)? At which mosque does he pray? Where did he learn his hate for “Kikes” like me and support for beheading us like Daniel Pearl was? Was it at his mosque? Was it at a mosque in Trinidad and Tobago? Who are his cohorts in Brooklyn?
The FBI asked none of these questions and did virtually no investigation into Robert Mustaq John. Instead, they and the Justice Department harassed me. They also pressured me to drop the case, telling me John didn’t really mean it, and sent it to a circular file. , which is still ongoing, almost four years later.
Instead of putting heat on Mr. John or doing a tiny amount of investigating into this extremist on our soil direct from the Islands, Mr. John was given a sweetheart deal (all Muslims are sweethearts at the DoJ): He got to plead guilty to a Misdemeanor (which may spare him deportation).
And because it’s such an important case, John’s plea appearance was delayed because no-one cared to notify his attorney and his sentencing date has been delayed for a similar reason.
So, you wonder why people like Russell Defreitas and Abdul Kadeer get to be in this country, even get citizenship, and plot terror? The FBI isn’t watching enough. And simply doesn’t care enough.
How many Robert Mustaq Johns and Russell Defreitases are there? We’ll never know. Because the “leadership” at our federal law enforcement agenices are AWOL most of the time.

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The government isn’t going to protect us. All they care about is turning the whole world into a plantation. The government is the enemy.

steve ventry on June 4, 2007 at 12:44 pm

Debbie – It’s pretty obvious that not many at all care about this type of stuff. You’re getting a threat or two really isn’t any big deal to ALL of these groups that are supposedly working for the American taxpayers. I mean, really, all you have to do to see how little any of these groups – FBI, CIA, DHS, ICE – are interested in “us,” the American taxpayer, is to look at the case of the guy that just got back into the country with TB! Good F’ng Grief! And, let’s not even get started with the “homeland terrorist groups” such as the group that wanted to bomb the Sears Tower, the Fort Dix group [there were like what – 143 motor vehicle violations or arrests between the six – three of whom are here illegally*], and now the Kennedy airport group!!! Yep. Nothing to see here. Let’s move along folks…
*So, just so I know I’m clear on this – the new immigration bill that is being forced down our throats will allow ALL of these people to stay with a simple Z-Visa – because we can’t keep track of what violations THREE men have and get our act together enough to do simple requested checks in the allotted 24-hour period – someone please try to explain to me how the hell is it gonna be done for the masses that are already here and those that are going to come swarming in as soon as they know that there is a deadline of some sort?!?
Oh, and finally, Debbie – do you think there is ANY connection whatsoever – even remotely – between the Kennedy Airport group and those abeyas-over-fatigues-wearing-duo of women you’ve written about that were seen taking photographs at Love Field???

BT in SA on June 4, 2007 at 1:04 pm

Our “leaders” are enablers of evil. The cancer of Islam is spreading all over the world as we wait to receive the “Daniel Pearl Treatment.” God help America. What will wake the American people up?

FreethinkerNY on June 4, 2007 at 1:05 pm

“How many”? Well, the number most used is 10%. Ten percent doesn’t sound so bad. But, wait. A little over a billion muslims. Ten percent of a little over a billion is a little over one-hundred million. Germany didn’t even have that as a total population during WW2. Let’s say maybe at its peak the nazi army had five million and look at all the damage they did. Today we have one hundred million hiding behind women and children.

John Cunningham on June 4, 2007 at 1:09 pm

Paris Hilton will face more jail time than people who openly announce death threats. What a country.
What about our great “hate crime” legislation at work here?

barrypopik on June 4, 2007 at 2:33 pm

It appears that the distribution of fliers critical of homosexuals by little high school girls is much more of a social problem than racially motivated death threats made by criminals who shouldn’t even be in the country in the first place.
Apparently, only certain select classes of citizens are protected from hate speech.
The political motivations that guide social policies in this day and age defy common logic and reason. Our society is no longer governed by intellect or any sense of common equality. Our higher learning centers are becoming little more than distribution centers for licenses that only serve to validate twisted perspectives.
“It’s not hate speech when WE do it.”

Koozebane on June 4, 2007 at 3:32 pm

More evidence of Bush’s incompetance. He expends all this energy talking about the religion of peace but ignores threats to American citizens. I’m wondering if he’s depressed and wanting a drink.

lexi on June 5, 2007 at 10:47 am

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