June 8, 2007, - 11:00 am

26 Years Ago, Today: Israel Decimated Saddam’s Osirak Nuclear Reactor; Who Will Stop Iran?

Twenty-six years ago, today, on June 7, 1981, fourteen F-15s and F-16s flew off the runway of Etzion Air Force base in the Negev, Israel, flying over Jordanian, Saudi, and Iraqi airspace, to attack the French-built Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor. It was the beginning of the successful Operation Opera.
The late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, Z”L*–who died in the Space Shuttle Columbia space flight in 2003–was one of the F-16 pilots who bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor Tammuz 1 near Baghdad, part of Osirak.
While Israel was swiftly and strongly condemned at the time (including by the U.S.), today we saw the huge favor and act of courage the Israelis did for us–for the entire world.

Israeli F-16As Like This One (& F-15s) Destroyed Osirak

Will anyone today–in the impotent West and equally impotent Israel–have the courage and the initiative to do to Iran’s nuclear facilities what the Israelis did to Iraq’s? It may be too late already. But, even if it is not, time is of the essence. And wimpitude is all the rage, infecting most of those who should be doing something.
Condoleeza Rice is impressing her way-too-overwhelming influence on President Bush to do nothing and to keep talking and begging like a jilted boyfriend for Iran to stop. While we “talk” and “dialogue,” their nuclear program comes further into development, and we achieve . . . nothing. And, during it all, she and Bush are too busy to do anything substantive, like actual stopping the enemy.
They live out their Walter Mitty fantasies, while our doom draws closer because they’re simply too busy with more important things, like Bono Vanity Fair covers. Idiots.
(* Z”L stands for Zichrono LiVracha–Blessed Be His Memory, what Jews say about Jews who passed away. It is akin to R.I.P.)
Read more by Avi Hein on the details of the decimation of Osirak.
Watch these two cool videos of Operation Opera, the decimation of Saddam Hussein’s French-Built Osirak Nuclear Reactor:

Watch the Military Channel’s exciting “Raid on the Reactor” (Thanks to Menorah Blog for the tip):

“You see every bullet. And each one of them–that’s for you.”

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11 Responses

I remember the attack…. what a beautiful thing. Videos are great, but the comments of the pilots are even better. Regardless, the key is that nothing was said or done and then — BANG! Regardless of the perceived apathy, incompetence, or whatever, what we’ve been hearing is deafening silence on pending action, then ….. BANG!! (I hope). Honestly, we have never deployed two carrier groups anywhere in the world that didn’t get a little “practice” in. Even with all the depressing behaviour in the White House, Congress, and the crummy left-media, I really think we’ll see some fireworks before the end of next year.

FreeAmerican on June 8, 2007 at 12:40 pm

I feel its Israel’s call to initiate the first strike at Iran, not so much that Achmadinejad blatantly threatened the annihilation of Israel but primarily Isarel is goegraphically closer to Iran than the U.S.Suffice to say, Israel also has the nuclear resourses and the weaponry to take out Iran. Its only a matter of question will Israel take that stance to strike Iran rather than waiting for the enemy to pose its strike first.

Jew Chick on June 8, 2007 at 3:41 pm

The other question regarding Iran is, what do we do after the bombing? We don’t have the resources to invade, and you can bet there would be a response by Iran if they are struck, be it by us or Israel. The question is, do we have the resources to be able to handle a response.
Unlike 26 years ago when the Iraqi facility was taken out, we are not in an ideal strategic situation.
Currently we are bogged down on two fronts. If the Iranian military were to strike our forces in Iraq (which would to be expected), our military would run the risk of being overrun (for while we had an easy time with the Iraqi army, the Iranian army is considerably stronger). Not only that, but there is a very good chance that the entire region would become radicalized, putting not only our troops, but Israel in a bad position. If the war in Iraq and Israel’s offensive into Lebanon has taught us anything, it’s that the days of the “6 Day War” are gone.
This doesn’t even take into account what this would do to us back at home. With an all out war in the Middle East, gas prices would shoot through the roof (more so than they already are). How quickly would our economy collapse if we had $6/gallon gas? What about $10/gallon? Not only that, but with the Middle East oil supply in short supply, it would give people like Hugo Chavez a stronger hand against us (since we get a fair amount of oil from his country).
I’m not saying that we shouldn’t sit back and do nothing. Unlike Iraq however, it would be nice to actually have a plan going into yet another war.

D*Rek on June 8, 2007 at 4:07 pm

Two things to ALWAYS remember.
AIR SUPERIORITY and ìplaying niceî.
AMERICA has both options.
If American ground forces are substantially lost at any one encounterÖthe ìplaying niceî or fighting ìniceî option will end.
Then look-out.
We will thenÖreally seeÖwhat AIR SUPERIORITY is all about. These guys first ( http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1181174/L/ ) and thenÖoopsÖwellÖI canít show you that.
Fortunately ISRAEL also has air superiority and nuclear weapons.
In the flawed security studies paper, ìIsraelís Attack on Osiraq: A Model for Future Preventive Strikes?î produced by Peter S. Ford, Major, USAF, about the Osiraq attackÖexhaustive diplomacy ONCE AGAIN becomes our major default weapon against ISLAMISM. THIS from a former F-15 fighter pilot with over 400 combat hours!
THAT silly ìpufferyî doesnít work with dictators. Especially Iranian ones.
Drunk on powerÖdictators respect POWER.
FORD also stated that Israel only bought 10 years of safety with the Osiraq attack in 1981. I would disagree and say 36 years and ìrunningî is closer the mark. No nukes have fallen on Israel to date.
Israel was later helped in her initial protective measure by Desert Storm and then more recently by the fall of Saddam Hussein.
ñ ìGOD helps those who help themselves.î
But Ford is right in saying that if US efforts fail to stop the maniacal Ahmadinejad, Israel will exert her independence in the matter.
Ahmadinejad has shouted ìdeathî to IsraelÖand ìdeathî to America.
Ahmadinejad, youíre doneÖyou just donít know it yet.
AND D*RekÖTRADITIONALLYÖthere is always a wait for these ìprojectsî to be finished first, and then comes their destruction.

The Canadien on June 8, 2007 at 9:07 pm

drek, ‘what if this happens?’, ‘what if that happens?’ ‘what if they get mad at us?’, get a grip bitch

John Cunningham on June 9, 2007 at 5:46 am

While Air Superiority is nice, it can’t win a war all by itself (remember “Shock and Awe”?). Air power has never and will never be able to win a conflict alone.
Wow, what a wonderful insight into the conversation. Where did you get your education, “Dick Cheany’s School of War Planning” (Where everyone will greet us a liberators!)

D*Rek on June 9, 2007 at 10:26 am

drek, not only wonderful insight but quite direct. I want to keep myself liberated and the only way that can be done is to have ten percent of islam removed from the planet. Stop wetting yourself and get with the program. If I ever win the Power Ball I’m going to buy myself a condo on the fiftieth floor on Central Park North so I’ll have Central Park as my front lawn and then I’m going to start a trust fund to buy Cheney a new heart so he’ll live a long time.

John Cunningham on June 9, 2007 at 11:23 am

I think the effort by the Mossad to undermine Iraqi logistics to prop up the sagging Iranian effort during the Iraqi-Iranian War was far more brilliant than the airstrike.
And, Oliver North should have been in prison instead of spouting stupid comments on TV about the US strike on Qhadrofoolishness,
his bs amounted to some sort of comment like, “there are no surgical strikes with bombs” regarding a never proved rumour about Q’s daughter being killed. The truth is that some of the pilots in the raid did not drop their bombs because they couldn’t see through the debris from the previous bombs and chose to use restraint.
At least one Brit and I could agree that the French turds screwed us both, they killed two of our pilots on that raid with one of their missles and also sunk the British ship in the war with Argentinia. But in a house of whores who’s pointing fingers?

code7 on June 9, 2007 at 10:53 pm

Oh, by the way, speaking of whores in the international arms market what is that twat Garcia that screwed up the ICE and the DEA doing with Kassar and arms trafficking? No mention of ICE at all in the press release about the Spanish arrest related to an attempt to sell arms to the FARC in Colombia. Sketchy story in the media, oh well, at least we know what’s important in world news: Paris Hilton got powdered again for lice and cavity searched at her re-booking in LA.

code7 on June 10, 2007 at 5:43 am

I love this video from the Military Channel. I need to see the others–and will check them out.
Time for Israel to “wake up the echoes!” This time it is—“Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb, bomb Iran!”

BB on June 11, 2007 at 7:09 pm

A good airstrike shut Qhadafi up, it shut down Sadam’s nuclear biz, and it will drive a dick through midget Iranian A-hole president’s heart.
D-rek, you don’t have a grip on the dig-my-fox-hole-deeper Iranian type bravado. We can easily consolidate our forces in the future Kurdistan and run sorties that drive the opium smoking, camel screwing, sand cowards back to their caves. The only reason their is an insurgency in Iraq is that we, the U.S., have taken the high road by not using the time honored right to shoot enemy found out of uniform.
Put that in your Master’s Degree.

code7 on June 11, 2007 at 8:00 pm

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