June 11, 2007, - 10:17 am

GOP Amnestyites: “Please, Please, Please Give Us Another Chance to Bury America”

If you’ve been reading the papers since the Immigration Amnesty Bill failed on Thursday, then you know that a group of deluded Republican Senators who love to play abused, jilted lover, want another chance at trying to bury America and its sovereignty.

One particular article, from the front page of Friday’s USA Today, told us what we really need to know about top Republican officials, both elected and appointed:

The bill has drawn wide bipartisan support but also intense opposition from factions in both parties. Its collapse came despite an emergency trip to the Capitol by Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to lobby for votes.

Wow, it’s good to know that Chertoff a/k/a “Mr. Burns” has finally found an emergency worthy of his attention. He didn’t see 20 million illegal aliens, missing Egyptian students, Hurricane Katrina, and a plethora of other REAL emergencies as emergencies. But selling out America–now that’s an emergency in the world according to Chertoff.

The Senate’s inability to act exasperated some. “Are we men or are we mice?” said Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., his party’s No. 2 leader. “If we can’t do this, we ought to vote to dissolve the Congress and go home until the next election.”

In 1866, Mark Twain was quoted as saying:

No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.

141 years later, that quote is more appropriate than ever.
Oh, and by the way, Senator Lott, you’re not men. Thanks for asking. “Mice” is a good choice. But I prefer, “traitors.”

Mr. (Montgomery) Burns’ Real Life Clone “Runs” Homeland Security . . .

Into the Ground

(Artwork by Jeff Holland/Holland Studios)

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BTW, Zombies (and the various expansions) is a great, fun game. If your kids have already been exposed to zombie-type movies, they’ll have a blast.

Izzy on June 11, 2007 at 11:51 am

I have had many people ask me my take on this “Shamnesty” legislation and I have no reservations telling them it’s the worst nightmare this country will face since 9/11! Being that I am in ICE, some folks turn a crazy eye but I tell them “Who better than one of the grunts in the trenches to tell you how the war’s really going instead of relying on Washington’s political spin?”. Trent Lott and the rest of those lily-livered twits need to pack it in and go! It’s become quite evident, in both parties, that the needs of the many no longer outweigh the needs of a few. Keep the heat on your senators and congressmen/women to shovel the dirt on this fiasco and bury it once and for all if you still want this country to be here for your kids, grandkids, and generations to come.
I may already be retired if and when this ever comes to life but I’ll still be ready to pick up my rifle and stand the post.
Lock and Load!

1shot1kill on June 11, 2007 at 2:16 pm

Trent Lott, “Dixiecrat”, Mississippi, said what?:
“If we can’t do this, we ought to vote to dissolve the Congress and go home until the next election.”
Finally some intelligent talk from Mr. Lott.
To the good people of Mississippi: Do as he suggest, bring him home. Simply don’t send him back.
To Lindsay, Johnny and the rest of the shamnesty republicans. You might want to start looking for a place back home to hang your shingles. Your arrogance and refusal to listen to your constituents should cost you your jobs.

Southernops on June 11, 2007 at 2:40 pm

Bush’s obsession with destruction of USA is truly surprising. With terrorists within and outside USA, with his Saudi family (Bandar Bush is dubya’s adopted “brother”) and friends, relentlessly spereading wahhabbi Islam in USA, with CAIR defending every muslim terrorist in USA, turnng a blind eye to muslim atrocities around the globe and turning around and telling Ameicans that “it is your fault muslims behead you”, with muslim terrorists killing innocent civilians and Americans by the dozens, daily, with gas prices and national deficit out of control, all Bush is obsessed with is giving away USA to criminals from abroad, this while honest, hard-working and tax-paying Americans are struggling to make ends meet.
Now, if I did not know better, Bush seems to be muslim Mexican ambassador to USA. Then again, no ambassador would be able to jail Border Security agents who do their jobs. You see, that is what Bush uses his office for.. to prosecute Americans doing their job. And then he turns around to say criminals do ‘jobs Americans don’t do”. If these are not grounds of impreaching a traitor, what are?

Alert on June 11, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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