June 11, 2007, - 4:10 pm

Colin Powell Wants to See More Terrorists Freed

I’ve never liked Colin Powell, and I’ve always seen him as the General and Secretary of State with no clothing. Everyone was so impressed with him, based on absolutely nothing. He was a lousy general, a worse Secretary of State, and a pan-Arabist who helped advance Islamists all around. True, he served our country in the military and during Vietnam, but so have many completely unsung others far better than he.
I remember, during the the Clinton Administration when Americans lined up for blocks, waiting for him to sign their copy of his book at appearances. At that time, Powell had the highest rating of any potential candidate for President. But one of the broadcast network news reporters asked people waiting in line why they liked Powell and which one of his political views they liked. No-one could answer the question. Frankly, they liked Powell because they felt good about supporting a prominent Black man for President. Yet, it was the ultimate racism, because they gave this man a free pass based on race.

Both Bushes–father and son–also engaged in the Powell treatment, giving this lefty a lot of power over military and foreign policy for no good reason other than, frankly, affirmative action. There are plenty of smart, accomplished Black men in the military, the policy analysis arena, and government–conservatives–who’d have been far better.
But rather than reward conservatives who put them in office, both Bushes rewarded liberalism by choosing Powell–a promoter of Arafat and a man who has worked especially against Bush, the son, despite the prominent positions the current Prez gave him. (I’d love to see Independent Conservative, La Shawn Barber, Thomas Sowell, or Larry Elder in a power position in this or any Administration. Then, America would be in much better shape. They’re far better than anyone currently in the Bush cabinet.)
And Powell repeatedly plays the race card. As SecState, for example, he told MTV that the Bush’s picked him because he has light skin and looks White. If a White person had said that, they’d have instantly been forced to turn in a resignation. But not Colin Powell. All hail the former foreign policy Emperor with no clothing.
Now, Powell is advising the most far-left front-runner in the Presidential race, Barack Hussein Obama, and he’s urging us to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, and give the terrorist detainees and their ACLU lawyers access to our Judge Ito/O.J./Paris Hilton Justice system.
Yeah, that’ll work. Just ask terrorists (acquitted on 9 counts/jury deadlocked on 9 counts, ), Sami Omar Al-Hussayen (acquitted), Zacarias Moussaoui (spared death penalty because ), members (guilty verdicts overturned by dishonest, corrupt and equally dishonest/corrupt U.S. Attorneys Jeffrey Collins, Craig Morford, and ) .
Yes, we should give the ACLU and terrorists the same rights as U.S. citizens on U.S. soil and let them make such a mockery, such a circus that they go free. Great solution, Mr. Powell.
Actually, I’m glad to see Powell finally consistent in his treatment of Islamic terrorists. Where, before, he used to pander to them when they attacked Israelis and Jews, including Arafat, now Powell also panders to the terrorists who attack Americans.
Thank G-d Colin Powell never got to be President. But even though he’s just a political has-been and private citizen now, by the amount of attention the Mainstream Media give his every utterance, you’d think he is President.
And the current guy occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was too dumb to know this guy wasn’t on his side. Or America’s.

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Colin Powell does not care about those terrorists or where they go, so long as it’s not his back yard. What Powell wants is a Black face in the White House. Barack Hussein Obama has the right face and Powell’s going to back him because Powell was too afraid to ever actually run himself.
This is what happens when you put race over values. I mean Powell was always a little “suspect” when it came to him actually being a Conservative. We all knew he was the left end of the Right Wing. Now he’s just going to go the whole cow and back a far Leftist like Obama.
We’ve got borders that are about to overflow even more. The Democrats are just as Liberal as ever. The top running Republicans flip-flop so much you’d run out of pages if you tracked it in a notebook. Americans are mostly afraid to vote for a candidate who is not the most highly funded or close to it. And nobody takes time to research and be informed.
Well thanks for the support on the cabinet idea, but Bush would never have us. I mean we would press to make actual budget CUTS and tick off Mexico by militarizing the Southern border. Bush won’t have any of that!

IndependentConservative on June 11, 2007 at 5:18 pm

Dittos Debbie.
No one says it better or has it nailed more correctly than you do here.
I fell into that whole thing previously—for some unknown reason I gave credibility to Powell because he seemed so refined–so as you describe the syndrome here, I looked past all these security compromising negatives.
Thank G-d that you and some others are going a level deeper and putting it out there. Those who “should have known better” have no good excuse to plead–“I never knew….”

BB on June 11, 2007 at 5:21 pm

Colin Powell is the ultimate lightweight who has affirmative action to thank for his success. Why he went into the military I’ll never know since he’s risk averse. He thinks being a soldier means wearing a uniform. He also thinks knowing a few yiddish words will keep people from realizing that he is an arabist. He didn’t fool me. He reminds me of Condi. Affirmative action, baby!

lexi on June 11, 2007 at 5:41 pm

Colin is giving advice to Obama. His true “colors” are showing. I lost my respect for Powell right at that point!
Just another black man given everything and still can’t get enough of revenge on the white man. It’s all about envy, jealousy, greed, coveting, the usual prominent characteristic it seems of the left and their pals, demoncrats and terrorist.

ReallyReallyStupid on June 11, 2007 at 5:47 pm

If i had seen THIS–he told MTV that the Bush’s picked him because he has light skin and looks White–on MTV i might’ve become a Powell supporter!
His anti-Israel stance is atypical for most Jamaicans, but that is those that are Rastafarians, not the houseniggering crowd that CP is a part of. Obama is virtually a non-issue in this election, and Rudy G is gonna take it all because the Dems think that ’06 gave them a second round bye, they’ll be looking like Da Bears in the Super Bowl come November next year.

EminemsRevenge on June 11, 2007 at 7:06 pm

And he was a Shabbos Goy!

sandy on June 11, 2007 at 10:55 pm

I always thought that Powell was a nice gentleman who was in over his head and owed his steady promotions to how should I put it “affirmative action.” However after he sat on the knowledge that it was his buddy Richard Armitage who leaked the Valerie Plame info to the odious Robert Novak and now his advising Barack Obama (actually John Edwards is more left wing then Obama) I believe that the man is a dishonest apparatchik. He is typical though of the friends that both G.H.W. Bush and G.W. Bush cultivate and bring into office – treacherous and frankly incompetent n(think John Sununu, Colin Powell, James Baker, Condi Rice, David Souter, Alberto Gonzales and Norm Minetta -a Clinton holdover).

Ripper on June 12, 2007 at 8:48 am

Funny how Bush appoints incompetents like Powell and Rice hoping that it will win him brownie points with the left and some Black votes, which it never does. The only thing he can do to please the Left is to resign in disgrace. The Bush Family are miserable politicians. They are totally tone deaf. Just watch the Blue Blood Country Club Republican Establishment will push for Jeb Bush to run in 4 years if God forbid the GOP loses next November.

Ripper on June 12, 2007 at 8:54 am

Am I missing something? So, Powell has talked with Sen Obama. My hope is that Sen Obama, and all the candidates, Democrat and Republican, will seek out the thoughts and ideas of those who have served in previous Governments.
Maybe it will give all the candidates more insight and a greater and fuller appreciation of what is expected of them, and what they will have to do. From Newt Ginrich, to Jim Baker, to Albright, to Kissinger, to Scowcroft, to Ashcroft, to Rumsfeld, to … even, yes Bill Clinton and Bush 41. If any of these people were willing to offer me advice, I would at least listen.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with any candidate seeking council.
As far as Powell supporting the closure of Gitmo I would characterize his position as being more about us than about the terrorists. I’d like some conclusion to the detainee situation there, but we have not establish a system of doing so. I am arbitrary and capricious and it is a good thing I am not in control because I would have hung them all along time ago and allowed Allah to sort them out.
The thing is we are a nation of laws and we should use them. If we don’t have laws to address the situation, then legislate them and sign them into law. Majority rules with respect to the minority and there isn’t a dictatorship here in America.
It ain’t about the terrorists, it is about us and how we choose to do things.

zyzzyg on June 12, 2007 at 9:08 am

Powell has been a suck-up and a yes man from the start to the finish.
Worse. When he had the chance to be brave and tell the truth about Iraq, which he clearly knew, he wimped and rather than resign with dignity he spewed the Bush bullshit to help get us into this mess.
Go Powell, go away and take Bush with you.

Happiness Pursuer on June 12, 2007 at 9:42 am

Independent Conservative says Gen. Powell was afraid to run. I agree with that….and his wife was even more frightened. Why? For the same reason Sen. Obama had to be given early secret service protection….there are some real racist nuts out there who would love to murder a Black President or Black Presidential candidate. They have no problem “playing the race card”. It never ceases to amaze me when folks criticize a Black person for playing the race card and then inject race into their criticism. If you don’t believe me or think I’m “whining”, look at some of the comments posted above about Gen. Powell, especially by Debbie, lexi, and reallyreallystupid.
I see the same things happening every day in corporate America. The pressures on so-called successful Black folks are incredible. If you are affable, do what’s ask of you, and follow the party line, you’re viewed as a lightweight and a house-ni**er. But if you’re outspoken, aggressive, and go against the grain, you’re viewed as “militant”. If you succeed, you only got there because of affirmative action. If you don’t, you’re just one of “those affirmative action hires” who just couldn’t cut it. And I wonder if an experienced and seasoned White former general gave advice to a White presidential candidate, would he be viewed as wanting another “White face” in office and playing the race card? All Gen. Powell did was give a Sen. Obama some badly needed advice on foreign policy and because of that, a post says he’s “Just another black man given everything and still can’t get enough of revenge on the white man”. Wow. Unfortunately, that’s just the kind of attitude I see every day. I’ve actually been in workplaces where Black employees were hesitant to even speak to each other or assist each other on projects for fear of how it would be viewed by their other co-workers. You know, if two or more Black folks congregate around the water cooler, they must be planning an insurrection! It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad…..
Well damn…..I bet some of these same posters can’t wait for the opportunity to comment on latest example of misbehavior from some Black male rapper or entertainer that Debbie loves to feature. But high achievers like Gen. Powell and Condi Rice get piled on too. So you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you don’t like Gen. Powell or Condi Rice, that’s your prerogative. Their Middle-Eastern policies are indeed questionable, given the threat we’re facing. And for me, they will always be tainted by willingly associating themselves with the Bush Administration, clearly the most incompetent administration since Jimmy Carter. But I would be very hesitant to accuse them of playing the race card if you do the same thing yourself in your criticism of them.

JibberJabber on June 12, 2007 at 12:00 pm

This article in unfair, and deceptive.
First regarding speaking to Obama, Powell actually said that he knows all the candidates, and has met with many and is willing to meet with any of them.
Second Powell’s actual social and economic political beliefs are largely unknown, largely because of his military background, leadership on the joint chiefs, and service as Sec. of State he has chosen to leave his own views out.
Third, Powell indeed went to the UN to make Bush’s argument and if you watched his speech he had no hesitation stating that Saddam had WMD’s but he really struggled in using the term “imminent threat”. Once the fatcs became known he resigned from the administration.
The only real criticizm I believe is in order was that he allowed the defense department to walk right over the state department; but of course he was fighting an uphill battle with Cheney, Rumsfeld and the remainder of the neocon war machine pulling our marginally intelligent cheif executive around as if they had a ring in his nose. When it became clear that his voice and position on middle eats policy was not going to be heard within this white house, he got out.
Interestingly, others who you would probably characterize as idiot leftys like Brent Scowcroft, and James Baker take positions much closer to Powell, than to Bush.
Also, Powell really handled his departure from this administration with class and dignity. I have always believed that if he chose, he could have made this administration look as if the apes were running this administration, but Powell chose the high road instead.
This article is really unfair to a man who planned and oversaw the ONLY real American military victory since WWII.

chucker on June 12, 2007 at 12:05 pm

EmminemsRevenge, that paragon of social commentary, has nailed it! The “Jamaican” Powell’s hatred of Israel is genetic. He’s just going back to his Rastafarian roots. Perhaps he can establish a pan-Arab group…something like “Fata-ganja”.

Southernops on June 12, 2007 at 12:44 pm

Obama is a Socialist. Because of their inferiority complex this is not a good thing. My experience shows that these people cannot lead, it’s all about getting retribution. The whole 4 YEARS!!!

ReallyReallyStupid on June 12, 2007 at 6:26 pm

Colin Powell would never have made it to General if it were not for Affirmative Action and being a black American. When was the last time you read that a General got all Cís in college yet was recommended to be promoted.

ScottyDog on June 12, 2007 at 7:53 pm

If you did a study of the college grades among some of the top professionals in the country, you would be very surprised to find out how many had C’s in college. The average GPA of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies was barely a 3.0. One of this nation’s top neurosurgeons graduated in the bottom 10th percentile of his class from a third-tier med school….but he’s got the “hands” and is a brilliant surgeon. Besides, if I’m a soldier in the field or an employee at a company, I could care less what my CEO or general’s GPA was in college….I want to know more about their reputation and performance in the field. By the way Scottydog, since when did the military take into account undergraduate grades when promoting senior officers? That’s why you never read about it….
Speaking of affirmative action, I wonder what were President Bush’s grades were in college? He’s the Commander-in Chief. Should his grades have disqualified him? And if you want to go strictly on grades, then you should support Sen. Obama, since he had the grades to make Harvard Law Review and graduated magna cum laude? Or perhaps Mitt Romney, a Harvard B-School Baker Scholar and a cum laude Harvard Law graduate?
I am in no way discounting the importance of scholarship. But real-world performance is what really matters.
And “ReallyReallyStudid”, since “those people” cannot lead, what do YOU run? What are your academic achievements, accomplishments, and leadership skills? Thank GOD the rest of world does not operate based on “your experience”.

JibberJabber on June 13, 2007 at 11:28 am

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