June 12, 2007, - 1:34 pm

Freudian Publishing @ Islamist-Occupied Detroit Newsistan

You’ve heard of “Freudian slips?” Well, here’s the latest example of what we at DebbieSchlussel.com call Freudian Publishing.
The Detroit Newsistan thought: A story that’s So Nice, We Think We’ll Publish it Twice (on the same date AND on the same page!) . . .

This is not the first time the Newsistan has published a story on a court decision or other occurrence favorable to Islamists and Islamic terrorists twice on the same page. There are a lot of Freudian Publishings in that paper, especially on the National Newsistan Page.
My favorite was when they published a story from dateline: Gaza, Pakistan. I, too, support a “Palestinian” nation in Pakistan (which is basically what they have there anyway).

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