June 28, 2007, - 2:07 pm

Quote of the Day: Sen. Domenici on Now-Killed (YAY!) Immigration; Congressman Give Themselves More Pay

Three cheers for the defeat of the Senate Immigration Amnesty Bill. This quote is in today’s Wall Street Journal from Republican Senator Pete Domenici (New Mexico), who had supported the bill:

This bill is toast. This bill will never become law, and consequently I don’t see why I should continue down this path. It’s not going to pass the House ever. So we’re never going to get a bill. So why go through this torture?

That’s a great question, Senator Domenici. Why did you and so many Republicans put America (not yourselves) through this torture? Just wait ’til the torture at the ballot box, Senator.

Meanwhile, Domenici’s Republican colleagues in the House joined their Pelosi-run friends across the aisle in voting themselves a $4,400 pay raise. Because their job is so tough, and Americans need to pay them the $170,000 they will now get (plus few expenses–most Congressmen charge their cars, gas expenses, etc. to taxpayers and campaigns).
Remember the ? It should be Congress’ new theme song. They’ve done such a great job with America, they deserve a raise. Right?
Congressmen Jim Matheson (D-Utah) and Lee Terry (R-Nebraska) tried to block the raise, but our friends on both the left and right in Congress, defeated them and helped themselves to an even fatter paycheck. And they put themselves back on track for automatic future raises (without a vote), too. GUH-REAT!
Your tax dollars (not) at work.

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Excellent! Now let us keep some garlic and a stake close by….just in case. Also let us keep an eye out for attempts at retribution against “we the people,” and talk radio/the Internet. Some of our esteemed leaders resemble elephants in their long-term memory, especially when it concerns “punishing” their constituents and fellow citizens.

Belle patriotic on June 28, 2007 at 3:05 pm

What a great day this has been for our country! I thought “the fix was in” and yet the people have turned back the illegal/amnesty hordes for the time being.
I think that this episode in history served some great purposes:
1) it exposed the true Washington pols who campaign on one ideal but will sell their countrymen out in the interest of an ever spiraling out of control tax load. Note they were from both parties–and shame, shame on those McCAin, Specter, Grahamnesty type Republicans. We need to now vote out these sell outs in the primary elections and draft candidates who will stand on principle–and who will not pimp the law abiding citizens with such condescending arrogance as simultaneously they give away our country to those whose only claim here is 100% “ILLEGAL.”
2) it alerted us as to who will be attacking our first amendment guranateed freedom of political speech. We see now how little fidelity there is to the Bill of Rights and we now know from what angles they will likely come back again for another run at the treasury.
3) it showed a huge majority of Americans that by staying informed and DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY of our government–we have established that we DO HAVE the power to get things done. The tide was huge–we spoke loudly and forcefully–and we do not intend to stop now.
4) because of the Fort Dix 6 case and other foiled terror plots and other unnecessary tragedies –we had several reality checks about the deplorable condition of ICE, DHS etc. on how our authorities are squadering the security and public trust of our nation–the MSM be damned!
Note–if even the most basic procedures were routinely follewed to screen for illegals at such occasions as traffic stops, getting on a payroll, using a hospital through welfare etc.–multiplied thousands of those who are here to do us harm would no longer be given sanctuary in the US.
5) Some officials should be impeached for treason–they are derelict in their duty to uphold their sworn oath to uphold/protect our constitution and to provide for the general welfare of the CITIZENS of this country (not the welfare of illegals)

BB on June 28, 2007 at 8:57 pm

Pete is a relative.

There is NO Santa Claus on June 28, 2007 at 11:56 pm

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