July 5, 2007, - 3:42 pm

PETA Also Defeated @ Yesterday’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest; CNN Bummed U.S. Won

As readers–and anyone watching the news, yesterday–know, Joey Chestnut and America reclaimed the Mustard Belt from Takeru Kobayashi and Japan in yesterday’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition. Chestnut ate an average of one hot dog for every 10.9 seconds and ingested over 20,000 calories and 1400 grams of fat in the 12 minute contest. (Did not know that “competitive eating” has its own version of baseballs RBIs: HDBs–Hot Dogs and Buns eaten.)

Photos By “ThereIsNoSantaClaus”

But what you didn’t see in ANY media outlets (except this one) is that PETA–or as I prefer to call them, People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals and humans (PUTAh)–was there and got defeated, too. PETA protesters signs were lowered to the ground and stood upon, like Saddam’s statue. Why must these anti-Meat jihadists ruin every fun event? Our loyal reader and correspondent, “ThereIsNoSantaClaus,” was there, yesterday, with his wife and gives us photos (below) and this report:

Hi Deb! I’m writing from midtown Manhatten. My wife and I went to Coney Island today for the big hot-dog-eating contest. What fun!
PETA was there to protest the event. Nobody really got upset but their signs were blocking the view. So just before the event started, they took the signs from the PETA people and put them on the ground where the crowd stood on them. Everyone took it in good sport.
And of course, Joey Chestnut brought the trophy back to America with a world record.
It was a great show. You gotta go to one of these some day.

Attention, PETA: Meat. It’s what’s for dinner.
FYI, If you were watching CNN, however, you got to see the anchors bummed out that America recaptured the hot dog eating crown. Reader Brian says that CNN anchors couldn’t believe America won and declared Japan’s Kobayashi the winner. They were stunned when the results were otherwise. He writes, “CNN is the Borat of televised news.”

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Debbie, I watched the contest and it was really gross, especially the instant replay on Kobe’s last moments in battle. I haven’t eaten a treif hot dog in many years now. Maybe if they get kosher low fat dogs I could enter and then you’d dig me.

Anonymous1 on July 5, 2007 at 6:03 pm

Only in Amerikkka can gluttony become a sport…and you failed to mention that Kobayashi was hampered by a wisdom tooth extraction—in a “contest” like this that’s akin to Secretariat running the Belmont with only three legs!
Noticed you Mexicanism for PETA:)

EminemsRevenge on July 5, 2007 at 7:16 pm

I love hot dogs, especially cheddar wurst, yum! I can’t watch the eating contests though, especially with overweight people, I just feel sad for them. Anywho, PETA sucks and wants to take the fun out of everything. But the joke is on them, I read a very interesting article about soy and how the benefits are all hype by the food industry. Soy, an alternative for vegans comes with all sorts of health issues and lowers testosterone in men, no wonder all the hippie men are girlie-men! The whole article on soy can be found below for anyone interested. I suppose the good thing is that it lowers libido and sperm count so these vegans won’t procreate very much.

Minnie Mouse on July 5, 2007 at 8:35 pm

There is something very seriously wrong with someone who’s “claim to fame” is how much meat (or whatever) they can cram down their gullet without throwing up.
Of course I guess it’s not as bad as Ted Nugent’s “competitive sport” of how much pi$$ and $hit he can accumulate in his pants.
Like the man said “It’s all relative”.

feralcat9 on July 5, 2007 at 9:01 pm

in peta’s defense, hot dogs are usually made from the leftover “junk” meat after the rest has been used in more quality cuts (the exception being kosher and organic hot dogs–not sure if nathan’s are), and they, like most commercial meat, come from large industrial farms which mistreat cattle.

Minga on July 5, 2007 at 10:19 pm

PETA – “Pinheads Exercising Tongue in Ass”. This country was built on beef, not lettuce! So what if the numbnuts from Nippon had a wisdom tooth extraction…BFD. I wonder what his Samurai ancestors would say about that?
Oh yes, and only in America can by-products of incest like Enemabag have the freedom to pinch off vocal turds about “…gluttony becoming a sport.” Try doing that anywhere else in this world and see how many days you have left to breathe our air.

1shot1kill on July 6, 2007 at 8:15 am

PU-TAH = as pronounced means “whore” in Portugese.
PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals !

billybob on July 6, 2007 at 9:23 am

Why doesn’t PETA start a soy dog eating contest of their own and see how many contestants they’ll draw?If this hot dog contest really perturbs them to the core, then they should play fire with fire. No body pays heed to constant bitching. Though, the prospect of comsuming excess amount of tofu does sound rather lame and they’re most likely not going to be able to encourage much participation in their soy festivities. Try digesting that bit if you are immune to it. If, not, have a stomach pump ready.From hereon, I decided to change the acronym of PETA to PUTH (People for Unethical Treatment of Humans). Hitler was a vegan afterall. He took his pets to a vet if they needed medical care but if one of the concentration camp inmates caught a cold, he/she was sent to the ovens or to Dr. Mengele for experimentation. My estimation is PUTH doesn’t really differ from the nazis by much. It doesn’t bother them to see Al Qaeda saw off a head of a living human being while chanting to their devil called “Allah”, but they will go bezerk over a hot dog eating contest. This is dementia at work.

Jew Chick on July 6, 2007 at 9:41 am

    6 years later, and I can still enjoy this article! Jew Chick, you have a great idea!

    Rather than be annoying, PETA can join the fun. If you ever visit the IFOCE web site(International Federation of Competitive Eating), you can look at the world records and note that there are many non-meat foods that are competitively eaten.

    You just need the stomach (no pun intended) to imagine what it must be like to hold any of these records. And yes! There are some rather famous competitive eaters. Given that fact, there’s no reason for PETA to sort of “co-sanction” a non-meat eating event. They like a little controversy in these events. It adds to the fun.

    Everybody is sick of Kobyashi’s schtick. Indeed! Let’s have a “soy dog eating contest” and then us “sports fans” can argue who’s REALLY the world champ. What a hoot that would be!

    And… don’t you think it’s time we had some signature Kosher food eating contest? If so, what would be your favorite Kosher food to submit to the IFOCE for a contest? How ’bout a Gefilte Fish eating contest! yah! That’s the ticket!

    Don’t forget to watch at 11:30 a.m. today. They have split the contest into a women’s and men’s division. (Hmmm. Nobody seems to have made a fuss about that.) Anyway, in both divisions, there is a runner-up who has been chasing the champ for several years. In women’s, it’s two Oriental women (both quite attractive and nice personalities). In men’s it’s Paul Bertoletti chasing the ever-famous Joey Chestnut. Bertoletti is from Chicago and holds numerous records. Yet, he has never won the big one… at Nathan’s Famous on the 4th of July.

    Last but not least: This is one of the most fun sporting events you can attend for free. The only caveat being that you probably don’t want a front-row seat. 🙂

    Happy 4th!

    TINSC (aka There is NO Santa Claus)

    P.S. Is it me? Or does that young man in the “Meat=Death” photo look like Mark Zuckerberg?

    There is NO Santa Claus on July 4, 2013 at 9:05 am

Debbie, there is something seriously wrong with a society that applauds gluttony contests and in the same breath moans that we are an increasingly obese nation; a society that cheers on a table surrounded with people stuffing food down their throats until they puke. Or am I missing something here? Guess I’m too much of an “old poop” who remembers the days of something called “decorum”…or “class”. Hmmmm. No doubt opening myself to much criticism for not “getting it”…oh well, such is life as an “old poop”. Never cared for all the gratuitous strife on “All in the Family” or Carroll O’Connor’s politics, but I can easily hear him and Jean Stapleton singing “Those were the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!”. Sad.

Floyd R. Turbo on July 6, 2007 at 10:37 am

Boo hoo hoo, all you whiners and sissies.
If some goof wants to stuff a zillion hot dogs down his throat, more power to him.
I can’t wait till my vacation next month to Los Angeles/Hollywood so I can stop in for some of the best hot dogs in the world, Pink’s Hot Dogs!!

Jeff_W on July 6, 2007 at 12:07 pm

When did America become a nation of busy bodies?
Almost every cable news program has some pinhead on that lectures us about ;
What we can and cannot eat.
What we can and cannot drink.
What we can and cannot smoke, viciously demonizing anyone that chooses to partake in a Legal Tobacco Product
What drugs you can and cannot take.
What has happened to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness?
I buy Nathan hotdogs all the time at my local Grocery store so stick that up your PETA you busy bodies of or the world.
(Resident of Mexifornia currently being invaded by Mexico)

ScottyDog on July 6, 2007 at 12:57 pm

Only a brainless idiot would have anything to do with PETA and its stupid vegan campaign and even many vegetarians see PETA as the biggist bunch of annoying hippy freaks ever

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