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Parlak . . . Ibrahim Parlak: James Bond Director Whitewashes Real Terrorist, Defames ICE Agents, Tries to Influence Court

New James Bond director Marc Forster announced plans to direct a new movie, “Land of the Roses,” about PKK .
Problem is, you won’t hear a thing about his terrorist activity. While James Bond is busy fighting fictional terrorists, his director is busy whitewashing the real-life version:

Inspired by the real-life experiences of Kurdish immigrant Ibrahim Parlak in post-Sept. 11 America, the story line follows a suburban mother who, with the support of her fellow outraged townspeople, attempts to exonerate a hardworking Middle Eastern father falsely imprisoned as a terrorist by Homeland Security.

James Bond Director Marc Forster

Whitewashes Islamic Terrorist Ibrahim Parlak

But readers of this site know–from when I –that Ibrahim Parlak is anything but an innocent man who was falsely imprisoned. He is a terrorist through and through and got caught lying about it, multiple times. Here’s a brief reality check (read a more in-depth description from ):
Two courts–a Federal Immigration Court (in a thorough SIXTY page decision by ) and )–found that Parlak is an Islamic terrorist. The three-judge BIA panel held that Parlak is a terrorist, persecutor, and liar–upholding these charges against him: committing or inciting to commit terrorist activities; soliciting funds for terrorist activities; and providing material support for terrorist activities.
He is an admitted member and fundraiser of the Islamic terrorist group PKK, so designated by the U.S. government. Marxist-Leninist insurgent Kurds, PKK is responsible for the death of more than 30,000 innocent people, including over 5,000 civilians. Some of these civilian victims’ “transgressions” were teaching Turkish in school or being moderate Kurdish landlords.
PKK worked and trained with Al-Qaeda and murdered even fellow Kurds who did not speak in Kurdish. Parlak admittedly trained in Islamic terrorist training camps in Syria. He was held responsible for the murder of two Turkish border guards and threw a grenade on the ground. But when he came here and sought asylum, Parlak conveniently forgot about all this and lied about it–FIVE times–on various applications for a Green Card, U.S. citizenship, and various government licenses.
Parlak was ordered deported by the federal government and the Executive Office of Immigration Review (the official name of immigration court). Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention and Removal Office in Michigan/Ohio did its job by arresting Parlak and trying to deport him. Agents were ordered to do so because he is here illegally and lied to stay here.
And by the way, Parlak’s case is now before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and won’t likely be decided for a while (as in, not before the movie comes out). The making of this propaganda whitewash of Ibrahim Parlak can only be for two purposes: to favorably influence the Court to allow Parlak to stay here. And to favorably influence Congress to grant Parlak instant citizenship.
As I’ve written, far-left Democrat Senator Carl Levin–who loves to see Islamic terrorists get U.S. citizenship (he successfully pressured Clinton to grant citizenship to )–and wimpy, RINO Republican Congressman Fred Upton are .
I blame the Department of Homeland Security for this movie. While Parlak’s lawyers are consistently at full force with the media, DHS spokespeople barely made a peep out of Headquarters. To date, they’ve mounted no potent PR campaign against Parlak, leaving it to me to do their job for them. As usual. (Why do they never defend their agents for doing their jobs and enforcing the law?)
Then, after Parlak lost in Immigration Court, DHS officials at the top ordered ICE agents to treat Parlak with kid gloves, to the point where even he told the press what first-class treatment and convenience he was being accorded, so that he’d have no incentive to leave the country. He was allowed to report to ICE officials on his side of the State of Michigan, granted all kinds of allowances with regard to operating his business, etc.
This is how we treat illegal alien Islamic terrorists while they game the system? Well, actually, it is. Especially when your lawyer is at the same firm from which the Secretary of Homeland Security emanated. Parlak’s main lawyer is from ‘s former law firm (at which he was a full partner). Membership has its privileges.
A brief word about the other people surrounding Parlak, since you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps: Parlak’s brother was also here illegally and was recently deported. Parlak’s lawyer, Noel Saleh, is an admitted Hezbollah donor and heads an Arab welfare agency that was raided by the FBI for fraudulently providing pregnant Muslim aliens with Medicaid. Parlak also has an illegitimate daughter. Yup, like many illegal aliens he fathered a child out of wedlock, who now has birthright citizenship–an anchor baby.
The title of the movie, “Land of the Roses,” is the English translation for latter part of the name of Parlak’s West Michigan restaurant, “Cafe Gulistan.”
But the only thing involving roses here is the color of the glasses through which these dupes are seeing the world–and Parlak’s case.
One other note: As I’ve repeatedly noted, Parlak’s most famous champion is film critic Roger Ebert. Since Roger is the most influential movie critic in America, one wonders what role he had in getting Hollywood to pursue this project. I’m going to ask him and let you know what his response is. UPDATE: Roger Ebert informs me that he has nothing to do with this film. In fact, he was unaware of it until I asked.
(Roger and I have mixed it up over the Parlak issue and it’s led to other tangential dust-ups, including here (regarding ). (He also mentioned me in his nationally syndicated movie review column.) Our discussions of Parlak are , here, and .)
**** UPDATE: Roger Ebert informs me that he has nothing to do with this film. In fact, he was unaware of it until I asked.

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4 Responses

Does anyone in the public eye whether it is Hollywood or the government have any cojones to tell the truth anymore?
What do these people gain (or think that they gain) by being an ass-kisser to the terrorist thugs? Since this piece of garbage that is running DHS (Chertoff) is a complete traitor and failure in his job the question becomes who is the greater threat, the terrorist or the guy who does nothing about it?

newinnewark on July 10, 2007 at 3:32 pm

Sounds just like all those WWII movies they used to make – supportive of our country!! RIGHT!
These people will not be satisfied until we are all wearing burkas…whhat I can’t understand is why they don’t realize that “liberal” thinkers will be the first to be beheaded!

CapeConservative on July 11, 2007 at 11:22 am

As usual another great column. It seems like “we” are slowly being pushed towards Muslimism. Chertoff speaking at a Muslim conference, Hindu leading prayer in the Senate on Thursday and expounding on the Hindu religion. I sent this to my Senators Kohl and Feingold::
{What with the media, entertainment groups, some local city (like Detroit), and State officials, and now Congress, are we slowly being phased towards a nationwide Muslim concept. It surely seems so.
The attitude that keeps showing up, that of “softpedaling” anything connected with the Muslim community, including burying it and eliminating it from the news, is becoming of great concern, including retaining the seats of those in Congress who are justifying this.
The Senate needs to get Debbie Schlussel to address it on this issue, get Chertoff to stay “home” and get the Fed’s involved in a hard investigation instead of acting as if the Muslim community does not exist.
I certainly hope that neither of our 2 senators are in agreement of this new prayer policy.
The Senate chambers are not a forum for religious discussions.}

Mack on July 11, 2007 at 6:28 pm

This person was a terrorist and escaped from Turkey while the court was going on. In USA, of course he tries to act as a good and innocent man. Do you expect him to say ‘yes I am a terrorist’?
Imagine that Turkey captured the terrorists responsible for Twin Towers attack and they don’t give you the terrorists back. Moreover, imagine that the terrorists open a restaurant named ‘land of roses’ in Istanbul and they exhibit the pictures of the attack. What would you feel? You would feel what I am feeling now. This person is an official member of PKK which is defined as a terrorist organization by USA government !
You, the American people, also suffered from terrorism. He is a terrorist and he accepts it, do not support him.

Justice on December 27, 2009 at 11:55 pm

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