July 11, 2007, - 4:50 pm

Saudis, Palestinians Shut Down Counterterrorism Film in Hollywood

If you’re an un-PC filmmaker in Hollywood (all one of you), make sure the studio behind your film doesn’t get an infusion of Saudi money or corrupt Palestinian cash.
Otherwise, your film might be “martyred” for the “struggle.”
Take the movie, “Dove Hunting.” The New York Post’s Cindy Adams reports that the movie was killed by Saudi and Palestinian investors who infused the studio with cash and didn’t like the counter-terrorism premise of the movie (glad to hear the Saudis and Palestinians are openly admitting they condone terrorism). And GE–that’s right, General Electric–is in bed with them:

A new movie company called the Film Department has just been born. Its CEO is Mark Gill, for mer Miramax and Warner Independent exec who masterminded “March of the Penguins.” Two of its board members are Sheik Waleed Al Ibrahim and Zeid Masri.
The Saudi Arabian sheik runs stations that are mouthpieces for the Saudis. Like for instance, Al Arabiya news network, which is not known to be pro-U.S.
Zeid Masri runs the McLean, Va., operation SilverHaze, which has in the past secretly invested Palestine Liberation Organization money through front companies. His SilverHaze caused the Bowlmor scandal [DS: Masri/SilverHaze invested Yasser Arafat’s pilfered millions in the New York bowling alley.] . . .
Now, while the Palestinian people are starving, SilverHaze is dabbling in stateside entertainment.
This all came to light when a development deal with Mark Gill was suddenly axed. “Dove Hunting,” an action film/love story about two agents trying to stop a terrorist attack, had a go in December 2006. In March 2007, it was full speed ahead pending financing of this new studio. Came financing of this new studio and, with it, six weeks ago, an e-mail trail that canceled the project. Seems some of the fledgling studio’s backers were not pleased with the subject. . . .
One of the underwriters of this infant movie production operation is GE, the solid gold, 18-karat American company that brought us the 9/11 saga “United 93.” Are they aware of the past associations and involvements of some who sit on The Film Department’s board?

Amen, Cindy Adams. If you are a GE stockholder or customer, please contact the company and ask why it is in bed with Saudi and Palestinian tools for terror.

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As much as I hate to say it, there is only one man in Hollywood with the balls (and money) to make such a film. Unfortunately, Mel Gibson is obsessed with his hatred of Jews, who pose zero threat to his cherished Catholic faith and its adherents. Meanwhile, he ignores the real problem.
BTW: It would seem that the excellent band Black Eyed Peas are the anti-Enrique Iglesistas. They will perfrom again in Israel, which the praise lavishly:
Question: how long before the BEP’s boycotters come out of the woodwork (and how long before their video’s disappear from Google).

sonomaca on July 11, 2007 at 5:52 pm

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