July 16, 2007, - 3:03 pm

Weekend Box Office Addendum: Charming “Broken English” Among Year’s Best

Because I was away, last week, on a vastly more important matter, I was unable to screen several of the new box office releases that debuted Friday. One of those was “Broken English,” which I saw over the weekend.
While it is a chick flick, “Broken English” is a great movie–very charming–and among my top ten for the year, so far. And yes, men, even you will probably like it.

Watching her friends get married, Nora a 30-something woman (the refreshing Parker Posey, very much resembling a pre-drug abuse Ally Sheedy) living in New York, is fed up with her inability to find a man who loves her and with whom she can be in a relationship (one reason might be that she sleeps with all of them . . . and on the first date). She soon meets and falls in love with a Frenchman who is different, but he soon returns to France. She goes to France to find him the man but loses his phone number.
“Broken English” has been compared to the vastly over-rated “Before Sunrise” by several movie critics, all of whom liked the latter better. But I disagree. This one is far superior, much more charming, and very intriguing. And far more entertaining and to the point. It tells the story of the universal quest for love and a magical relationship.
One of the things I really liked about this crisp, smart, entertaining movie was that it wasn’t a melodrama, and it doesn’t blame all men or see them all as jerks. Instead, it shows that sometimes a woman jeopardizing things from within. I also liked that it was short and to the point, at just over 1.5 hours, the ideal length of a movie. It ends at just the right point.
Highly recommended. Light, airy, engaging, and fun–the way a movie should be.

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Debbie, I look forward to seeing it. It does sound like “Before Sunrise,” a pretty good movie, just way over-praised by several critics, as you noted. Parker Posey is usually good – very authentic in the parts she plays; loved Ally Sheedy in her younger, pre-drug days (a la “War Games”), so that’s quite a compliment you paid Posey.
If you like Ethan Hawke, from “Before” (as an actor; he’s a far-gone Moonbat on politics, like most of ’em), I recommend “Snow Falling on Cedars.”

theendisnear on July 17, 2007 at 12:15 am

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