July 5, 2005, - 4:12 pm

Venus/Serena Dad: Bored by My Daughters = Racism

By Debbie Schlussel
If you think Venus and Serena Williams (VenuSerena) are “boring” (and they are), then you are a racist. So says, Dad of VenuSerena, Richard Williams, whose history of crying “racism” rivals a certain fable character’s history of crying “wolf”. In an interview with AP, he said, “When it was Steffi Graf or Chris Evert that won, or Monica Seles — but when those two black girls came and beat up everyone, tennis was ‘not exciting.'” Fans think VenuSerena made tennis “not exciting anymore. It’s boring.”
Message to Big Daddy Williams: If your daughters looked like Tyra Banks and Beyonce, maybe fans would find your daughters exciting. It has nothing to do with race. Fans weren’t excited by Seles or Graf, either. But they just loved Anna Kournikova. Her tennis skills (she never won a tournament) had nothing to do with it. Crying “racism” all the time doesn’t help. Nor does the Wayans brothers’ hilarious Comedy Central parody of VenuSerena in a “Got Milk?” ad. Sports is showbiz, and winning Wimbledon–as Venus did Saturday–just ain’t enough, these days.

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Don’t forget the nearly as hot as Debbie Schlussel, Maria Sharapova. (Why do most of the good lucking tennis chicks come from Russia?)
I don’t have a big problem with the Amazon Williams nags’ looks, it’s just they come across as whiney jerks, and their race card dropping dad is despicable. I would rather see them than that Navratilova guy and Willy Jean King. It doesn’t matter, their day has passed, despite Venus winning and grazing at Wimbledon. Serena thinks she’s some model/fashionista/acting babe…I’m sure Tyra is shaking in her Wonderbra.
Deb, expect another Sharon pic soon.

The_Man on July 5, 2005 at 9:47 pm

His racism comments are always total BS, but I’ve gotta admit that he’s right about tennis being more exciting since the Williams sisters arrived. A lot more people started paying attention to the actual game when they started playing.
Yes, Anna K gets a lot of attention because of her looks, but who the hell would actually care about watching a full match of hers?
Oh, and Serena is actually pretty hot. I just wish she’d tone down her muscles a bit. Venus on the other hand…poor girl(?).

Clompo on July 6, 2005 at 1:47 pm

I’d go for that Serena; she’s a hot schwatza!

Yiddish Steel on July 6, 2005 at 11:44 pm

I like your analogy. It’s true that if the Williams sisters looked like Beyonce or Tyra Banks, they would get far more attention than ugly “look like men” white tennis players Navratilova and Billie Jean King.
Your example of Anna Kournikova proves it. She essentially is a supermodel in a tennis outfit and she plays more like a model than a professional. If it weren’t for her hot looks she’d have been long retired from the tennis circuit.

hairymon on July 7, 2005 at 10:52 pm

I can remember when tennis was very classy. I was kicked off a court, at a tennis club, because I was wearing some charcoal coloured Bermuda Shorts. White was the only except-able colour on the court. Women wore nice looking tennis dresses with short pleated shirts. And did they ever look nice.

Tennis was originally a woman’s game, played on lawns. That’s why it was called Lawn Tennis. Women played the game in long dresses with hats. That was back when society had some real class.

Now look what we have. The men look like bums; the women look more like men then women with a few exceptions. I never went to see a woman play like a man. I went to see a combination of the gracefulness of her body and her good looking legs. I never knew a man who wanted to go see a dike play tennis like a man..

The Russian women proves the point. Real men are still men.

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