July 26, 2007, - 10:27 am

Largest Police Chiefs Assn: ICE Princess Not Getting Job Done w/ Illegal Aliens

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)–the nation’s largest association of police chiefs says Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chieftess and her top minions are not getting the job done on illegal immigration. The cops say they must do the job that Americans–ie., The ICE Princess and her subordinates–just won’t do.
Because of that the IACP has had to publish its own primer on immigration enforcement for local cops to pick up the slack:

WASHINGTON – The nation’s largest association of police chiefs is distributing an unusual primer on immigration enforcement to thousands of law enforcement agencies, saying the absence of a national immigration policy has left local communities with an “overwhelming” burden.
The publication by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) offers instruction on when state and local officers may intervene in cases involving illegal immigrants. It stops short of urging local authorities to enforce federal immigration laws but says agencies can no longer ignore the local troubles posed by the explosive growth of undocumented immigrants.
Because there has been very little federal assistance on this issue, it’s been pushed down to us,” IACP president Joseph Carter said. “Our frustration is that this has now become an issue for our membership.”
Immigration enforcement, primarily the domain of the federal government, has been a particularly sensitive issue for local communities.
“Local police leaders face a growing set of immigration-related duties in the face of scarce and narrowing resources,” the 45-page document states. “It is critically important for local agencies to avoid being caught in the middle of endless battles over immigration policy.”
The report states that local police are confronted with:
* Human smuggling operations.
* Crime victims who are reluctant to cooperate with police out of fear they will be deported.
* The rejuvenation of hate groups targeting new immigrant communities. [DS: HUH?! Looks like some police have been drinking .]
* Community disputes involving the location of day-laborer hiring sites or complaints related to overcrowded housing.
Carter said the document, circulated Tuesday, was the association’s response to “numerous” requests for guidance from its membership, which numbers about 20,000 police officials.
“What we have provided is a framework to help guide chiefs. How they deal with it is an issue for their political leadership. “We can’t dictate how a community should respond.”
So far, the collective response of local communities has produced a quilt of local immigration policies.
[DS: USA Today drinking the anti-borders enforcement Kool Aid here. This is a common phrase employed by USA Today. There is a “quilt” of local policies dealing with everything from murder to robbery. No-one’s complained about varying laws in, say, Michigan versus Illinois on armed robbery. It’s called “local control.”] . . .
“Immigration presents a confusing picture for the police, with various elements of the community taking adversarial positions,” the IACP report said.
Carter hoped that the IACP’s primer would “move law enforcement to a more consistent approach. Lacking guidance from a court decision or the federal government, we’re just trying to find the best way to move ahead.”

It’s pretty clear that The ICE Princess is not getting the job done. That’s why local police must take it up. And that’s why they’re confused. She’s . And she’s cancelled visits to Arizona because Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Janet Napolitano have criticized ICE and, again, are doing the job that some Americans–The ICE Princess–just won’t do.
When local police must do the job that some Americans–ie., ICE “leadership”–just won’t do, it’s a strong hint that those “Americans” are a whopping billion-dollar failure.

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The illegal immigration problem didn’t become such a huge problem overnight, and it won’t be solved quickly either. I don’t care who the Assistant Secretary is, it’s going to take a lot of time, money and effort.
Local law enforcement can assist ICE by arresting and charging law breakers, and following through with prosecution of these violators, which will allow ICE to remove these people as aggravated felons. All too often the local criminal charges are dropped, and ICE is called to “deport” the illegal alien. If it was just that simple!
Think about it like this: Every law enforcement agency in the U.S. can arrest/charge/convict for drug crimes…it isn’t just the Federal agency with primary jursidiction (Drug Enforcement Administration). Mayberry PD can arrest/prosecute and jail a drug dealer.
For immigration violations, there is only one agency who has the authority and responsibility to enforce these laws, and that’s ICE.
Yes there are some state and local agencies cross-designated with immigration authority, known as 287(g) authority, but ICE must still supervise these local officers, with exisiting resources.
An ICE Supervisor much touch, review, and sign off on each file created on an illegal alien by those local officers.
It all takes money. When people think about illegal immigration they usually think about Border Patrol. Border Patrol continues to get more and more funding, and more and more agents.
It’s time someone realizes that once those aliens get around the Border Patrol, and they do get around them, that ICE needs the resources to catch and remove them.
ICE has become much more responsive to local law enforcement’s requests for assistance. In our area, every call for assistance from local law enforcement is responded to by an agent, and if the agent doesn’t respond, his supervisor must articulate why they didn’t.
Is this investigative work, that Special Agents should be doing? Not usually, but it’s work that has to be done.
The illegal immigration problem is a complex problem, without a quick solution. More money, and more agents is a good place to start.

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 26, 2007 at 11:59 am

EVS is correct in most of his posting. EVS is absolutely correct about the local justice systems not pulling their weight. The same people who complain about the Federal Government not doing enough are the ones who drop the charges on rapist, drunks, stalker and overall scumbags and turn them over to ICE. ICE has to release them from jail because they are not criminals. When they show-up back in town while they are awaiting their hearing the big bad GOV gets the blame for releasing criminal aliens into the community. They are released because they have no criminal convictions. An arrest does not make someone a criminal a conviction does. While I expect some small departments may not realize this I am sure local prosecutors do. The “Big Bad Government” is an excuse lazy prosecutors use to justify to their constutiants why the bad guys are back.
Most of the blame lies squarely where it belongs and that is on the GOV and ICE. When Custom and INS merged, the Custom hierarcy was placed in charge. Instead of become the most powerful law enforcement agency in the federal government because of the merger of the two authorities we took 10 steps back. The Customs heirarcy decided to turn a blind-eye to immigration enforcement and adopted a strategy of ignore it and it will go away. Their were ICE SAC’s from the legacy Customs side of the house that refused to do any immigration enforcement. That is what precipitated the need for the policy of respond or justify why you didn’t because 4 years after the merger you still had the majority of Customs Supervisor’s and Agent who had no idea how to handle anything immigration related. Now it is too late. INS was not perfect but it did, at least keep a finger in the dike. The Customs hierarcy just ignore the situation and the warning from the legacy INS people who warned that ignoring the situation was dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, illegal aliens are not stupid. The information that imigration enforcement is being ignored doesn’t take long to spread through the Mexican population.
Today, 4 years later, the great majority of the ICE heiracy is still legacy Customs and now we are paying for the fact that they underestimated the importance of immigration enforcement and still turn a blind-eye to enforcement with statements like “this is not Special Agent work”. While it may be true, someone has to do it an its time someone stopped believing that they are to important to enforce the laws fo the U.S.
Sorry for the long post. Just venting.

Biscuit425 on July 26, 2007 at 1:10 pm

“agencies can no longer ignore the local troubles posed by the explosive growth of undocumented immigrants.”
Let me add to the list the problems we LEGAL citizens face while the “agencies” are tap dancing:
*Drunk drivers killing people on the highways. Getting to be a routine event across America by the accounts I read.
*Diseases carried by illegals from third world countries like Mexico, etc, etc, ad nauseum. (More than a dozen “workers” with TB in a chicken plant in Greenville SC). I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice berg.
*Crimes committed such as rape, murder, robbery etc, etc. Just check out America’s Most Wanted on Saturday night. They’re not just raping, killing and robbing each other.
Sure, many of these folks are hard working G-d fearing people just looking for a better life, yada, yada; but that doesn’t justify allowing drunk driving, violent predators to invade the country. Hell, we’ve got enough home grown perps to deal with already. We don’t need to import their tired, poor, hungry and CRIMINAL.

Southernops on July 26, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Ever-felatting LapDog:
How did you arrive at the quantum leap to equate all law enforcement agencies with Mayberry P.D. Debbie and the IACP are right on in the fact that Myers and her clowns of reknown aren’t doing dogsquat about the illegal problem. It’s up to us in the field to make it happen but we’re strung by limited budget because the money seems to be going to Kool-Aid parties with Tommy Lasorda, ICE pins, teddy bears, and key chains, and other insidious crap that has no place.
More money might help; how about more money, more SA’s and less BP? It ain’t getting done at the border.
Deal with it!

1shot1kill on July 26, 2007 at 1:50 pm

If you’d read my post, you would have seen “It’s time someone realizes that once those aliens get around the Border Patrol, and they do get around them, that ICE needs the resources to catch and remove them.”
What does that say? More money, more resources. I don’t care about teddy bears and ICE pins. I’d rather have additional FTE’s and vehicles, and equipment.
The name is EverVigilantSheepdog. Get it right.

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 26, 2007 at 3:36 pm

I know a lot of readers here think that ICE WON?T enforce immigration laws to the degree they want. The fact is ICE CAN?T enforce immigration law the way the most of the public, as well as myself, want it to. Do people think that we got into this business not to arrest illegal aliens, alien smugglers and employers? Even if the Assistant Secretary were to fall all over herself to promote immigration enforcement, exactly where would these people come from? What function would we stop doing? It is true what an earlier poster stated, that upon the merger many in the Customs hierarchy, who were leading most of the SACs and much of ICE headquarters, wanted to move as FAR away from immigration enforcement as possible. That?s not the case now, a lot of resources have been pulled from Customs investigative areas to do all of these worksite raids, gang initiatives, and response to illegals encountered by police in vanloads and at Government and military installations. There are agents around the country whose only function is to track, arrest, and deport aliens from countries that have produced terrorists that overstay visas. Worksite investigations are at a level that they haven?t been since 1998, and the administration has put pressure on U.S. Attorneys to accept those cases for prosecution.
The real problem is the aptly named Serpenthead and his handlers, who plump up stats and selectively increase enforcement for show. I mean please, what do these locals want? New York has 25,000 cops (not including Transit Police) for a city of 8 million. Philadelphia has a force of 6,600 for 1.5 million people. DC has a force of 3,500 for a city of 650,000. ICE, well we?ve got around 4,500 agents to handle an illegal population of TWENTY MILLION (and also drug smuggling, arms smuggling, technology smuggling, cash smuggling, child porn smuggling, counterfeit goods smuggling, intellectual property smuggling, etc.). Oh, and around 1,000 Deportation Officers to handle 600,000 deportation absconders. Can anyone understand basic math?
I?m not one of these people that believe you have to arrest everyone. I also believe that if you do strong worksite enforcement, and arrest illegals at every encounter, people would begin to self-deport. And clearly, the Assistant Secretary is unqualified and incompetent, I don?t argue that. The problem is, that whomever you put in charge is only going to make an incremental difference.
I think GABE posted here in response to me the other day that ICE had the resources, but that the agency just didn?t want to do the work. Really? It would have been nice to know that, because last year, I averaged 14 hours a day and I could have used some of those ?resources?. Was I going to ask agents to dump their heroin smuggling investigations, or investigations of child pornography, or maybe get those resources from agents investigating terrorist financing?
I?m glad the locals are waking up. Of course the Feds can?t do it alone. Locals mirror just about everything that Feds do: drugs, bank robbery, kidnapping, counterfeiting, etc. Why not get on board with immigration? They are the ones who?ve always been resistant to immigration enforcement: ?Well, I can?t let my police ask these aliens where they?re from or if they?re illegal, they?re community members and then wouldn?t call us to report crime?. Now that?s BS.
“ICE pins, teddy bears, and key chains, and other insidious crap that has no place”
Hillarious and true. Not much money in the big picture, but who in the hell gets these trinkets? Not the field, not kids, but little trinket collectors who post them around their cubicles in HQ and in SACs top management offices. Go ahead boys, keep patting yourselves on the back while the rest of us sweat. Embarrassing.

Staypositive on July 26, 2007 at 3:58 pm

I have read many comments by Debbie and the subsequent comments by the public and other ICE employees for months. As my name says, I am not an agent but I do work for ICE in a major SAC office. I am a former U. S. Customs Service employee who worked in both the investigative and district side of that agency. I have also worked for another federal law enforcement agency in my 28 year government career, so I do have a considerable background what goes on in federal law enforcement even though I am not an agent.
First off, Debbie, as others have stated, you do yourself a disservice with the incessant name calling of managers of DHS and other agencies. If you want to be considered as a journalist, you neeed to stop with the name calling. I know your column is a blog, but you also mention everytime you are quoted by someone in the news business or when you are going to be on someone’s show. While I do admire you for your tenacity in what you write about, I do think you would do a greater service if you encouraged your readers to write and call their elected officials with their views on the many subjects you write about. Especially the immigration issue, which is a hot button issue at this time.
To the many agents who have responded to Debbie’s columns, quit with the profanity. You who laden your responses with profanity, do yourselves and the other employees of ICE a disservice and do nothing to further your cause. Yes, each of us is entitled to their opinion regarding any issue, however, we should remember that they way you express your opinion means more than the opinion itself.
Yes, I was not happy with the merger either, as I felt ICE was ignored for the most part when the merger happened. We got an inexperienced person to head the agency, we inherited the INS computer programs which were horrible (ask any administrative person that worked in either personnel or the financial side of the house), we did not get the funds from either CIS or CBP that were due us when both investigative sides of the house were split from the former parent agencies and on and on. However, we are government employees and a lot of us have been there thru many Commissioners of Customs or Adminstrators of INS, Presidents and Congress and we have outlasted most of them and have managed to do a pretty good job, no matter what the political cimate was at any given time.
The merger isn’t going to be undone, so we all need to quit the sniping at each other and work together for the betterment of the agency and each other. We have an election year in 2008 and whomever is elected as President and to Congress, may have other priorities for our agency than we are currently mandated to investigate and enforce.
To the American people, as previously stated we are charged with investigating many types of violations with a small numnber of investigators and other employees. As proven by the defeat of the Immigration Reform legislation, when the American public calls and writes their congressment, you are heard and many of their votes were a reflection of their constituents. So if the American public truly wants ICE to investigate and enforce the immigation laws or any other violations currently on the books, let your elected representatives know and that you feel this agency needs to also have an increase in manpower to do the job right.
To the general public, you can’t have it both ways, complain that the federal government isn’t doing enough about all of the people that are here in this country illegally but then you don’t want your local police agencies to assist ICE when needed.
Well I think I have probably bored enough people with my opinions, but I felt it was time for someone other than an agent express their opinion on what has been written about the agency I work for in this column.

NotAnAgent on July 26, 2007 at 8:19 pm

Well said “NotAnAgent”. It is important that we express our opinions, but it’s equally important how we do so. There are non-ICE people reading this blog too.
You’ll probably catch a lot of flak from people that don’t want you “raising the bar” on here, when they get around to reading your post tomorrow. You may even be amused by it as I often am. LOL
Keep the faith,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 26, 2007 at 10:13 pm

It’s “1shot,1kill” and you’re in my sights. Why don’t you quit spending so much time defending the ineptitude of this leadership and offer something better? Granted, part of the problem we face is the local judicial systems dismissing charges on felony aliens so we’re left with no recourse. D&R raises the bar on who we can move because of bed space. The list goes on. As far as more Border Patrol agents and more money, they’ve already put more agents on in the past and the line is still wide open. Could it be a result of “Sit on the X” which amounts to sit on your ass and let them walk around? Why are there so many aliens in deportation proceedings released on ‘supervision’ (what a joke) because we don’t have diplomatic relations with their countries? They just disappear back into the mainstream and carry on with their criminal activity until they’re arrested again. I know; I’ve dealt with too many to count. This goes all the way back to the administration. F**k the other countries…put these pukes on flights back, dump them off on the tarmack, and let their country deal with it.
When is CIS going to stop promoting more “lie like a bastard and get in free” programs and shut them down. No more appeals; if you’re ordered deported, too bad-so sad…don’t let the door hit you in the ass while we throw you out. I can go on and on but I’m tired of trying to make points that nobody wants to listen to because they’re too busy being kindler and gentler while this country is being overrun and the public is scorning us and the rest of the world is laughing at us.
Throwing more money and bodies at the problem isn’t going to change a damn thing until the mentality of this agency changes and the hammer drops. Stop defending those who are the perpetrators of this clusterf**k. It’s insulting and doesn’t do much for your character.

1shot1kill on July 27, 2007 at 9:06 am

INS has always been a useless agency that never responded to a call for a pickup. They will be the first to ask for more and more money though , for raises they got after the blunders of 9/11 and the current state of illegal immigrant invaders. Look at the DRO/IEA , rumor has it they use their trips to escort illegals back to their third world country just to get a piece of UNDERAGE ASS! Its an extended vacation for these losers who are living paycheck to paycheck because their not responsible enough to live within their means. Yeah more money for a non-producing agency.

slayer72 on July 27, 2007 at 11:13 am

1shot, you’ve already had it. Move to New Haven or St. Paul where they have Mayors that are calling the foreign invaders, “Members of the community.”, Then you will be reminded that it’s the elected officials that are passing conflicting laws just because they happen to know one alien and he/she is just a heck of nice person.
slayer sounds like one of those customs managers that make themselves feel better by putting others down and manage by intimidation.
evs, you’re sounding mighty lucid today. but you still sound like management. bisuit and positive are a lot closer to being on the mark.
notanAgent, you’re right…but I do agree with you on we could be nicer. remember that this blog is on a lady’s site. What would you’re mother’s think? Although I do like the pet names for our officials. They’ve ruined about everything else except my sense of humor and irony.
Deb, I hope you’re well. I just wanted to make a small rant against New Haven and the people that allow them to slap America in the face again. I think you’re pets should take affront and make arrests for aiding the illegal aliens…which is illegal.
Now wasn’t that ez?

ezranter on July 27, 2007 at 12:43 pm

I think everyone in this country has their own opinion about the immigration situation we find ourselves in. It is how you express that opinion which matters in the court of public opinion.
Personally, I was against the immigration reform legislation and am glad it failed. However, I am sorry that as a citizen I did not write my elected representatives and let them know how I felt about what the Senate and House of Representatives had proposed and were going to vote on. In not letting our elected officials know how we as employess of ICE feel about what has gone on and is going on in our agency and yes as to what Congress and the President is doing, we are failing ourselves as citizens.
In ICE today, I’m sure there are many offices that are fully merged, with great managers and all of the employees in those offices are happy productive employees. However, I am just as sure there are offices in ICE, were the merger may or may not have gone smoothly and the managers are not the best and the employees are not happy nor very productive.
Each of us are foremost responsible for our attitudes and yes I have had many trials and tribulations throughout my career, but you know what, it wasn’t my fellow emplyees fault and my problems were my problems, not any one elses. Like I told some employees in the office where I worked prior to coming to OI, we aren’t chained to the chair and if we really don’t like and can’t work here, we have the option of leaving. Believe me I don’t know of an agent I have meet that could have worked in that office without complaining every second.
The citizens of this country have a right to hold the government accountable for their actions or non-action as it may be, however, they also need to understand that the employess of ICE and other government agencies are many times mandated by the President and Congress to handle whatever priority programs they give us.
However, I wonder how many citizens, if their identity was stolen by an illegal immigrant in order to get a job, would be so negative towards ICE if we ever came into their community to do a worksite enforcement raid. To the public officials who castigate ICE for coming into their community and enforcing the current immigration laws, shame on you. You are a disgrace and should resign your elected position. I know I took as oath of office when I became an employee of the federal government and I know you took an oath of office also. Uphold that oath you took and if you can’t or won’t then resign.
We all have to remember, we have a right to vote and if we are not happy with our elected officials at any level, then vote them out.
To all in ICE who read Debbie’s column, we are made up of hardworking individuals who have different views on what has happened and going to happen in our agency and we have a right to express thoses views. However, how we express them means a lot in the court of public opinion. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard and be polite and professional when expressing our views in a public forum. Before, you all think I am a goody two shoes, I’m not, I can express my opinion using all of the language that has been written by some just as good as they have.
I know all of the employees of ICE want to do the very best job that they can and they really care about this country and what happens to the citizens and residents.
To all of you in ICE take care of yourselves and to the rest of Debbies readers, take care of yourselves also.
PS, forgive the grammatical errors as I’m not going to proof read my work as I’m a terrible proof reader.

NotAnAgent on July 27, 2007 at 2:13 pm

I’ll not defend the political appointees, beyond saying nobody, except perhaps Jesus Christ, could fix what’s wrong with Immigration overnight.
I’ll continue to defend the career government employees that happen to find themselves in charge of ICE/OI at this point in time. It’s awful easy to stand in the shadows and throw rocks, when you aren’t responsible for all the employees of ICE and ensuring that the mission (ever changing as it is) gets accomplished.
I originally joined this site to ask for some civility, and to combat all the name calling that was going on towards Director Forman, Traci Lembke and the rest. Like them or not, they’re doing the best they can with the hand they’ve been dealt.
You said “Stop defending those who are the perpetrators of this clusterf**k. It’s insulting and doesn’t do much for your character.” I’m comfortable with who I am my friend, and I’m going to continue to defend my friends, against all that anonymously attack them. Might as well get used to it.
Your insinuation (calling it “rumor has it”) regarding DRO and their foreign travel is way over the edge. Unless you can back that claim up, you’d be better off not putting it out there.
I’m still part of the ICE leadership team, calling them the way I see them.
I think you’ve found a home here buddy. Welcome.
Work Safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 27, 2007 at 4:11 pm

Slayer72 knows all the secrets. If you are a former Customs guy I like you guys. You complain about the worthlessness of worksite enforcement and immigration enforcement and then happily go on a trade fraud raid to seize counterfeit spongebob underwear and rubber dog crap and claim that this is keeping the economy safe. Wake up dummy. With the combined authority of both agencies we could be the most powerful LE agency in the world. If you dont’ believe that just check-out how the FBI, DEA, and ATF are attempting to grab at our authority. SLAYER72 must think that when he calls in an illegal alien that evryone should come run. Who pays the bills for the manhours when 3 Agents/Officers repond and findout you just thought a dark-skinned person with an accent was an illegal alien. Stop surfing porn and read some news. The only people do anything about illegal immigration are the “useless immigration agents”. It’s always amazing how a lack of knowledge can shine through in just a few lines.
Don’t be fooled by the idiots who keep telling you we can’t arrest all of them. Maybe we can’t but they would go home on their own if they couldn’t find employment. And don’t fall for the “abandoned children” BS. If an illegal alien leaves and goes home without his or her family then they are a bad parent anyway. Our men and women in the military get assigned oversea all the time and take their families with them.
NotAnAgent- Very well said but “wrong”. Passion is what is going to fix this problem. The “Oh Well” attitude got us where we are now.
We don’t have to arrest every illegal alien but when someone like New Haven or San Francisco says they are a sanctuary city then we should take action. In New Haven there should be marked Border Patrol cars at the Courthouse everyday. Every person who goes in for an ID should be interviewed and then arrest if they are an illegal alien. Once a week we should get a subpeona for all the records and proceed to arrest the illegal aliens we discover. After about 2 weeks of this the aliens will go elsewhere. Word spread fast about enforcement or lack-there-of

Biscuit425 on July 27, 2007 at 5:01 pm

I like the way you think!! With more agents of like mind, and leadership providing the tools, we could kick some serious alien ass!!
It’s all about money. Take away the incentive, and eventually they’ll decide that America isn’t the place they thought it would be.
Hit em hard, and often.
Work Safe my friend,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 27, 2007 at 6:12 pm

I love this:
ìIn New Haven there should be marked Border Patrol cars at the Courthouse everyday. Every person who goes in for an ID should be interviewed and then arrest if they are an illegal alien. Once a week we should get a subpeona for all the records and proceed to arrest the illegal aliens we discover. After about 2 weeks of this the aliens will go elsewhereî
Iíll do you one better though. Prosecute those who try to implement their ridiculous ID program for violating 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) for encouraging aliens to reside in the U.S. knowing they have come to, entered or plan to reside in violation of law. Ditto for day labor sites.
SLAYER72óI can track the hours throughout my career, and more than 20% have been in direct response to local calls for assistance, or a case developed off of their request for help, regarding illegal aliens. When I was not responding to locals, I was taking down alien fraud and smuggling rings, and arresting criminal aliens for deportation. This was the typical experience of an INS agent. If we had responded to every call from local and other federal law enforcement, that would have been all we had done, and still we would not have responded to but a fraction of all those calls for assistance. Those complaining are correct on one point; the Federal government has never been serious about enforcing immigration law, other wise they would have staffed the interior like the Border Patrol in size and function.
INS was a small agency. Can anyone imagine if Customs had responded to every single fake Rolex vendor in New York, or the fake Oakley vendors in front of ballparks, or purse vendor on the sidewalk? No, they would not, but they would respond to a tractor- trailer full of counterfeit contraband and go after the importers or manufacturers, or a storefront selling volume.
For the size of agency it was, INS (Investigations that is) gave the taxpayer plenty of bang for the buck. Should we have stuck to the strategy of more worksite enforcement and arresting illegals at the workplace? Yes, and that would have kept the stream of illegals down. But agents didnít make that decision; those decisions came from the political appointee level.

Staypositive on July 27, 2007 at 7:02 pm

Just a brief observation regarding the positive tone of most of the posts today from my ICE brothers and/or sisters, agents and non-agents alike.
We are all truly in it together, regardless of our grade or position, SAC Office or AOR, and together we’ll make this thing called ICE work.
Respect is earned, and we’ll get that respect, by leaning forward in the saddle, and doing the best and most professional job we can, under less than ideal conditions. The American people deserve no less.
I appreciate what you do. Work Safe folks,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 27, 2007 at 8:50 pm

Good Gawd, Everliving Lapdog, could you be any more condescending? “I appreciate all you do.” You should, because all your subordinates do makes you look good in your ivory tower. So, when was the last time you put cuffs on someone (outside your romantic life, of course)? Do you have a set of cuffs? Am I the only one offended by your ‘holding court’ in these Blogs? “Well, class, I think we are making progress today. I like the way Johnny is being positive…” Pontificate to your minions and ‘enable’ them elsewhere. It’s gettin’ pretty friggen’ old. Lead from the front and see how things really are instead of hanging in the rear with the gear. And calling me ‘queer’ is funny for lots of reasons, but it may be over the P.C. bounds for someone such as yourself.

q2thecore on July 27, 2007 at 11:53 pm

Some judge just “threw out” Hazelton, PA’s law to go after illegal aliens! So much for the citizens of Hazelton, PA having any say about their town. Who do they think they are, anyway? So much for representative government, I guess we should all sit down and shut up, what the hell do we know?

steve ventry on July 28, 2007 at 12:23 am

EVS sounds like a complete wannabe to me. ‘Work safe’, give me a break.

steve ventry on July 28, 2007 at 12:29 am

I learned from you, that I was supposed to create another cutsie name for whoever I respond to on here. Am I wrong? You can’t seem to get my name right, why shouldn’t I play along? Annoying q?
Though you didn’t say much, I’ll respond anyway.
I do look good, precisely because of my subordinates doing such good work. I give credit where credit is due. I do also lead from the front, but I trust the people that work for me to do their job, and do it well, thus
my handcuffs don’t get much play these days.
“Am I the only one offended by your ‘holding court’ in these Blogs?”
What you really mean to say is “I liked it better when we could gang up on ICE management, call them obscene names, and nobody took us to task for it” “It’s not any fun anymore.” I think I hear the waaaaaaambulance coming for you q.
The “vocal minority” has been largely MIA on this thread till you showed up Q. That was why I commented on the postive tone of the thread.
You have some serious issues with authority “q”. Might be time for that mental health check up you’ve been putting off. LOL
Steve, As usual, you have nothing to offer. But I’ll commend you for keeping your “nothing” comment brief. That alone is progress for you.

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 28, 2007 at 7:11 am

Thank you for proving my point. Are you so blinded by your own self-importance and delusions of your grandiosity that you do not see how pompous you are? Who the hell died and made you the ‘authority’. I don’t recall electing you King of the Blog. Like I said, if you’re the best ICE can do, it’s in worse shape than I thought. Enjoy your weekend. Work safe out there, people, it’s a jungle.

q2thecore on July 28, 2007 at 11:10 am

I’ve never said “I’m the best ICE can do”, those are your words. I don’t pretend to be the best.
There are many that have accomplished more than I, and I’m the first one to acknowledge that fact.
I’m just an honest guy, trying to set the record straight, while everyone else is busy pulling the wagon. I didn’t elect myself “King of the Blog” either. If you want to put me up there, that’s your doing, not mine.
Glad to see you dropped the name calling. Progress, though slow, is still progress.
Work safe Q,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 28, 2007 at 1:09 pm

Holy shit,,,, the ass kissing EVS is still trying to convince ICE Agents how wonderful ICE really is. You really are the Iraqi Information Minister. I would love to know where you work so I could personally visit you. You must work somewhere that its only you around. Nobody could be this oblivious to the complete nonsense that is ICE. Grow a set of balls and step up to the plate. Its peolpe like you, that we are stuck with in management, that continue to push this falsehood. Your the typical “manager” that all Agents have lost respect for. You need to retire and go work for Target.

kcrat on July 28, 2007 at 2:01 pm

Name calling is so childish and defeats what could be a beneficial public discourse on what is right and wrong in this country. Yes it could be what is right and wrong about Immigration and Customs Enforcement or as we are so lovingly called, ICE or it could be what is right and wrong about the immigration issue.
Though I don’t agree with Debbie’s views on many subjects, I applaude her doggedness with regard to the immigration issue, the potential terrorist problems this country might face and what has happened to the area in which she grew up and still lives. She is entitled to her opinion just like we all are and just like she has the right to express her opinion in any which way she desires, so does everyone else that responds to her blog. I don’t personally know Debbie or anyone else who responds to her blogs and personally I don’t have the time or the inclination to try to figure out who the responders are. If some who respond are managers and others are rank and file agents so be it. Our opinions on any subject are colored by what has happened in our lives yesterday and today.
I can remember the first office I workd in, in Customs, and some of the people in that office were telling me how horrible the office was, at that time my perception of the office was totally different than theres as I had only been there a short time. I can also vividly remember them saying to me, “your time will come”, boy did my time come when someone in management took a personal dislike to me. So everyones perception on how ICE is operating as an agency is based on the perceptions of how their office is operating and from what they read and hear from management at their office and from headquarters. Yes, much of what is perceived is from someone talking to someone in HQS. and getting the rumors about what is going to happen to this one and that one. Guess what, most have turned out to be false.
Your job is a lot about what you make of it and if you now have to investigate an illegal smuggling ring who is smuggling aliens, what is the difference than when you had to investigate a drug smuggling ring. Both are violations of federal law and you are still getting the same pay and benefits. Like I previously said, get over it already, our agency isn’t going to change nor is it’s mission.
As to the managers in ICE, I do feel that President Bush has done us no favors in who he has appointed as the Assistant Secretaries. I really feel that someone with actual law enforcement experience would be more suitable than an attorney, but that is my opinion and I have many others concerning our current President and Vice-President and his staff and political appointees.
It was said that I had an “oh well” attitude by a previous responder concerning my first post. I don’t feel that I portrayed that attitude in my response, however, I do respect your opinion.
As someone previously said in their post, what was going on with the immigration issue and with the INS mission was always whatever the political climate was at the time. Fortunately, for the ones of us who worked for Customs, we did not have politics play as much an issue in how we enforced the laws our agency was mandated by law to enforce.
So I hope everyone will express their opinion to what Debbie writes about ICE, but remember what our Mother’s always taught us, it is how you say it that matters.
To all of the agents in ICE, go forth and investigate your little hearts out, but be careful.
To all of the other employees of ICE, we are just as an important part of this agency as the agents are.

NotAnAgent on July 28, 2007 at 2:02 pm

God, it is trying reading these blogs. Having worked as an SA for the government for 20 years, I find it hard to believe all the bitching going on here. I always try to be positive and find the good in everything, but this is trying.
For the record, ICE issues are near and dear to my heart, so I follow these blogs, sometimes laughing at the rediculousness of of the responses, sometimes nodding my head in agreement.
Since 9/11, the job has changed. Pre 9/11, the job used to be fun. Now, it is good work, but completely serious. What puzzles me is the amount of time and energy that agents have to think about the issues comment on this site. There is so much work out there to be done, that we could use about 4 times the agents. I don’t understand how anyone who works for ICE can find the time during the day to visit the website and make comments on it.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not counting what is being done during off time, rather what is being posted during work hours. Personally, I don’t have time to visit this site, unless it is on those occasions while I am eating lunch at my desk and sick of typing up another report. My day flies by. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to take a dump.
I have to wonder if all the ICE agents worked their arses off, what would happen? Instead of bitching about this duty or that duty, just roll up the sleeves and get it done.
Yea, some of the duties are not desirable, but so what. Just get it done. Every 13 out there gets paid a whole ton of money at the taxpayers expense and there are thousands of hungry people out there that would be willing to do whatever it is that the agency wants to make that kind of money.
Personally, I have stated this and agree with EVS when I think and state, ‘The American Public deserves better’.
True American

True American on July 28, 2007 at 4:21 pm

This is a very amusing site. Lots of frustration and very little understanding. You want to see a submarine with no steering in a dive with a full crew who couldn’t fix the problem even with the answers and tools? Meet TSA!
RE: immigration enforcement
Fact one: The Association of Police Chiefs couldn’t find their butt with both hands. They have been awarded small fortunes to deal with “Homeland Security” which they promptly ran out and spent on new Crown Vics. In three years those cars are going to be beat and they still won’t know the difference between a Honduran and an El Savadoran, or more seriously an Indian and a Pakistani. While Police Chief Billy Bob is out there with a Homeland Security grant for sonar (I’m not kidding), looking for a woman that drove into a lake in 1952 (I’m still not kidding), an illegal Honduran from Maryland that they let go on his eleventh DUI/driving citation kills an American soldier home on leave from Iraq and his 18 year old date on Thanksgiving by plowing into them drunk. ICE was never called and most of the Police Chiefs still don’t call regarding illegal aliens. One police chief had the nerve to say that his department stop calling because way back in 1986 no one would answer. Pointing the finger at federal immigration enforcement is the oldest side step for modern police chiefs, sing another tune because the more educated the public gets the smaller number of days you and your fat friends have left at the helm of your submarine.

ICEland on July 28, 2007 at 5:53 pm

NotAnAgent, True American, and ICEland are all dead on target.
kcrat as usual is in his own little world, where everything sucks, the sky is falling, and every supervisor must be an ass, otherwise they wouldn’t be in management. I’d hate to live in your world.
In my world, things aren’t perfect, but good people are working to make things better, and every day I see the signs of improvement.
Let me share with you, one of the glimmers of hope I’m seeing:
Can you guess how many GS-13 1811’s from other agencies applied to downgrade to a GS-12, to become an ICE Agent? Over 600!!! These came from FBI/DEA/IRS/ATF etc…over 40 different federal agencies.
If life is so bad at ICE, do you think these SIX HUNDRED people just didn’t get the memo?
ICEland hit on something I’d like to reflect on as well, and that’s all these police chiefs and sheriffs using “Homeland Security” grant money to buy toys, and then they scream about ICE not responding to them. Everytime I get those calls from reporters or congressman, when I run them down, it’s some cop that’s been quoted that is remembering back to 12 years ago when INS didn’t/couldn’t respond to their calls for assistance. Things have changed.
Debbie mentioned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Janet Napolitano in her blog, as if these are people we should worry about offending. Both of these people are all about getting their faces on TV, and their names in the paper, Period. I’ve worked with both, and know this to be true.
Sheriff Joe, as he likes to be called is a retired DEA SAC, that thinks he’s GOD, and he plays to the media, at every opportunity. He used his Homeland Security grant money to buy a damn APC, with a .50 cal machine gun mounted on it.
Anyone in law enforcement, federal, state or local that knows Sheriff Joe will confirm what I’ve said. Hell, we offered him a 287(g)jail model years ago, and he turned us down. Want to know why? Because the LA County Sheriff had already done it, and Sheriff Joe didn’t want to do it unless he could be first! All about grandstanding. I’ve got a hundred Sheriff Joe stories. LOL
Janet Napolitano isn’t any better. She’s merely trying to use the immigration issue, to launch herself onto the big stage. Politics at it’s best, or at it’s worst, you decide.
Have a great weekend folks,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 28, 2007 at 7:13 pm

Well EVS, if you aren’t in either the Tuscon or Phoenix office then I haven’t been around you law enforcement types long enough to pick up on clues when they stare me in the face.
After the merger my job didn’t change, so I really don’t have a dog in the fight in the same way many of the employees of ICE do. However, that doesn’t mean that my job will not change in the future. Hopefully it will change for the better and if it doesn’t I still have the job to do.
I learned many many years ago not to take my job home with me and to this day I don’t. Now I might remember something I forgot to do when getting ready for work in the morning, but I can guarantee that unless I’m talking to a friend about my job or what is going on in the office, ICE is the furtherest thing from my mind once I leave the office.
I have always defended our agents to other divisions who complain that the agent is never at their desk by reminding them that if an agent is at his desk he is not making cases. However, I now wonder if some agents have ever made a case when I see them in the office day after day. Now that is my perception from what I am seeing and I am possibly very wrong and if I am, I’m sorry. See this is how a person’s perception of what is happening in ICE can be totally wrong, as I know there are many hard working agents in my office and others who are making cases and either seizures and arrests each and everyday.
ike it has been said in the past, we do not tell the public what cases we are working on and whether or not we might be doing a workfore enforcement raid in City A or B next week. However, it is the public’s perception that we are not doing anything about the people who are in this country illegally based on what they are seeing in their communities and especially when an illegal alien commits a crime that makes the headlines of their morning newspaper and news station.

NotAnAgent on July 28, 2007 at 8:03 pm

Saw the movie Rescue Dawn this weekend and started Lone Survivor the book about the lost heroes of Seal Team Ten in Afghanistan (I very much recommend this book). But the most interesting discovery was thumbing through Ronald Reagan’s diaries. Just about every topic can be found in the index and subsequently the diaries, except: Immigration and Amnesty! That’s right, he doesn’t even mention them because up until Amnesty swung the country into total hell with over-the-top fraud and hung the carrot for illegal immigration by tag team, it simply didn’t compute in the agenda in DC or even in the mindset in California where Reagan was especially sensitive to issues. Think about what has changed since then and now fast forward to the lastest attempt to sink the knife in even deeper. Amazing, can you imagine that the premier topic of conversation with respect to our quality of life wasn’t even on the President’s mind, nor any of his staff for that matter. This cancer on the middle-class was driven through by the same opportunists that nearly did us in again at the same point in a second term of a different President. Maybe it is in there somewhere, but I found all the milestones I was looking for in his brilliant career quickly in the index. Certainly not under obvious choices like “immigration” or “amnesty” anyway.

ICEland on July 28, 2007 at 9:18 pm

I knew the reference to Sheriff Joe would put me out there on the proverbial “limb”, but it’s alright. As I’ve said before, if anyone guesses correctly, I’ll admit it. LOL
You are right about agents needing to be away from the office to make cases. Unfortunately, with all the computer squat our agents have to do these days, they’re in the office more then ever. I’m afraid the new ICE agents will never be able to experience the freedom and fun we had as Customs agents, when we’d check into the office on monday, draw a travel advance, and be gone for a week. We worked hard and we played hard…those were the days.
Thanks for the book advice ICEland. I’m going on Amazon to order it when I’m done here. I’m a big fan of the Navy SEALs. Do you remember “back in the day” when our CPO’s went to a modified SEAL training course? I wasn’t on the job then, but I’ve heard lot’s of stories. I’ve known quite a few SEAL’s, and have always been impressed with those guys. We have quite a few on the job with ICE now, in case you didn’t know. I’d select them, hands down, over most other candidates, all things being equal.
Take care folks,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 28, 2007 at 10:55 pm

EVS is such an imposter. A person with real authority wouldn’t have to constantly reinforce how important he is. He sounds completely defensive and preemptive to me, kind of like a PHONY.

steve ventry on July 29, 2007 at 12:24 am

Your opinion, though yours, isn’t worth a damn thing to me.
What have I said, that is trying to reinforce “how important he is”?
I’ve been merely having a relaxed, intelligent conversation with some good folks that share an interest and a passion of mine.
I don’t expect you to understand, as you don’t walk the same ground as we do. You cower in the shadows, pontificating about this and that, whenever an issue strikes your fancy.
Who’s the imposter? Many might opine that it’s steve ventry – soothsayer ninja (virtual version).
You don’t have a dog in the fight steve, so head on back to Burger King, your supervisor wants you on the line now!! LOL

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 29, 2007 at 7:14 am

To expose these INS losers I propose that Debbie phone in a different illegal alien every week and see how many supercops show up for their enforcement duties in their us tax money paid cars. I’ll give you a hint Deb NONE will show up! Yeah, you need another raise! They should have been disbanded 20 years ago.

slayer72 on July 29, 2007 at 10:27 am

All we are doing is feeding the Lapdog’s already overinflated ego. Let’s ignore him and maybe he’ll just go away. Don’t respond to his lame posts and he’ll lose interest and slink back to the CAB. “Marcy, the malcontents are ignoring me now.”

q2thecore on July 29, 2007 at 11:05 am

There you go again calling names. Thought I’d taught you better. Nothing to offer the conversation, right? Talk about a loser.

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 29, 2007 at 2:54 pm

Debbie, you hit the nail on the head again. What the local yokels know about ICE is the same that we all in ICE know about it ourselves. That ICE does not want to enforce immigration law anymore. All ICE cares about is the legacy Customs laws. Customs people are in charge at all ICE offices and they want Customs agents to move up, not INS. Marriage fraud? Nope, not be investigated. Illegal alien drop house? Nope, not to be investigated. Illegal download of a movie? Yep, that’s for us. Dinosaur eggs? Yep, that’s for us. Fake medicinal supplies? Yep, that’s for us. My retirement is coming up fast, and I wish I could have left yesterday.

rivfedup on July 29, 2007 at 4:35 pm

You’re kidding right? Are you just pulling Debbie’s leg? Come on, fess up.
If you’re serious, you really need to go talk to your Special Agent in Charge, and ask him to let you see the statistics that were recently sent out to all the offices by OCIO, in preparation for what’s being referred to as the “SAC’s Report Card”.
I’ll bet you that your office is doing as much or more immigration work than customs work.
In our AOR, we’re almost at 50/50, with just a little more immigration than customs violations being investigated/prosecuted.
You said: “All ICE cares about is the legacy Customs laws. Customs people are in charge at all ICE offices and they want Customs agents to move up, not INS”.
This my friend is unmitigated bullshit! It’s true that legacy Customs people are in charge in most ICE offices (not all), but I can tell you with absolute certainty that legacy INS agents are being promoted in my AOR, and I suspect they are being promoted in the other 25 SAC offices as well. As the senior leadership of ICE, we’d be crazy not to bring the legacy INS experience and talented agents along as part of the leadership team. You are either misinformed, or intentionally trying to feed the frenzy with untruths.
It’s this kind of uninformed nonsense, that causes people to think ICE isn’t meeting the challenge, but it’s factually incorrect.
Let us know how your meeting with the SAC goes, OK?

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 29, 2007 at 6:26 pm

Elliot Ness thought that if he could shake enough hands then he would be elected mayor of Cleveland. He certainly deserved it after arresting many of the corrupt police department’s management. But his friend, a decorated former OSS agent, worked it out on paper for him, showing him that this was not going to work.
The same goes for much of the attempts by cities and states to take on the immigraiton enforcement problem. You have to be able to understand the numbers to work out a sensible solution. And frankly, most police departments don’t want to face the undeniable reality that they have to play with a complete team. Federal, state, and local LEOs as well as building inspectors, firemen, city lawyers, county lawyers, federal both civil and criminal attorneys, city/county/state/federal welfare organizations, civic groups, chambers, business leaders, real estate developers, aid groups, the list makes an enormous model for an enormous problem. But hey, keep your big donut eating butt at the Dairy Queen and blame ICE while driving your moon vehicle around looking for a biological or chemical attack.

ICEland on July 29, 2007 at 6:31 pm

Yeah, ICE is r-e-a-l-ly kicking ass on immigration. At this rate, the southwest should be seceding in about 10 or 15 years. I guess the Cascades should be called New China, too.

steve ventry on July 29, 2007 at 6:45 pm

Well said ICEland.
steve ventry,
Nah, never mind…”It’s an ICE thing, you wouldn’t understand”.

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 29, 2007 at 8:04 pm

Pleae keep your eyes on the big picture people! You are here because you care! You volunteer for tdy’s to bad places away from your family’s, because you care, you strap on your gun at two am when your phone goes off, because you care! Here our voices can be heard, irregardless what our paygrdade is. Make sure you go to work everyday have fun and make a difference on a bad guy! You go home to what trully matters, your family! Get up and do it all over again. This is the best job you will ever have. Semper Fi!

yakuza on July 29, 2007 at 10:07 pm

Couldn’t have said it better. Semper Fi brother.

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 29, 2007 at 10:21 pm

I won’t belittle you like others have, because I think you want ICE to be the best agency it can be and I respect that. However, I do have to point out that in the New Orleans SAC Office that the SAC, DSAC, and every ASAC are legacy Customs. There are a few legacy INS RAC’s, but only in offices that were legacy INS only before the merger. In fact, most groups and RAC offices don’t have one legacy INS manager in the chain all the way to Ms. Meyers.
The legacy Customs folks running this agency didn’t want the immigration law enforcement mission and fought it tooth and nail until they realized that it is a high priority to a good portion of the American people and a good portion of the U.S. Congress. Now, they are running around making mistakes a brand new hire out of the Immigration Officer Academy would never make. They make mistake after mistake before they realize they don’t have a clue, then they look around and realize there is no one in the upper managment club to ask what they should do. Then “WHOOPS!”, we forced all the upper management in INS into retirement and didn’t promote legacy INS agents to back fill those positions, so let me get a journeyman INS SA or G/S to run some big operation while I stand over his shoulder.
I don’t know if the USCS was truly the best Fed agency in the land before the merger, but the management they left behind after the merger do nothing to make me believe that was the case.

SouthernICE1811 on July 31, 2007 at 8:52 pm

I appreciate you posting, and I’ll gladly respond, but first let me compliment you on your post, and the cool name. 🙂 Nice to talk with someone from the south.
This is probably going to be a long post, so please bear with me. In an attempt to abbreviate it, I’ll use L/I for legacy immigration and L/C for legacy customs.
I know a lot of the people in the SAC/New Orleans office, and for the purposes of “full disclosure” as Bill O’Reilley says on FOX news, the SAC there is a close personal friend of mine. That being said, and because of that, I’m able to shine a little finer light on that office, if you don’t mind.
Yes the SAC, DSAC, and every ASAC currently in place came to ICE from the U.S. Customs Service. What you may not know is that the L/I ADDI that was in New Orleans at the time of the merger, stayed on as an ASAC until he decided to retire. Nobody forced him out, and anyone that tells you that is a liar.
Another supremely talented L/I Supervisory Special Agent left OI to become the DRO Field Office Director in New Orleans, and I know without a doubt that he was slated for the next ASAC vacancy in that town, and the SAC was just waiting for HQS to get the damn announcement out.
He didn’t leave because he hated OI or any of that nonsense. My understanding is he had an opportunity to stay in New Orleans, pick up a 15, so he took the job. Good for him, and really good for OI, because now New Orleans has a DRO FOD that has his act together, is a stand-up guy, who thinks like an agent, and is a full partner to the SAC there in New Orleans. Perfect, almost, except he’s no longer in OI. I know there are probably 25 other SAC’s around the country that wish they had it so good, as it relates to OI/DRO relations.
The SAC/New Orleans has one ASAC vacancy, and I’d be very surprised if a L/I supervisor doesn’t move into that position, off the current 15 BQL. And for your information, this isn’t something that is being forced on the SAC down there, it’s something he feels strongly will benefit his mangement team.
Moving on across the SAC/New Orleans AOR…there are currently 2 (L/I) Group Sup’s in New Orleans. The RAC in Texarkana, Ft. Smith and Knoxville are L/I. All were QRT’s I think, but I can’t swear to it. The current RAC/Texarkana is leaving for greener pastures, and it’s my information that another L/I supervisor is going to be promoted into the RAC job there.
The newly promoted RAC in Birmingham, AL is L/I, and the recently departed RAC was L/C. A new GS position was put in Birmingham, and that GS is L/C.
The ASAC Memphis office has a Legacy Customs (L/C) ASAC, and a L/C Group Sup, and a newly promoted L/I Group Sup.
The RAC/Nashville has a newly promoted L/C RAC and a newly promoted L/I Group Sup.
The only office with multiple supervisors without a L/I GS or RAC is the ASAC Mobile office, and there were already two L/C GS’s there when the merger took place. All of the other offices are one supervisor offices, that already had L/C supervisors when in 2003 we all became one big disfunctional and sometimes happy family.
So all that being said, I think if you are fair about it, you will see that there is a serious effort in ICE, or at least in that office, to balance out the L/I and L/C experience, so all of ICE’s many authorities can be addressed, in the best possible fashion. I applaud the SAC/New Orleans for accomplishing all of this, in such a short time. That’s called leadership.
It’s not perfect my friend, and there are obstacles built into the system that make it more difficult.
For instance, we’re still having to select RAC’s from the ranks of current 14’s. Now in a large office with multiple supervisors, I would agree with that. You should be a GS before you take on the bigger job.
But in a RAC office without a GS or two, the RAC is essentially a GS, with a few extra headaches. I’d like to see this “rule” relaxed in some cases, which would allow more sharp GS-13’s to step into single supervisor RAC jobs. This is precisely why we need more L/I agents to put in for GS jobs, whenever possible.
While I won’t accept your premise that the L/C folks ran all the L/I people off, and everyone’s making mistakes they shouldn’t be (paraphrasing for brevity sake) I will concede that we’d all like to have more solid, experienced L/I agents on our staffs. Anybody that doesn’t share that view, doesn’t deserve to lead ICE agents, in this man’s opinion. The job is too damn important.
You said: “I don’t know if the USCS was truly the best Fed agency in the land before the merger, but the management they left behind after the merger do nothing to make me believe that was the case.”
There is no question in my mind that USCS was the best Fed agency in the land prior to the merger, otherwise everyone wouldn’t have come and not left. In my 20+ years as a L/C guy, I never knew anyone that left Customs for another agency. That in itself should shout volumes.
ICE is going to slowly but surely gain that same stature, mark my words. As I said in an earlier post, over 600 other federal agents recently applied to become ICE agents, from over 40 different agencies. I think that’s a pretty good measure too.
I’ll close now, as this has gone way too long already. I hope it helps. I know the coconuts (you know who you are) will have all kind of clever and not so clever comments to make, but that’s OK if this helps just you, or more people that share our path.
Work safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on July 31, 2007 at 11:44 pm

Does EVS spend as much as one hour a day earning his paycheck? If the SAC/New Orleans is not the most embarrassed manager in ICE at this point, he needs to tie an anvil to his ankle and jump into Lake Ponchartrain.
EVS obviously has NO redeeming qualities and is stealing 99.9% of his salary from the taxpayers. His SAC is guilty of gross mismanagement. EVS is in Biloxi/Gulfport and OPR needs to take him out, NOW.

J Leyn on August 1, 2007 at 2:03 pm

Wrong again, on each and every post. And you call yourself an investigator? Sorry dude, just plain sorry!

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 1, 2007 at 4:56 pm

ICE HQ sources report that OPR is hot on the trail of the former Tucson/Nogales area whack job agent known to DS blog readers as EVS. EVS is living out his final days as an ICE wannabe manager in the bowels of the state of Mississippi (BLOC/Gulfport/Biloxi area). Grab a RC cola and a moon pie and get ready for a great show. This is gonna be good!!!!

J Leyn on August 1, 2007 at 8:33 pm

You are so full of excrement, that your eyes must be brown. If you know who I am, say so, smart guy. (The use of the term “smart guy” is really a play on words J., because as you’ve demonstrated, again, and again, and again, you aren’t that smart).
As I’ve said before, I’m not afraid of OPR/OIG and/or HQS.
What have I done wrong, spread a little truth amongst the disenfranchised/disgruntled vocal minority? Let’s look that up in the table of offenses why don’t we? LOL
Somebody has to relate the truth, to ensure that should a member of the general public stumble onto this site, they’ll see that there are two sides to this story.
I’d really rather be having a substantive conversation on here with someone with some sense, but trust me, these are much easier. LOL
This Sheepdog is on duty!!

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 1, 2007 at 8:56 pm

EVS, just a sampling of the charges, that were included in the letter to the IG, OPR and SAC New Orleans concerning your conduct:
Dereliction of duty
Misuse of government property
Failure to perform your duties
Conduct Unbecoming
After the Head Hunters arrive, you can add FALSE STATEMENT,in violation of Title 18 USC 1001. You have proven that you are your own worst enemy, not to mention a mental case who is clearly out of control.
You are an embarrassment to yourself, your family, your office and even the lame service where you are suppose to be working instead of jerking off on a government computer.

J Leyn on August 1, 2007 at 11:25 pm

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