July 27, 2007, - 1:26 pm

Large & In Charge: 300 LB Female Football Player Nabs Crook; Retired Sumo Wrestler Wants to Lose 200 LBs

Those who read this site know I normally look down upon the abundantly calorically-gifted (that means, obese; or “differently digestive”–for you liberals and fat activists).
But I make an exception for April Fowlkes and Emanuel “Tiny” Yarbrough.
Fowlkes, the 5’9″, 300 pound offensive guard for the Detroit Demolition of the Independent Women’s Football League. She saw a teammate’s stolen car along with the thief and confronted him, scaring him with her weight. And she caught another of the thieves with her weight and pinned him down for ten minutes until police came:

Large & In Charge: April Fowlkes & Emanuel “Tiny” Yarbrough

“One saw me walk up to the car,” she said. “I guess he looked at my size, and he jumped out of the car and ran the other way.
“One guy came around the back of the car. He looked me in the eye and saw me coming towards him, and he took off running the other way, too.”
A third man, apparently the driver, came out of the station and wasn’t so lucky.
“When he saw me, his eyes kinda got big, so I grabbed him,” Fowlkes said. “That was the one I was able to catch.”
She pinned the man against the car for about 10 minutes until police arrived.

Yarbrough, a former sumo wrestling champ and nationally ranked judo competitor is trying to lose morethan 200 pounds to improve ihs health. He currently weighs 752 pounds and wants to get to a “svelte” 550. He was the 1995 world amateur sumo champion and an oddity as a Black man atop a sport populated by mostly Japanese. After one week on a diet, he’s already lost 26 pounds.
Don’t mess with either of these two.

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