July 30, 2007, - 1:27 pm

What You Flush Down the Toilet Could Get You Arrested: The End of Free Speech for Non-Muslims in America

You know those free speech rights that Muslim activists are constantly whining about, when it comes to their free speech rights–actually, when it goes beyond First Amendment rights and goes to their attempts to foment terrorism?
Well, they don’t seem to care a whit about your free speech rights. Just ask Stanislav Shmulevich, the student at Pace University, charged with TWO FELONIES for trying to flush a Koran down the toilet. It’s been reported on extensively at Little Green Footballs and my friend, Islam expert Dr. Andrew Bostom, has a good column on it.
Read it. Their free speech–na’am (yes); Your free speech–leh (no). America must end its double standard for us infidels, or pretty soon there will only be one standard, courtesy of the Koran.

Thanks to reader Ari for the tip. He’s a lawyer and writes:

I (1) Live in NY state. And (2) Each of the toilets in my home is adorned with a Saudi flag, because it contains the Shahada [DS: Islamic oath, uttered upon conversion to Islam; also known as Oath of Martyrdom], the basic moslem creed. I figured I can express my opinion about islam several times a day.
Nobody’s coming to my house to look at my toilets. I’m not going to get arrested. It’s a clear first amendment thing.

Writes reader Duane:

If you google church vandalism, I think you will find a very high number of Christian and Jewish churches and temples that have suffered far greater damage that were written-off to silly juvenile pranks.

Yup. But Shmulevich spent a night in jail already and was charged with two felonies. There’s no way these criminal charges stand. Completely unconstitutional.
More on this outrage from LGF:

First, Shmulevich was arrested and jailed for 24 hours. Second, he’s not facing misdemeanor charges–he’s being charged with two felonies, criminal mischief and aggravated harassment.
Felonies. For putting a book in a toilet.
Third, his income is on a borderline that disqualifies him for a public defender, so he stands to suffer incredible financial hardship as well.
Fourth, his name and photograph were published in several newspapers in New York, and he and his mother were ambushed outside the court by reporters. In a case like this, clearly with the potential to enrage radical Muslims, this is so irresponsible of the media that it borders on criminal.
Do we still live in a country that values free speech? This case is pretty good evidence that we do not. Mr. Shmulevich is caught in a Kafkaesque nightmare right out of the Soviet Union, and it’s all happening at the demand of the Muslim Student Association and the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Take our country back before we lose it permanently, Dhummis [not you, the readers of this site; but the rest of the people who are sound asleep, far too many in America].

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Thank you Ms. Schlussel for your very nice site.
I’ve been reading aboutthis case on several sites and I am getting the information that the books were taken from a reading room. If so, the young man damaged stolen property while damaging school property. I will tell you, as a public school teacher, unclogging a toliet is a major time waster and cause all sorts of problems for staff and students.
BUT. The charges are just outrageous. Charge the yong man with stolen and dameged property and damage to property. The charges he was hit with are for insulting the KORAN. Go figure.
I’ve got a toliet in the basement on the shelf. I get the terrible urge to put the toliet on my little red wagon, put a KORAN in it, and pull it around that school. I would hope that the scop there would be stupid enough to arrest me.
Want to help me out with the publicity?
Thank you,
Miller Smith

Miller Smith on July 30, 2007 at 1:52 pm

I can’t type todaaaay….

Miller Smith on July 30, 2007 at 1:53 pm

Another story you might want to follow concerns 2 Alberta-based publications that reprinted the Danish cartoons, then found themselves hauled before the Alberta Human Rights Commission charged with “hate speech”.
IMO, the Muslim council that brought the charges doesn’t expect to win, but actually has another goal in mind. They want the verdict to read that the publications are innocent because they did not author the cartoons, but merely reprinted them because they’re news.
A ruling so worded would make it defacto illegal to author criticism of Islam, and THAT is really what they’re trying to accomplish.
BTW, several months ago I coined the word “dhummi” on your blog and said to use it if you want to, and I’m glad to see you did (although it’s such an obvious pun, I may not have been the first to suggest it).

stevecanuck on July 30, 2007 at 2:20 pm

Koran in the toilet merits numerous hate-crime tags, while an article on a string of burglaries, vandalism, and arson against 5 churches by the same individuals connected to satanism do not merit such strong language as “hate-crime”.
Two arrested in Sumter County church arson, break-ins
Counts and a 15-year-old are charged in the crimes. “Specifically dealing with the juvenile, we did find paraphernalia and written material dealing with satanic worship and the occult,” said Green.
They confiscated satanic art, and symbols such as pentagrams. Notebooks containing hate literature were also taken, along with a pair of jeans containing dark writings and possible stolen church belongings.

eloopd on July 30, 2007 at 4:19 pm

Another example of true hate-crime (never labled as such) worthy of FELONY charges:
Grand Ronde church arson yields two arrests
Felony charges possible for man, 18, and teen, 14
Anarchy symbols, pentagrams, religious slurs and swastikas were spray-painted on a back wall of the church. The same type of graffiti was found on the elementary school, linkingthe two crimes.
Both fires were caused by molotov cocktails, Wolfe said
Crabb said he suspected all along the damage was caused by teenagers looking for a thrill.
Religious slurs, but they can not bring themselves to beleive that this might be a hate-crime because it is not against the religion of peace?

eloopd on July 30, 2007 at 4:31 pm

If a Church or Temple were a Mosque?
Another crime against a Cape church
Also last week, two other churches ó Trinity Lutheran Church, 706 S.W. 6th Ave. and Assembly of God, 717 Skyline Blvd. ó were targeted for acts of vandalism and theft.
The latest crime means that since January, at least seven churches in the city have been victimized by either burglary or vandalism.
Would it take over 7 to suggest a hate-crime?
Beating a dead horse to be sure, but I would really encourage people to google church and temple vandalism and arson how hate-crimes against churches and temples are dismissed while hate-crimes fly against anyone who so much as sneezes near a Koran.

eloopd on July 30, 2007 at 4:42 pm

I see an economic opportunity here!
Print the Koran on a roll of toilet paper and sell it as a specialty item.

WillPower on July 30, 2007 at 9:49 pm

Will Power, I’ll buy one.

John Cunningham on July 31, 2007 at 2:10 am

Salam, lets have some free speech, and let me ask this, your very ignorant Debbie, very, you can not speak any truth to your blogs or educate anyone. I don’t hate any religions and don’t bash on any of them, but maybe I should of asked Can we flush the Bible down the toilet or the Taoah? I bet you wouldn’t like that would you, so your free speech is limited to only Judaism and Christianity and not anything else.

Muslim man on July 31, 2007 at 8:45 pm

Muslim Man,
You are wrong! The act of flushing ANY religious text is offensive to a follower of that religion. But, only Muslims call it a hate crime and threaten violence. The rest of us accept that, in the US at least, even profane actions are protected by the Constitution.
Feel free to flush the Bible or Torah if it makes you feel better.

WillPower on August 1, 2007 at 12:19 am

This is not a hate crime! – why are these Muz so sensitive? What a bunch of babies – cry me a river.
Here’s something to cry about Mr. Muslim and it ain’t your book in the toilet. Picture yourself waking up and going to work on a regular tuesday morning. Within an hour or so after getting to work you are either 1)burned with your skin hanging off you 2) dead 3) trying to frantically call your loved ones to say goodbye while you get ready to jump out a window to your death
—–How about all of the above, Mr. Muslim?
This is what people of your religion did to our fellow countrymen. Now that is the truth of what happened – you can scream about “islamophobia” all you want but the truth is that you muslims started this and now you can’t take it when people are fed up. Stop trying to make us responsible for your sensitivity – we aren’t going to lay down and accept your death cult.

CarpeDiem on August 1, 2007 at 12:51 am

Salam, we didn’t start anything, you see its all government cover up and a lot of history many of seem to lack I believe, as what I see anyways. I’m not crying about it, it shows disrespect and even putting any religious text in the bathroom period, I wont dare to do, because the Qur’an and us Muslims acknowledge the writing of the Torah and the Old testament in the bible. It wouldn’t make me feel better to show disrespect to another religion. I think its good for people to pray on a regular basis and to help the community. Churches, where Jewish people pray at and Mosque’s all do that and that is good. In Dearborn, you see a rare image, the Islam center of America (biggest Mosque in N. America today), an Orthodox Christian Church, a Lutheran Church, and a Catholic Church all in one spot. Many days of the week the Imam and Priest’s meet together and share a bond between religions and show we can be more united. I would love to see everyone just get along. As for that image to think about, thats a bit harsh and I understand what is happening over there, I have many friends and relatives in the Armed Forces and I hear stories, and pictures, so don’t tell me what is going on there. You realize though that the country Iraq had NO doings of what happened on 9/11, that was not Saddam’s doings, and Iraq, which should be a rich country, is now poor. It has been bombed since 1991. Try reading Baghdad Diaries, the life of a not very religious Muslim women that actually is high up in society writing a journal of her and her family in Iraq during both wars in Iraq today. If we both act with violence, its not going to get anywhere trust me, and by more people joining together instead of blaming ISLAM, blame the INDIVIDUAL that has done that to you, not the religion or race. If I were to do that I can blame blacks of the increase of my car insurance, or blame them of the war on drugs today or murders. If I were to blame white people, I can call them rapist, child molester, bank robber, a drunk driver that killed a 5 yr old boy, or whatever they have done, so before you talk with something, try looking at yourself and think about what your saying and how you are REPRESENTING your religion.

Muslim man on August 1, 2007 at 1:46 am

Muslim man,
Here are examples of the “bond” that your god shares with the rest of us. These are his words:
2:24 – ÖHell, which is prepared for infidels.
2:89 – Öthe curse of God is on infidels.
2:96 – Öyou will find (Jews), of all people, most greedy.
2:98 – ÖGod is the enemy of Infidels. (This one alone explains a lot.)
3:20 – Öif misfortune overtakes (Muslims), (infidels) rejoice.
3:32 – ÖGod does not love infidels.
4:76 – ÖInfidels (are) friends of Satan.
4:101- ÖInfidels are unto you open enemies.
4:160- Öthe iniquity of the Jews.
5:14 – ÖJews, because of the breach of their covenant, (God) cursed them.
5:44 – ÖJews, men who will listen to any lie.
5:54 – ÖOh (Muslims), take not Jews and Christians for allies, for they are but allies to each other.
5:63 – ÖJews, He transformed into apes and swine.
5:75 – ÖThey do blaspheme who say Christ is God, son of Mary.
5:85 – ÖThe strongest enemies of Muslims are Jews and Pagans.
8:55 – ÖInfidels are the worst of beasts in the sight of God.
9:30 – ÖGodís curse be on them (Christians and Jews).
19.88 – ÖThey say God has begotten a son. Indeed they have put forth a thing most monstrous.
25:21 – ÖInfidels have an arrogant conceit of themselves.
32:22 – ÖAnd who does more wrong than (infidels)?
43:78 – ÖMost (infidels) have a hatred for truth.
58:18 – ÖInfidels are but liars.
60:2 – ÖInfidels desire that you (Muslims) should reject the truth.
How’s that for a basis for friendship?????

stevecanuck on August 1, 2007 at 11:21 am

To all Religion of Peace apologist:
Kashmir rebels blamed for tourist attacks
SRINAGAR, India (AFP) – Islamic militants are to blame for two attacks targeting tourists in Indian Kashmir this week that left nine dead including four young people, police said
Philippines is Southeast Asia’s terror hotspot: report
MANILA (Reuters) – More than 1,700 people have been killed or wounded in Islamic militant attacks in the Philippines during the last seven years, the highest number in Southeast Asia, a human rights group said on Monday.
Bombers attack celebrations
Two suicide bombings killed at least 50 cheering, dancing, flag-waving Iraqis celebrating their national triumph yesterday. More than 130 other revellers were wounded.
Five killed in sectarian violence
One dead in attack on Hindu pilgrims in Indian Kashmir
SRINAGAR, India (AFP) – One person died and 15 were wounded in an attack by suspected Islamic militants on Hindu pilgrims trekking to a revered cave shrine in Indian Kashmir, an official said.
Thailand: Violence continues unabated in the Muslim south
Bangkok, 17 July (AKI) ñ Thirty-one injured and one dead is the tally of Tuesday morningís double bomb explosions in Yala, one of the three predominately Muslim provinces of Thailand, where bloody and secretive insurgent groups have killed over 2,400 people since January 2004
Spaniard hurt in Yemen bomb dies
The death of Maria Asuncion Vitorica, 50, brings the total number of people killed in the suicide blast to 10.
Middle East, all across Asia and Africa, yet is everyone else, not the religion of peace? This is only a small example over a short period of time.

eloopd on August 1, 2007 at 11:44 am

Mr. Muslim:
For your information the “harsh” image I painted for you was of the morning of 9/11 – the morning when MUSLIMS flew planes into our buildings, and MURDERED almost 3000 people.
What I wrote has nothing to do with the U.S. armed forces or Iraq and Saddam Hussein.
I’m actually quite surprised you didn’t even know what I was talking about – it’s not that hard.
As you familiar with the passages in the Koran that call on Muslims to kill infidels?
Please explain this to me:
The Mohammad cartoons get published in Denmark and world wide violence is caused by Muslims, including the cowardly shooting of two elderly nuns in the back.
When muslim papers print all kinds of anti-Jewish and anti-Christian cartoons, Christians and Jews do not resort to violence and murder to protest.

CarpeDiem on August 1, 2007 at 12:57 pm

Salam, the infidels are the idol worshipers, back in history, the ones that didn’t believe in God. Just like in the Bible, Jesus had followers, and so did Mohammad (PBUH), so those are the infidels. As for the Christians and Jews, why God speaks strongly about them is because the Jews, didn’t even believe in Jesus, and they changed a lot of the word. Judaism was the first religion anyways. Christianity, was written well, at first anyways, The Old Testament, we acknowledge, and respect but the New testament was changed so all the word has been altered and changed, the Bible isn’t the word of God instead its stories. In fact in the Qur’an, we have all the same prophets and even in the Bible there has been evidence that Muhammad (PBUH) was coming. He is the last prophet and respect him greatly but we don’t pray to him. Also about 9/11, I did know what you were talking. I think it was terrible that happened people, I’m not for it and there is many Muslims in this country are totally against it tooo. But you know everyday Iraq gets bombed, do you know how it is to live in fear and no food and no water? Just think about it.

Muslim man on August 1, 2007 at 10:57 pm

Salam I also forgot to cover one thing, the thing is how do you know that Christians or Jews don’t resort to violence? Does the news document and report everything? No they don’t, the media is against certain races, certain religions, certain people, and etc you get the point. The media has no war against the Christians or the Jews, so therefore the Muslims are always exploited and reported as violent people, because its not not just certain groups ruining the religion, but its the people in the power of this government that hasn’t made any laws for them, instead it always against us, so what do we do, protest for our rights, just like if a company is on strike, they can protest, and even sometimes lead to violence. Well jsut clearing that up.

Muslim man on August 1, 2007 at 11:08 pm

Muslim man says: “How do you know that Christians or Jews don’t resort to violence?”
If they had, I trust the Arab media to waste no time in publicising it. As it is, they’re already publishing cartoons of dirty evil Jews with hook noses demanding blood of goyim children. Why in the world would they (Arab media) refrain themselves from publishing an explosive story about Jews and Christians who blow up children’s buses and families in pizzerias. So, when it’s convenient to you, you say la ikraha fiddin? Well, I say, lakum dinukum waliyadin.
That’s because everyone knows if you flushed a Bible, no Jew or Christian will riot in the streets, bomb some embassies, put a price on your head so that you’ll have to live in hiding forever or drive a plane into a building. The fact that we are appeasing rioters, bombers etc by giving out uniquely severe punishments when it comes to offending them (rioters etc) and not others shows we’re afraid of them. What better way to say, hey, terrorism does work, keep it up. You might as well write them an invitation to take over the country and roll out the red carpet.

livni on August 2, 2007 at 4:16 am

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