February 2, 2010, - 11:19 am

Meet Sarah Palin’s Chosen Candidate, the Nutty Rand Paul (Sympathizes w/ Iran, Compared U.S. Troops to Hitler, Etc.)

By Debbie Schlussel

Early this morning, I told you about Sarah Palin’s endorsements of and donations to several very questionable candidates.  Foremost among those is Rand Paul, the equally nutty son of Ron Paul.


Empty Skirtsuit Sarah Palin Endorses Anti-War, Anti-American, pro-Iran Rand Paul

Our friend, Sultan Knish a/k/a journalist Daniel Greenfield, has a great, MUST-READ piece summarizing the anti-war, anti-Gitmo, pan-terrorist, 9/11 conspiracy theory, pro-Iran, and anti-American views of the Paul son.  He quotes from Paul’s appearances on the openly anti-Semitic Anti-War Radio (owned and run by gay neo-Nazi Justin Raimondo, who frequently bashes me for being Jewish) and Alex Jones shows (Jones is a well known 9/11 Truther and constant basher of “the Zionists”).  In my view, Rand Paul’s presence on these shows alone should disqualify him, but Sarah Palin thinks he’s just wonderful because Sarah Palin doesn’t think.  She’s a dummy, and it’s time her blind worshipers woke up to that, but they refuse to awaken from their slumber.  Does it not bother her that, as the Sultan points out, Rand Paul compared the U.S. military to Hitler?  Hellooooo . . . ?

Either Sarah Palin supports Rand Paul’s nutty views against torturing terrorists and siding with Iran against America or she’s just ignorant and uninformed beyond belief.  I vote for both, which is why she is utterly unqualified to be anything in the conservative movement, including a spokesperson and admired figure, much less Presidential timber.

The Sultan points out that not only does Rand Paul side with Iran against America and beseech us to “understand their [Iran’s] perspective,” but he calls for us to close Gitmo, and release the terrorists “drop them back off into battle . . . drop ’em back off into Afghanistan” so they can perpetrate more terrorist attacks against our troops.  Remember that the next time you hear the clueless Sarah Palin spout off something her handlers told her to say about how closing Guantanamo Bay is bad.  She doesn’t mean what she says.  And she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Read Sultan Knish’s entire piece . . . and wake the heck up on a complete idiot who now has dangerous power.  Her name is Sarah Palin.  And she’s a fraud.

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