August 7, 2007, - 4:04 pm

Broken Clock’s 2 Times Per Day: HAMAS Leader Calls it On “Peace” Talks

A broken clock is, indeed, right two times per day. And HAMAS gets its right to be the broken clock of terrorist groups, though far less than the daily allotment.
The terrorist group and its “personnel” call it correctly on yesterday’s silly meeting between incompetent Israeli “leader” Ehud Olmert and Holocaust-Denier & Munich Massacre Paymaster, Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas.
Of the phony “peace talks”–which will bring pieces, NOT peace–Associated Press reports:

On Peace Talks Alone, HAMAS is Right–A Waste of Time

In Gaza, HAMAS dismissed the meeting as useless. Ismail Haniyah of HAMAS, fired by Abbas as Prime Minister after the Gaza takeover, said experience has shown that peace talks bring no benefits.

Exactly. If only Israel would get that, for once. Repeat: Experience has shown that peace talks bring no benefits.
Moreover, they bring losses, casualties, reverse containment of terrorism, etc.
HAMAS gets this and is duly laughing at Israel and Abu Mazen. HAMAS knows that soon, it will be ruling the West Bank portion of the Palestinian Authority, too.
All while they are still having their Neville Chamberlain-style confabs.

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Negotiating with Fatah in Summer 2007 will do as much good as negotiating with Mensheviks did in Summer 1917.
(Mensheviks: Russia’s socialist Party that partnered with Lenin & Co. to topple the government.)

Jeremiah on August 7, 2007 at 5:29 pm

Mensheviks in Wiki:

Jeremiah on August 7, 2007 at 5:29 pm

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