August 8, 2007, - 9:07 am

ABSURD to the Nth: ICE Gives Free Reign to Illegal Alien Mom Who Neglected Her Son to Death; The 1st Necro-Anchor Baby

What is up with the twisted “leadership” at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? Have they no shame? (Answer: Yes, they have no shame.) Take their latest outrageous act in the .
ICE is allowing an illegal alien who has overstayed by more than a decade to come and go from and back to America to bury the 4-year-old she killed by neglecting him and allowing him to roam the streets for days by himself. But, wait, there’s more. The idiots atop ICE are not just allowing the utterly neglectful and abusive illegal alien mother to return to the U.S. after she leaves, they’re doing the same for her live-in, illegal alien boyfriends, and for the sperm-donor-only illegal alien “father”–who will get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD and also get to return to the country after leaving.

The Sad Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano Story:

4-Year-Old Necro-Anchor Baby Is Golden Ticket for 3 Illegal Alien Criminals

Give ICE Chieftess Marcy Forman-Friedman a/k/a , ICE Director of Investigations, and , Director of Detention and Removal Operations, two giant trophies for the biggest BS moves of the year in their quest to AVOID enforcing the immigration laws they were charged with carrying out, and for which we pay them in excess of $200K (EACH!) in salary and benefits per year to carry out.
I’d say the same for ICE Resident Agent in Charge for Louisville Jerry Phillips, though the jury is still partially out on him, since it appears this decision was made at the top in Washington, with him going willingly along with it for positive press gushification.
You’ll recall that, late last month, I told about the late . The cute four-year-old anchor baby was found naked and dead on the dangerous streets near Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.
His neglectfully abusive mother, illegal alien Rosalina Cano, left him there for weeks to fend for himself, basically abandoning him. Who would expect him to live? It’s criminal, and any American citizen mother who did this would be crminally charged, behind bars, and with a high bond, right now. But Ms. Cano–part of the massive illegal workforce at Churchill Downs, which ICE continues to ignore–is free not only to roam America, ICE has decided they will let her travel to Latin America and RETURN back to the U.S., despite the fact that SHE WAS ORDERED DEPORTED ELEVEN(!) YEARS AGO.
And ICE will not only do the same for the mother’s illegal alien boyfriend, but a third man, the dead boy’s illegal alien sperm-donor-only father, will get released from jail to do so. American citizen criminals rarely get permission to get out of jail to go to their relatives’ funerals, let alone free entree to abscond from the country.
The biggest outrage is that ICE “leaders” “The ICE Princess,” “Peppermint Patty,” and John “Costanza” Torres are giving these two “significant-public-benefit parole” to go in and out of the country. That is reserved for criminals to show up for trial and witnesses in criminal trials. These three are neither, unless they are eventually charged for criminal neglect leading to murder, which is basically what they did to their dead son by abandoning him. Naturally, that will never happen.
And because they allowed their dead son to die–a son they had while they were here ILLEGALLY–they will probably be awarded U.S. Citizenship. Because, after all, these are exactly the prized immigrants American needs in its midst, doing the jobs Americans won’t do (leaving 4-year-olds on the streets to die).
Reader Frank has been following this outrageous absurdity brought to you by the folks atop ICE. He writes:

Rosalina Cano is now using him as essentially the first “deceased anchor baby.”
ICE has now approved not only her parole, to go to Guatemala to bury her son and return, but that of her illegal boyfriend as well. Even better, they are working on getting the natural father, another illegal alien, who is in jail in Lexington KY, a release, so he too can go to Guatemala and come back.
The fact that all of them claim to know absolutely nothing about the murder, has not stopped our police chief from claiming they are vital witnesses. Suspicion around Louisville is that Cano does know something, but it would implicate her. And of course, not a move by police or prosecutors to charge this woman for criminal neglect.

More from the Louisville Courier-Journal:

The mother of a murdered boy has received “informal word” from immigration officials that she will be allowed to re-enter the United States after she goes to Guatemala to bury her son, the family’s lawyer said yesterday.
Charlie Nett, family lawyer and director of Immigration and Legal Services at Catholic Charities of Louisville, said he received word late Friday afternoon that Rosalina Cano and her boyfriend, Samuel Hernandez [DS: WHO IS IN PRISON!], will be granted significant-public-benefit parole.
Nett said he was notified by Jerry Phillips, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s resident agent-in-charge in Louisville.
Cano and Hernandez plan to travel to Guatemala Friday for the burial of Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano, who disappeared June 29 while playing behind his apartment building near Churchill Downs. His body was found July 7 in a city garbage truck.
No arrests have been made or suspects named in the homicide investigation.
Locally, the use of the parole is “very unusual,” Nett said. It was used to bring the suspects and witnesses involved in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya to the United States during the prosecution, Nett said.
Cano and Hernandez, who both are illegal immigrants, will be allowed to return to the United States because police believe they are important to the murder investigation, authorities have said. Cano and Hernandez lived together with the boy, known as “Ivan” to his family, before his death.
They were two of the three names on the application for parole. The third person, Cesar Aguilar, the boy’s father, still has a pending application. Aguilar was arrested Thursday in Lexington on charges of possession of a forged instrument, including fake documents, and several traffic violations. He has a court hearing tomorrow.
Immigration officials have detained Aguilar, and his pending application is in limbo.
“Apparently (Immigration and Custom Enforcement is) open to lifting the detainer on him once his identity is clarified,” Nett said. “But I assume that they are probably going to parole him as well.”
The impact of the charges on his legal status hasn’t been determined, Nett said. . . .
Louisville Metro Police have requested that Cano and Hernandez return to the United States within three months of the parole, Nett said. [DS: As I , this is a pretextual ruse suggested by Ms. Cano’s lawyers as an excuse for her to be able to leave and re-enter, even though she’s been ordered to leave.]
The parole generally lasts for an initial period of 90 days but could possibly last up to a year, he said.
If the family is needed longer than that, Louisville police or the commonwealth’s attorney will have to request extensions, Nett said.
Cano has an outstanding deportation order from 1996.
After her return, “ICE could move to remove her from the U.S.,” Nett said. [DS: Fat chance.]
“There are things that we will do to try to keep her in the U.S., like the U-visa status,” Nett later said.

Hmmm . . . I wonder why we are losing the war on illegal aliens.

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12 Responses

Sickening. I haven’t posted in a while. I read your posts, but just cannot keep posting. I really need a break from this…maybe from this country.
I am ever more convinced it will come down to forcably taking back this country…..

chucker on August 8, 2007 at 1:54 pm

There are a few unasked questions.
Who is paying for the transportation to and from Guatemala. It can’t be cheap to fly a dead body. I am sure there must be special requirements.
What is Churchill Downs role in this? I am sure that they have got some ‘juice’ in that town and maybe they are asking the authorities to turn their heads and hold their noses.
What makes the authorities believe that the birth father will return? Won’t he have to complete his sentence?
If the boyfriend is considered to be important to the case of the dead child (and I will not apologize for being a conspiracy theorist in this case) then IMHO he is actually just one step away from being a person of interest, and two steps away from being arrested for the crime.
If the boyfriend did have something to do with the crime, either by omission or commision, then the mother is, on some level, complicit.
Even if it were some sort of Susan Smith deal where the mother chose the boyfriend over the child. Do the authorities expect her return?
I would be surprised if any of the three returned. And, more than anything it is a travesty that justice will not be served in the death of this child.

zyzzyg on August 8, 2007 at 2:05 pm

So, let’s review: come to this country illegally; be ordered “Deported” more than a decade ago; have sex with some blithering idiot for the purpose of creating an “anchor baby,” now an “anchor corpse;” neglect that child to the point that he is murdered while supposedly in your “care;” get a free ticket to back home to bury the poor, dead child, and a free pass back into the country, where you have resided illegally for more than a decade (along with the blithering idiot, and the current unfortunate who calls himself your “husband”).
As Yakhov Smirnoff used to say: “What a country!” (Only he meant it in an entirely different way, of course!). If you’re an illegal alien, a Muslim, or a criminal POS of any stripe (pardon the triple redundancy) — you can indeed say: “What a country!” (Meaning: “What a bunch of dolts running this place! Let’s take ’em for everything they’ve got, then we’ll take the damn country, too!”).

theendisnear on August 8, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    I can not even believe you referred to a person’s deceased child as a ” anchor corpse”. Your family must be proud of your lack of tact and willingness to degrade yourself. I wish I had more words for all of this. I actully sat with my mouth open and could not say anything, and for me that is rare.

    Jack on November 24, 2009 at 11:39 pm

I read about half of this then had to stop…made me sick to my stomach.

RadicalRightWinger on August 8, 2007 at 4:38 pm

Stupid question, I know, but couldn’t they just leave them all in Guatamala, and call the deportation order a “done” deal? Please?
Gotta love those family values. The lawbreakers aren’t stopped at the Rio Grande, at the airport, or by the prison walls. They just keep on comin’, and we keep on payin’. Thanks, Julie!

jeebie on August 8, 2007 at 7:25 pm

It is actually not abonormal for crime victims (as family members of murdered children are) and suspects (as she and the boyfriend may be) to get significant benefit parole at the request of a police agency. The illegal boyfriend though who is not the father? I’ve never seen that. Someone being released from jail to attend a funeral, normal and a local decision. Paroling him back in to serve his sentence, normal. Chances of him coming back after the release…zero.

Staypositive on August 8, 2007 at 8:26 pm

This entire travesty sickens me to the core but what else can you expect from the “leadership” we’re saddled with? If you want to know who’s truly going to foot the bill for travel, it’ll be your tax dollars under the guise of D&R. More so since our power rangers have decided to give this pukette “significant public benefit parole” to her and the two shitballs she slept with. What’s angering is that these tonks were ordered deported and failed to depart, which makes them FUGITIVE ABSCONDERS with an outstanding deportation order aginst them. This means they are to be taken into immediate custody and removed with out a hearing, a get-out-of-jail free card, and no reach around. But no…let them wander around here for 10 years and NEGLECT/KILL their own children. As they say south of the border “Ni Modo” (which basically means “no big deal”).
I speak from experience because I’ve dealt with this horseshit for 25+ years and I’m f***ing fed up with it!

1shot1kill on August 9, 2007 at 10:01 am

And our government is advocating this? What are they so afraid of that they will turn a blind eye to these criminal acts? How did this little boy end up naked and dead and at whose hands? The entire thing is sickening! I urge everyone to send this article on to their elected reps and Michael (lapdog) Chertoff and demand to know why!

takn on August 9, 2007 at 11:47 am

I can not believe this information. The person that wrote this has many of the “facts” incorrect. The innocent child here that is referred to as an ” anchore corpse” has a name. His name is Ivan Cesar. He was 4 years old and he has brothers and sisters that loved him as well as parents that loved him. He was not left to walk around the area “for days” and this was not how his body was found ” on the street”. The mother’s boyfriend was not in ” prison”. Come on people please remember that stupid people write on these things as well as intelligent people. The facts as they are presented are not always true. I know this family and they have made some mistakes; all of you that have not made mistakes please feel free to throw stones. What I do know is she loved her son and this was a terrible thing to have happen. Please try to show some dignity and realize this was a little boy that( according to the papers) was killed by a registered sex offender, not by his mother. I am not a church going person but God help all of you that is willing to drag a small child’s corpse into a political arena. For some reason I do not think this is the way we are to behave. I think compassion missed the mark here. God forbid ;one of you ever have to deal with losing a child. My mother did it twice and I watched it rob her of many things.

Jack on November 24, 2009 at 11:32 pm

I have worked at Churchill Downs for years, and every year, there are less and less jobs for the legal workforce as we are being replaced by illegals! It is getting out of hand. And no one is doing anything to stop it. These people are getting licensed to come into a ‘secure’ gaming aspect of the horse racing industry. Many cannot read or write but we are letting them bandage million dollar horses.
The mother of the boy was a disgrace to motherhood. And after she was allowed to bury her son, she came back on the track and went barn to barn with a tin can collecting donations for backstretch workers. Witness say that the child was one time spotted by the new baseball field in front of the Papa John’s stadium, unattended and crossing a major intersection. She should have been locked up and the key threw away!

Katie on March 27, 2010 at 9:05 pm

I believe we are missing information….. and I believe the original poster is lacking information as well. It is very sad that Ivan (not anchor corpse. that is VERY disrespectful) had to die, but I would like to know all of the facts in honest and true detail. Also, to Katie, the ability to read or write is not needed in order to bandage a horse, be it a million dollar horse or not. Skill is needed to bandage a horse.

Leona Day on July 1, 2010 at 7:15 pm

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