February 4, 2010, - 2:13 pm

On Rahm’s “Retards,” Meet His “Conservative,” Anti-Semitic, Airheaded, Lesser Counterpart

By Debbie Schlussel


I’m glad the conservative faux-outrage about Barack Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel’s “f-ing retards” comment is finally dying down.  While, yes, the comment is offensive, as I’ve noted before it’s annoying to see conservatives become the PC speech police . . . but only when liberals use epithets for the mentally disabled.  Yup, it’s hypocritical, especially when a number of prominent and lesser-than conservative bloggers and organizations continue to pal around with and promote Emily Marie Zanotti a/k/a E. M. Zanotti, who committed the same offense.


Anti-Semitic Nut & Stalker Emily Zanotti, Far Right, w/ Pals

Mary Katharine Ham, Michelle Malkin & Melissa Clouthier

Zanotti,  an unstable woman who has been cyberstalking and harassing me for four years, proudly called me–on her website–a “special needs kid” in need of a “helmet” because I dared write on this site (and report to the FBI) about a Muslim woman who made several rape, torture, and death threats against me and my family, as well as Holocaust-denial statements.  Zanotti went on to praise the Muslim threats and Holocaust denial as “making some very valid points.” (And that was after Zanotti had to retract false statements she admitted she made up about me.  Then, she claimed she had several graduate and post-graduate degrees, when she had none at the time.) There is a reason why is known in many circles as “Za-Nutty.”

But what’s interesting is that this nutty woman was proudly employed by the Thomas More Law Center (where she spent all day long blogging instead of working and removed the time stamps to hide it from her boss), the Sam Adams Alliance (whose chief, Eric O’Keefe defended and praised Zanotti’s comments essentially calling me “retarded” and illegally used his non-profit organization to send Zanotti to campaign for Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign), and Americans for Prosperity, which recently hosted Ms. Zanotti to give advice on online networking (the Chicago Young Republicans hosted a similar event with her).  Did she tell AFP attendees to call people “special needs kids” online and praise Muslim death, rape, and torture threats (as she did)?  Both AFP and Sam Adams Alliance are heavily involved in the Tea Party movement, and their knowing embrace of her lends validity to the claims that the Tea Party movement openly embraces anti-Semitism.  Zanotti was a speaker at a Michigan Tea Party protest.  SAA’s incompetent lawyer even sent me a threatening letter, admitting Zanotti is a liar but threatening to sue me if I wrote about her.

Zanotti’s reference to me as essentially “retarded” and her defense of death threats against me was praised as “snarky” by John Hawkins who owns and runs Right Wing News and Conservative Grapevine.  And Michelle Malkin, Mary Katherine Ham, and Melissa Clouthier continue to praise and befriend Zanotti. **** UPDATE: When I told Hawkins’ friend, Pamela Geller, about this, she said (in writing) that was “not cool,” but that she needed Hawkins for ad revenue he got her. So much for her professed claim to be against anti-Semitism. Only when it’s convenient for her. ****

Moreover, this nutcase recently filed a BS grievance against me with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission–a long, insane, rambling screed over almost a hundred pages–in an attempt to silence my free speech in writing about her four-year anti-Semitic stalking and defamation obsession with me.  The grievance will go nowhere, but notable is that Zanotti claims that she contacted several people who agreed to be “witnesses” against me.  Among the “witnesses listed” is “Ed Morrissey (webmaster for HotAir.com and employee of Michelle Malkin),” along with several employees of Sam Adams Alliance employees (Eric O’Keefe, John Tsarpalas, Paul Miller), John Hawkins, Melissa Clouthier, and Richard Thompson, who heads the Thomas More Law Center.

The trite old saying about “the company you keep” is so appropriate here, and all of these individuals are keeping company with a mentally ill cyberstalker who praises Muslim death, rape, and torture threats and Holocaust denial,  and called me “a special needs kid” for writing about it and reporting it to authorities.

I will be writing more about this insane woman, Emily M. Zanotti.  Stay tuned.  For now, it’s time to call conservatives’ bluffs about whether they are really concerned about the use of epithets regarding the mentally disabled.  If they were, Emily Zanotti would be shunned.  But she isn’t.  She’s been stalking me, reading my website, etc. for years, and she won’t go away.  Her one-sided obsession with me is sick, sick, sick.  Not to mention, veeeery creepy.

Not that Zanotti is important enough–she isn’t–but let’s see what Sarah Palin does when Zanotti continues to be involved in conservative causes and events.  I predict, nothing.

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