August 29, 2007, - 1:35 pm

Immigration Enforcement?: The Abu Moskowitz Chicken Farm Show

So this is “immigration enforcement.”
Yesterday and today, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan/Ohio Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz” got a lot of play for his show raids on Koch Foods facility in Fairfield, Ohio. It’s basically a chicken farm and processing location.
Abu M has been getting a lot of press and mugging for the cameras, but those who’ve been reading my site know that it’s just for show. Yes, 160 people were arrested. But how many of them will actually be deported when it’s all said and done? And why are they going after mostly Latinos at a chicken farm in Ohio?

Abu Moskowitz: ICE Supermodel is The Godfather of Illegal Aliens & Islamic Terrorists (With apologies to Marlon Brando and the Corleone Family)

Which is more dangerous to you: Hispanics plucking feathers out of your soon-to-be-dinner bird . . . or Islamic terrorists and money-launderers hiding out in Dearbornistan, just a few miles from Abu M’s comfy office and home in a ritzy neighborhood?
The fact is–as many of his agents have relayed and proved to me–Moskowitz has refused cases involving Muslim illegal aliens in Dearborn, far more dangerous than the chicken pluckers. And he declined a case of a Hispanic man in Detroit who sells very accurate fake U.S. passports, driver’s licenses, and other IDs to many illegal aliens–including Muslims–for the right price.
And then there’s that “major” Islamic money-laundering case, involving millions of dollars a week being sent to terrorists overseas, all over the Middle East. I say “major” in quotation marks, because it’s actually not so major, given the way he’s treated the case and neglected it. Moskowitz’s agents basically shelved that one, with his approval and that of his top managers. I know because I was consulted and asked to become a confidential informant (I declined). The money is still flowing over there to our enemies, though, including those who are blowing up our troops.
So, while Moskowitz rounded up some poultry workers, he’s deliberately, knowingly letting the real dangerous illegal aliens and malefactors go and continue to operate freely. But, hey, he got his 15 minutes in front of the camera.
And that’s all that matters to him.
Reader Max of Ohio aptly calls it “The ICE Dog & Pony Show in Fairfield.” He writes:

Abu Moskowitz was all over the local TV station newscasts yesterday. When I saw his face, I laughed out loud, having read your previous writings about him.
According to Bill Cunningham & Mike McConnell, 700 WLW talk-show hosts (in Cincinnati), dozens & dozens of agents were flown in from around the country, buses were rented, etc. to make the “raid” look like a big deal. Koch Foods, again according to Bill, had fired several workers a few days before the raid when the workers’ Soc. Security nos. didn’t check out, & Koch Foods fired other workers (in the past) for the same reason. Koch Foods says that they’ve asked for assistance from the Feds numerous times & have been “blown off” every time. Bill (& I, & you) know that the Feds have done nothing to stem the tide of illegal “Immigrants”, except to periodically set up these “show raids” like the one at Koch Foods. Sorry for my wordiness, but this issue really sets me off.

They get it. I would not even be surprised if Koch was tipped off by ICE ahead of time about the raids. Otherwise, why did they just start checking the numbers just a few days before. Quelle Coincidence.
The bottom line is this:
DHS and ICE were created as a result of the 9/11 attacks and because an INS contractor approved visas for two of the hijackers, after the fact. I’m all for enforcing immigration laws against all violators, but since they won’t do that, I’d rather we be selective and go after criminals and terrorists. That means all Muslim illegal aliens need to be a priority, but they aren’t.
Last time I checked, not a single one of the 19 hijackers was Latino. Not one was named Miguel Alvarez. But there was Mohammed Atta and 18 others. They were all Muslims. All Arabs. All from the Middle East.
Not a single chicken worker among them. Got that, Abu Moskowitz?
Nope. You’re too busy hanging out with Islamic “former” terrorists.
As one astute ICE agent wrote on this site:

ICE continues to chase headlines by rounding up meat cutters & chicken pluckers from Mexico and Central America. Radical Islamic Terrorists and Militant Muslim Jihadists are not even on the ICE radar.

Enjoy the facetime and headlines . . . until the next attack.

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27 Responses

I am a legacy INS agent and I can affirm that message. ICE does not care anout terrorist investigations. What they should have done is just set up a whole new investigatory arm, dealing strictly and explicitly and forthrightly with terrorists. Anti-Terorism Department, anyone?

sanantonioins on August 29, 2007 at 3:16 pm

It is more of the same inconsistent efforts on the part of Pres Bush and his dealing with the GWOT.
And, this effort at hauling off illegals is part and parcel of Pres Bush’s policy ju jitsu to generate ‘feelings’ for the poor pitiful down trodden ‘undocumented’ workers who are here just to support their families.
Of course, there will be the follow-up interviews, in the media, of the crying children asking where their parents are, and why do they have to leave their homes. Interviews with the owner of the plant that is now complaining that there are no workers to do the jobs (left unsaid, at the wages he is willing to pay).
This is not meant to actually deport the illegal aliens, but to demonstrate the human face of following the law, and what will be the results.
Pres Bush, and his administration, is attempting to use enforcement of the law to change it. He reached back for a page from the 60’s and the Civil Rights movement, hoping that showing how terrible the treatment was of a segment of our society, that the greater community would rise up in protest.
Pres Bush, this policy ju jitsu just isn’t going to work. And, like you said, the proof will be in the actual deportations.

zyzzyg on August 29, 2007 at 3:30 pm

”So, while Moskowitz rounded up some poultry workers, he’s deliberately, knowingly letting the real dangerous illegal aliens and malefactors go and continue to operate freely.”
Debbie: Why is there not a Congressional or Justice investigation into this stuff? Egregious incompetence or malfeasance on the part of top feds should lead directly to jail time or at least summary termination. What else is going on here? This is nuts.

J-Lin on August 29, 2007 at 4:01 pm

No one in our government gives a furry rats about illegals of any strip. How many years have people like Debbie and the rest of us been running up flags and we are ignored. Pretty darn frustrating aye?

J Burke on August 29, 2007 at 4:08 pm

You know, on these posts I’ve read ICE being lambasted becaause we haven’t been doing this type of operation. Now we are doing it, and people aren’t happy.
There may be political motivation driving this from the DHS top level, but the fact is though, it is exactly this type of work that will deter illegal aliens from coming to the U.S. Even if there is just a small chance of being encountered by ICE, that could dissuade many people. We saw what happened in the 7 years between 1999 and 2006 when we did not do these types of cases, illegal immigration exploded. I know, I saw it not only at work but in my own backyard (I mean literally, my backyard).
We do a lot of counterterrorism investigations. But despite the title of Homeland Security, the FBI is still the primary Federal law enforcement agency for counterterrorism.

Staypositive on August 29, 2007 at 5:18 pm

How do you view The Princess’ recent order transferring several hundred ICE criminal investigators to border areas?

chsw on August 29, 2007 at 6:16 pm

“How do you view The Princess’ recent order transferring several hundred ICE criminal investigators to border areas? ”
I don’t, because it didn’t happen. I saw that Washington Times report, ridiculous, the memo from the ICE and DRO and heads had nothing to do with reassigning ICE agents to Customs only investigations. BTW, before the merger there were about 3,000 agents doing only customs and 1,900 agents doing immigration. The manhours are about the same still, 60/40. I think the reporter has a misinformed source. No one is moving to border areas either. ICE investigations will continue to focus on criminal investigations, and DRO removing aliens. As DRO gets more resources, they will do more of it, plain and simple.

Staypositive on August 29, 2007 at 7:27 pm

StayPositive, be careful. If you don’t get off that crack pipe you will be promoted to ICE management real soon. ICE/OI is desperate to hit as many meat packing processing plants as possible before the end of the fiscal year on September 30. Apple may be the the NYSE stock of the year but Latino Meat Packers are the ICE stock of the year.
ICE/OI could save millions of dollars by simply having agents arrest every illegal they pass on the way to work. Every agent would have at least one arrest a day in my SAC’s AOR. Why fly agents to meat packing plants around the country when you can accomplish the same mission on the way to work?
The ICE/OI “criminal arrests” are are for individuals using false documents to gain employment. Most of the illegals you grab on the way to work will have one of those docs on their person. Of course there will be no film at eleven, so that’s a no go from HQ. These dog and pony shows are designed to put political pressure on Congress to pass an amnesty bill. Once the amnesty bill passes work site enforcement is over. Maybe ICE agents will work a critical infrastructure or a terrorist funding investigation like CUSTOMS OI used to work? Oh, that’s right, all agents capable of doing complicated investigations have either retired or transfered to REAL criminal investigative agencies.
In 2008 the slumping economy will return more illegals to Mexico and Central America than ICE has since its establishment in 2003. DRO numbers will go up as many will turn themselves in for a free ride back to their home country.
Of course ICE will take credit and devise a scheme to double claim both ENFORCE and TECS stats for these voluntary returns. ICE will say their 2007 work site enforcement cases were responsible for the mass departure of undocumented workers and the reduced number of illegal aliens in the U.S. That is how it works in this world of ICE in Wonderland. In the mean time, the Jihad continues. Maybe Congress will create a new DEPARTMENT OF JIHAD ENFORCEMENT after the next 911 disaster.
DS hit the nail on the head with this post. Go back and read Debbie’s post again, StayPositive. You and your alter ego EVS need to take a reading comprehension course while you’re multi-tasking your lame azz ICE duties.

FingerEleven on August 29, 2007 at 11:48 pm

Staypositive says: “There may be political motivation driving this from the DHS top level, but the fact is though, it is exactly this type of work that will deter illegal aliens from coming to the U.S.”
I doubt that ICE and DHS scare anyone. The bigshots are all on the payroll.
Whether we’re talkig 12M or 20M illegals, what would really work would be to declare them all enemy combatents out of uniform…i.e., espionage agents…subject to arrest, trial by military court and execution by firing squad if convicted. Those tried and cleared of espionage charges would still serve 4 mos chain gang building our border walls for a 1st offense before deportation. Second offenders would do 8 mos, etc. This would have the immediate effect of sending the vast majority of the 12 to 20M running for the border. Most of the hard core terrorists would remain and try to brazen it out. These are the guys we really want to get our hands on and send to the wall.
This approach would over night lead to a tremendous improvement. Millions would leave. Vast almost free manpower resources would become available for wall construction. And National Guard forces would be tasked with the roundup and detention of the thousands of al qaeda sleeper cells around the country as well as search and destroy missions where they have dug in as in the case of Dearbornistan.
Needless to say, this requires a complete change of command at the top. The country needs to rid itself of the “girlie-boys” that currently control things and their marquess of queensbury rules of engagement. Our present leadership is not worth crap and WILL if allowed destroy the United States.

joesixpack31 on August 30, 2007 at 12:27 am

How do you view The Princess’ recent order transferring several hundred ICE criminal investigators to border areas?
Sara A. Carter of the Washington Times needs to put down the crack pipe. That memo says nothing about assigning DRO IEA’s to Customs work. Are you kidding? Those guys couldn’t spell CUSTOMS if you spotted them the C-U-S-T-O-M. DRO will continue to look for their administrative absconders, who DRO likes to refer to as “fugitives”.

FingerEleven on August 30, 2007 at 12:42 am

Finger11 – I got a finger for you.
Why would you confuse my positions and EVS? I’ve slammed the dude nearly every time he raised his head here. Not every time, but most.
Sorry, but I believe worksite enforcment makes a difference and made a difference in the past. In fact, in 1999 and 2000, I remember aliens used to tell agents that they thought it was okay to work as illegal limmigrants because we weren’t doing raids at workplaces anymore. The purpose in part is to have some, any kind of deterrence for employers and employees.
If you are a Legacy USCS agent, look at your annual hours and see how much has really been put into worksite. I’m a legacy USINS agent and hardly put in any worksite hours last year and this except for a couple of worksite enforcement actions. Big deal, its not that much time and it does make a difference.
I think we can do these types of raids and cases, especially since DRO is now picking up what was a labor intensive function normally performed by INS, the criminal alien program. The hours agents have freed up now go to investigative activites.

Staypositive on August 30, 2007 at 2:48 am

As is quite transparent, this “Raid” is a grand show for the naive. How can I tell? If Bush was really serious about “illegal immigration”, he would not prosecute the border patrol agents for doing their duty. After having imprisoned them, while granting immunity to mexican drug dealer, if Bush was NOW serious, he would pardon the same border patrol agents. Bush failed the litmus test. Case closed. Rest is all window dressing…

Alert on August 30, 2007 at 4:39 am

DS, In your effort to belittle some ICE managers you often demean the work that ICE agents are doing. Worksite Enforcement is a intergral part of good immigration enforcement strategy. While you attack ABU you insult the agents that are doing the work.

ficedup on August 30, 2007 at 6:15 am

All very interesting conversation. Current Administration will not build 1″ of the border fence. Neither will the next (Clinton II) Admin.
Matter of fact, how about Ted Kennedy for heading up Homeland Security, William Jefferson for Sec’y of Treas., Hubby WJC ambassador to UN, Sandy Berger for FBI, Lanny Watkins for Atty Gen. and Bill Lan Lee for your new DEPARTMENT OF JIHAD ENFORCEMENT. Look out. It just might be coming this way.

Lostinamerica on August 30, 2007 at 8:24 am

WORD! LostinAmerica. Founded in 1789 and created by the Second Act of Congress, United States Customs, The Department of the Treasury is as dead as old skewl Vegas (NetFlix Lost in America)
1)- Frozen water, used to cool drinks or for medical healing during athletic competition
2)- Expensive jewelry, usually in the form of diamonds that is worn in either necklace, ring, chain, or earrings
3)- To kill or murder someone
4)- Methamphetamines, illicit street drugs
5)- Dead in the Water, limp dick, useless government agency formerly know as INS.
1)- Let’s ice that ankle so you’re ready for the next game.
2)- I keep my boo flooded with ice.
3)- Fool didn’t pay, so he had to get iced.
4)- Lemme buy some ice from you.
5)- There go EVS. He be txt messaging while driven his G-ride on I/10. He be a fucktard ICE agent.

FingerEleven on August 30, 2007 at 8:44 am

Regarding the argument of worksite enforcement. They are a hugh drain on this agency’s budget. What was the price tag for the Swift raids? I know that other investigations have had budgets pulled so that worksite cases could be funded. We used to be concerned about the “bang for the buck”. Are we really getting our money’s worth in these roundups? It all depends on where you stand on the politics and most real law enforcment agents don’t like their work being run by politics.

longshanks on August 30, 2007 at 10:20 am

“…the slumping economy will return more illegals to Mexico and Central America than ICE….” Amen to that. I doubt the job magnet is really hurt by these big raids.
Until ICE focuses on counter-terrorism investigations; using it’s immigration authority and the legacy Customs money laundering expertise, it will continue to stumble along doing these ‘show enforcements’, which are resource intensive and not ultimately productive.
IF ICE uses all its tools; IRP, BCS, Immigration, Money Laundering, Cyber, etc, and directs them at the terror threat- it could become that agency I think the American people envisioned at inception.
But we still need to change the name.

CallofDuty on August 30, 2007 at 12:05 pm

joesixpack31, thank you for a solution. call them what they are, foreign invaders. the rest of the comments is just whine with cheese.

ezranter on August 30, 2007 at 6:13 pm

FingerEleven and All ICE Special Agents,
I’m going to post this here, and on another thread where you’ve been abusing other posters, to ensure that you, and the majority of the ICE Special Agents that read this site don’t miss it.
In an earlier post this morning I wrote that I don’t care who you are, and wouldn’t expend any energy trying to find out.
While that is still a true statement, I feel the need to let everyone know that FingerEleven’s true identity will be revealed on this site, before the weekend is up.
You see, one of this Sheepdog’s admirers dropped this little nugget in my lap (You know who you are and I really do appreciate it Darlin) and it is just too damn good to keep to myself.
The truth might hurt, but it’s still the truth. Cowards will lie, and say “that’s not me”, but you are nailed my friend, and I’ll supply the evidence in my next post.
I’m confident that when this entire game is played out, you’ll all see who the “poser” is, and it damn sure isn’t me.
FingerEleven…it’s going to get real hot in here pretty quick…might want to seek cover. LOL
Kyle (AKA EVS)

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 30, 2007 at 9:04 pm

“I’m confident that when this entire game is played out, you’ll all see who the “poser” is, and it damn sure isn’t me. FingerEleven…it’s going to get real hot in here pretty quick…might want to seek cover. LOL
Kyle (AKA EVS)”
EVS, thanks to you, I expect to be promoted by the end of the fiscal year. When Marcy runs you off for embarrassing the service, I may even put in for your job. How much you want for your pad? You’ve got the longest commute and the easiest job in ICE. Sounds like a good job for me since Howard Stern moved to satellite. You might be on to something with this multi-tasking while G-riding. I’m working on getting my visa now, just in case I need to migrate south of the Mason Dixon line.
BTW, I would hold off on paying your informant just yet. Your tears of joy could very well turn to tears of shame before the 2007 world series tickets are printed. I’ll hold a ticket for yo sorry self but you gonna have to pay market Mister cocoNUT.

FingerEleven on August 30, 2007 at 11:38 pm

You’re in Biloxi? I’m from Ocean Springs, ha. Have they rebuilt our bridge yet?

steve ventry on August 31, 2007 at 9:20 pm

Insiders report that EVS is working as hard as ever this holiday weekend. There is no slowing down that fat multi-tasking bastard! The old dawg is up to his old tricks, abusing his authority, his position and of course his government issued equipment. The WHITE HOUSE situation room is on it too.. WHO is FingerEleven & WHERE is he now?“>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>”>

FingerEleven on September 1, 2007 at 2:28 pm

“I’ve never seen a more fucked-up agency in my life,” the source says. “If I had a Tomahawk missile to fire up ICE’s ass, I’d do it.”
To find out more details on the legacy EVS left behind as Acting SAC/Phoenix read the following PhoenixNewTimes article. Of course his reward was a paid transfer to New Orleans. Yet he lives 100 miles West of New Orleans in his hometown and he commutes round trip daily while text messaging on his blackberry. Now doubt he takes time out to try and rat out those who dare call him out. Good luck with all that big fella. IF FingerEleven goes down, EVS is going down with him! BTW, thats a “mother in law bet”.

FingerEleven on September 3, 2007 at 3:56 pm

“Mr. Sheepdog(EVS): I salute you- you have a great work ethic and a lot of class! Don’t ever roll over or play dead!
Posted by: citizenjane [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 3, 2007 03:41 PM”
Oh yeah, driving two hundred miles to & from work each day is great evidence of EVS work ethic. Its about as good as the evidence he has on FingerEleven. EVS has proven two things. First, that FingerEleven has allowed more than one person to post from his type key account. Second, EVS is a vindictive, immature, unfit ICE Deputy Special Agent in Charge.

FingerEleven on September 3, 2007 at 4:11 pm

The thread is now gone, but the damage is done. Speaking of crossing the line. You have proven that upper management is out of touch operationally, however, it is unfortunate that you had to do so in such a manner. Fronting the identity and photo of an ICE Agent is going way over the line. In fact, I hope that OPR/IG Agents monitor this site, like you said. If Finger11/Deelced, or whatever nick he wants to use, is or was or will be involved in undercover work or surveillance work, EVS just blew it. You had to go there to prove your point? You proved everyone else’s points – you have no clue, EVS. To Finger11, it is sad it came to that. I hope I was among a very few who saw the thread, and that your identity here, and in the field remains intact. Good luck, and, to borrow an overused phrase – “Work safe.”

q2thecore on September 3, 2007 at 4:50 pm

EVS is off to work today in his Government issued vehicle. No doubt during his 100 mile journey paid for by the taxpayers, EVS is talking to one of his fellow SACS or DSACS, telling them of his self proclaimed greatness. FingerEleven is off on his way to work today too. EVS has been told by one of his high ranking ICE friends that Finger lost his mentor, and protector and has been marginalized, left to lick his wounds, with no friends, and the many enemies he made when his buddy was the former Special Agent in Charge, And since this high ranking ICE official has been allowed to push people around, knowing that even higher officials will back back him, many readers might ASSume that today is a dark day for Mister Eleven.
Finger11 has been #1 on both the “muck with him” and “dead to me” list for a long time. Finger is well aware of the many untoward comments that a high ranking ICE officials has both publicly and privately said about him. There are witnesses who are dedicated to the truth. The facts speak for themselves and Finger welcomes any inquiry which EVS, his ranking friend and anyone else associated with ICE wants to initiate. It’s just another beautiful day in the dysfunctional ICE neighborhood for Finger11. Day 10,396, so it sure ain’t his first rodeo. The truth shall set us all free!

FingerEleven on September 4, 2007 at 8:45 am

Debbie-Why’d you take down EVS’ thread exposing FingerEleven (and his numerous pseudonyms)? Why is it okay for FingerEleven to “out” EVS (not that I think EVS really cares – it’s pretty clear that he enjoys a good scrap) but not okay for EVS to expose FingerEleven for what he really is? You have such a double standard and you have just shown, once again, that you have zero credibility.

RaginKajun on September 4, 2007 at 12:43 pm

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