September 11, 2007, - 2:27 pm

HOprah Watch: Today, Oprah Exploits the Children of 9/11

**** UPDATE #2: BINGO! HOprah talks about “forgivenes” with one of the 9/11 kids. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. She’s so predictable. ****
**** UPDATE: Forgot to mention, but I bet HOprah continues in her tradition of not mentioning that the terrorists were Muslim. ****
Today, on her nationally syndicated daytime talk show, Oprah Winfrey will feature–actually, exploit–the children of 9/11 victims. It’s beyond tacky. It’s inappropriate. These kids shouldn’t be watching her show . . . and they certainly shouldn’t be on it.

Islamofascist Oprah by Preston Taylor Holmes/Six Meat Buffet

It’s disgusting. But, hey, it’s Oprah’s new season, and she needed something really spectacular for her second show of the season. Who cares about the kids when ratings are at stake?
Here’s what I predict will be part of the content:
Oprah will discuss forgiveness–a big theme of hers, (whose religion she’ll never mention)–and either urge the kids to forgive those who took their parents or congratulate them for already having done so.
As I’ve noted, Oprah has a . As I’ve also noted, right after the attacks, , the same old “Islam is peace” BS you’d expect from her.
Don’t expect this show, six years after the attacks, to be any different . . . except worse.
Don’t forget: There are many reasons why Oprah Sucks.

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“Oprah: Daytime Talk√≠s Jihadi Sister ” – Brilliant and funny piece!
IMO, Oprah being Black automatically sides with dark-skinned foreigners (except the ME islamics (spit spit) are NOT so dark skinned – they’ve enslaved so many Eur. women over the millennia, the ME’s are light skinned) – but in this way, defending islamics, this rich chick, shows her underlying hatred for the West and the U.S.
I’ve noticed that Winfrey is so ignorant and narrow minded, that she refuses to recognize that the aggression in Darfur was actually started and continued by the islamics, yet she calls it “Inter-tribal warfare.”
Yes, there is much room for improvement in the West/U.S.- but betw. the two, I’ll take the U.S. anytime.Here exists the magically possibilities – to evolve. Between the two extremes, the tanga and the black death shrouds, I’ll take the tanga.
Thank you.
A Rebel- Maverick – Pagan – Polytheist Amazon

allat on September 11, 2007 at 3:07 pm

What’s even funnier is these dark-skinned people who she defends actually started the African slave trade. Arabs began the African slave trade in East Africa around the 11th century. The East African port cities of Mogadishu, Mombassa, Zanzibar, and Dar Es Salaam are actually Arab established ports where Arabs built fortresses as beachheads for Jihad raids into the interior where they captured millions of slaves to export to the Arabian peninsula. I was in the latter two cities (Zanzibar and Dar) on business and visited a museum dedicated to the slave trade in Zanzibar. Furthermore, just near where the boat arrives from the Tanzanian mainland lies the harem for the Sultan of Zanzibar. Thousands of African female slave girls captured on Jihad raids were housed there to pleasure the Sultan.
The Darfur crisis, as you say, is another prime example of Arab on black violence perpetrated in Africa. Much like early Arab slave raids in East AFrica, the same is now occuring on Jihad/slave raids into Darfur.
Slavery still exists in multitudes in many Muslim countries throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In Africa, slaves are captured in Jihad raids ala Darfur. In the Middle East, slaves are purchased from poor Muslim countries (like Bangladesh or Malaysia), often as young children, and are kept as house slaves and camel jockeys (boys as young as 4 or 5) in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The slaves are treated very poorly, beaten viciously for errors, and in the case of young camel jockeys, are beaten and even killed for losing a race. They can also be injured and killed in this very dangerous form of racing, but are just expendable to these rich Arab men. Better yet, there have been documented cases of slaves being kept by Muslim immigrants here in the US!!!
Either way, Oprah’s ignorance is astounding.

JasonBourne81 on September 11, 2007 at 3:39 pm

What’s more astounding; disturbing, actually, are the tens of thousands of vacuous women who follow her. Think about it; these women vote!!!

spiffo on September 11, 2007 at 4:49 pm

…so, I’m speaking with one of my children after school today…
“Did you guys talk about 9.11 today?”
“Yes. I was the only one to raise my hand today when Ms. {Redacted} asked us today what happened.”
“You were? Great!”
“She asked us what happened.”
“She did?”
“Yes. I told her that Muslim terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings at the World Trade Center and the farm in Pennsylvania…but I think I got in trouble.”
“She said that she didn’t want to hear the word, “‘Muslims’ because they were just ‘bad guys.'”
“WHAT!?? No, no. You’re not in trouble. You’re the only kid in class who knows the TRUTH!”
(I thought removing a kid from public school would end the vomitus PC crap?? Oh, nevermind, it’s a Catholic school. Yep. Catholic. Surprised? …not anymore.)
Should I tell tell a Holocaust survivor that Nazis didn’t murder the Juden; it was white men in grey uniforms? …the Japanese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor, it was bad guy dotted airplane pilots?
The West needs a humonguos enema to get rid of all the …bad guy shit.

Nuggler on September 11, 2007 at 7:11 pm

Nuggler: Talk about the thought police. Yes the nuns are few and far between and the schools have to look into the cesspool that mandates pc.

warpmine on September 11, 2007 at 7:19 pm

I watched the show, and it was exploitive. No context whatsoever, no truth, just “recovering” after the “tragedy.” One poor little zombie talked about how she’s working on forgiving the people who did it (religion unnamed of course) and Oprah nodded approvingly. She was bright enough to let it go at that. All the kids say this is the hardest time of year because everybody brings it up, so what does Oprah do? Turn on the treacly music and…bring it up!
At least she had a tribute to the police and fire, too.

PJ on September 11, 2007 at 8:18 pm

I saw the whole thing. The standard Oprah “let’s cry” stuff about loss, but what caused that loss? “Islam”/”Muslim” was never heard. Yes, one little girl brought up “forgiveness.”
But the best part was when Rudy Giuliani…no, wait a minute, he wasn’t invited on Oprah.

barrypopik on September 12, 2007 at 2:23 am

Man, I didn’t know she was that stupid, I can’t watch those shows for more than a couple of minutes. And that nun not wanting to hear the word ‘muslim’ is just more evidence that Americans are now mad. There was another nun in Colorado who wanted her class to talk about “why we should all learn Spanish” (some of the kids started chanting “white power”, ha). She’s crazy, too. Half the people in this country are completely crazy, they’re not just stupid.

steve ventry on September 12, 2007 at 9:30 am

Muslim MURDERERS, not muslim terrorists. No Geneva Convention, no “rights”, no quarter. Never forget.

J-Lin on September 12, 2007 at 9:39 am

Point of clarafication:
My kids teacher is not a Nun.
She is not a “ms.”
She is a “mz.”
Apparently, the “American” Catholics aren’t Roman Catholics anymore.
When I went to school, the “old School” Nuns wouldn’t stand for “misunderstanding” truth. Nor would the Priests tell us to call ‘God’, “Allah” like the knucklehead Dutch one said to do a few weeks back; or invite Ahmed Beadier from CAIR to speak during a mass like they did in Florida several months ago.
Hey Dope-rah: Skuzlim whackjobs murdered Americans on 9.11. Skuzlims allah-cide bombers murder children in Beslan. Skuzlims murder children in Israel. …or as you say, is it “Po white folk” who do all da killin’??
P.S. Love this site!

Nuggler on September 12, 2007 at 8:45 pm

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