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Me in USA Today: Tommy Lee Jones v. Schlussel

I’m quoted in today’s USA Today in an in-depth article about Tommy Lee Jones and his new anti-troops movie, “In the Valley of Elah,” debuting Friday in some cities (nationwide, next week). The article appears on the front page of the Life section.
As I noted yesterday and previously, as murderous, drug-addicted, prostitute-patronizing thugs who torture wounded Iraqi civilians for fun and sport.
Here’s the quote from the USA Today piece by Anthony Breznican:

Tommy Lee Jones vs. Schlussel on Patriotism

Tommy Lee Jones is so ready for a fight he doubts there’ll be much of one. . . .
The movie’s questions about Iraq are certain to provoke pro-war pundits and politicians, but mentioning that makes Jones even more defiant. . . .
“You have to be pretty narrow-minded to call (the movie) un-American or anti-American,” Jones says. . . .
A few war supporters have attacked the movie. Conservative columnist labeled it “Bin Laden cinema” and called for a boycott of the actors. . . .
Jones dismisses any backlash.
“The tactic of leading people into . . . a war that doesn’t make any sense by telling them they are under attack, and if they raise any objection they’re unpatriotic, is a very old tactic,” he says, his cowboy drawl a low rumble. “And it doesn’t intimidate me.”

Tommy Lee Jones–who has already made a and now makes this film defaming our troops who are fighting a war we are still in–is calling me “unpatriotic.”
Hello . . .?
Jones’ character in the movie is actually a good guy and a positive portrayal of a former soldier, but it’s not enough to redeem this horrible movie with a message that is very harmful and hateful to America as our troops continue to be in harms way in Iraq (and elsewhere). It’s sad that such a talented actor who is so believable in this role and most others is squandering it to defame our brave men who are serving in a warzone.
To recap from , the problems with “In the Valley of Elah” are legion:

* American soldiers–in this film, they’re in the Army–who serve in Iraq are portrayed as drug-crazed prostitute patrons.
* American soldiers who serve in Iraq are portrayed as murderers, not just of Iraqis, but of each other. Yes, they betray their fellow troops in the worst way imaginable. (But, in real life, the killer was mentally ill, not portrayed that way in this movie.)
* American soldiers who serve in Iraq are portrayed as vicious torturers of Iraqis for sport and fun, videotaping it all the while. We’re not talking about naked, hooded pyramids here. No, this stuff is worse. We see American soldiers’ videotapes of themselves pretending to play doctor with wounded, helpless Iraqi civilians. They ask them “where it hurts.” Then, they stick their fingers into the wounds to make the Iraqis writhe and scream in agony.
* American soldiers who serve in Iraq are portrayed as having zero respect for Iraqi civilians’ lives. We see footage they shot of themselves sticking silly or funny-faced stickers on dead Iraqis mangled bodies.

It is, indeed, as I said yesterday, “.”
Stay tuned for my complete review, to be posted Friday Morning (already written due to the Jewish Holiday).

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Debbie you should know by now the quickest way to a 13″ golden statue is to make a movie that slams the troops, the war in Iraq, the Bush Admin, pro-illegal immigration…etc…etc..

RadicalRightWinger on September 12, 2007 at 10:53 am

Triple R,
Dead on. Look at the crap that comes out of Hollywood these days. The Oscars are basically just one big radical left wing, anti American, anti traditional values circle jerk. They make movies nobody likes or watches (like Brokeback Mountain – nothing more than a soft core gay porn flick, Babel – a movie about how prejudiced evil Americans are against illegal Mexicans and Muslims, and a Mighty Heart) and hand themselves medals over it.
I watched Babel personally and it sucked. I certainly didn’t catch that soft core gay porn flick known as Brokeback Mountain. Either way, most Hollywood stars live in a parallel universe to the rest of us.

JasonBourne81 on September 12, 2007 at 11:34 am

Tommy Lee was Al Gore’s college roommate. I would expect nothing less.

J. Lichty on September 12, 2007 at 2:09 pm


Lawrence on September 12, 2007 at 2:35 pm

Well, there goes another “actor” not to watch, listen or pay attention to! Geez, at this rate, I’m going to be forced to watch really great reruns and/or the old movies where men were men and women were women and not this latest bunch of imbeciles!

sharinlite on September 12, 2007 at 3:20 pm

Who is the young ex-soldier/advisor the producers have been pimping around the daytime talk shows as the inspiration for the movie? BTW Sarandon was on with him too. I listened to a UHF audio feed on my radio while driving so I don’t know the show they were on.

J-Lin on September 12, 2007 at 4:34 pm

I saw the preview for this movie while the mute button was on and noticed it had Susan Sarnadon and Charlize Theron in it, that showed me enough to know it would be an anti-war flick.
What else can I say about such filth? There are bad soldiers out there but they are few and far in between. There are no more freaks in the military than you would have in regular life, probably less so. I keep hearing all these a-holes talk about how they support the troops not the war and then they make movies like this crap.
As an Iraqi vet, I am appalled but would expect nothing less from Hollywood. I’m not in the military anymore but I work in an atmosphere that is 95% war veterans and they are the some of the best people I have ever known. The majority of us have served our country and still do out of an obligation these actors could never understand. Nor could they understand what it’s like to have your life in danger repeatedly. These a-holes have no idea what sacrifices we make and how we go out of our way and even risk our lives to protect complete strangers.
These actors are disgusting. I’d like to see them go to Iraq and see what’s what, without an entourage, without bodyguards, protection, etc. They wouldn’t last a day. Ok, so I went off on a tangent. I hate these commie bastards and they are bashing the troops, plain and simple.

Minnie Mouse on September 12, 2007 at 4:46 pm

This story closely resembles a true story, I watched on NGC or Discovery channel, that happened a couple of years ago down in Savannah, GA. A young soldier (stationed at Ft Stewart) returned from Iraq, went out drinking with his friends, one of them went crazy and killed him (while the other 2 friends stood and watched). Then began the fathers long search for his son and the truth about what happened and who killed him.

RadicalRightWinger on September 13, 2007 at 9:11 am

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