September 12, 2007, - 12:52 pm

Whew!: “Justice” Dept. Lets Chiquita Chertoff Off the Hook in Terrorist Finance

Recently, I wrote about Michael “” Chertoff’s in Colombia.
Chertoff was told about the payments when he headed the criminal division of the Justice Department (and, apparently, when Julie Myers worked for him–she probably knew, too, but natch, the Senate didn’t ask her about that, today). Yet, despite the fact that the terrorist group was on the State Department terrorist list, he did nothing and looked the other way because his former law partner and crony was a top Chiquita official.

Well, today, the Wall Street Journal reports that Chiquita’s ex-officials who made and sanctioned the payments to terrorists won’t be prosecuted. This sets a dangerous precedent for those who pay off Islamic terrorists. They will be able to claim selective prosecution and make Due Process and Equal Protection of the Law defenses.
But I’m sure this failure to prosecute five men who paid hundreds of thousands to terrorists who murdered peasant had nothing to do with protecting Michael Chertoff.
I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has his name all over evidence that would have surfaced in the case. Evidence that showed he was aware of the pay-offs to terrorists and let them continue for over a year, doing nothing.
I’m sure it had nothing to do with saving the rather exposed butt of the man who claims he’s fighting terrorists when he actually aided and abetted him.
Yup, this decision had nothing to do with sparing embarrassment of Michael Chertoff, as he would have surely been called as a witness at trial, as attorneys for the five men were planning to do.
Looks like the Serpenthead is luckier than a cat. He certainly has more lives.

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Man taking photos of I-80 bridge found to be on terror watch list
STROUDSBURG, Pa. – The Monroe County district attorney says a man on a terrorism watch list was discovered taking photos of the Interstate 80 bridge crossing the Delaware River.
District Attorney E. David Christine tells The Morning Call of Allentown that police talked with the man Monday, but didn’t detain him. Christine says the man told police he was taking pictures for fun while on vacation. Christine says authorities didn’t learn that the man was on the FBI watch list until later.
The man’s name wasn’t immediately released.
The man was taking pictures from the New Jersey side of the bridge.

eloopd on September 12, 2007 at 1:02 pm

NJ police caught, released terror suspect sizing up I-80 bridge,0,4701457.story?coll=all_tab04_layout
A man who was questioned by New Jersey State Police on Monday and then let go after he was found taking photos of the Delaware Water Gap bridge was later discovered to be on the FBI’s national terrorist watch list.
The unidentified man, of Middle Eastern descent, claimed he was on vacation with his family after he was spotted on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River photographing the bridge, which connects Interstate 80 between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, said Monroe County District Attorney E. David Christine.
The man’s identity and the degree of suspicion attached to him by federal anti-terror officers were not immediately available.
A New Jersey State Police trooper based in Hope, N.J. said today he had no information on the incident, but Pennsylvania officials said they were notified by New Jersey late Monday night, hours after the suspect was discovered to be on the FBI list.
Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security Office in Harrisburg was also notified, as was the FBI.
“We were informed of the situation,” said Justin Fleming, a state Homeland Security spokesman, who referred further comment to the Pennsylvania state police. Lt. Brian Cawley of the Swiftwater barracks confirmed the incident but referred questions to the New Jersey State police.
Pennsylvania police officials say they were miffed, and concerned, over the apparent time lapse in reporting the incident.
Capt. William Parrish, of the Stroud Area Regional Police in Stroudsburg, said he received notification at midnight Monday. “We were told there was a guy in the area and we needed to raise our level of awareness,” Parrish said.
Christine said he didn’t learn of the incident until Tuesday.
“I’m disturbed that there appears no clear line of communication [from New Jersey] to the local police and myself about the situation,” Christine said. “I intend to make an inquiry that it doesn’t happen again.”

eloopd on September 12, 2007 at 1:33 pm

Guys – not to nitpick or anything, but I think you might be referring to the Walt Whitman bridge, which actually links Philly and Camden, NJ over the Delaware River. That’s where I-76 dead ends and the Atlantic City Expressway begins.
I-80 ends at the George Washington Bridge, linking NJ with NY.

JasonBourne81 on September 12, 2007 at 2:05 pm

It has more to do with the departments complicity in the issue. Chiquita sought our government’s advice and never recieved a response.

zyzzyg on September 12, 2007 at 8:30 pm

I’ve coined a new name for the Great Incompetence. Michael “Serpenthead” Jerkoff. Because all he can do or is good for, is jerking off the American public.

RadicalRightWinger on September 13, 2007 at 9:27 am

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