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Abdullah Psycho: How To Get Your Teen Daughter to Covert to Islam, Marry a Palestinian, and Move to Terroristan

18-year-old is on her way to Jericho in the so-called “West Bank” of Israel. And she has a one way ticket.
The small-town Michigan teen is , wear a hijab, and marry a Palestinian Muslim who went by the name “Abdullah Psycho” on MySpace. No longer will anyone see her long, flowing blonde hair. And no longer will anyone in America see her, period. She is lost to her family forever. (Video here.) She left Wednesday for Islamic terrorist-dominated Jericho.

Katherine Lester:

From Cute Small-Town Teen Girl to Islamic Palestinian Wife
Unlike the same scenario last year, this time neither her family nor the FBI can stop her.
If you don’t want this to happen to your daughter, don’t follow the “parenting” example of Ms. Lester’s father and stepmom, Terry and Krista.
Just over a year ago, Katherine Lester was a 16-year-old Michigan teen in small town Michigan going behind her mother’s back on MySpace. She furtively corresponded back-and-forth with “Abdullah Psycho” a/k/a Abdullah Jimzawi a/k/a Abdullah Jinzawi, a 25-year-old Palestinian Muslim (who–surprise!–lied about his age online) in the terrorist-dominated, extremist town of Jericho. Yes, what was once the same Biblical Jericho.
But this story isn’t Biblical. It’s tragic.
Lester lied and said she was going to visit Canada, tricked her mother into getting her a passport, and instead flew to New York to stay with Jimzawi’s relatives in Brooklyn, who helped facilitate this sleazy scheme. (So glad they’re U.S. citizens, aren’t you?) Abdullah Psycho wired them the money for Lester’s one-way ticket to Israel, where she planned to convert to Islam and become Mrs. Psycho . . . perhaps one of four Mrs. Psychos. Lester got all the way to Jordan, where she was finally stopped by the FBI and returned home.
Abdullah Psycho’s mother–let’s call her Umm Psycho [partial Arabic for “Mother of Psycho”] . After all, teen Katherine planned to convert to Islam and “wear the head covering” (the Islamic headscarf, or hijab). Per Umm Psycho’s instructions, Ms. Lester had packed two important garments: a pink dress for the engagement and a white dress for the wedding. Oh, and a lot of scarves for her head.
The biggest tragedy to the Psycho a/k/a Jimzawi/Jinzawi family: Now Mr. Psycho would have to scrap his plans for a visa and green card to America, which many of his fellow Jericho-ite Palestinians sought and obtained after they lured lonely and desperate Americans like Katherine Lester via MySpace and other online mechanisms.
When the FBI returned the Lester daughter back to Michigan, a court hearing was held. Her father and stepmother sought custody from Lester’s mother. After all, it was Lester’s mother who unwittingly allowed this fiasco to happen. Unfortunately, father and stepmommy won. It was the beginning of the end.
Not long after the hearing, Lester’s father and stepmom, the media-awestruck Terry and Krista, began pimping their teen daughter out to the biggest media bidders. They saw stars . . . and cameras. And they couldn’t get enough. So much for protecting their daughter.
First, there was an all-expense paid trip to New York for a live with all three. Then, there was the Parents, let that be a lesson to you: “Seventeen” is not your daughter’s friend. Or yours. It’s trash.

During the GMA interview, Terry and Krista Lester informed ABC News that they would allow their daughter to continue her online and telephone relationship with Abdullah Pyscho. They would even allow her to explore Islam and converting to this glorious religion. I wrote a critical column about it, and soon after, I received a sewer-mouthed, insult-filled rant from stepmommy Krista in response, telling me I was an unworthy writer (so unworthy, she spent at least an hour of time better spent pimping her stepdaughter to the media and the “Religion of Peace,” to write her screed to me).
The end of Krista Lester’s e-mail is worthy of your attention because it is the hallmark utterance of lazy parenting. The Second Mrs. Lester’s parenting advice is the epitome of what NOT to do if you don’t want this to happen to your daughter:

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 14:15:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: From Katherine Lester’s “evil stepmother” Krista Lester
From: Krista Lester
[DS: I edited out the three long paragraphs of run-on sentence insults directed at me.]
. . . .Of course if this was your child, you would lock her up. Heck, just throw away the key. You’re right! Why didn’t we think of that? We can forbid her from finishing school, or leaving the house at all. Did you ever read the book, “Flowers in the Attic,” because that would maybe work . . . lock her in the attic with no contact whatsoever with the outside world. Do you think that is realistic? That she won’t go to school and borrow someone’s phone, or get on a computer at work and use a computer to shoot him an e-mail? Oh, that’s right, she will be locked up, so she should never get to have a job or go to school. We are not encouraging her to develop a relationship with this man, but she is going to do it whether we approve or not, so we would rather have it here under our control, rather than convince her the best thing to do is return to a country where we, nor she will have any type of control. She is young, and doesn’t understand their culture. Forgive us for trying to keep her here in America where she is safe. Do you remember being a teen-ager, as long ago as that probably was for you? When our parents told us we could not date someone, did we just say “oh, ok, you’re right…I won’t like him anymore…”
No, we were even more determined to see that person, and they probably lived nearby. So our parents’ biggest fear was that we might sneak out of the house to go down the street to see him. Well, OUR biggest fear here is that our daughter might sneak out of the country again, and this time NEVER come back. We must be some horrible, evil parents to want to try to avoid that from happening.
You make me sick.
Krista Lester

In “Flowers in the Attic,” a crazy single mother locked her children in an attic for years, and they had incestuous sex with each other. No-one advocated that here. I only advocated a little parenting and constructive supervision, instead of pimping out their daughter to the media and encouraging her to stay in touch with a Palestinian Muslim who lied about his age, called himself “Abdullah Psycho,” and wanted an American Muslim-convert bride for a green card.
I mean, the nerve of me. Who would ever consider educating their daughter on the real perils of Islam, especially for a young American girl with her whole life ahead of her? Not her stepparents, apparently.
Actually, on these kinds of things I listened to my parents. Silly me. Instead, I could be on my way to greater Islamic Arabia right now, like their daughter is, about to embark on a great new opportunity of being one of four Islamic baby-making machines and the singular greencard opportunity in the family. Damn my parents for watching over my every move. I missed out on “Katherine’s Excellent Adventure.”
Clearly, the Lester father’s and stepmother’s “parenting” idea didn’t work. (I’ve also heard rumors they allowed their daughter to hang out and live temporarily in Dearborn to “explore” Islam.)
And now the Lester parents’ “biggest fear” is coming true. They had a year before their daughter turned eighteen to prevent it and change her behavior, educate her about Islam. Instead, they did worse than nothing. They encouraged this relationship in the name of lax parenting and enticing media opportunities.
I may have made her parents “sick”. But their behavior made them heartsick. Or did it?
Now, Katherine Lester is lost to Islam and the barbaric Palestinian jungle of a “society,” forever. Or at least until “Abdullah Psycho” Jimzawi wants his green card.

Katherine Lester’s New Future
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One more thing, im not saying what abdUllah did was right, i disagree with what he and katherine did but im just standing up for my islamic beliefs

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