September 24, 2007, - 11:40 am

“Motherpucker”: Target’s Shameless Frederick’s of Hollywood Moment

We all know Target as the hip purveyor of cheap haute couture and trendy fashions for less. We also know it as a convenient center, where you can buy fashionable home decor at low prices, along with soda, detergent, and other household needs. (And in my case, I know Target as the retailing giant –a place that won’t let Salvation Army ring its bells at holiday time, , continues to manufacture Mossimo andclothing in the anti-Semitic United Arab Emirates, and the terrorist-state Syria.)

But now Target is venturing into depths that would make even Frederick’s of Hollywood blush. You don’t have to be a prude to raise your eyebrows at part of Target’s new skincare and cosmetics line, “Hope & Glory.” It’s a line produced in London, England, for which Target is now the exclusive U.S. seller. Marketed to and targeted at your daughter, it’s lip gloss product is called “Sexy MOTHERPUCKER.” Is it just me? Or is that play on a four-letter-worded phrase just plain wrong at a store that markets itself as a place for family shopping?
We all know about the coarsening of our society and the porn culture that now hits us everywhere. That’s no secret, and it’s actually an old story. But even amidst that jaded backdrop, I don’t think you want your daughter saying, “I want to buy Sexy MOTHERPUCKER lip gloss,” let alone let her wear it (at $10-$25 a pop). Oh, and by the way, the packaging screams, “size matters!” Want your young daughter talking about “motherpuckers” and “size matters”? Didn’t think so.
Everyone wants their kids to have some semblance of a childhood, as much as pop culture tries to take it away. Shame on Target for joining the crowd of those trying to hustle it away. Speaking of hustling, this stuff belongs in the Hustler Cafe on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, not at your local neighborhood Target.
There’s hip . . . and there’s sleazy. Too bad the execs at Target don’t know the diff.
Nothing sexy about “Sexy MOTHERPUCKER.”

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As a mother of a 10 y-o girl I absolutely disagree with Target using the “Mother Pucker” campaign for selling any product. The trends of clothing and beauty products are targeted more and more towards the younger crowd. And we wonder why the pedophiles are attacking our innocent girls.
Maybe the Target Execs should take a step back and re-think their choice of words when coming up with names of their products.
And who wants their 10 y-o talking about how sexy her lips look anyway.
~~Mom in Michigan~~

GSharp on September 24, 2007 at 12:15 pm

Would you say Angelina Jolie’s lips are attractive? Maybe Brad Pitt would think so but certainly not the anti-american vile rubbish that passes through her lips. There is nothing sexy about looking like a fish. Aue contraire, I find it repulsive for women to be going around with overbloated lips bigger than their faces. Stop pucking aound with your lips and leave them the way they are. Thats what lipstick is for. Bigger lips doesn’t exactly make you a better kisser anyways unless you can show me a valid statistic that it does. What is becoming with our women? First we went from breast enhancement to botox. Now lip plumping is being added to the chart. I’m proud of my small lips. How could any sensible man find it sensual for a woman to look like as if she has an oral infection is beyond my darndest comprehension. I would advise women with overly plump lips to get a lip reduction. The cosmo look has a long way to go.

Jew Chick on September 24, 2007 at 12:19 pm

Why the hell should I care about a woman’s lips? Why does that even matter to me!!??
Once again, the perverts are making the disgusting the norm at girls. Maybe they want a girl’s lips to be big SO SHE COULD PERICE THEM!! Anyone’s seen them already? The lip rings?

Squirrel3D on September 24, 2007 at 1:31 pm

Barf. I agree with Jew Chick, the craze of lip plumping is gross. No way are Angelina’s lips more attractive plumped up. Absolutely not. They do NOT look natural. Indeed, I’d like to see a “before” picture of her. And Target is WAY over the line with their ads/messages to young girls. Egad. What have we wrot?

Floyd R. Turbo on September 24, 2007 at 2:41 pm

I seem to remember that Target it French owned, and the Frogs have never cared much about what is good for the USA. Saying that the other way around, if they can bring us down, they will be happy to contribute in whatever way they can. The swollen lip look may be a Frog perversion as well.

Dr. D on September 24, 2007 at 2:58 pm

Is there even a joke to get other than, “We’re really close to saying a swear word!” Who comes up with this junk, and why would they think that average people would want it?

LibertarianBulbasaur on September 25, 2007 at 1:58 am

Angelina (skankelina courtesy of Debbie) Jolie disgusts me. She looks like an AIDS infested crackhead right now who needs to be put on an IV to gain a little weight. She is also a filthy whore and proud to be one. People are talking about Britney’s maternal instincts – I wouldn’t want any kids near Skankelina either.

JasonBourne81 on September 25, 2007 at 2:10 am

I came across this old blog entry while checking for accounts of allegric reactions to this gloss. (I’ve found none.) You clucking biddies really need to grow up and get over yourselves.
It’s a cute double entendre and it’s one of the best glosses I’ve found. You’d never use it around any piercing because it would burn, idiots, Jolie always had big lips, Target is not owned by a French person, and men who like women often like to see pillowy lips and imagine them wrapped lovingly around portions of their anatomy.
Makeup isn’t for kids, so it should be pretty easy to keep Bratleigh’s precious, innocent eyes away from this product until she gets her driver’s licence and tells you to “puck” off.

lauren on April 3, 2008 at 12:46 am

    Agreed. I think there is quite a bit more to fret about in the world then the sexy marketing of a lipgloss made for adults (& it actually works!). Some may not care if they look sexy and that is their prerogative. But for those of us who aren’t prude and are still enjoying exciting sex lives, this product is simply fun.

    Kelly on April 18, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Here here, Lauren!

Lily on August 27, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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