July 18, 2005, - 1:02 pm

Imbecile Judge: Lil’ Kim = Martha Stewart

By Debbie Schlussel
I’m no fan of Martha Stewart. I’m not one of the many women who defended the “Domestic Divas” crime of lying to the FBI and altering evidence to obstruct justice. and her phony concern for ex-cons’ rights (which she, strangely, seems to have forgotten all about since she’s left the slammer).
But is Martha Stewart’s crime equal to that of lying, sleazoid Gangsta rapper, Kimberly Jones a/k/a “Lil’ Kim”? I don’t think so.
Martha Stewart lied to protect her sale of stock based on inside information. Jones perjured herself multiple times to cover up for thug members (are there any other kind) of her “posse” involved in a shoot-out. During her trial, Jones had the gall to compare the shoot-out to 9/11! Protecting gun-toting criminals is not the same as trying to hide an insider trading stock deal. It’s a lot worse.

But a liberal, do-gooder judge, sees it differently–and is bending over backwards to show his White-guilt for sentencing the trashy gun-moll trollop, who’s suddenly found G-d. After all, she’s Black. In sending Jones to prison for only a year and a day (she faced up to 20 years), Judge Gerard E. Lynch, said he couldn’t sentence “a young Black woman entertainer” and “an African-American woman who is popular with a different segment of society” to a significantly longer prison term than the “older White woman entertainer” Martha Stewart.
Puh-leeze. Stewart sells phony blue-blood aura through tort recipes and high thread-count pastel sheets. “Lil’ Kim” sells the most vile, base version of, what Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan called, “defining deviancy down.” To compare the two, in the name of racial equality, is just absurd–and intellectually dishonest.

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What happened was,Jesse Jackson reminded Lynch
that he was responsible for all lynchings in history.Then, he told the guilt-ridden judge,”Yo honor,the ‘ho can be big an’ tall an’ play basketall…”

jaywilton on July 20, 2005 at 3:26 pm

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